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Shadow's Target

Chapter 17: Make Your Move.

[Harry's P.O.V.] "What's wrong?" I heard Scarlett murmur. She raised her head up and rubbed her eyes.
"Nothing, Sorry. Did I wake you up?" I asked apologetically. I looked back towards my necklace. It stopped glowing. Was I imagining it the whole time?
"Nah. I had a bad dream and woke up." I turned to her and saw she was sitting down Indian style. She placed her hair behind he ear and looked at me.
"What?" I chuckled.
"Your hair is so messy." She smiled. Her soft pink lips stretched from cheek to cheek, pearl white teeth showing, and her dimples...
"I never realized you had dimples." I said mindlessly. She chuckled softly and looked down. She raised her head up and looked at me.
"You've just noticed? Lou pokes them all the time." She said as she pressed her fingers on them.
"But, they aren't that noticeable, so I don't blame you." She punched me lightly and did a toothy grin. I smiled and sat up. I began to stretch my arms out wide when I felt a pull on my arm pit.
"Oww!" I yelped. I quickly placed my arms back down and turned to Scarlett who was laughing.
"What was that?" I said with a pout.
"You had a fuzzy on your pits." She said chuckling as she flicked it at me.
"I can't sleep now." She sighed.
"You want to watch something?" I suggested. She bit her bottom lip as she thought.
"Yeah, I guess." She stood up and turned the light on. I was blinded and screamed as I covered my eyes.
"Oh quit complaining." She chuckled. I looked at her and flashed her a smile.
"You coming?" She placed her hands behind her head and walked out. I walked right behind her as I turned the lights off behind me. She plopped down on the couch and turned on the telly. I headed to the kitchen and made two sandwiches. I went up behind her and handed her the one I made for her and sat down.
"Thanks." She mumbled.
"You're welcome." I took a bite of mine and directed my attention to her. Her cheeks were puffed up because of how fast she stuffed the sandwich in. I let a laugh escape from me.
"What?" She turned to look at me. She had crumbs all over he face as she tilted her head slightly to the right.
"You got a little something." I waved my hand over my mouth and she go the hint. She wiped it off and blushed.
"Sorry, I was kinda hungry." She murmured as she swallowed down her food.
"You want something to drink?" I set my plate down and went to the kitchen.
"Orange juice please!" She yelled out. I came back with a glass of juice for her and some water for me. I sat back down and looked at the screen.
"What movie is this?" I asked.
"'The Little Mermaid.'" She said softly.
"Oh! That's why it looks familiar. Is it your favorite movie?" I asked as I took another bite of my sandwich.
"It was Jocy's favorite." She said casually. I choked a bit on a piece and chugged some water down. I turned to her and she had her attention glued to the movie.
"Oh." I didn't know what to say. We stayed silent as we watched Ariel swim around with Flounder. "She always watched it whenever she had the chance. She just loved how sweet and lovely Ariel was." She chuckled. I looked at her. Her cheeks were moist from the droplets that fell down from her eyes. She sniffled and wiped her cheeks.
"I really miss her..." Her voice began to shake. I scooted closer to her and pulled her by the waist toward me. She placed her head down on my shoulder as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
"I can't help but feel like this is all my fault..." I felt her lips against my neck as she spoke.
"Don't say that. It wasn't your fault."
"I should've helped her back up." She sobbed softly.
"Imagine how Niall must feel." She stopped. Her head slowly rose up and she looked at me.
"I just wish I could've done something-"
"You were tied up. Don't put so much weight on your shoulders. She saved you. She did it because she loved you." We gazed in each others eyes before she looked away. She removed her arms from my neck and removed my arms from her waist.
"I'm gonna kill her." She muttered.
"What?" I pretended not to hear what she said.
"Nothing... Just... Nothing." I grabbed the remote and changed the movie to something else.
"We never got to finish watching it."
"Love Actually..." She chuckled.
"Wanna watch?" I said with a grin. She turned to me.
"As long as you don't knock out again." She teased.
"I didn't know what that powder was!" I said defending myself.
"Harry, they're all gadgets. What made you think that it was something else?" She laughed.
"Well, we were in a movie theater and I thought it was a snack since everyone had brought tons!" I huffed as I looked back to the screen.
"Ssuuurreee..." She laughed.
We joked around every now and then as we watched the movie.I eventually ended up laying across on the couch, with Scarlett on the floor sitting down.
"If you apologize, I'll let you sit up here!" I said as I poked the back of her head.
"That was such a dirty joke. There's no need for an apology. You deserved that hit." She mumbled.
"Fine then. I got a blanket though." I snuggled into it and sighed loudly.
"Soooo warm." I smiled. She turned around to face me.
"Scoot over." She began to get up.
"Nope." I placed my arms behind my head and slid my legs up.
"Fine." She pulled off the blanket and laid on top of me. She placed her head under my neck, and her legs between mine. She threw the blanket over us and she flipped around so her chest was against mine.
"That's better." She giggled.
"Comfortable?" I said with a cheeky smile.
"I'm not even going to look at you. Knowing you, you probably have that Hardy Styles cheeky smile." She grumbled. I laughed and turned back to the screen.

