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Shadow's Target

Chapter 18: Did You Really Think I Would Betray You?

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
First aid kit?
Double check. Don't want any wounds from these girls.
I glanced out towards the crowd. They were going crazy for Olly Murs. I don't blame em. He's pretty amazing.
"You nervous?" I jumped back a little as I heard Harry's husky voice mumble in my ear.
"Just a smidge..." I trailed off.
"You did well in rehearsal this morning, you'll do amazing today." He grinned. I did a tight lipped smile towards him, and then looked back out at the crowd.
"I'm just scared that they'll attack me when they see me. I mean, there are so many rumors going on about you and me." I chuckled as I looked at him.
"Tell me about it. I've been asked multiple times already by fans if we're having a baby together!" He laughed. I arched my eyebrow and stepped back for him to look at me.
"Does this look like the body of a pregnant woman to you?" I said cockily as I spread my arms open. He stepped forward and examined me as he rubbed his chin.
"A hot one maybe." He muttered.
"Oh whatever." I smiled as I looked down.
"You look beautiful." He whispered to me. I gave him a surprised look.
"I'm wearing baggy clothes." I chuckled as I looked at my outfit.
"Does it matter? You look gorgeous in my eyes." He chuckled, but, I knew he was being sincere. He smiled as he moved a strand of hair from my face. I couldn't help but grin idiotically.
"Besides... It just makes me a bit more curious as to what's underneath them." He smirked.
"Aaaannnddd another sweet moment ruined." I sighed as I moved his hand away from me. I walked back to my position and waited for Olly to finish.
"You teased me last night! I had it way harder..." He mumbled.
"Literally." I laughed. He glared at me and I smiled back.
"Skyyyy!" I looked over my shoulder and saw all the guys and girls coming towards me. Before I could say anything, they tackled me down into a huge group hug.
"I'm not a claustrophobic, but, this could probably make me one!" I squealed as I tried to breathe. Everyone laughed and stepped back for me to take a couple breaths in. I stood up and sighed.
"Good luck! We know you'll do amazing!" Louis cheered.
"I know I barely know you, but, you have talent. I know you'll knock them dead." Elizabeth, the new dancer, smiled at me.
"Do it for Jocy. I'm sure she'd be proud to see you go up there and do your thing." Niall said softly. I looked at him and saw a bit of a sparkle in his eye. I went over to him with my arms wide, and embraced him.
"Thanks Niall." I pecked his cheek and stepped back to look at them all.
"Let’s hope I don't trip in front of everyone." I chuckled.
"If you do, we'll go down with you." Harry said. I smiled and mouthed the words 'Thank you'.
"Ms. Dane?" I turned and saw one of the crew members wave me over.
"Guess it's time!" I sighed. Harry began to walk towards me, and leaned in by my ear.
"You've got this." Harry whispered. He then kissed my cheek, ever so softly. And I felt him smile.
"Hey! Man! That's not cool." I heard Adam say sarcastically. He marched towards me and kissed me twice on my other cheek.
"Ey! She was my fake ex girlfriend!" Zayn yelled as he sprinted towards me. He held my back and began to tilt me. He then commenced to kiss me once on the forehead.
"Hey-" Savannah was about to say something.
"No more!" But I interrupted. The guys chuckled, and Zayn let me go.
"Good luck though." Adam said with a smile.
"You're on now Ms. Dane!"
"Bye guys!" I wave off to them and scurried on stage. I took my position and waited for the lights to slowly shine one me.
"I know I'm probably not doing Bon Iver justice, but, I truly adore this song. Enjoy." I sat down on the piano and blocked the cheering crowd from my mind.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"Here she goes!" Liam said amongst the silence.
I kept my eyes glued to the screen they had backstage, and watched Scarlett take a deep breath. She began to play a couple of notes, and started;
"Come on skinny love just last the year. Pour a little salt we were never here."
"She's doing it!" Louis cheered.
"My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my...Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer"
I cracked a smile as I heard her sing softly.
"I tell my love to wreck it all
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall. My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my. Right in the moment this order's tall...."
"She has such a soothing voice..." Zayn whispered.
"And I told you to be patient, and told you to be fine, and I told you to be balanced, and I told you to be kind. In the morning I'll be with you, but it will be a different "kind". I'll be holding all the tickets
And you'll be owning all the fines."
"Dude, it's so quiet." Mumbled Rose.
"Come on skinny love what happened here? Suckle on the hope in lite brassiere. My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my.... Sullen load is full; so slow on the split..."
"That's good right?" Elizabeth smiled.
"And I told you to be patient, and I told you to be fine, and I told you to be balanced, and I told you to be kind. And now all your love is wasted? And then who the hell was I? And now I'm breaking at the britches. And at the end of all your lines."
I watched as the camera zoomed in on her. Her eyes sparkling under the lights, face glowing, with a smile that could make anyone melt; she was breathtaking.
"Who will love you? Who will fight? And who will fall far behind?"
"I love her voice..." Niall sobbed.
"Are you crying?" Savannah chuckled.
"Don't judge me!" Niall said through his sobs. We laughed then turned back to Scarlett.
"Come on skinny love! My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my. My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my..." The last note on the piano slowly died down. Scarlett took a deep breath and looked up with a tight lip smile, obviously nervous as to how the crowd would react.
"It's quiet! Why are they quiet?!" Louis muttered.
Before anyone could say anything else, the crowd bursted into applause. Cheers and people yelling her name filled the arena up.
"That's so loud!" Adam yelled through the noise.
I couldn't help it. I ran out on stage, avoiding all the people that tried to stop me. When I got out there, I hugged her from behind.
"Harry?" Scarlett chuckled as she looked over her shoulder to me.
"You were amazing!" I yelled over the now over excited crowd. She smiled at me, turned to face me, and wrapped her arms around my neck to pull me into a hug.
"YEAH! SCARLETT!" We turned and saw all the guys and girls running on stage towards us.
"GROUP HUG!!" Adam yelled.
"Alright, alright! How about we get this show started?" Liam said into the mic. The fans screamed in agreement.
"You ready?" I whispered into Scarlett's ear.
"I'm more than ready." She grinned back.

