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Shadow's Target

Chapter 16: Slipped Away.

[Harry's P.O.V]
She stepped closer to me.
"Why are you backing away?" She chuckled.
"Harry!" I turned towards the door. Zayn was standing there with the walkie in his hand. He was panting and kept looking back and forth at us.
"Who is she?" He said as he started to catch his breath.
"She looks familiar." He said as he tilted his head to the side.
"Zayn, you better go." I mumbled.
"I'm right here you know." I looked at Michelle. She had her hand on her hip, leg stretched to the side. She had her hair in a bun, wore an all white suit with a deep V opening, and black heels.
"Are you done?" I looked up at her. She had her eyebrows raised as she gave me a look of disgust.
"Zayn... Now."
"Later!" He launched the grappling hook towards a bar, and it pulled him up.
"What the-" she looked up and watched as he ran off.
"Bye!" I kicked the anklets on and jumped up.
"How do I work this?!" I said as I was struggling to control them.
"Just lean back, forward, right, left." I looked behind me and saw Louis using the other pair of anklets like a pro.
"You're not at my level yet." He said as he flipped his hair.
"Oh whatever! We gotta get Jocy and go!" I said as I landed on the platform. I looked down at Scarlett and she hadn't started yet.
"She's over here!" Zayn yelled as he motioned us over. We followed him to where Jocy was fighting with some blonde haired girl.
"I'm kinda scared now. Imagine if I were to get her mad one day." I heard Niall say as he walked up and towards us with a shiver.
"Better please her every night then." I smirked.
"I heard that! Hey, watch it!" Jocy kicked her under her chin and sent her flying. She hit her back against a bar and slid down.
"Is she dead?" Liam said as he slowly approached her.
"Hmmm..." He jumped back and scurried towards us.
"Lets go before she wakes up." Jocy said. We began to follow her lead, then, I heard music. I looked down and held onto the bars as I leaned forward.
"Taylor! What do you say you come on out and sing along with me!" The crowd got louder as they watched Taylor come out waving. She got closer to Scarlett and whispered something in her ear. I saw she had something in her hand. I leaned in a bit further and tried to catch a glimpse of it.
"HARRY!" I looked over at them. Why were they running towards me?
"GET AWAY FROM THERE!" Jocy yelled.
"What are you talking about?" I chuckled.
The bars snapped. I fell forward.
"HARRY!" I heard them yell. I began to head straight down.
"Idiot!" I felt someone catch me and crash into the wall. I slid down and began to breathe hard.
"Thanks. I don't know-"
"You had anklets on!" Jocy scolded me. I jumped back a little.
"I couldn't think at the moment!" I said as I began to get up.
"What were you thinking mate?!" I looked behind me. The guys were sprinting over to me.
"I saw Taylor handing Scarlett something." I told them.
"What was it?" Jocy asked as she looked out towards the stage.
"An ear piece." We all looked up. Michelle was hovering over us with a smirk across her face.
"Michelle?! What... How are you-"
"It's a long story Jocy." She chuckled. She landed on a seat and leaned back. I looked at Jocy. She had a huge smile.
Scarlett never told her the story.
"Why does she look so familiar?" Liam muttered.
"Hey... You're that girl..." Louis mumbled.
"What did you say?" Jocy said with a chuckle.
"She's the girl who attacked us!" Louis eyes got big as he began to step back.
"Guys... Michelle is our friend!" Jocy laughed.
"No she isn't..." I said as I walked next to Jocy. I placed my arm around her and began to pull her back.
"Harry! Stop!" She threw my arm off of her.
"Jocy, listen to me. Scarlett never told you what really happened that day." I whispered to her. She looked at me confused. I was beginning to get frustrated.
"Believe me!" I said pleadingly. Her eyes moved quickly, back and forth. She looked at Michelle.
"Will you excuse me for a second?" Jocy pulled me and Louis aside.
"You two are idiots! She was one of us!"
"WAS, Jocy." I repeated.
"She was the same girl who attacked me and Scarlett when we went to find Harry and Adam." Louis said as he glanced towards Michelle.
"I should know. I WAS there." He said with emphasis. Jocy looked down and chuckled.
"You two have no idea what you're talking-"
"Scarlett never told you." I interrupted. Jocy looked up to me confused.
"She never told you the whole story about what happened that day, about what happened with her and Michelle." I placed my arm on her shoulder.
"You gotta listen to me Jocy. Scarlett never wanted to tell you for certain reasons. She probably never expected her to show up gain out of the blue." I said as I looked into her eyes. She looked away from my gaze.
"Harry, please. Just stop." She shrugged my hand off of her.
"Listen Love," Lou started.
"We're your friends. We would never lie to you like this! We're trying to help as much as possible-"
"You can start by stopping with this whole thing!" She snapped her head towards us.
"I wanna hear it from Scarlett herself." She mumbled.
"THANK YOU!" We turned towards the stage. Scarlett and Taylor were scurrying towards us.
"Sky! Look who-" Jocy turned around. Michelle was gone.
"I just-"
"C'mon! You guys gotta finish up! It's the last song of the night!" The stage director began to hand us mic's. e bean to push us out.
"Where did she go?" Liam whispered to us.
"She just... She's gone." Zayn said as he looked around.
"She isn't. She couldn't have just disappeared like that. She must be here for something." I said. I looked over my shoulder towards Scarlett. She was talking to Jocy.
I hope things get straightened out.
"She kinda looked like Scarlett..." Niall said as he walked up to us.
"I see a slight resemblance." Zayn said.
"Except that girl had a weird look in her eyes." Liam said as he looked at us.
"C'mon! Stop with the chit chat!" Savannah came up behind us with the girls.
"We gotta go!" They pushed us out and towards the stage.
"Someone's in a hurry." Louis chuckled.
"I got a date!" Savannah squealed.
"Nobody cares!" Megan said with a smile. We all laughed as Savannah stuck her tongue out at her and marched off.