I felt a small tickle under my nose. I opened my eyes and it was Scarlett's hair. I put it back on place and took in a deep breath as I wrapped my arms back around her. I kissed the top of her head and began to close my eyes again.
"You two are just so cute." I was startled and stumbled out of the couch with Scarlett.
"Ow..." I heard her groan. She lifted her head up and looked at me with a deadly glare.
"What was that for?" She said as she slapped my chest. I looked up and saw Lou with the other guys as they hovered over the opposite side of the couch.
"Do you always have to do that?" I chuckled as I got up. I pulled Scarlett up with me and she stretched.
"Well, you left the door unlocked, so, I decided to drop in with the guys. I didn't know we'd be interrupting something." He said as he wiggled his eyebrows.
"We just fell asleep, Lou." Scarlett chuckled. She walked towards the kitchen to get some water, and I followed.
"Hey, hey! Don't think we forgot about that kiss." Zayn said loudly. Scarlett did a spit take and quickly turned to them.
"ZAYN!" She yelled through her clenched teeth. She was turning red and avoided my gaze. I smirked as I took a sip of my glass of water.
"Aww, c'mon. You two can't avoid it." Liam said with a wink.
"Taylor and Harry have already been officially broken off anyways." Niall added. He looked better today; smiling, happy, face glowing.
"I'm gonna go change." She said as she pointed toward the door.
"It's Love! You can't run away from it!" Lou yelled out to her. She raised her middle finger up as she walked out.
"When are you gonna ask her to be yours Harry?" Niall said with a sweet smile.
"C'mon mate. Don't chicken out. We already know she likes you too." Zayn said as he placed his arm around me.
"I think she just rather be single right now. She has been through a lot." I shrugged.
"You're losing your touch Hazza." Liam chuckled.
"Oh, quiet." I muttered. They all laughed as I turned away from them.
"Get ready. We're going out for breakfast." Louis called to me.
"And Adam is coming along." Zayn added. I stopped in the middle of my tracks. Adam's coming?!

"I feel like it's been forever since I've seen you guys." Adam chuckled. I took a bite of my pancake and nodded.
"How have you been feeling?" Scarlett asked.
"Don't talk with your mouth full, love." Liam sighed.
"Hey! I'm eating. That's a positive." She said as she waved her finger at him.
"Not as much a Niall." Zayn smirked. I turned to Niall, and sure enough, he was eating off of everyone's plates.
"Since when have you been doing that?" Adam laughed.
"I don't know what your talking about." He mumbled trough his mouth full. I watched as Scarlett sneaked a bite of Niall's food. She saw me and signaled me to keep quiet. I just laughed and continued to eat.
"Did someone eat my food?" Niall said as he slammed his hand down. He turned to Scarlett and she looked guilty. She flashed him a small smile.
"You two and your food." Lou chuckled.
"So, as I was saying..." She waved her hand in small circles and Adam took the hint.
"I've been good. Everything is still weird though! Like, I saw Taylor a couple days ago, and she just approached me like nothing. She even apologized." He shivered.
"It's all just a weird mess." Lou sighed.
"But, enough about me, what about you guys? How's everything?" He said with a smile.
"Better. We were a huge wreck the first week though." Niall sighed.
"I'm just glad I've got these guys with me. They've brought me up from the bottom. And Scarlett just knows how to make me feel way better. She's the sweetest girl." He said with a sincere smile.
"Aww!" Scarlett kissed Niall's cheek. He blushed and continued to eat his food.
"Cough cough." Lou said as he nudged me. I rolled my eyes and chuckled.
"I still need to talk to Perrie though." Zayn muttered.
"Isn't she coming over to see you soon?" I asked.
"Umm... Yeah. It's until later though. Her and the girls have a couple things to do in the studio." He said.
"Speaking of studio," Adam turned to Scarlett.
"How's your singing career?" He chuckled.
"My what?" She chuckled back. Adam looked at us surprised.
"You guys never told her?!" Adam said with an open grin. I looked at the guys, and they all looked at one another.
"Guys!" Scarlett said loud.
"What is he talking about?" She began to look at us confused.
"Harry!" Liam patted my back.
"Why don't you tell her?" He smiled. I grumbled and turned to Scarlett.
"Well?" She said slowly. I took In a deep breath.
"You're signed to Simons label!" I spread my arms out and grinned. She stayed frozen.
"Sky?" Adam poked her head. She wouldn't budge.
"Skyyyyy?" Niall tapped her shoulder.
"Oh, and you get to sing with us at every concert." Lou added casually.
"WHAT?!" Scarlett yelled. Adam slammed his hand on her mouth.
"Shhh! Keep your voice down." Zayn mumbled. Scarlett moved Adams hand away from her mouth.
"I'm signed to Simons label?!" She squealed in a shocked way. We all nodded and her jaw dropped.
"I'm gonna kill her." She muttered as she buried her face in her hands.
"Can't I quit?" She said as she looked to us for hope.
"Simon won't allow it. You've actually become pretty famous." Zayn said.
"Especially cause you sang with Taylor and us." Said Liam.
"I don't like thissss." She hissed.
"You've got a lovely voice. No need to be afraid." Niall reassured her.
"As long as they don't dress me in skimpy clothing, I'm fine." She muttered.
"But that's the best part." I said with a cheeky smile.
"Don't push it Styles." We all laughed as she continued to groan and complain.