"This must've been the best one so far!" Zayn cheered as we signed some autographs.
"Guys... I feel so weird doing this." Scarlett mumbled to us. I chuckled as another fan called out to her for a picture, and she awkwardly smiled.
"Harry! Hello?" I turned to where the small high pitched voice came from; A small blonde girl. She was holding a picture and a sharpie in her hand, smiling wide as she looked at me. I couldn't help but smile back as I got down at her level.
"You want me to sign that for you?" I chuckled as in pointed to the picture. She nodded and handed them to me.
"My names Jasmine." When I was done signing it, and placed the cap back on the sharpie, I looked at the photo.
"Scarlett already signed it for me." She said to me with glee. I smiled as I looked at the picture once more before handing it back.
"Are you guys together?" She asked me with a grin.
"We're like best friends." I watched as Scarlett got down to her level as well, and smiled at the girl.
"He's pretty fun, but, he has cooties." Scarlett whispered loud enough for me to hear.
"Oh yeah! My mom told me that cooties are yucky." The girl made a sour face and we laughed.
"Thank you guys! I love you!" She squealed as she went off with her mom.
"She's so cute." Scarlett giggled as she got up. I got up as well and we walked towards the guys.
"Hey, Scarlett?" I began. She turned to me.
"You're really amazing." I smiled. Her face lit up as she placed a strand of hair behind her ear.
"Thanks Harry. Now, if only those girls would agree. I've been called a whore, bitch, and ratchet by a couple of them chicks in the back." She giggled.
"They just don't see the person I see. What they see is a threat."
"It's cause I am." She said cockily with a sigh. I laughed and watched as a smile began to form across her face.
"Lets do this Harry." She smiled.
And so it began.
Scarlett sang on stage whenever we had a concert, and I swear, each time she did, I could tell she started to fall in love with it.
And as for me?
I started to fall for her.
It was like nothing could ruin this, nothing could bring me down, and nothing could stop us. That is, until we went to Chicago...
That week began to make was like a non stop rollercoaster…

{Day 1; Sunday}
We were on the road, in the bus, just hanging out. I had my arm rested on the back of my seat as I stared out at the scenery.
"Dude, she's hot." I turned around to see whose voice that was.
"Who's hot?" I smirked as I scanned the outside.
"That statue of Marilynn Monroe! I wonder if I can see under-"
"You are such a pervert." Scarlett scolded him as she smacked his back with a thud.
"Yowww!" He yelped. He began to mumble something as he walked away towards Liam. Scarlett sat besides me and looked out the window.
"I wish I could go sight seeing right now. Especially to the museums, or see that shiny metallic bean!" I chuckled as I watched her eyes widen.
"I've always wanted to go on that glass thing too..." She muttered. I looked at her confused.
"What glass thing?"
"The Sky-Deck." She said casually. I then watched as a smile began to tug on her lips, and her eyes landed on me.
"Oh no." I began to wave my finger back and forth as I raised my eyebrows.
"Aw! Harry!" She groaned.
"No! You already know why." I chuckled.
"Yet, you still used my anklets and what not."
"That was a totally different thing."
"Uhh... Suuurreee." She smiled.
"We're almost at the hotel." Liam shouted out.
"You bunking with me?" I said as I lazily smirked at her.
"Aahhh... No. I'm not staying alone with you. Besides, Eleanor is here and she wants to catch up with me."
"You guys have caught up-"
"Girl world is different Harry. There's always something we need to talk about." She winked at me and walked off with a suspicious smile.
"What's that supposed to mean?!" I called out to her. She just placed her hands behind her head and continued walking. I sighed and looked back out.

"Hey, guys?" We all turned around and saw Niall hovering over us. He was focused on the TV.
"What's up?" Scarlett asked through her mouthful of crisps.
"You're getting crumbs on me!" Zayn whined as he wiped them off his pants.
"I love you too!" Scarlett said loudly as she purposely spat more crumbs on him.
"Do you guys have a black hat I can borrow?" Niall asked.
"I have my beanie. You can take that if you want." Adam said without taking his eyes off the game.
"It's in his small blue bag. He has tons." Scarlett added.
"Thanks!" Niall the dashed off from our view.
"Why would he want a black hat?" Eleanor chuckled.
"He was also asking me if I had seen his black hoodie earlier." Liam said.
"And I recall him asking me about some black jeans." Louis murmured as he played with Adam.
"Isn't that kinda weird?" I said as I stare at the ceiling.
"Who knows? Maybe it's nothing." Zayn sighed.
"Maybe he's trying to take your job Scarlett." I chuckled as I looked at her. She just blew a raspberry at me and smiled.
"He's been a bit quiet recently. Has anyone else noticed?" Lou said as he turned to us with a concerned face.
"I SCOOORRREEEDDDD!" Adam yelled victoriously, throwing his hands up.
"I'd like to thank the Father all mighty, up in the heavens, Lou for missing, and Harry for being my cheeky... 'Friend'." He winked at me. I bit my bottom lip back in response.
"That was really gay." Scarlett said flatly. I looked at her and began to laugh along with the others.
"I'm going out now! Bye guys!" We all turned and watched a Niall slyly snuck out the door.
"What the hell? Did he tell anyone where he was going to?" Scarlett asked us. We all shook our heads, no.
"Uhh... Can anyone say; Weeeiirrddd?" Eleanor mumbled.
My eyes landed back on Scarlett. She was looking at her cell phone with a scared facial expression. She then moved her eyes up to me, but, quickly turned away. She stood up and started to walk out.
"Where are you going?" I asked as I got a hold of her hand.
"Nowhere... Just out for a walk. I need to think." She mumbled as she released herself from my grip.

{Day 2: Monday}
"Okay boys! Take a breather and we'll start again in 10 minutes!" Our vocal coach excused us and we walked out to get a drink.
"Did you hear me when I farted into the microphone?" Adam laughed as he held his stomach.
"We all thought it was Niall-" I turned and saw he wasn't next to me.
"Where'd he go?" I muttered. We all scanned the area, trying to find him. I then caught a glimpse of some blonde hair.
"There!" I pointed him out.
"Lets sneak up on him." Lou chuckled. We agreed and began to maneuver our way to him. I was behind some boxes, closer to him than anyone else-
"Ehhhaah!" I jumped a bit and saw Scarlett behind me, covering her mouth, obviously trying to hide her laughter.
"You're killing me here!" I smiled as I held my hand to my heart.
"I just had to." She whispered. We crept closer to the edge of the boxes and looked at Niall.
He was talking on the phone, looking around, as if he didn't want to be seen.
"What's he say-" she placed a finger on my lips and silenced me.
She took out her iPhone and earphones and placed one bud in her ear and one in my ear. She turned her phone on, pointed it towards Niall, and clicked on something. Before I knew it, we were hearing Niall.
"Look, I don't think I can go tomorrow." I heard him say.
"No... I have a concert. Yeah. Umm... Well I guess we can try on Wednesday and Thursday?"
"Who do you think he's talking to?" Scarlett whispered to me as she glared at Niall.
"I honestly have no clue." I mumbled.
"Yeah, nobody knows yet. Yeah. I'll tell them when the time comes... Alright! See you then-"
"ATTAAAAAAAACK!" Louis and the other guys popped out and began to shoot Niall with water guns.
"Fuck." Scarlett cursed under her breath.
"I thought he was going to say this persons name..." She muttered as she placed her iPhone and earphones away.