"Party time!" The girls screamed. I chuckled under my breath.
"You comin Harry?" Danielle asked me.
"Nah, I think in going to head back to the hotel." I sighed.
"What? Why?" Perrie said as she looked at me.
"Don't want to party?" Jocy gasped. I chuckled.
"Not today. A lot has happened and I just want some time to myself." I said as I looked at everyone.
"Well, alright then." Taylor said as she grabbed her coat.
"I think in going to head back too." Scarlett said as she yawned.
"Ohhh, I see what's going on." Louis said in a low voice to me. I smirked as I said no.
"I'm HERE!" Adam came bursting in through the doors panting.
"Woo! Try running away from fans! That shit is crazy!" He said as he bent down.
"You coming to party with us?" Rose asked Adam. He shot up with a smile.
"LETS GOOOO!" He began to lead everyone out.
"We'll see you guys later then!" Liam waved goodbye to us. The rest began to say bye to us as well while they followed Adam out.
"Don't get too crazy!" Louis yelled out as he marched away.
"Oh, whatever Lou!" Scarlett laughed.
"Ready to go?" Scarlett said with a smile. I nodded and we headed out.

I sat on the edge of her bed, watching her put her hair up in a bun. She twist and tied her hair, wrapped it, then undid it cause it didn't come out right.
"You're such a creep." I heard her chuckle. I laid laid across the bed with my back facing the ceiling. I placed my hand under my chin and smiled.
"How am I a creep?"
"Well, for starters," she turned to face me while she continued to put her hair up.
"You're just staring at me." She said with an eyebrow raised.
"I got nothing better to do." I said with a half smile. She rolled her eyes and turned back around to the mirror.
"Go watch a movie or something." She finally finished putting her hair up and headed towards her suitcase. She began to look around for her pajamas I suppose. She stopped and turned to me.
"You're not gonna watch me change, are you? Get out." She nodded to the door.
"Well, I was planning to." I smirked and got up.
"Perv!" She threw a shirt straight at me and it hit my face.
"I was only kidding!" I laughed as I threw her back her shirt. I walked out with my hands in my pockets as I went to sit down on the couch. I felt my phone vibrate.
A text from Lou.

From: Lou
Now's your chance to play the song! And get your woman!

I did a small chuckle. I placed my phone back in my pocket and turned the TV on. How am I supposed to play the song...
"What show is that?" I turned around and saw Scarlett in black sweats and my purple hoodie. I did a half smile as I turned back to the TV.
"Some cartoon show." I answered. She jumped next to me and leaned back.
"Sometimes I wish I had super powers like cartoon characters." She mumbled. I looked at her and laughed.
"But you have all these gadgets that make you have all these super-power-like-things. I don't really see why you're complaining."
"Quiet Styles." She muttered. I laughed again as she crossed her arms and buried her face in the hoodie.
"It's true though!" I sighed victoriously.
"No comment." She chuckled. I smiled as I leaned back.
"So, should we watch a movie?" She looked at me she tilted her head a bit to the side. She curled up and waited for me to answer.
"Might as well. How bout a romantic comedy?"
"How about no?" She grinned sarcastically.
"Well, you chose then!" I smiled. She reached her hand out to me and I gave her the control.
"Lets watch a scary movie." She laughed evilly.
"No." I said flatly.
"Chicken!" She sang.
"Not really!" I sang back.
"Hold on, someone's calling me." She pulled her phone out and answered.
"Hello? Yeah. I'm here in my room. Nah, just deciding what movie to watch. Umm, I guess." She placed her hand over the the phone.
"You mind if my manager comes over?"
"It's fine." I shrugged.
"It's no biggie. Okay. Alright then! See you in a bit! Bye!" She hung up and groaned.
"I don't wanna talk about anything right now."
"What did she want?" I asked.
"She wanted to come over and discuss some business matters with me." She pouted.
"Too much work. I just wanna go back to sleeping and eating." She said with a huff. I smiled and nodded.
"That's the life."
"I'm saying!" She said as she raised her arms up.
"I'll just leave then. I don't wanna be a bother." I began to rise out of my seat, when Scarlett grabbed my hand.
"You're never a bother." She chuckled.
"Stay. I don't mind the extra company. Maybe you can help me since you have more experience in this industry." She flashed me a cute smile.
"Pleeeeeassseeee?" She fluttered her eyes.
"Okay! Only cause you asked." I sat back down next to her.
"Awesome. Hey, look! It's you." She pointed at the screen.
Sure enough, it was another news channel talking about me and Taylor.
"This industry is like high school, I swear. There's your popular people, the gossipers, the eavesdroppers, then throw some drama in and voila!" She rolled her eyes.
"People these days. They really like focusing on you and Taylor, don't they?" She turned to me.
"Yeah. She's big, I'm big, we're a big focus at the moment." I turned to her and answered.
"I don't want to sound rude, but, you guys seem really off." She chuckled nervously. I looked back towards the screen.
"We've been off. We don't have that connection anymore." I got up and headed to the kitchen. I pulled a bowl out of the cabinet and placed it on the table.
"Then why are you two still together?" I looked up and saw she had her arms crossed as she walked towards me.
"I don't know how to break it off." Lie. Jocy needed me to stay with her so she could use her.
"You think she would take it hard?" She took a seat by the table.
"Maybe. She is kinda sensitive towards things."
"Sounds like Taylor." She said. I served myself some ice cream and sat across from Scarlett.
"What about you and Adam? I haven't seen you two together as much." I took a spoonful of Ice cream and waited for her answer.
"It's weird. I don't even know what we are." She sighed.
"Sometimes I feel I want something else." She muttered.
"Do you like someone else?" I looked down at my bowl as I asked nonchalantly.
"I don't think so. Unless you count the incredibly attractive Josh Hutcherson." She chuckled.
"Besides that, I don't think I really see myself with anyone else right now."
"I do." I looked up to her. She looked confused.
"Who?" She crinkled her eyebrows. I chuckled and took another spoonful.
"You." I smiled
"What?" The doorbell rang. Scarlett scurried up and towards the door.
Talk about great timing. I went back to eating my ice cream and listened to Scarlett talking. My phone began to vibrate again.