"Lets get going! I promised Danielle I would Skype her or something." Liam said as he pushed us along.
"Mind if I talk to Sky for a quick second?" Adam said as he got a hold of her hand.
"Make it snappy." Liam said as he got in the car.
"What do you think he wants to tell her?" I whispered to Lou. I watched as they walked to where Adam had parked his car.
"There's only one way to find out." Lou pulled out his cellphone and waved it to me. I looked at him confused.
"Scarlett had apps on her phone. Gadget apps! I liked this one the best though cause I can eves drop on Eleanor and Danielle's conversations-"
"Lou!" Liam yelled.
"Aww calm down. I didn't say you listened as well." Lou chuckled.
"Wait, what?" I laughed.
"Lou!" Liam yelled.
"So, we can listen in on what she's saying?" I smirked. He handed me his phone.
"Go ahead." He winked and got in the car. I turned the app on, and sure enough, I heard what they were saying.
"What I'm trying to get at is; could we give us another try?" That was Adam. I frowned and quickly glanced at them.
"Listen, Adam..." Scarlett began.
"You're seriously great, I'm not gonna lie." She chuckled.
"But, I don't wanna think about boys at the moment." I felt my heart drop. I was about to turn it off, but then;
"And Harry..." And I?
"What about him?" I looked over my shoulder and saw Adam looking at me. I quickly looked away.
"He's been there for me... A lot..." I smiled.
"You like him, don't you?" Adam chuckled.
"I'm not sure... He's sweet and all... But..." But? What? No but's!
"I still don't think I'm stable enough for a relationship at the moment."
"Either way, I approve of Harry." Did he really just say that?
"What?" I was thinking the same thing Scarlett.
"He's an awesome guy. I've hung out with enough to know he's a great guy." Wow. That was nice if him to say.
"But, if he messes up, I WILL swoop in for you." I heard them laugh.
"Thanks Adam. I'm sure you'll find a great girl someday."
"Well, my curls are pretty attractive."
"You've been around Harry TOO much." I laughed and looked over at them. Scarlett kissed his cheek and waved goodbye. I turned the app off and got in the car.
"Well? What did she say?" Niall said as he popped up from the front seat.
"Lets just say; I've got a lot of work ahead of me."
"Whatcha talking about?" Scarlett got in and sat next to me. I looked at the guys and smiled. I turned to her.
"Nothing." I smirked.
"Weirdo's." She chuckled.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
How I hate getting up.
I took a quick shower and then wrapped myself in towels. Ugh. What do I wear? Jocy would know... Gah! I gotta stop thinking about that. I shook my body and continued to look in my suitcase.
"Knock, knock!" I heard someone say behind my door.
"Come in! It's open!" I yelled. Maybe I can wear my maroon jumper...
"You need some help?" I turned around and saw Eleanor and Danielle.
"Oh my god! Hey!" I went to them and hugged them.
"You smell fresh." Eleanor chuckled.
"How are you doing?" Danielle murmured on my neck. I broke away from their hug and smiled.
"I've been feeling a lot better. You guys?"
"We're getting there. Still trying to take everything in." Eleanor sighed.
"What are you doing?" Danielle laughed a she saw the mess I made.
"Oh... I was looking for something to wear." I said sheepishly.
"Well, you better pull out your beach clothes then." Eleanor said as she shimmied.
"What?" I chuckled.
"We invited everyone to the beach! Including the other dancers and Adam." I groaned.
"What?" They said in unison.
"I left my swimsuit back with the girls." I slapped my hand on my forehead.
"Well, we have about two hours! That's enough time to go shopping!" Danielle squealed.
"You guys-"
"Lets go!" They pulled me along and out the door.
"Can't I put some clothes on first?!"

"So, what's new?" Danielle smiled as she turned to me.
"What do you mean?"
"Aww, c'mon! We know what happened between you and Harry!" Eleanor squealed.
"It happened twice." Danielle winked.
"Focus on the road El!" I said with a smile.
"Please! I really wanna know!" She whined.
"And what about Adam? Was it a bad idea that we invited him?" Danielle gasped.
"Guys! All will be explained when we stop at a store." I smiled.
"Well, we're already here!" She parked in front of a store and we began to look around.
"Sky! C'mon!" Danielle mumbled.
"Do you think a simple black bikini is fine?"
"Stop avoiding it!" Eleanor chuckled. I smiled and rolled my eyes as I continued to look around.
"So? Spill!" They squealed.
"I don't think I want to be with either of them right now." I mumbled.
"How about this one? It's blue!" I turned around to face them, and their jaws were dropped.
"What? Too small?"
"Why?!" Eleanor gasped.
"It's so obvious that Harry totally likes you." Danielle whispered.
"But Adam did as well." Eleanor pointed out. I began to back away a they got closer to me. I don't want to talk about boys!
"Look! Fitting rooms!" I shuffled into one of the rooms and closed the door.
"Sky! We just want to help!" Eleanor said through the door.
"How bout we get you to go on a date with one of them?" Danielle said.
"Guys..." I stepped out of the dressing room.
"I just... I feel like if I get in a relationship right now, they might have to deal with all my drama that's going on around me right now." I mumbled. I walked towards some more two-pieces swimsuits.
"We understand." Eleanor sighed.
"Who do you like the most though?" Danielle said casually as she looked around. I stopped.
"To be honest...." I smiled.
"Harry..." I said in a whisper.
"I KNEW IT!" Eleanor shrieked.
"WELL THEY DID KISS TWICE!" Danielle said out loud.
"Guys! Quiet!" I mumbled. People began to turn towards us.
"You're gonna attract tons of-"
"Excuse me?" I felt someone tapping on my back. I turned around and saw a cute little blonde girl with bright green eyes. She was smiling and holding a sharpie in her hand with a photo in the other. I bent down to her.
"Hey sweetie! Can I help you?" I couldn't help but smile.
"Are you Scarlett?" She mumbled.
"Yes..." I said slowly.
"Umm... Could I have your autograph?" She giggled as she extended the items to me.
"Oh... Sure." I took the sharpie and picture.
"What's your name sweetie?"
"Jasmine." She chuckled. I looked to her and smiled.
"That's a beautiful name." I said as I signed the picture. I placed the cap back on the sharpie and realized who was in the photo; Harry and I when we sang 'Kiss You'.
"I just need Harry's signature now!" She squealed as she dashed off.
"Thank you! I can't wait to see you guys during the concert!" She yelled.
"Aww! She was just precious." Eleanor laughed. I stood up.
"That was so strange." I sighed.
"Well, you're famous now! Better get used to it." Danielle winked.
"Back to the Harry and Adam thing-"
"How bout shopping for my bikini?" I chuckled.
"Oh, fine!" They grumbled. I noticed a colorful one from the corner of my eye.
"What about that one?" I pointed. I walked towards it and showed it to the girls.
"I like it!" Danielle said.
"I think Harry will like it, as well as Adam." Eleanor giggled. I rolled my eyes and laughed.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
The sun felt amazing as it hit my body. I laid back on the towel and placed my sunglasses on.
"They're taking foreveeerrrr." Lou groaned as he threw his head back.
"They did say they were going shopping." Said Rose.
"I wanted to go..." Savannah huffed.
"Too bad princess." Lou chuckled. Savannah punched him playfully and smiled.
"Does anyone wanna go in with me? The water looks amazing!" Niall said as he squirmed in his seat.
"I'll go in! Zayn, wanna come along?" Megan asked. I looked at him and saw he squinted his eyes at the water as if it was evil.
"I think I'll pass." He mumbled.
"I wanna go in too!" Rose got up and ran with Megan.
"Hey! Wait up!" Niall chased after them into the water.
"Am I invisible or something?" Adam mumbled. I laughed as he flipped on his stomach.
"I jut got a text from Danielle! She said if we can see them anywhere yet." Liam moved his head around, looking for the girls.
"What are they wearing?" Adam asked, raising his head.
"Bikini's obviously..." Savannah laughed.
"You know what I mean."
"Well, I can give you a hint; Eleanor posted a picture on her twitter." She said smiling.
"I got it!" Lou shouted with glee.
"That's not Eleanor though..." He grinned. He locked his eyes with mine.
"What?" I walked to him and saw the tweet;