"That does sound kind of suspicious..." Lou trailed off after we finished telling him what happened.
"But, who could he be talking to though? That was so strange!" Scarlett grunted.
"Look, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about." I said as I held her hand. She looked at me with an overwhelmed expression.
"Do you think it's another girl?" She said softly. I looked at Lou, and he shrugged his shoulders.
"Even if it is," I turned back to Scarlett.
"Shouldn't we let him be happy? It's like he's finally moving on." I said. Scarlett immediately let go of my hand, and walked out.
"Did I do something wrong?" I said turning to Lou.
"It's Sky. She's weird. But, I'll go talk to her-"
"No." I stood up.
"I'll go." I took in a deep breath.
"Wish me luck."
"You have me on speed dial incase she hurts you again, right?" Lou teased. I rolled my eyes at him and chuckled away.
I stepped out of Lou's room and walked down the hall.
Where could she be?
Liam is out with Niall, Adam, and Zayn, so, she can't be in their rooms.
"AWW SHIT!" I heard someone yell behind a door. I saw it open, but, it was only Elizabeth. I watched as she walked out, her dark brown hair covered in powder.
"I'm never cooking with you girls again!" She laughs into the room. She then noticed me and flashed me a smile.
"Hey Haz! What are you doing in the halls?"
"I was actually looking for Scarlett. Have you seen her by any chance?" I asked as I walked closer to her.
"Ahm... She passed by our room to get her sunglasses and a sweater. That's all really." She shrugged.
"Did she say where she was going?"
"No... Sorry."
"GET BACK IN HERE!" I watched as Rose pulled Elizabeth in.
"Sorry Harry! We gotta finish this!" She chuckled as she closed the door behind her.
I let out a groan.
Why is Scarlett acting so weird? I pulled out my necklaces and examined them as I walked towards the elevator. That's when I saw the key, and remembered how it was glowing a couple weeks back.
Glowing... Sparkle... Shiny...
"I wish I could go sight seeing right now. Especially to the museums, or see that shiny metallic bean!"
Her words began to ring in my mind.
"I've always wanted to go on that glass thing too..."
That's it! I called up Paul and asked him to get me a ride to the Willis tower. (Sears Tower,)

"Where are you?!" I grumbled to myself as I tried to cover my face amongst the crowd. I'm so lucky nobody has spotted me yet.
I glanced over to look out the window; Bloody hell that’s high.
"Can I have a picture too?"
"Of course honey." I heard a giggle.
That was Scarlett's giggle.
"Paul, over there!" I pointed to where I heard her. We walked calmly into the crowd and towards Scarlett. I saw she had her hair up in her bun, wearing her white with pink under armour logo sweater, black leggings, and pink shoes. Her sunglasses were placed on the top of her head, and she wore the biggest smile. I went behind her and tapped her shoulder.
"You want an autograph too-" she stopped and winced when she realized it was me.
"What are you doing here?" She spat silently.
"I came to see you." I smiled.
"You should've stayed back Harry." She mumbled. I rolled my eyes and looked down.
"Is that... HARRY STYLES?!?!!" Before I knew it, everyone was turning towards us.
"Lets go!" Paul pulled us along, and somehow, managed to get us safely into the elevator. Scarlett let out a sigh, then, she gave me a deathly glare.
"No. Stay put." Paul held her back from me.
"He caused the ruckus! I didn't! I was just looking at the view and asked someone to take my picture then they asked for a couple of autographs! But nooo! Harry came and brought too much attention." She crossed her arms and looked straight ahead at the elevator doors.
"I just wanted to know why you ran off like that." I muttered a bit annoyed. I guess she heard it in my voice, because, she immediately turned to me and frowned. She sighed and let her arms fall down loosely to her sides.
"I wanted space." She mumbled.
"From what? From me?" I asked a bit offended.
"No, not you Harry-" she stopped and looked down.
"I just wanted to think. It's just that, Niall... He's been making me worry."
"What happened to Niall?" Paul asked as he looked back and forth at us. I hesitated a bit.
"He's been acting weird... That's all! You know, sneaking out alone." Scarlett chuckled nervously.
"He hasn't been alone. I've been dropping him off so he could talk to some girls. Friends of his I suppose." Paul chuckled.
Scarlett and I looked at each other, and I knew, she was thinking what I was thinking.

{Day 3: Tuesday}
Scarlett, Louis, and I, were all sitting down, observing Niall as he ate a sandwich off the table and texted someone.
"He seems normal to me..." Louis whispered to us.
"But after what Paul said, I have my eyes on him. Who is he sneaking off to see that he doesn't want us to know about?" Scarlett mumbled.
"It can't be someone bad, can it?" I asked as I turned to them.
"Someone's gotta go up to him and ask." Scarlett muttered as she got up. I quickly pulled her by the arm and onto my lap.
"That's not a smart move to make. The press is out there right now and we don't want you and him causing any drama." I whispered to her. I watched as Niall left with Savannah out the door. Scarlett turned her head to face me and frowned.
"You're right..." She groaned. I smiled victoriously.
"I think I'll leave you two alone. I'm gonna go chat with the lad." Louis said as he walked off with a smirk. Scarlett chuckled and began to play with the cuffs on my sleeves.
"Harry?" She said softly.
I hummed in response.
I saw she was a bit hesitant. She looked up at me, and then focused back down to my sleeves.
"Umm... Never mind." I placed my hand under her chin, and turned her towards me.
"Is something the matter?" I asked her softly. She didn't make eye contact with me.
"Okay... That's it. You and I are going on a date this Thursday." She was about to respond, but I placed a kiss on her lips.
"It's an order." I mumbled between our kiss. We broke off, and I saw she was blushing.
"That was so cute!" We turned around and saw Liam with Zany as they clasped their hand over their hearts.
"So romantic." Zayn teased.
"Oh shut it." Scarlett chuckled.
"Well, we just wanted to tell you guys that we're on right now, so, c'mon! Everyone!" Liam said as he waved us up.
"Everyone?" Scarlett groaned.
"Yes! Even the dancers!" Zayn smiled.
"Poo." She mumbled as she walked away.
"Why do you wanna wait till Thursday to take her out? Why not tomorrow?" Liam asked me as we walked along.
"I was about to ask the same question." Zayn added. I smiled and looked ahead.
"I kinda want to get her a gift tomorrow. Something small." I told them as I began to think about it.
"What about more beanies?" Zayn said.
"She's got more than she needs." We turned around and saw Adam strolling towards us.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop." He chuckled.
"Why don't you ask him for advice?" Zayn grinned as he nodded towards Adam.
"Would you?" I asked him.
"Anything for my curly haired companion." Adam sighed as he wrapped his arm around me.
"She's hard to figure out."
"Don't tell me that." I chuckled.
"Hold on! I'm getting to the good stuff." He whined. I laughed and let him continue.
"She's a real sucker for cheesy things. She's a huge softie."
"Sky? A softie?" Liam gasped sarcastically.
"Yes! I couldn't believe it myself!" Adam smiled.
"I remember that I gave her these music note earrings back then for this date we had, and I thought she was gonna hate them." He began.
"Once I told her why I chose them though, she bawled her eyes out." He said with a small chuckle.
"Why?" Zayn asked.
"Because I told her we connected once we danced to that first music note." He beamed.
"And we became inseparable." He smiled.
"I see where you're going with this now." Liam smiled. I looked down to the floor, and that's when it hit me.
"I think I got an even better idea." I grinned to them.

After the concert and clubbing, we went back to our hotel rooms. I was walking upstairs with Louis, when I noticed, he was awfully quiet.
"Are you okay Lou?" I chuckled. He was a bit startled and began to stutter a bit.
"Yeah! J-just a bit t-tired. I'm g-gonna go to sleep." With that, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and walked away.
That was really weird.