From: Jocy Davis
Harry, get our of there NOW. Taylor explained everything.

What was she talking about?

To: Jocy Davis
Why? I was going to get Scarlett to listen to the song once her manager left.

I pressed send, and almost immediately, she replied.

From: Jocy Davis
Michelle is her manager.

I dropped my phone and crept up to see Scarlett. It all suddenly got quiet. I poked my head out and she was standing still. I went for my phone and placed it back in my pocket. As I was about to peek out again, I saw nobody there.
Where did she go?
"Looking for me?" I jumped back when I felt someone's warm whisper by my neck.
It was Michelle. I looked past her and saw Scarlett standing there, emotionless. I looked back at Michelle.
"You're coming with me." She smirked. Her eyes looked different from the first time I saw her...
"No he isn't!" Jocy came running out of nowhere and tackled Michelle. She pinned her down to the floor and struggled to keep her there.
"Are you okay Harry?!" I looked towards the door and saw the guys running in with Taylor.
"What's going on?!" I yelled. Louis pulled me up.
"Lou here acidentally got his hair stuck on my earring and yanked it off." Taylor answered. She looked a bit different.
"And when he did that, Taylor was no longer under the Guardians control." Jocy yelled.
"Wait, what?" I was confused.
"No time to explain! Help me-" I turned and saw Jocy fly back and slam against the couch.
"JOCY!" Niall ran towards her with Liam and picked her up.
"Where's Sky?" Zayn turned to me and said. I looked back to where she was, but, she was gone. I looked at the floor; Michelle was gone too.
"They must've escaped." Taylor said as she began to look around.
"That really hurt." Jocy mumbled. The lights began to flicker.
"What's going on?" Louis mumbled.
The lights went out.
"Aww shit." Jocy groaned. I couldn't see anything.
"Pull out your-" I heard a thump.
"What was-" Another one, then another, another, and another, and one last one.
"Guys?" I whispered.
"Sorry Harry." I felt something hit me in the back of my head, and I blacked out.