"Model Material! Just look at those legs ;) http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7ey011pKj1rzafpso1_500.png"
{Note: She doesn't have Scarlett's Tattoo. Lets just pretend it's there lol.}
"Woah... That's Sky." Adam said as he cleared his throat. We all surrounded Lou as we tried to catch a peek of the picture.
"Oh yeah! The tattoo!" Liam pointed out.
"Man... She's fit." Zayn said raising an eyebrow.
"I'm still here!" Savannah said waving her hands in the air. We all backed up from Lou sheepishly.
"Pull your shorts up." Someone pinched my butt and I yelped as I threw my hands over it. I turned around and was a bit taken back.
"Oh... Uh.... He-hello." I tried to hold back my smirk as Scarlett stood in front of me laughing. She looked way better in person. Her curves, toned body, smooth skin, and effortless hair ran down her-
"What?" She snickered. I snapped my eyes back to her.
"He was checking you out." Savannah said loudly. I turned to her and gave her a look.
"What? She's hot! Have you seen her ass-"
"What?!" She looked at us clueless as to what she did wrong.
"I've just never seen you like this before." I mumbled under my breath.
"What about with Jane and all the girls? When we went to the yacht?" She chuckled.
"You were wearing a life vest." I shrugged.
"True..." She grumbles.
"Dude, what's your secret?! You eat like Niall, but have the body of a model." Rose asked.
"She may be white, but, her ass doesn't say that." Savannah muttered as she placed her sunglasses on. We all bursted into laughter.
"I'm just gonna cover myself in my towel now, thank you." Scarlett mumbled.
"I'm kidding with you Sky!" Savannah snickered.
"It's our dancer body. Embrace it!" She began to pump her chest, and I slowly looked away.
"You make me feel so uncomfortable..." Eleanor said.
"Lets go into the water now!" Lou swooped Eleanor bridal style, and Liam followed after as he swooped Danielle.
"C'mon Adam! Swoop me up!" Savannah threw her arms out and waited for Adam to do something.
"I think I'll pass." He muttered as he headed back for his towel. Savannah ran behind him and carried him over her shoulder.
"How are you so strong?!" He yelled as he tried to break free.
"Zayn, don't you wanna go in?" Scarlett asked.
"He can't swim." I whispered to her.
"What? Really?" She looked at him surprised. She took off two of the braided bracelets she had on her wrists and threw them over to Zayn. He catched them and dangled them in the air.
"Umm-" "They help you swim. We use them as like, floaties, you can say, when we get tierd and get too lazy to do any swimming of our own." She smiled.
"These things?" He placed them on and looked worriedly at Scarlett.
"Trust me. It WILL work. Now, lets go in!" She pulled Zayn up and ran towards me. She held Zayn and I's hand as she dragged us into the water.
"I'm not sure about this!" Zayn yelled over everyone's laughter.
"Just move your hands around! It's a breeze." He did as she said and started to get a hang of it. He went over to everyone and showed them.
"Why were YOU wearing them?" I asked, turning to Scarlett.
"What? I get lazy too you know." I laughed and continued to go deeper into the water. I kept looking over at Scarlett as I watched her hair blow softly. She looked breath taking. I looked down at her tattoo.
"Looks nice up close." I mumbled.
"Are you looking at my butt? Savannah! I blame you!" She yelled out.
"No! Your tattoo!" I laughed.
"Oh... Right." She grinned and tried to hide her embarrassment. I just smirked and continued to walk a bit further into the water with her. I turned to the lads and they were all splashing each other. Zayn was even having a good time.
"Not my face!" Adam yelled as he tried to swim away from Megan.
"I think I'm gonna keep my distance..." I head Scarlet mumble.
"Don't wanna get your hair wet?" I teased. She glared at me.
"You better watch your back..." She began to slowly go down into the water till she disappeared, only to pop back up. She flipped her hair all around and got me right in the eye.
"Was that really necessary?!"
"I forgot how long my hair is." She giggled. I rubbed my eye and looked over at her.
"Aww, afraid of a bit of water?" She mocked. I got an idea.
"Harry..." She began to back away.
"Why are you grinning..."
"LOU!" I yelled for him, and he came up behind Scarlett.
"NOW!" He screamed ecstatically. We each got a hold of one of her legs, and threw her up into the air. Somehow she managed to flip and dove in the water instead. She rose up slowly, only showing everything above her nose.
"I'd get away from her if I were you!" I heard Danielle yell. Me and Lou looked at each other, and scurried off.
"YOU TWO ARE DEAD!" She shouted with laughter in her voice.

"Volleyball anyone?" Megan waved the ball around as he smiled.
"Boys versus girls?" I smiled confidently as I place my arm on Adam's shoulder.
"It wouldn't be fair! We're too pro for them dude!" Adam sighed.
"Lets go." Scarlett got up and ran to the net.
"Okay! What's your team name?" Rose pointed to us.
"Team Pain!" Lou said in a low voice as he flexed.
"Was that supposed to be a pun?" Danielle sighed.
"We bring the Pain honey. Both kinds." Adam said as he snapped his fingers in her face.
"Okay... You guys are lame... Girls?"
"Team Sky." Eleanor smiled.
"Why?" Scarlett chuckled.
"Cause that's where we aim to go." Megan said.
"You guys are really lame." Rose laughed.
"You girls are going down!" Niall said cockily.
"On your knees..." I muttered. The guys began to chuckle quietly. Liam smacked me upside the head.
"Oww!" I mumbled as I rubbed my head.
"Por pendejo..." Savannah mumbled.
"What she say?" Adam whispered to me.
"For being an idiot!" Scarlett yelled out.
"LETS GET STARTED ALREADY!" Zayn said as he got pumped up. Rose threw the volleyball at us, and we began... To lose... Miserably. These girls were quick. They communicated well, aimed for the right places, and Scarlett... I swear she was trying to kill me.
"DUCK!" Liam yelled to me. I dodged Scarlett's spike and turned to her.
"Who did you say was going down on their knees again?" She teased. I smirked and got back up. Oh, she's good.