{Day 4: Wednesday.}
"So, we just tell her you went to the studio...?" Megan trailed off.
"No, no. Something more believable, like, we went to do another sound check." Liam mumbled.
"Or an interview." Zayn said.
"Point is, don't let her know where we are." I chuckled.
"They won't be back till, like, Eleanor and Danielle wants to stop shopping, which we all know they won't want to." Liam chuckled with a smug grin.
"Well, alright. We'll try our best then!" Elizabeth waved at us as we left.
"I hope you're right about this Haz." Liam smiled as we walked downstairs.
"Trust me! She'll love it!" I smiled excitedly as we headed down to the lobby. I looked up and saw Louis and Niall waiting for us, but, they were whispering something.
"They've been acting pretty weird." Said Zayn.
"Ever since the concert yesterday, right?" I asked them both. They nodded in agreement.
"They're seriously starting to-" Liam shushed me before I could say anything else. We approached them and they stopped their chat.
"Ready lads?" Louis asked with a smile.
"Yup." Zayn said as he walked along.
During the car ride though, Louis and Niall acted... Normal. I still couldn't shake off this feeling though that something was wrong.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"This one is really cute though!" Eleanor squealed as she held the dress against her, facing the mirror. I placed my hand under my chin and groaned.
"Can we leave yet?! It's been..." I look at my phone and saw it was already 6.
"4 hours! 4!!! I'm starving!" I held my arms against my stomach as I felt it gurgle. I looked down at it.
"Don't worry baby, we'll get some food in you." I whispered to my tummy.
"Okay, that's just weird." Danielle laughed. I got up and began to look around the clothes rack once again.
Too pink... Too green... Too small... Not enough fabric...
I saw from the corner of my eyes that Danielle and Eleanor were whispering to each other. I chuckled and pretended I didn't notice. Whatever they're up to, I'll catch on.
"Kay, we'll leave once we pay for our stuff. Deal?" Eleanor shouted out to me. I nodded and walked behind them.
After a couple of autographs and a few pictures with fans, we left.
I kept looking out the window, wondering what was up with Niall and Louis.
"Hey, are you okay?" I hear Eleanor ask me. I focused my attention on her and sighed.
"Just thinking." I responded.
"Well, start thinking about what it is you want to eat! Pizza? Burgers?"
"I WANT CHINESE!" I squealed.
"Alright then! How about..." Her voice began to fade... My necklace... It was glowing...
Another flashback...
"Please... Come with me Dani..." I watched as Eddy's tears ran down his face. I took in a deep breath through my nostrils. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth slightly as I began to form words.
"We can't be friends anymore." My heart ached once I let it out of me. I opened my eyes back up and saw Eddy's hurt expression.
"Why? Why not?!" He yelled furiously. I saw his hand forming into fists, causing his knuckles to go pale from the pressure he was putting on them.
"Leave." Was all I could say. I can’t put him in this position…
"DANI!" He screamed.
"SKY!" I snapped out of my trance.
"Huh?!" I looked over at Eleanor and Danielle. They were just looking over their shoulders towards me.
I looked out the window and saw we had parked. It was already starting to get dark.
"Where are we?" I asked a bit confused.
"Well, I asked you if we should go to the Chinese restaurant like you wanted OR leave to go see Lou and the other guys at some other place. You said Leave." She chuckled.
"Oh... Oh! Right! Sorry, I'm just a bit off right now." I chuckled unsure.
"Well, let’s go!" Danielle smiled as she got out of the car.
I nodded and followed then along.
I saw a group of people ahead, and fans all around taking pictures. What was going on?

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"She said she's here." Lou smiled as he place his phone back in his pocket.
"Great! Help me get this box in a good position." I grinned.
"Can I got get some cotton candy?! Please?!" Niall groaned.
"Just wait till they get here." Adam laughed. Niall then crossed his arms and leaned back against the pole.
"These girls scream so loud... They have the lungs of a true warrior." Adam mumbled as he looked at slowly growing crowd.
"I wonder what she'll say when she opens it. I mean, it's so huge." Zayn chuckled.
"She's definitely going to be baffled when she sees the inside." Liam laughed.
"There! I see them!" Savannah squealed. I began to look around and spotted them as well.
"Guys?!" Scarlett began to run to us and I saw a huge grin sweep across her face.
"What is this?!"
"I believe this is called Navy Pier, Sky." Lou said smugly.
"Oh shut it." She chuckled as she gave him a hug. She then went to the rest of the guys, and then the girls. Then, she came up to me for a hug.
Best for last, right?
"Who did this?" She mumbled into my neck.
"It was Harry's idea." Liam said. Scarlett pulled back and looked at me.
"Why? It's not my birthday." She chuckled.
"Well, we figured out that today is the anniversary of when we met you!" Zayn smiled.
"It's just a little something the guys and I pulled off to show how much we appreciate you." I smiled.
"Little? This thing is my size." She said with her eyebrow arched.
"Open it! I'm sure you'll love it." Niall grinned as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.
Scarlett nodded and began to take off the wrapping paper.
"Now, Lou!" I whispered. He nodded and turned the projector on.
Scarlett's head whipped around towards the wall.
"What the?" She mumbled.
The short video began to play. A video of us all in the tour bus spraying one another with crazy string began to play. Scarlett then got up to the camera with me behind her.
"Say it!" I laughed. Scarlett rolled her eyes and looked into the lens.
"I LOOOOOOOOOOVEEEEE Haaaarrrreeeehhhh." She said sarcastically in a British accent.
"Just kidding... I'm secretly dating Logan Lerman!" She winked. She then turned to see me, while I had a stern face, and laughed.
'They Don't Know About Us' began playing in the background as different videos popped up. There was all of us eating out at an ice cream parlor, to when Scarlett and I were attacking everyone with water guns. I looked over to see Scarlett, and she was just laughing and crying like crazy. I went behind her and gave her a hug. The video then ended after a couple more minutes.
The fans screamed and cheered as it faded away.
"We love you SKY!" Adam cheered as he clapped his hands. Everyone soon joined in.
"Open your gift!" Niall shouted over the screams. She grinned and tore it apart till it was just the box remaining. She opened it up, and confetti began to shoot out.
"Aren't I the best gift ever?" Perrie stepped out with her hands placed on her hips.
"PERRIE!" She screamed as she embraced her in a hug.
"When did you get here?!" She smiled.
"This morning! She totally surprised me." Zayn smiled as he went up to wrap his arm around her waist.
"So, if she could surprise me, then..."
"She could surprise you." I finished for him.
"Aww! That's so sweet!" She was going to go give her another hug, when Zayn cut her off.
"Umm, no. She's actually my gift. Yours is still in there." He smiled as he nodded towards the box. She chuckled and went in to grab the smaller black box that was left behind. She looked to me for approval to open it, and I smiled.
I watched as she lifted the cover up with a giggle. She pulled the bracelet out and looked at it before she ran to me for a hug.
"What's this for?!" She chuckled as she stepped back with the bracelet cupped in her hands.
"We know it's not the biggest gift ever, but, it has some meaning behind it." Liam smiled as he walked up to us with the other guys behind him. She placed it around her wrists and examined each charm.
"Remember when you freaked out when you found out you were coming to London?" Louis chuckled. Scarlett nodded, still a bit puzzled.
"Imagine if you never agreed to come." Niall said.
"We would've never known you the way we do now." Liam added.
"And we couldn't imagine our life without you in it, Scarlett. I don't even want to dare to think about it." I said as I looked into her eyes. I watched as a small pool of water formed inside of them, a droplet slowly running down her cheek.
"You guys are so fucking cheesy." She sobbed with a chuckle.
"Aww! Group hug!" Eleanor squealed as her voice cracked.
"Let’s go on some of these rides!" Savannah yelled with excitement.
"Let’s do this! Cotton candy, here I come!" Niall yelled as he ran off with Rose and Elizabeth.
"We'll leave you two alone." Zayn whispered in my ear as he walked away with Perrie.
"C'mon. Let's go on that." I nodded towards the Ferris Wheel.
"Uhh... That's kinda, really, huge..." She mumbled as she looked at me worried. I chuckled and pulled her along.
We were led out and into one of the seats on the Ferris wheel.
"It's so amazing here." She sighed as she looked out.
"We haven't even made it all the way up." I chuckled.
"It's still pretty." She laughed a she snapped her fingers. She looked back out towards everything.
"Hey, I think that's Lou... On those flying chair things!" She chuckled as she pointed at a blue seat. I squinted my eyes and saw the stripes.
"Yup... That's Lou." I smiled.
"I'm scared of those things. I feel like they'll fly off." She said as she squirmed in place.
"We should go on it then." I smiled cheekily.
"Don't start Styles." She mumbled as she kept looking out.
I let out a laugh, and turned to look out. It was such a comforting silence…
"You know," She said as she turned to me.
"You didn't have to go through all this trouble." She chuckled.
"I'm not that big of a deal." She laughed.
"You may think that, but," I moved over and sat besides her as I placed my arms on my thighs.
"You've made a huge impact on us." I smiled sincerely.
"I mean, you became one of Lou's best friends, Liam's right hand gal, got Zayn to meet Perrie, Niall and Jocy, and then there's you and I." I said the last part softly.
"You have no idea how glad I am that I met you." I said. She looked at me with a soft smile.
"And lets not forget my curly boo; Adam." I sighed. That made her frown and got me a smack upside the head.
"Ruin the moment, why don't you." She mumbled as she looked at her nails.
"I'm only kidding!" I chuckled as I brought her close to my chest. She nuzzled herself against me, and then began to fidget with my fingers.
"Harry?" She mumbled.
"Yeah?" I looked down to her.
"You're amazing..." She said in an almost whisper. I watched as she began to look up at me.
"And I'm glad I met you too." She smiled. I couldn't help but smile as well. My eyes shifted down towards her soft, light pink lips. I began to lean in to her, slowly getting closer and closer to feeling them against mine.
"HAARRRYYYYY!" I heard fans yell out my name. Scarlett sighed and did a tight lip smile.
"Guess it's not the right time, is it?" She chuckled. I sighed and laughed along with her.