"WAKE UP!" I felt cold water hit against my face. My eyes flew open and I began to choke.
"Watch it!" Louis yelled as he tried to help me. I calmed down and rubbed my eyes.
"What's going on?" I mumbled. I looked around and saw we were in a room. There was a huge window, about 10 feet wide, that had an amazing view, a television, computer, desk, bookshelf, and standing in front of me;
"Scarlett?!" I thought my eyes were deceiving me.
"Finally awake." She said as she rolled her eyes. She walked towards the desk and sat down. She placed her arms on the table and looked behind me. I turned around and the rest of the guys were tied up, including Taylor.
"Where's Jocy?" I whispered to Lou. He nodded towards my right. She was in a glass orb, her head down and arm against the glass.
"Let... Me... OUT!" She slammed her hands hard against the glass.
"Can't do." Scarlett said in a sing song voice.
"Scarlett, what are you doing?" I got up and began to walk towards her.
"Stop Harry!" Louis pulled me back.
"I want to talk to her-"
"It's a trap. Jocy ran towards her and ended up in that thing!" He said as he pointed to her. I clenched my jaw and turned to Scarlett.
"What's wrong with you?!" I screamed.
"She's being controlled." I looked over my shoulder to Taylor.
"See her nose piercing? They replaced it with one of the Guardians rings. She's being controlled." She looked up to me. Her eyes were full of tears.
"I wish I could've warned you guys sooner-"
"Why didn't you?!" I yelled at her.
"She couldn't!" Niall snapped at me. I was a bit shocked.
"She had been under their control as well." Said Zayn in a low voice.
"It wasn't until Lou yanked off those earrings that she was free. Don't be to harsh on her." Liam said. I turned to Louis and he nodded.
"Why aren't we tied up?" I mumbled to him.
"They ran out of rope." He said as he scrunched his nose up.
"Which is pathetic!" Scarlett yelled.
"Calm down." I turned towards the door. Michelle walked in with a couple of guys. Amongst them; Adam.
"It's not like they can get out of the trap anyways." She chuckled.
"It's still pathetic though." Scarlett grumbled.
"Take them boys." Michelle snapped her fingers and the men walked to each of us and took us away. They walked us just outside of the office.
"Is this a mall or something?" Lou said out loud.
"It's our headquarters." Michelle said to us. I looked down and saw tons of people walking around, minding their own business.
"Kinda reminds me of the Shadow's headquarters." I mumbled to Jocy who was right next to me.
"Sarah took the idea from us." She said to me. We stopped in front of a door.
"Wipe their memories. Make them my minions." Michelle said as she waved the guys in.
"Michelle, why are you doing this?!" Jocy barked at her.
"I need you and Scarlett to get inside the Shadow headquarters and sneak some information out for me." She answered back with a smile.
"And us? Why do you want us?!" Zayn yelled at her.
"Same reason we wanted Taylor; Control."
"Control?" I said.
"We can control the music industry, get money, use the funds for more Guardian things." She said with a yawn.
"That's gonna be hard when you only have four fifths of One direction." Louis chuckled.
"We have all five." Scarlett said as she looked at him with her eyebrow raised.
"Not anymore." I watched as Lou elbowed the man back and jumped up.
He had the anklets on!
"Get him!" Michelle commanded Scarlett.
"Yes ma'am." She jumped up and went after Lou.
"Make sure none of them have those things on them either." The guy who was holding me, took mine away.
"Now a my chance." Jocy giggled. She kneed the guy right where it hurts. He fell back and groaned in pain. She went to each of us and knocked the guys out.
"Do I have to do everything myself?" Michelle sighed.
"You always act so confident." Jocy said as she walked towards her. Michelle began to walk to her as well.
"That's because I am." Without warning, Michelle's legs swept out and connected against Jocy's ankles. She fell flat against her back and we watched as Michelle went in for another hit. Luckily, Jocy was quick enough to launch her foot right under her chin and pushed her back against the railing. I could just feel the pain as Michelle's back hit the bars and she screamed in agony. The oxygen was taken right out of her breath. Jocy stood up with her eyes full of rage as she ran towards her for another hit. Michelle dodged swiftly and began to suck in short breaths.
"We better find a way out." Taylor said as she waved us along.
"But, I don't want to leave her alone!" Niall yelled.
"There's no time! Run!" I pulled Niall along and we followed Taylor down the stairs. She stopped and began to look back and forth between two halls.
"I think it's this way." We went through hallway after hallway till we ended up in a large white room.
"What is this place?" Zayn muttered as he slowed down his pace.
"DUCK!" Without even looking where the warning came from, we threw ourselves on the floor and covered our necks.
I looked up and saw Lou fighting with Scarlett.
"Lou! Be careful!" Liam shouted.
"I'm trying my best!" He got Scarlett in a headlock and brought her down a couple feet away from us.
"Help me tie her-" he was flung down on his back by Scarlett. He began to scream in pain. I looked at Scarlett; her eyes were dull and gray. She seemed to have no idea of what she was doing.
"Scarlett..." I mumbled. Her eyes immediately connected with mine.
"Please... Stop." I began to get closer to her.
"The song..." Lou groaned.
"I don't have it!" I yelled.
"Guys... Do you hear that?" Liam said as he began to panic.
It was a low grumble, and it continued to get louder.
"It's coming from behind us!" Zayn said over the noise. We ran as fast as possible from where we were.
We were all pushed against the wall from the explosion. I groaned as I opened my eyes to see what it was.
"It's Jocy!" Niall muttered. They had something strapped on their arms.
"Get back her and fight me!" Jocy roared.
"Why don't you come here doll?" Michelle teased. Jocy clenched her teeth and ran towards her. She threw a punch, but missed by a few inches. The wall she hit began to crack.
"What... Was... That..." Louis said shaken.
"Scarlett! Come help me!" Michelle yelled. Scarlett went running towards them and joined the fight.
"We have to snap her out of it." Liam said as his voice cracked.
"We need the song." Niall said.
"How are we supposed to play the song if we don't have it?" Zayn asked as he began to get up.
"Sing it." We turned to Taylor.
"It's worth a shot." She shrugged.
"I don't know it though." Zayn said.
"Neither do we." Liam said as he looked at Louis and Niall.
"I do." I mumbled.
"I'll help you." Taylor placed her hand on my shoulder.
"Loud Harry! Be loud." Lou said. I nodded and turned to Scarlett who was flat on her stomach from being slammed down.
"Ready?" Taylor asked.
"Ready." Taylor began to make the rhythm by stomping her feet and clapping her hands. The guys joined in. One, two, three.
"You don't know, what's in store. But you know, what you're here for."
"Who's singing?!" Michelle yelled.
"Close your eyes. Lay yourself beside me!"
"Stop it!" She screamed. I watched as Scarlett slowly got up.
"Hold tight, for this ride. We don't need no protection. Come alone. We don't need attention!" Scarlett froze. I saw her eyes beginning to regain its natural color.
"Open your hand," She tilted her head slightly to the right.
"Take a glass," She walked slowly towards us.
"Don't be scared,"
"SCARLETT! STOP!" Michelle yelled as she tried to avoid Jocy's hits.
"I'm right here." I sang softly.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I heard a song.