"I say losers carry winners!" Rose yelled as she jumped on Niall's back.
"I'm.. Soo... Weeeaaaak!" Niall pretended to faint. We all chuckled as she began to drag Niall away. I turned to Scarlett who was walking right besides me.
"Does the winner want to claim her prize?" I faced my back to her and bent down. She hoped on my back and I heard a giggle escape from her.
"You don't have to you know." She said by my ear. Her warm breath gave me goosebumps. I shook it off and began to walk slowly toward our car.
"I don't mind." I smiled as I looked down.
"So," I looked over my shoulder to her. Our faces were really close to each other. I guess she noticed too as she began to back away a bit.
"I signed my first autograph today." She sighed.
"That's great!" I said sincerely.
"It felt so strange though! I'm used to seeing you guys get all the attention." She chuckled.
"You'll get used to it." I turned to look back ahead.
"Funny thing though, is that the picture I signed was of me and you." She chuckled.
"Really?" My face lit up.
"Yeah... When you FORCED me to sing with you guys."
"During 'Kiss You'?" I smiled as I began to remember how she scolded us during the ride to the restaurant.
"That's the one."
"You did amazing that day." I felt her place her head on top of mine.
"I loved singing with you to be honest." She said in a whisper. I don't know why, but, I began to feel a bit nervous, and happy.
"Like, you can make me feel really comfortable no matter what the situation. It's almost like you knew me before." She chuckled.
"That would explain why we have so much in common." I said.
"We don't have that much in common, do we?" She said questionably.
"Are you kidding me?" I turned and saw Niall catching up to us.
"You two are like this." He crossed his fingers together.
"You have the same taste in music," True.
"Same style," Also true.
"The same attitude," Okay, maybe just a bit.
"Eat the same things," I suppose.
"And you get each others jokes." He finished off.
"There's more, but, I can't really put it into words." He chuckled.
"He's my soul mate!" Scarlett said in a sarcastic tone.
"And to think you two were always barking at one another." Liam said as he walked up next to us.
"We didn't argue that much-"
"HA! That's funny." Louis yelled from behind us.
"We couldn't leave you two alone for a second." Zayn added.
"Hey! Don't blame me! Harry came off as cocky." She did not just say that.
"It's called confidence." I murmured.
"Riiiight." I stopped and dropped her.
"Hey! Did I hurt your feelings?" She said with a sarcastic pouty face.
"Does anyone have one of those nose piercing control thingies?" I said as I looked around at everyone.
"Ha ha. Very funny." She got up and I laughed as she stomped off towards the car.

"Tomorrow is the last day before we start again!" Scarlett groaned as she slid down her seat.
"Stop complaining. You know it's fun." I smiled.
"I don't wanna siiiinnnng!" She said as she quickly rose up from the floor.
"You sing beautifully." Eleanor reassured her.
"Yeah, no. I'm not ready." She headed towards the fridge and took an apple out... Then some crisps... And ice cream?
"I'm gonna go sleep now." She held everything in her arms and hurried away to her room.
"I'll go take it away from her." Danielle giggled.
"Say, Harry?" I turned to Lou who looked lost in thought.
"Do you wanna come along with Eleanor and I on a date?"
"As much as I love third wheeling-"
"No! With Sky." Eleanor chuckled from behind me. Uhhh... With Scarlett?
"I don't know..."
"Aww c'mon man!" Zayn hollered from across the room.
"Did you guys already invite her?" I asked turning to Lou and Eleanor.
"Nope." They said simultaneously as the grinned. I sighed.
"Just ask her. The worst that could happen is she's gonna say no." Liam said.
"Exactly!" I waved my hands above my head.
"Sky would totally love it." Zayn winked at me.
"I heard my name." I turned and saw Scarlett munching on her apple as she stared dead at me.
"Where'd you hide them?!" Danielle groaned as she walked back out. Scarlett looked at her and smiled deviously.
"You will neeeeeeverrrr find my food. Muahahaha-"
"It's in the closet, on the top, behind her box of souvenirs." Said Niall. Danielle thanked him and walked back to get the food. Scarlett just looked at Niall with disappointment.
"How could you rat me out like that?!"
"You ratted me out to Liam last time!"
"Cause that was MY Nutella!" She snapped at him.
"Oh yeah! I forgot." Niall smiled carelessly. We chuckled and Scarlett sat down next to me.
"So, who said my nombre?"
"Speaking Spanish now?" I smirked.
"Answer my question Styles." She said as she took another bite of her apple.
"Harry here, wanted to ask you a question." Lou gestured to me and smiled. Well thanks for throwing me out there Louis.
"What's the question?" I looked at her and she had her head cocked slightly. I felt a bit nervous and began to tap my feet.
Suck it up man!
You're Harry freaking Styles! I shook it off and took a deep breath. \
"Don't be a pussy now-"
"Louis!" Eleanor hissed at him. I looked down, and let it out.
"Would you go on a date with me tomorrow?" I blurted out. Everyone was silent. Scarlett munched on her apple and just stared at me. I couldn't read her expression. She gulped down her apple and sighed with satisfaction.
"That's a sweet apple." She mumbled. What? Sweet apple? What about my question? Is she avoiding it? Is she gonna say no? Why won't she-
"I'll go." She took another bite and smiled at me.
"Really?" I began to feel myself smiling uncontrollably.
"Yeah! Sounds alright. Just me and you?"
"Yeah!" Eleanor loudly said. I turned to her confused. She winked at me and continued to talk.
"Me and Lou will be around the same place as well though, just incase you guys need something." She smiled.
"Cool! Just tell me what time then." She got up and began to walk off.
"I gotta pee." She muttered.
"Information we didn't need to know." Danielle yelled out to her. Scarlett rolled her eyes and walked off half chuckling. I'm going on a date with Scarlett. I felt my smirk get bigger by the second.
"Look at him. Still hasn't wiped that cheeky smile off his face." Lou teased as he pinched my cheeks.
"Oh whatever." I laughed. I moved it aside and excused myself.