"Let’s go on the merry go round!" Eleanor squealed to Lou.
"Sky?" Lou turned to her.
"I don't see why not. You wanna go Harry?" Scarlett asked me. I nodded and followed behind them.
"Wait for us!" Savannah and Adam came running towards us with Megan, Rose, and Elizabeth right behind them.
I sat down next to Scarlett on the carriage. Savannah sat on the horse in front of us.
"Giddy up mother fucker!" She yelled.
"I bet my stallion can beat yours." Adam smirked as he sat on the one next to him.
"Run like the wind Bullseye!" Savannah screeched.
"They're so weird." Scarlett mumbled. I laughed and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her in closer to me.
"At least they're having fun." I smiled.
We then began to chat about everything; singing, the boys, the girls, not even realizing we had gone around about 5 times already. At the moment, we were talking about how she made friends with her group and what her first thoughts of them were.
"Okay... So... What about you and Jane?" I chuckled.
"That... That was a weird one actually. We hated, and when I say hated, I mean; HATED! Each others guts." She chuckled.
"We ha this sort of rivalry between us; I was the newbie, fresh out of the prep classes, and I was beginning to get to her level." She smirked as she flexed her muscles at me.
"And like, one day, she broke this prototype music player thing that our boss had worked on, and I took the blame."
"Why? That's-" I stopped to think of a word.
"Stupid? Yeah. She had a lot more at stake, so, I took one for her. Besides... Id be embarrassed to if they knew how he broke it."
"How?" I asked with my eyebrow raised.
"She was twerking on the table it was on..." She said nonchalantly. I busted out laughing.
"After that, she loved me." She cheekily smiled. I pinched her cheek playfully and chuckled.
"So, what about me?" I smiled.
"Huh?" She sounded baffled.
"What was your first impression of-"
"Flirt. Big flirt. Especially by the way you busted in through the doors, expecting the girls to fall into your arms."
"Is that jealousy I sense in your voice?" I teased.
"No." She murmured.
"You were totally jealous when Taylor and I were together though." I said with a smug look. She frowned.
"She was being held under control! That doesn't count!"
"But you were jealous, right?" I grinned.
"No!" She said with a laugh. I pouted and dropped my arms on my lap.
"Harry-" I cut her off when I placed a quick kiss on her lips. I broke off and looked her in the eyes.
"Well, I'll admit I WAS jealous when Adam came around."
"Really?" She asked surprised.
I nodded.
"I really did like you Scarlett. From day one, there was something about you that I couldn't get out of my mind. We became enemies, friends, partners..." I said low enough for her to hear.
"And now," I held her hands in mine. I took in a deep breath as the butterflies kicked in.
"Now... I love you." I looked to her for a response, but, I couldn't help but notice a pink color flooding into her cheeks, a smile went across from ear to ear, and her eyes glistened.
“Harry…” she threw herself on me and nested her head in between my neck and shoulder.
“I love you too…” I heard her mumble softly. I’m pretty sure my face was gonna hurt the next day from how much and how big this smile on me was.
I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in as close as possible, wanting to remain in that moment forever. We pulled away eventually, and she wouldn’t stop smiling.
“You’ve just made my life worth while.” She chuckled.
“Ive won the heart of the famous, womanizer; Harry Styles.” She smirked.
“And I, the heart of the tough and rough Scarlett Dane.” I smiled back.
We got off the merry go round and began to walk around, just taking in everything that had happened. I really wanted to reach for her hand, but, I stopped.
“Harry? What’s wrong?” she waved her hand in my face.
“Look… Over there…” I nodded towards a small dark spot, by light pole.
A black figure was leaning back against it, casually looking over at us,
“Who is that?” Scarlett mumbled to me.
I saw a smirk on the dark figure, and soon after, the person began to walk off.
“I need to see who that is…” Scarlett began to sprint off.
“WAIT!” I called out for her, but, she didn’t stop. I growled and began to follow.
She was right behind the dark figure. I watched as Scarlett pulled out her phone, and was about to aim at this person.
“WOAH!” Then Niall came out of nowhere, and tripped, falling right on Scarlett.
“NIALL!” Scarlett screamed. I got up to them and pulled her up.
“Dammit! I lost him…” She muttered.
“It was a guy?” I asked.
“I don’t know… couldn’t tell…” She quickly shifted her attention to Niall.
“What are you doing back here?!” She snapped, causing Niall to flinch.
“I was talking to a friend…” He said frightened.
“Sorry pal, she’s just a bit frustrated. She didn’t get a good look of this person she wanted to catch.” I told him. I could’ve sworn that when Niall looked down at his phone, he said; Good… but… Maybe it was just me.
“Well, we gotta go soon! Paul was looking for everyone and only gave us a couple more minutes!” He grinned before walking away.
Scarlett threw her hands behind her head and began to march away. I followed right besides her.
“I almost had him…”
“It’s fine… Don’t be so upset.” I said, trying to comfort her. She sighed and then began to fidget with her bracelet.
“Thanks for today, Harry. Are we still on for tomorrow?” She smiled.
“Most definitely.” I smiled as I planted another kiss on her lips.