I KNOW this song. My surroundings began to light up.
"You think you're pretty good don't you Scarlett?" Harry had his arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.
"Harry! Shush!" Said Niall.
"She could probably beat the crap out of you if you don't watch it!"
"Oh please!" He said as he approached me. I got an idea. I began to smile deviously as I took out my gloves from my pockets.
"What's up Styles?" I said coolly. He smiled as he began to place his hands down his sides. I put my gloves on and looked at him suspiciously. Before I could say anything, he came after me. I crouched down and pushed myself up into the air and did a toe touch over his head.
"What was that?" He asked surprised as he turned to me.
"It's called a toe touch, Curly." I said as I looked at him victoriously.
"SCARLETT!" Aww shit...
"Scarlett?" I snapped out of it.
"Huh? Yeah Adam?"
"So, the last coach left me notes saying that you and Harry were originally partners, so, I'm gonna switch you guys back."
"But she's my girlfriend man! You can do this to me! Babe! Don't leave!" Zayn fell to the floor and sobbed sarcastically.
"Oh shush!" I bent down and punched his arm.
"Alright, give me my partner back!" Harry spread his arms out.
"What are you doing?"
"You're supposed to run to me, duh! You gotta be enthusiastic Scarlett! You get to have me back." He began to do this weird dance and I just laughed. I gotta admit, he was fun to dance with. I ran to him and hugged him.
"You're all mine now." He whispered to me. His deep voice sent shivers down my spine.
"Scarlett!" I turned around and saw that Harry had caught up. This kid is faster than I thought.
"Gotta run faster if-" OUCH! I had ran into the Limo.... only me right? I looked up to see Harry laughing.
"That's not funny... It really hurt!" He snatched my beanie and placed it on his head.
"I think I'll keep this one." I just smiled at him.
"We can trade." He extended his hand to me and tried to lift me up, only to end up falling again, but with him on me this time.
"Harry! Get off! You're so heavy!" I said chuckling.
"I'm trying! But, your hair is stuck on my cross necklace!" He tried to untangle it, but only ended up pulling my hair.
"Ouch! Careful!" I help him and we got my hair off, but then I noticed he had another necklace on. It was a golden chain. I was going to ask him what it was, but...
"ARE YOU TWO SECRET LOVERS?" dammit! Paparazzi!
Harry got up and pulled me along as well. He shielded me and lead me into the Limo. We closed the door and they still wouldn't leave.
"Dammit! This is going to be all over headlines tomorrow!" He groaned.
"I can see it already! 'Harry Styles and The Mystery Brunette Wearing His Beanie!' Real attention grabbing. I think I'll buy a copy." He just looked at me and laughed.
"You're taking this all too well you know?"
"Well I know the truth. And whatever they say won't really get to me. They can make up lies, but as long as I know what really went down, it's no bother. It's kinda like high school! Though... I never really went to one." I said as I placed my hands behind my head.
"Words of wisdom from Ms. Dane! But, I never knew you didn't go to a real high school?"
"Nah. But it's fine."
"So, where you like in a private school?"
"I guess you can say that. It's a lot more fun though. I do gymnastics and exercises and all that. It explains why my and Jocy have such wonderful muscles and beach bodies." I said overly confident.
"Me though, I'm pretty damn good looking. Because you guys have been on our place, I haven't been able to walk around naked." I bursted out laughing.
"What did you just say?!"
"What? I'm not ashamed of my body!" He said laughing.
"You're so weird Harry."
"But you love me right?"
"Of course I do."
"Thanks Harry. And sorry, I'm eating like a pig." I smiled shyly.
"It's no problem. How you feeling?"
"Much better. I want to change though... Excuse me for a second. But wait, where's Jocy?" I said as I looked around the room.
"She's sleeping with Niall tonight. He didn't want her staying awake all night just watching you."
"And why are you In here?" I said with a laugh.
"I volunteered to be here just incase you woke up!" He smiled proudly. That's really sweet... He wanted to be here for me. I went towards him and have him a hug.
"Thank You." I whispered.
"No problem." He hugged me back. I loved the way he embrace me to him. I could stay like this forever...
"Okay, let me put my shorts and shirt on... No peeking Harry!" I said as I walked away.
"Harry! Stop trying to open the door!"
"But I REALLY have to use the loo!" He said pleadingly behind the door.
"Hold it in! I've gotta tie my top-" before I could finish, Harry stumbled in. I began to scream and hid behind the shower curtain. He froze and began to stutter.
"I-I uhh... I don't... Don't know how tha-that happened. Oh god." He covered his eyes, but, then he began to smirk.
"HARRY!" I yelled.
"I DON'T THINK I SHOULD'VE LET YOU USE THIS HARRY!" I yelled over the loud noise.
"HARRY!" He was going crazy with it.
"LETS SEE IF I CAN JUMP THAT!" I looked to where Harry was pointing- A Ramp.
"I THINK THAT'S A BAD IDEA!" He went straight towards it, I held on tighter. Before I knew it, we were in the air for what seemed like forever, before we finally landed back in the water.
"That was fun!" He squealed.
"Move behind me. I'm scared of you using this thing." I chuckled. He did as I said, and I began to drive it.
"Wanna see something amazing?!" I said to Harry.
"Everything here is pretty amazing here. Anything else would just make this place seem like a fantasy to me." He said laughing. I looked ahead.
"The pool looks real nice right now." I sighed as I walked towards it.
"Why don't you go in then?" I looked behind me.
"Why are you so far away?" I chuckled.
"So I can do this." He ran straight towards me.
Oh shit.
"Harry! DON'T!" He picked me up and jumped in the pool with me. I got back up to the surface and spit the water out of my mouth. I looked behind me and saw Harry cracking up.
"YOU'RE SO DEAD STYLES!" I yelled as I splashed water at him.
"Aww, don't be so mad." He smirked. I rolled my eyes and watched as he swam towards me.
"I'm going to my room now." I walked out of the pool soaking wet.
"I get that you make all the girls wet, but, just cause I don't, doesn't mean you have to get desperate and make me soaking wet." I chuckled as I watched him get out.
"You did not just say that.." He said with his mouth open in a smile. I winked at him and he bursted into laughter.
"Don't think about that now. We're gonna stay friends for a longtime." He said with a smile.
"Promise?" I asked softly. His eyes were so green and bright. I couldn't help but smile back.
"I promise." He said as he leaned in.
"Harry?" I looked up to him, and he had a smile on his face as he looked at me.
"Are you okay?" I smiled. He let go of my necklace.
"I'm fine." He put his hands around my waist.
"What are you doing?" I mumbled.
"Something I should've done a long time ago." He pulled me in, and with one hand, he lifted my chin up to him. I couldn't react... I didn't know how too. His lips brushed against mine.
"Harry-" I was stopped. His lips had locked into mine, he kissed me... And crazy enough... I kissed him back.
"Harry..." I mumbled. I looked around the room. Where was I? And why do I feel so tired?
"Scarlett?" I looked ahead and saw everyone looking at me.
"Dude, I'm so hungry right now." I groaned.
"SHE'S BACK!" The guys ran towards me and began to squeeze me with their hugs.
"I can't breathe!" I squealed.
"She's okay!" I looked behind them and saw Taylor.