"And come back early! We don't want you guys getting-"
"Don't worry! We'll be fine." Lou said as he waved our manager off. I heard him grumble and close the door.
"You ready?" Lou nudged me slightly with a half grin.
"I was born ready." Lie. We got in the car and went off.
"What about the girls?" I asked as I looked at Lou.
"Eleanor and Danielle forced Sky to go over with them so they can make sure she actually dresses up." I let a laugh escape from me. She just loves dressing up comfortably.
"So, Eleanor said they'd just ride over together." He shrugged his shoulders.
"Well, alright then." I sighed and looked out the window. Why do I feel so nervous.
"I wonder what they're doing with her right now." I chuckled.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"No! I'm not wearing that!" I dashed away and hid under the couch. Danielle poked her head under it and rolled her eyes.
"It's not that bad." She chuckled. I wiggled out and stood up.
"That thing squeezes my lady parts. Poor girls...." I hugged my chest. Danielle just laughed and went back downstairs. I had used the transporter to go back to the headquarters. I didn't see Jane or any of the other girls, so, I was just in there with Eleanor and Danielle.
"I still can't get over your walls. They're fantastic!" Eleanor said in awe.
"Thank you." I felt proud of myself and smiled.
"How come you didn't use the teleported thingie to come here an get your swimsuit?" Eleanor asked.
"Ahhhh..." Hmm... Well don't I feel dumb.
"How about this?" Danielle pointed to a red mesh dress. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to look around.
"I want something comfortable..."
"But hot!" Eleanor yelled from across the room.
"A skirt maybe?" Danielle suggested.
"Maybe..." I kept looking around.
"This is hopeless. Lets go inside the closet." I mumbled as I walked in.
"Inside the closet?" They asked confused. I stopped halfway and turned to them.
"Yeah... There's another door behind my closet. It's all the clothes that we use for like missions and whatever. We have the formal wear, casual-"
"I WANNA SEE!" They dashed behind me and found the door. I laughed and followed them in.
"Oh... My..."
"God..." Danielle finished for her.
"What?" I mumbled.
"Sky! This is heaven!" Eleanor squealed. She went around looking at the shoes, then the dresses, shirts, etc.
"How come we didn't look here first?" Danielle asked me. She still had that shocked facial expression and I let a small chuckle out.
"Cause it's for missions! These things have a couple gadgets planted in them." That and it wasn't just my stuff. This closet connected to the other girls rooms too.
"Even the shoes?" Eleanor asked as she tried Jess's cherry red Prada heels.
"NO! EL-" too late. She accidentally activated them and they began to make everything in the room float while she stayed down. I began to rise, as well as Danielle.
"Turn them off!" I yelled.
"How?!" She stomped, kicked, then she finally figured it out. I fell down with a thump.
"Oww..." Danielle muttered with her face facing the floor.
"Never thought it hurt so bad..." I mumbled.
"Getting over you-u-u-u." Eleanor joined. We laughed and got up.
"I'm scared to touch any of this now." Eleanor said as she backed away from the shoes. I smiled as I watched her slowly approach the dresses.
"I'll show you how to use them." I giggled. After what seemed like forever... I gave up.
"How about I just wear shorts and a crop top?" I groaned as I fell on the couch in the middle of the room.
"We've only been looking for 10 minutes Sky." Danielle laughed a she looked per her shoulder to me.
"I wish I could just order something online. I have the tablet-" I stopped. How could I be so stupid?!
"You girls are gonna hate me for this.." I mumbled as I rose out of my seat. I walked towards the wall and scanned my finger on the tablet that was on the table. The girls surrounded me and watched.
"Jane, one of my friends, made an app that makes all types of possible outfit combinations cause we were all too lazy to figure something out ourselves." I found the app and turned it on. I selected my name and tapped on under 'Out For A Date'.
"So, I just have to find something under what would suit me." I shrugged.
"Aww! I wanna look around though..." Danielle muttered.
"Can I at least color code the room? Everything is all organized by mesh, floral, studded, whatever..." I chuckled.
"That's fine with me." Eleanor said. I nodded and did so. The room began to shift and organize itself.
"Voila! Lets look around." I smiled.
"I'm gonna look by the blue."
"I've got white!"
"And I'm looking.... Wherever..." I mumbled to myself. I turned and walked around. I went towards the black colored skirts... And... I got an idea.
"Hey, what about this?" I pulled the outfit out and showed it to Eleanor and Danielle. They're jaws dropped. Guess I chose right. I chuckled and looked at the clothes I chose.