{Day 5: Thursday.}
“I’ll see you guys later!” Niall shouted as he began to hustle out of the room.
“Where to?” Scarlett asked as she chewed her pancakes.
“Let the lad have some fun on his own.” Louis said with a smile. Scarlett glanced at me, but, I had the same confused face she had.
We both expected Louis to be the first to ask…
“So, what are you two going to do for your date today?” Perrie said as she nudged my arm. I chuckled and looked at my plate.
“It’s a surprise, and it won’t be a surprise if I tell you!” I said. Perrie rolled her eyes and began to chuckle.
“Just don’t end up touching Sky innap-“
“PERRIE!” Scarlett yelled.
“What? Gotta get that out there! He needs to know that we all got your back if he tries any dirty little stunt.” She winked at her.
“You guys are so weird… at lest the rest of the girls aren’t here to add on to that.” Eleanor chuckled.
“Speaking of girls, where’s Jocy? I thought she’d be back by now.” Perrie asked casually as she chewed on her biscuit.
Pure and uncomfortable silence.
“Zayn, can I talk to you?” Scarlett said as she got up and out of her seat. I got up as well and went behind Danielle.
“Make sure she doesn’t bring up any more Jocy questions till we finish talking to Zyan.” I whispered in her ear. She nodded and began to ask her about being in Little Mix.
I got to where Scarlett was pacing back and forth in front of Zayn.
“How could you?!” She yelled at him. I saw that she was full of tears.
“I couldn’t tell her over the phone! I needed to tell her in person!” He yelled back.
“It’s been weeks Zayn! WEEKS! And she doesn’t know?! So now what? Casually say: Oh hey! I forgot to tell you; Jocy Died.” She put tons of emphasis on the word, causing shivers to go down my spine.
“Look, guys-“
“Not now.” Scarlett interrupted me. I walked up next to Zayn who was leaning back on the wall, one foot up against it, hands running through his hair nervously.
“When are you going to tell her then? Hmm? Better yet, HOW are you going to tell her Zayn? Do you think this is some kind of game-“
“I GET IT!” He snapped at her.
“YOU OBVIOUSLY DON’T BY THE WAY YOU’VE BEEN KEEPING IT A SECRET FROM HER!” At this point, I just wanted to hide. These two were going at it like cats and dogs. Zayn pushed himself off the wall and walked up to Scarlett, their faces inches apart.
“I’ll tell her when the time comes…” He spat.
“Don’t make her wait any longer than she’s already been.” She spat back. He stared her down, and then quickly walked away.
“Was that really necessary-“
“Harry! This is serious!” She screamed.
“He’s been telling her she was with family this whole time. How is she going to react when she finds out he’s been lying to her?!” I saw she had her hands clutched together, trying to hold back from getting any more upset than she already was. I wrapped one arm around her waist and with the other free hand, I pulled her head against my chest.
“He had his reasons, Scarlett. He just doesn’t want to see her so upset …” I mumbled to her as I stroked my hand in her hair.
“If Lou and Liam could do it, why cant he?” She gently pushed herself off of me.
“If he doesn’t tell her… Then I WILL.” She wiped her tears away and looked at me.
“Im going to go take a quick nap...” She muttered before walking towards the elevator. I couldn’t just let her go off like that…
“Wait!” I yelled as I chased behind her. She immediately turned to me. I caught up to her and went inside the elevator alongside her.
“I’ll go with you…” I smiled.
“Thanks Harry…” She did a weak smile and turned to face the elevator doors.

I woke up with Scarlett pressed against my chest. I smiled as I saw how calm she looked. I tried to get out as slyly as possible. Trying not to wake her up… Then… My stomach growled.
“Dammit…” I muttered under my breath.
“Might as well get a snack…” I whispered to myself.
I threw on a white v-neck, some jeans, and Scarlett’s beanie on top. I grabbed my glasses, then texted Paul to meet me up downstairs.
Once I got down to the lobby, I saw him standing there patiently.
“Hey man!” I greeted him with a handshake.
“What’s up?” he asked with a smile.
“I just want to go get something to eat. I didn’t notice it was already two since I was taking a nap with Scarlett.” I chuckled.
“You two should just get together already…” He laughed as he escorted me out into the car. We passed through the paps and fans, got in the car, and drove off.
“Why do you say that?” I asked as I looked out the window. He quickly looked at me, with a looked that asked ‘Are you serious?’
He shifted his attention back to the road and let a snort out.
“C’mon… You two are practically a couple already.” He smiled.
“Besides, I see how happy she makes you.” I tried to hold back my smile and quickly turned to look out the window again.
“I just… I don’t know.” I sighed.
“I want to make it official… But…” I trailed off as I noticed a small jewelry store.
“Hey, Harry?” I snapped out of it.
“Wait… I want to go there…”

“You look splendid!” Perrie squealed.
I turned and saw Scarlett was ready.
She looked…
“Doesn’t she? I don’t get why you always have to hold back on getting dressed up. You’ve got a great sense of fashion.” Eleanor added.
“Probably because she was a model before…” Liam chuckled. I turned to look at Scarlett, and she just glared at Liam.
“Never. Again.” She then walked off to grab an apple.
“That’s too revealing!” I shouted out to her.

“What did you just say?” Lou chuckled.
“How is this revealing?” Scarlett mumbled through her apple.
“It just is… I don’t want any guys coming up to you when you’re looking like that…” I grumbled as I looked down at my phone.
I felt her arms wrap around my neck as she planted a kiss on my cheek.
“He’s jealous.” She said to everyone.
“Aww! That’s so cute!” Danielle teased me.
“Hey! Im just trying to keep her from catching too much attention… Cause… Then…” I tried to think of something to say…
“We won’t be able to enjoy our date…?” I smiled unsure if that sounded convincing.
“He’s jealous.” Zayn said with a wink and smirk.
“Thanks for the help mate.” I mumbled as I flicked a crisp at him.
“But really, you do look gorgeous…” I smiled at Scarlett. She grinned and then pulled me up.
“Let’s get going!” She smiled as she scurried out.