Wait... Taylor?!
"Get away from her! She was trying to wipe our memories." I said as I stepped back.
"Was." Taylor chuckled.
"She's all good now." Liam said as he patted her back.
"What's going on?" I was so confused.
"You're okay now." I looked besides me. Harry's eyes were red and watery.
"Are you crying? Baby." I smiled. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in. I heard his soft sobs beside my ear.
"What's wrong with you?" I was worried. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him back.
"I thought I lost you." His voice sounded rough. I pushed him back a bit and looked at him.
"Why would you think that?" I searched in his eyes for an answer.
"Hold on." Niall came towards me. He touched my nose.
"I'm sorry Scarlett." He said with a nervous chuckle.
"Why are you-" I felt a piercing pain rush throughout my body.
"OWWWWW!" I screamed. I crouched down and buried my nose in my hands.
"I was having a moment with her Niall!" Harry said a bit ticked off.
"This was controlling you." Louis said as he took the piercing from Niall.
"Whaa?" I asked confused.
"No time to explain right now." Zayn said chuckling.
"You should probably help Jocy." Liam said as he looked behind me.
I turned around. Michelle was throwing punches at Jocy with those wrist wrap things.
"MICHELLE?!" I stood up and stared at them. They stopped.
"Oh great. Now I'm really gonna lose the control." She sighed.
"I think this is my time to go now." She smiled and jumped up and away.
"Don't let her get away Jocy!" She nodded and began to climb the walls.
"How is she doing that?" Liam asked with awe.
"Those things she has on her arms." I said.
"You wanna go help her?" Lou asked as he turned to me.
"Yeah. But, I have not gadgets." I said frustrated.
"But, I have anklets." He smirked.
"Will you give me a lift?" I said with a smile.
"Of course." I was about to hold his hand, when,
"Wait!" Harry pulled me back.
"I gotta go help Jocy! I'll be back." I said with a smile.
"I know... But... I just wanted to say..." He cupped my face in his hands.
"I really missed you." He said softly. I looked at him and smiled. He leaned in and pressed his soft lips on mine,trying to express how much he longed for me. I felt his lips smile against mine, then, he pulled away. I felt a huge grin sweep across my face.
"Woah!" Harry and I turned to everyone. They all had smirks and smiles on their faces.
"So, Jocy wasn't lying about you two kissing?!" Niall said out loud.
Me and Harry began to chuckle, and I looked down, trying to hide my idiotic smile.
"Go help her out." He said with his husky voice. I looked up to him and saw how his eyes were sparkling. His dimples were showing as he smiled at me.
"And later, me and you can... You know." He winked as he bit his bottom lip. I frowned and punched his arm.
"Mood killer." He laughed and I joined him.
"We'll catch up with you guys! Go!" Liam said as he shoved me along.
"It's about time you two-" Louis mumbled as he bent down for me to get on his back.
"Don't start Lou." I chuckled. He laughed and turned the anklets on and went off.
"Do you know where you're going?!" I said as I began to get nervous watching him dodge and weave through rooms and obstacles.
"Yeah! You were chasing me everywhere, so, I kinda know this place a bit." He said.
"I was being controlled! Sorry!" I said apologetically.
"I know! And I'm glad that you're back to normal. You acted so weird." He chuckled.
"I don't even wanna know." I mumbled.
"There they are!" He pointed to an office. Sure enough, Jocy was at it with Michelle.
"Hurry! Take me in!" He landed by the door and I ran inside. I spotted Michelle and tackled her by the side. We rolled and crashed against her desk. I groaned at the pain I felt shivering up my spine.
"Scarlett!" Jocy went up next to me.
"Are you okay Jocy?" I muttered. She nodded with a smile and pulled me up.
"You girls are crazy." Lou said with a sigh of relief.
"We're trained, Lou." I chuckled.
"I'm so tired." Jocy said as she began to take quick breaths.
"But," she turned to me.
"I'm glad we at least got you back." She giggled.
"Aww! Jocy!" I pulled her in for a hug.
"Ouch! Ouch! Not so tight." She mumbled.
"Sorry." I laughed.
"C'mon Jocy. I'll carry you." Lou said as he wrapped her arm around him.
"We better call-" I was pulled down.
"You're not going anywhere yet." Michelle grumbled. I turned around to look at her. Her eyes were glowing silver...
She stood up and pulled me up into a choke hold.
"Let her go." Jocy said through her clenched jaw.
"I can't do that." Michelle chuckled.
"Guys!" I looked behind Lou and saw everyone coming in.
"Let her go!" Harry yelled.
"Calm down curly. I won't hurt her." I guess she must've smirked because Harry came lunging towards us. Liam and Zayn held him back though.
"Jocy!" Niall came running to her and wrapped her other arm around him.
"Aww! How cute. Guess I'll see you guys later-"
"Drop her." Jocy said loudly.
"You see...." She began to walk backwards.
"I would, but, I really need her."
"For what?" Harry asked.
"I've got some stuff I've gotta take care of."
"You won't take her away again!" I watched as Jocy ran away from Lou and Niall, and headed toward us. She grasped Michelle and I and we all fell down. I looked next to me and saw Michelle started to get up.
I couldn't let her hurt us anymore, especially when she was completely under their control. I pushed myself up and tried to kick her. She stopped me with her arm.
"Don't you dare." She muttered. She pulled me in and slammed me against the wall. I felt her handcuff me.
"You guys better not get close... Or..." She pulled out an earring and waved it around.
"Now, stay put." She dragged me to her desk and pulled out an orb.
"We gotta start all over." She sighed. She held it out, and when she wasn't looking, I hit it up.
"What the-" I kicked her in the stomach and began to run.
"SCARLETT!" I turned and saw Michelle pointing something at me.
A gun.
I heard it go off.
Someone pushed me out of the way.
I heard glass shatter.
"JOCY!" Niall screamed. I looked towards the window.
"JOCY! Hang on!" I began to tear up as I watched her hang on. I tried to wiggle my hands out of the handcuffs, but, couldn't. I wanted to cry so bad.
"I'm sorry Sky..." I heard her gasp.
"No!" Niall got a hold of her hand, but, struggled to pull her up with all the glass cutting him. Everyone rushed in.
"I Love You Niall." I heard her whisper.
"Jocy... I Love You Too." He began to sob.
"Hold on Niall!" Louis yelled.
It was too late. I watched as Jocy's finger slipped away from Niall's hand.
No.... This can't be...
"JOCY!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I felt my heart drop. My throat burned as I tried to hold back from crying.
"Jocy..." I whimpered. My voice began to shake as I sobbed uncontrollably. I couldn't stop. I bawled.
"Scarlett... Calm down. Please." He had the key and unlocked my handcuffs. His hands were shaking uncontrollably.
"Please..." Niall wrapped his arms around me. He placed his head on my shoulder and I felt his warm tears trickle down my neck.
"Please... Calm down..." His voice sounded forced.
"I can't..." I gasped for air.
"She's gone Niall..." I broke down again, this time, with Niall sobbing louder than before. I held him tighter.
"Guys..." Everyone came towards us and began to hug us. I could hear as everyone took in deep breaths, trying to hold back from crying.
"Hey," I heard Taylor speak.
"Is Michelle... Unconscious?" I let go of Niall and got up. I walked towards Taylor and Michelle. I bent down and felt for her pulse.
"I think she is." I whispered.
"I need to call Ms. Ryan..."