"That looks gorgeous on you!" They squealed as I stepped out of the bathroom. I smiled and thanked them. I walked over to the mirror and looked at myself; Eleanor did an amazing job with my hair, and Danielle was a true makeup guru. I added a couple more accessories and smiled. I feel really confident.
"We need to take a picture!" Danielle said as she pulled me along upstairs.
"The balcony!" Eleanor yelled as she scurried behind us. I stepped out and posed for them.
"Now, lemme just get the outfit. In gonna post it on twitter and see if anyone can guess who it is." Eleanor chuckled. Always posting pictures of us... I laughed and walked inside.
"See? Here's the tweet; 'She looks breath taking! Can anyone guess who's smashing body this is? http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1sqof1CXH1qfuflmo1_500.jpg " She smiled proudly and sent it out.
{Again, lets pretend the tattoo is there lol}
"Aww... Perrie ruined it... She knew it was you." She pouted.
"Oh well. Lets get going now! Don't want to be late, do we?" Eleanor smiled. She pulled me downstairs and I groaned.
"You aren't even dressed yet El!" Danielle laughed.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I looked at my cellphone again. Nothing. What's taking them so long?
"Calm down Haz!" Lou chuckled. I stopped fidgeting with my hands and looked up at him.
"It's not even time yet." He chuckled.
"I know... I'm just... I don't know." I scratched my head and began to think.
"You really like her, don't you?" Lou smirked. I chuckled.
"You do! Just look at you! I've never seen the famous Harry Styles like this before." He teased. I watched as he placed his hands under his chin.
"How does it feel buddy?" He smiled. I smiled back and shook my head.
"Look, Lou-"
"Lets eat! I'm starving!" Lou and I turned to our right. Eleanor walked in looking sweet and innocent as usual, but, behind her...
"Woah..." I mumbled. Scarlett stepped towards us. Her hair flowed down in waves, makeup was light, eyes sparkling; she was beautiful.
"Get it tiger." Lou snickered. I watched as he got up and kissed Eleanor. He led her away to their table. My focus shifted back to Scarlett.
"Hey." She smiled. I stumbled up and pulled her chair out for her.
"Woah! Careful Styles." She giggled as she placed her hand on my shoulder.
"You look absolutely gorgeous." I told her as she sat down. I took my seat and looked up at her again.
"Thanks! You look pretty handsome yourself." She chuckled. I sat up straight and smiled at her.
"Don't get too mesmerized now." I winked.
"Shall we look at the menu now?" She said in a deep British accent.
"Are you mocking me?" I squinted my eyes at her and tried to hold back my smile.
"No, no! Of course not." She smiled at me as she fluttered her lashes. I waved it off and looked down the menu.

So far, so good. Being around Scarlett was a breeze. She was so easy to talk to, made me laugh, and knew how to take a joke.
"I feel so weird though." She continued.
"Why's that?" I asked as I took a bite of my meal. I looked to her and waited. She was staring off towards the window.
"Cause... I feel like..." She began to lift her hands up.
"Someone's watching me...." I focused on her hand movements.
"And..." She placed her hands on her breasts.
"He's a pervert for staring at my chest." I quickly looked away from her and felt my blood slowly rush to my cheeks.
"I'm kidding with you Harry." She laughed.
"Don't tease me..." I mumbled as I looked back down at my plate.
"What did you just say?" I looked up at her and her jaw was dropped as she smiled in shock.
"Nothing." I grinned a toothy grin.
"So, I'm a tease now? I can feel the power rushing in me. I have the control." She whispered evilly. I began to burst into laughter.
"You aren't like that though." I said in between laughs.
"Excuse me?" She chuckled. I stopped laughing and sighed.
"You're more of a laid back kind of girl. You don't go in for the kill. You like... You're inexperienced basically." I sighed as I looked up to her and tried to maintain a straight face. She opened her mouth and tried to keep it shut.
"You're gonna regret saying that later." She winked at me and continued to eat.
"Oooh! I'm so scared." I teased. She rolled her eyes and chuckled.

After we were done eating, I paid, after struggling to keep Scarlett from sneaking her card to the waiter, and we took a paparazzi free stroll. We walked in silence, but, it was nice. Every now and then, I snuck a peek at her, and I even caught her looking once in a while. She giggled and I stared at her confused.
"What's so funny?" I chuckled softly.
"Nothing." She smiled at the ground. I bit my bottom lip and held back my smile.
"So, Harry," I looked at her.
"Why'd you ask me out on a... 'Date'?" She asked as she tilted her head slightly.
"Well, Lou invited me on a double date with him and El, so, they said I should just ask you to tag along." I answered back with a grin. I guess she took that wrong because she just nodded and looked away.
"Well, alright then." She said forcing a chuckle.
"No no! I mean, like," Dammit. What do I say?
"I did want you to come along, but, like-"
"Why are you acting so weird?" She said laughing as she flashed her teeth.
"Well, I mean, I thought you were mad, or upset, like, I mean-"
"Harry!" She slapped her hand over my mouth and we stopped walking.
"Calm down! I'm not mad." She laughed.
"Then why do you have that look on your face?" I mumbled through her hand. She removed it off of me and chuckled.
"Cause I thought you just came up with the idea of asking me by yourself... But... Looks like you had a bit of help." She smirked.
"You're losing your touch Harry." She sighed and continued to walk. What?
"Woah, woah, woah." I caught up to her and walked besides her. She looked at me cockily.
"I got you here with me now, don't I?" I said with a confident smirk.
"I'll give you that, but, how long did it take you to finally get me 'hooked' to your charm? Months?" She replied back innocently. Oh... She's gonna get it now.
"Well, my charm was good enough for me to receive a couple of kisses from you." I coughed. I looked over at her, and she had her poker face on.
"No comeback?" I teased. Guess this round goes to Harry. I smiled wide and looked back at her again. She still had the same face on.
"Scarlett?" Nothing.
"Dane?" Nope.
"Scarlett... C'mon! I was only-"
"Is that Niall..." She mumbled. We stopped walking.
"What? Where?" She pointed to a window in a small restaurant. Sure enough, he was coming out. What was he doing?
"He has something in his arm." Scarlett whispered to me. I looked closer, and sure enough, he had a folder with him. He looked around and then sprinted off.
"What in the world?" I mumbled