[Scarlett’s P.O.V.]
I can’t stop smiling.
Can someone just make me mad or something? It kinda hurts to be smiling THIS much.
I turned to look t Harry again as he fixed the beanie on his head. He noticed me starring and had a smug look on his face. I looked forward and placed my sunglasses back on my eyes.
“Real slick.” He murmured into my ear. God his voice gave me shivers…
“It’s my specialty.” I chuckled. I kept looking around the aquarium, watching the different fish swim around.
“Who wears sunglasses indoors?” He chuckled.
“Ignoring you…” I mumbled.
“I don’t even think im a real person…” He mumbled to me as I stopped in front of a tank.
“I think im a fish.” He said nonchalantly.
I began to burst into laughter once again
“Honey boo boo? Seriously?” I laughed as I turned to him.
“Made you laugh again though.” He winked.
“Excuse me, ma’am?” We both turned around to see one of the staff members.
She was tall, long dark hair, too much makeup, and had boredom and annoyance written on her face.
“Ive been getting complaints that you two-“ She stopped. Her eyes began to widen.
“Wait… You guys are-“Her voice began to get louder. I slapped my hand over her mouth and shushed her.
“We’re just enjoying these lovely fish. No need for attention on us.” Harry smiled at her. The girl nodded in agreement, and I removed my hand from her mouth, revealing a huge toothy grin.
“Can I pleeeasseee have a picture?! I love you guys! And the others too!” She squealed lowly as she pulled her iPhone out.
“Sure! Let me just take off my sunglasses…” I mumbled as I hung them on my pocket. I stood on one side of her, and harry on the other. She faced the camera towards us and we smiled as she took a couple of pictures.
“Thank you!” She grinned as she looked at the photos.
“No problem! Have a good day!” Harry smiled as he gave her one last hug.
“And remember; Keep it on the DL.” I chuckled as I hugged her as well. She nodded and went of running with excitement.
“Let’s get out of here… People are starting to stare at us.” Harry mumbled as he held my hand.
“Where to now?” I smiled as he led the way out.
“You’ll see…” He grinned.
After getting lost for a couple of minutes, we ended up by the lake.
“There!” Harry smiled. I saw a boat coming towards us.
“It’s a water taxi! It will take us back to Navy Pier where I will give you one last surprise.” He grinned proudly.
“Maybe I can convince the driver to let me be in charge…” I saw a smirk begin to form.
“No. Let’s go.” I pulled him along and into the boat.
“Excuse me, sir?” Oh great… There goes Harry. I looked to see who was on this boat; Tons of teenage girls, a couple teenage guys, and a few kids here and there with their parents. I looked back to Harry, who was still talking to the guy. By the way the two were laughing, I guessed he convinced him.
“Scarlett! Come here!” Harry waved me over to where he was standing.
“Guess who gets to drive this puppy?” He said in a sing song voice.
“Guess I need a life vest…” I mumbled as I stood by him. He let a laugh escape from him and began to drive off, with help from the actual driver.
Harry then picked up the microphone and began to speak.
“Hello there everyone!” I immediately saw some of the girls faces turn to him… And me…
“I will be your driver for this evening.” He smiled as he looked out at the crowd. I noticed some of them whisper amongst each other, taking quick glances towards us.
“I see you two there whispering.” He said in a deep voice. I chuckled and punched his arm lightly.
“You look familiar!” Someone shouted out.
“Do I really? Scarlett?” He turned to look at me.
“Scarlett Dane?” I heard a couple people whisper.
“Who do you think I look like?” He asked. He then handed me the mic for me to answer.
“You look like a friend of mine. You know… Curly hair… British accent… Styles is his last name?” Girls began to rise up and scream in surprise.
“You mean Harry?” He said into the mic.
“Yeah! Him!” I chuckled.
“And you look like his dancer and singer!” He said with a smile.
“Really? Do I really guys?” I said as I looked into the crowd. They screamed in agreement.
“Oh wait… I AM Harry.” He said as he slapped his forehead.
“And I AM your dancer!” I said as well. Everyone went crazy. They asked questions, took tons of photos, and wouldn’t keep still. At one point, Harry had to hand over the wheel to the actual driver.
We cracked jokes, did a couple bits of our choreography, and even sang here and there with them all.
We then came to our destination. We got off, and got swarmed by everyone, begging for a picture.
“It was nice meeting you all!” I waved off to the last group of people.
“That was actually really fun.” I laughed as I turned to Harry.
“And I didn’t even plan it!” He said cockily. I shoved him a bit and he smiled at me. We continued to walk till we got to Navy Pier.
“So, here we are! Are we going on the Ferris Wheel again? Walk along the shore? Don’t tell me we’re going on those chairs…” I said as I looked around.
“Calm down! It will all come in due time.” He chuckled.
We walked side by side, just talking about anything that came up, bouncing off of each others thoughts. It was nice, just being able to be alone with him.
“We’re almost there!” Harry smiled as he held my hand. I began to look around. What was he planning?
“Cant I just have a clue? Please? Im begging you!” I whined.
“Nope.” He smirked.
“WE LOVE YOU!!!!” I heard girls screaming.
“Did they follow us?” I whispered to Harry as I looked around. I continued to walk, but, was pulled back by him. I turned and saw him squinting towards something.
“Is that…” He began. I turned to where he was looking.
“Niall?” I said with my eyes wide open.
He wasn’t alone either.
I watched as he took off his red sweater and handed it to the person with him…
A girl…
She pulled the hood up to her head and ran off with Niall as the security tried to hold back the girls.
“Who is that?” I muttered.
“Let’s go see…” Harry said before we took off.
We were about 10 feet away from those two, and they wouldn’t stop running.
“Where are they going?” I growled. I watched as a lock of blonde hair slipped out of the hoodie…
“Who is she?” I mumbled to myself.
They took a quick turn into a little restaurant.
“C’mon! Let’s see…” Harry nodded towards the restaurant.
We got inside, and couldn’t see Niall.
“Dammit! We lost-“
“Sky?” I turned around to that familiar voice.
“Niall? Why are you in here? And who was that?” I said a little too harshly.
“Umm… More like; Why are you two following me?” He said confused.
“We just wanted to know if you were okay. We saw the girls swarming-“
“I’m ready!” I turned around to see a petite blonde walking towards Niall. She had hazel eyes, a tired face expression, and tanned skin. Her dress was covered with Niall’s sweater and her hair was a bit messy, probably from running too much. She looked at us and smiled.
“Hi! I’m a friend of Niall’s!” She beamed as she extended her arm to us.
“I’m Harry! The pleasures all mine.” He smiled. She then turned to me, but I just faked a smile.
“Im Scarlett.”
“This is Jessica. I met her a while ago. She does some modeling for a couple of big names.” Niall said as he stared at me.
“She told me she was in town, and we decided to meet up a couple of times.” He said as he cleared his throat.
“Well, we should get going now… I’ll see you guys later.” Niall said as he looked at me once again.
“Bye!” Harry waved them off. I watched as Niall took a hold of the girl’s hand, and walked away chatting.
“Scarlett?” I looked up at Harry. He winced a bit and looked at me worried.
“Are you okay?” He mumbled.
“I’m fine. Can we leave now?”