"We'll take her with us. Don't worry." Ms. Ryan whispered to me.
"You sure you don't want to come with us?" She asked.
"No. I have to stay with them." I looked at the guys. They were all sitting quietly with Niall as he got treated for his cuts.
"We haven't found her body." She said softly. I looked down.
"We think she might've fallen into the river. We're going to-"
"I don't want to talk about that right now." I muttered.
"Okay. Well, we'll take Michelle away now. Our guys will give you a lift back to your hotel." I thanked her and walked back to the window. I stepped over the shattered pieces and saw the little droplets of blood splattered around.
"Are you okay?" I turned around and saw Taylor. Her eyes were puffy and red.
"I will." I looked back down to the glass.
"You've got the guys. They'll be there to support you." She mumbled softly. I looked at her. She was looking outside.
"And I'll be here for you too." She turned to me and smiled.
"I know you only knew the controlled side of me, but, hopefully we can really get to know each other." She said softly.
"I'd like that." She leaned in for a hug. I embraced her. I couldn't help but tear up a little. I heard her sniffle.
"Be strong Scarlett. You'll be alright." She whispered in my ear.
"Mind if I talk to her?" Taylor and I broke off and saw Harry standing there.
"Sure. Go ahead." Taylor stepped aside. He walked up to me.
"And, Harry?" He turned to Taylor.
"I'm sorry for being such a terrible girlfriend. It's a shame I was under their control when I was with you." Harry chuckled.
"How are we going to break it to the press?" Harry said with a slight smile.
"My song will say it all, cause, I knew you were trouble." She chuckled. She looked at me.
"You've got a keeper there Harry." She smiled and walked away and towards the guys.
"She's pretty sweet." I mumbled.
"Like she said; too bad she was under their control." I locked my gaze with his.
"I'm here for you." He murmured.
"I won't leave your side from now on." He held my hands in his.
"Thank you." I whispered.