"I'm sure it was nothing. Maybe he was talking with our manager." I shrugged my shoulders. Scarlett sighed and continued to look out at the view. We were in my room outside on the balcony.
"But, whys he sprint though? He didn't have a ride or anything." She finally said.
"Maybe you're just making a big deal out of nothing." I said as I shifted my body towards her.
"Who knows... Maybe you're right. I'm over reacting." She shook her whole body and headed back inside. I followed her lead a couple minutes later. When I walked in, I didn't see her. I called out for her.
"Scarlett?" I waited.
"Scarlett?" Still no response. I felt her suddenly get a hold of my hands from behind me. I turned and faced her. She had a smirk on her face.
"Why didn't-"
"Shh." She pressed her finger against my lips.
"Umm..." She placed my hands around her waist, and then wrapped her arms around my neck. She threw her heels off to the side, and got on the tip of her toes to be face to face with me.
"What are-" She shushed me again, then leaned into me.
"You talk to much." She slowly began to peck my bottom lip as she twirled my curls with her finger. I couldn't wait. I pulled her in till out bodies were pressed against each other, then I pressed my lips against hers. We started off with slow kisses, then it got more passionate. I pushed her against the wall and placed my hands next to either side of her head. Without breaking the kiss, she began to tug on my shirt, and I immediately took it off. She ran her fingers down my chest and towards my belt. She began to take it off slowly, and tugged at the band of my jeans. I took those off for her as well and I remained in my boxers. I lefted her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I carried her off into my room and closed the door. I sat her down on the bed and slowly began to lean in on her.
"Harry?" She mumbled between kisses.
"Hmm?" I mumbled as I tried to take her top off. She got up and pushed me down against the bed.
"I like the top." She said in a seductive tone. She took her clothes off, and remained only her lace bra and panties. She made a small trail of kisses down my neck.
"One more thing." She said as her breath hit my neck. She looked me in the eyes.
"What is it?" I said softly.
"I'm such a tease." She got off of me and skipped out of my room.
What the hell just happened.
I got up and ran after her.
"What? What about? Back there? We aren't done?!" I began to mutter. She turned to me and chuckled.
"I'm inexperienced. I don't know what comes afterwards. Sorry." She pouted. I frowned.
"That was cruel."
"No. What's cruel is that I," she stood up and I began to stare at her body. She walked to me as she swayed her hips slowly.
"Made that happen, and now you can't get rid of it." She looked down at my briefs. Oh great. I sucked my lips in and stared at her.
"Get back in that room." I said as I rubbed my temples.
"Kay." She smirked and skipped back in. I walked in and found her all snuggled up in the purple sweater I let her borrow. It was pretty big on her and covered her up to her hips. She grinned at me and got inside the bed.
"Come on Styles! You have a concert tomorrow!" She said as she patted the spot next to her. I walked shamefully into the bed and turned to lights off. I muttered as I got comfortable.
"You know what advice they give to athletes so they can do good? ; No pre-game sex." She whispered in my ear. I chuckled and shoved her off the bed.
"Oww!" I heard her mumble on the floor.
"Goodnight!" I felt her get back in.
"You're gonna get me back... Aren't you?" She whispered to me.
"Nah." I mumbled. I felt her get closer to me.
"Why not?" She sounded like she had suspicion in her voice.
"Cause next time, I'll be the one on top." I smirked.
"I shouldn't have asked." I heard her chuckle.
"Goodnight Harry." She kissed my lips softly and went back to her side. I felt a smile begin to form. I turned around and got close to her. I pulled we in by the waist and buried my face in her neck.
"Goodnight." I mumbled.
"Ooohh... That have me goosebumps." She muttered. I chuckled along with her.
"Sleep. Now." I whispered. And just like that, we fell asleep.

[Niall's P.O.V.]
As I finally finished making my sandwich, I took a step back and admired it.
"You're all mine now." I was about to pick it up, when my phone began to ring.
"Really?" I sighed and walked over to answer. It was an unknown number.
"Hello?" I answered nervously.
"This is he." Who is this? Her voice sounded familiar.
"I need to give you something. Meet me up. I'll text you the address." What?
"Who is this?" I asked a bit nervously.
"No time for that. Just come." Before I could ask anything else, she hung up.
"Who was that?" Zayn yelled from across the room. Should I tell him?
"Ahhmm... Nobody." I got a text from the same number with the address to a small restaurant.
"I'm gonna go out. I'll be right back." I said as I headed out the door.
"With who?" Liam asked as he turned around from his seat to face me. Ahh, Shit. Think Niall...
"Megan?" Zayn looked at me with his eyebrow raised.
"Yeah... She... Needs a ride... Cause... Savannah got real drunk... So I'll see you later!" I ran off before they could interrogate me any further. My phone vibrated again.

From: Unknown
Smooth Horan. Real Smooth.

What the? Who is this girl?

I took a seat in the restaurant an order something in the meantime. My poor sandwich... I left it there un-eaten.
"Niall?" I looked up to some blonde, curly haired, hazel eye girl. She had a black sweater on with the hood placed in her head, ripped jeans, and black converse.
"Uhh, yeah. That's me!" I grinned.
"Hi, I'm Daisy." She extended her hand to me and I gladly shook it.
"Wait..." I stopped shaking her hand.
"Aren't you... Jocy and Scarlett's friend?" I mumbled.
"Ahhh..." She slid down into the seat cross from me.
"Yeah... I thought you wouldn't remember." She chuckled.
"Well, I did!" I smiled proudly.
"Yeah." She giggled.
"So, why did you call me? Wait... How'd you get my number?" I asked suspicious of her.
"I have something I need you to do." She mumbled to me. Uhh... What?
"Here." She slid a folder to me.
"What's this for?" I asked as I began to open it.
"It's information on Michelle." I looked at her.
"I don't think I want to get involved-"
"You're the only one we can get help from." She looked at me with pleading eyes.
"She's escaped." She said in an almost whisper.
"What?" I practically yelled. She shushed me.
"But... Why not one of the other guys? Why not Sky-"
"She can't handle this. If she knows anything about what happened to Michelle at the moment, she WILL try to find her, and WILL kill her. We didn't ask Louis cause he's a goof," Ehh, that is true.
"Liam might tell Scarlett cause he's the good guy," He is honest.
"Zayn bunks with Liam when Danielle isn't around," Makes sense.
"Or Harry cause he's the only one keeping Scarlett distracted from everything." She sighed.
"We only have you. We will supply you with the gadgets, the transportation, the help, anything!" She said as she looked at me.
"I don't want to do anything that involves her. If anything, I'd let Sky take care of her. She deserves it, Jocy didn't." I said as I began to rise out of my seat.
"Wait!" She gripped my wrist.
"I have something for you that will be worthwhile." She pulled her phone out and handed it to me.
"A video?" I raised my eyebrow at her.
"Watch it." I was confused, but, I played it anyways as I sat down. As I continued to watch it more, I couldn't believe it.
"What... When did you-"
"Help us and we'll give you what you're thinking of right now." I looked at her. I hesitated, but, I had to. I had no choice, I can't say no. I took in a deep breath, not knowing what it is I was about to get in to.
"What do I do?"


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