[Harry’s P.O.V.]
I kept looking back and forth from Niall, to Scarlett.
Niall just kept looking beyond her, while Scarlett kept glaring at him with hate written all over her eyes.
“Soooo… How was it?” Eleanor said, breaking the silence.
“When were you going to tell us Niall?” Scarlett suddenly blurted out.
“Tell you what?” he asked confused.
“You know what…” She said with a serious smile.
“You mean tell you about my personal life?” He chuckled. I turned back to Scarlett. She looked like she was about to explode.
“No. That you’ve been sneaking off, seeing tons of girls-“
“Now, hold on.” Niall stopped her.
“Tons of girls? I go out with this one girl… ONE… And now you’re accusing me of seeing TONS? What’s your problem?” He chuckled again.
I saw Scarlett’s hands form into fists.
“She was just there to help me out. You don’t know what’s going on between us.” He said a bit ticked off.
“Scarlett,” I turned and saw Louis beginning to talk.
“He was only having a bit of fun. Calm down.” He said with a huff.
She immediately stood up.
“Leave.” She growled.
“Sky…” Liam began to talk.
“What’s wrong with you-“ Louis was soon cut off.
“What’s wrong with me? What’s WRONG with ME?! More like what’s wrong with you two! You’ve been acting weird since the last concert! What’s up with YOU guys keeping all these secrets from us? Huh?! Get out of my room-“
“SCARLETT!” I yelled as I stood up.
“PLEASE! You’re making a big deal out of nothing!” Niall Shouted back.
“You don’t know what im going through-“ Niall began.
“And YOU don’t know what I’M going through!” She yelled back.
“Hey GUYS!!!” Perrie bursted in through the door with Zayn, and the happiest look on her face.
That look quickly went away when she realized what was going on.
“Umm… Bad timing?” She mumbled a bit frightened.
“Don’t worry. We were all about to leave anyway.” Niall said with a huff. He grabbed his hoodie and immediately left.
“I’m leaving too. C’mon El.”
“But, Lou-“
“Please…” Louis sighed. She didn’t argue back and went off with him.
“Im going to go see if Danielle is back…” Liam said before taking off.
“Let’s go to bed Perrie. Ive got a concert tomorrow.” Zayn said as he tugged her along, she took a quick glance at Scarlett before leaving.
I got up and walked towards the door, locking it, and then faced Scarlett, who was now in tears.
“I don’t know what got over me…” She sobbed as she plopped back down on her seat.
“Im such an idiot…” She growled as she threw her arms over her face.
I went behind her and placed my hands on her shoulders.
“C’mon. We should get some sleep.” I lifted her up bridal style, and took her into her room.

{Day 6: Friday.}
"THANK YOU!" We all ran off and went backstage.
I watched as Scarlett walked off forcing a smile. I hustled up next to her and pulled her aside.
"Hey, are you still upset about yesterday?" I asked worried.
"I'm fine." She murmured with her jaw clenched.
"Scarlett, please... Don't be so-"
"I'm fine, okay?" She snapped at me. She tried to get away from me, but I pushed her against the wall, holding her hands back.
"Harry! Let me go-"
"He deserves to be happy Scarlett. You should be happy. He's starting to-"
"Forget her! That's what he's doing..." She pulled out her phone and pulled the picture back up again.
“See that?” She waved the phone in my face. I took another look at the photo, examining it for the 5th time today.
“Like he said; ‘Gorgeous, right?’” She forced me off of her and began to storm off, but, bumped into Perrie. They dropped their phones and began to chuckle.
“Ops! Sorry! I was just coming out to say great job!” She smiled. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and watched as Perrie picked up both of their phones. She was about to hand Scarlett her phone, when she saw the screen
“Aww! I saw this picture this morning as well! Jocy looks so cute in that dress!” Perrie giggled as she handed Scarlett her phone back.
I looked over at Scarlett, and she looked a bit… Confused…
“What?” Scarlett let out a chuckle.
“What do you mean what? Jocy looks adorable in that! She even wore the bow I gave her the last time I saw her.” Perrie beamed as she walked off.
Scarlett turned around to me.
“I don’t even know…” I mumbled. I ran behind Scarlett, chasing after Perrie as she walked in backstage.
"THAT WAS AMAZING!" Adam cheered.
"You need to dance with us again. That dance battle was fantastic!" Elizabeth squealed.
"Yeah... But he only won because he's a guy." Savannah mumbled. Adam began to sniff around the air.
"Hey, Harry? Come here." I went by him and he placed his hand on my shoulder.
"Do you smell that?" He said loudly as his forehead wrinkled when he raised his eyebrows. I began to sniff around.
"It's the smell of jealousy." He winked at me.
"ADAM!" Savannah began to chase him around, but he was quick enough to dodge the blows she was throwing.
"Hey! Rose! Help!” Adam yelled.
“Sorry, I’m too buys enjoying this.” She chuckled. Adam ran towards the door, and ran into a dark haired man wearing a suit.
"Ouch! Hey, I'm sorry."
"Boss?" Scarlett whimpered.
I looked at her as she began to shake a bit.
"I think it's about time me and you talked Scarlett." The man grinned deviously.
"Excuse me, but, who are you?" Liam asked him with his eyes squinted. The man looked at him and smiled.
"Scarlett, aren't you gonna introduce me?" He looked down to her as he got close to her.
"Ahm... Ahh..." I could tell she was nervous.
"Sky..." I looked behind me and saw Niall with his cell phone out, pointing towards the man.
"What are you doing?" I whispered to him sternly.
"What I promised I would do." Before I knew it, a bright light blasted out of his phone, blinding everyone.
"Hurry! This way!" I felt Louis pull me along.
After a couple of minutes of running, I opened my eyes and saw we were outside. There was a black bus waiting in front of us.
"Where are we going?!" I turned next to me and saw Scarlett trying to get Niall to loosen his grip of her. The bus doors opened, and a couple of masked people wearing all black.... Pulling us all in.
"What's your problem?!" Zayn yelled at the masked people. They didn't answer.
They pushed us all down on the couch and started the bus up.
“Don’t wait for the others. They’re taking the girls somewhere safe.” One of the voices mumbled to the driver.
"Niall!!! What the fuck are you doing?!" Scarlett screamed. Her nostrils were flailing as she stood up to him, chest puffed out.
"Sit down Sky." Lou tried to comfort her as he place a hand on her arm. She immediately slapped it away.
"I can't believe YOU TWO are DOING THIS!! How could you?!" I got up and wrapped my arms around her, trying to hold her back from doing anything.
"You don't know what's going on." One of the masked people said. Their voices were disguised and I didn't know who they could be.
"Then explain... Explain why you've been acting strange, Niall. Explain WHY THESE PEOPLE KNOW YOU?! WHY DID YOU BLAST MY BOSS?! WHY WERE YOU WITH SOME BLONDE BITCH?! DID JOCY EVEN CROSS YOUR MIND-“
"STOP!" Niall screamed.
"You don't know what’s going on..." He said through his clenched his teeth.
“Then enlighten me, Horan.” She said sarcastically as she waved her hands in the air. He chuckled and pulled one of the girls aside.
“I hope this is enough of an enlightment for you.” He pulled off her hood, and her hair flowed down.
Gasps filled the room.
I turned to Scarlett.
Her mouth was clenched down tightly… Eyes full of tears…
Louis stepped behind her and placed his arm on her shoulders.
“We found Michelle.” He smirked.


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