Three weeks pass. Simon regained his memory along with Adam thanks to Ms. Ryan. We had to cancel tons of concerts for everyone's sake. The girls don't know what happened to Jocy. I haven't had the heart to tell them. Louis and Liam told their girlfriends though, and they took it hard. Zayn didn't want to tell Perrie just yet since she was back in the U.K. Niall and I didn't want to talk to anyone the first week, but, that just wasn't healthy for us. The guys tried their best to cheer us up all the time. Occasionally it worked, but, I just couldn't get over it. We were going to continue touring in three days. Right now, we were in Florida. It was night time already.
This is where me and Jocy met the guys.
I really missed her...

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I looked towards the balcony. Scarlett just sat there looking out at the stars. She pulled her legs up and under her chin.
"She's starting to do it again." Louis mumbled as he walked up next to me.
"She just can't accept it yet. She knew her for such a long time." I said.
"Niall is starting to do the same as well, isn't he?" Louis asked. I looked to the right of Scarlett where Niall was sitting. He was leaned back in his chair with his sunglasses on since the sun was out. He kept fidgeting with a necklace in his fingers.
"Yeah. He didn't want to eat his breakfast today." I sighed.
"They're just a mess." Louis said.
"Do you think they'll be fine by the time the tour starts up again?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders.
"I hope. Eleanor has been wanting to spend time with Sky and Danielle so they can all talk. She doesn't want to though." Louis ran his fingers through his hair.
"Help me get them inside. It's getting late." I nodded and followed Louis outside.
"Lets to to her you two. We don't want you guys to be sleepy." Lou smiled. Niall got up and walked past us.
"Night." He muttered.
You too Scarlett." I said softly. She got up slowly and walked inside.
"I'm gonna go now. I don't want Zayn locking the door on me again. Goodnight you two!" Louis waved.
"You want me to walk you back to your room?" I said as I turned to Scarlett. She was quiet.
"Scarlett?" She looked at me.
"Do you mind if I stay here with you for the night?" I was taken back by her question. After what happened to Jocy, me and her haven't really talked about us. We only talked when she felt like letting something out.
"Umm, sure. C'mon." I held her hand and lead her to my bed. She slowly crawled in and laid her head down. I took off my shirt and left my sleeping shorts on as I turned of the light to head in to bed. Once I was on my side, I felt her arm move across my chest. She placed her hand down.
"Scarlett?" I whispered softly. She placed her head on my shoulder and yawned.
"Am I bothering you?" She asked in a sleepy tone.
"No. Not at all." I placed my arm around her.
"Goodnight." I mumbled. I felt her lips press against me cheek.
"Goodnight." Her voice sounded so soothing.

"Eddy?" I turned to look at Dani.
"What are you doing here?!" She muttered.
"I wanted to help you!" I said in a low voice.
"You can get in trouble! You better go!" She muttered.
"I can't leave you behind!" I said as I got closer to her.
"What are you doing here?" I turned around. Someone was heading straight towards me.
"EDDY!" I heard Dani scream.
"HELP!" My eyes flew open. I began to pant. What was that? I've never had those dreams before. I looked to my left where I placed my cellphone on the small table. Something was glowing.
  1. My necklace.


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