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Shadow's Target

Chapter 15, Part 2: She's Gone.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"That's not Harry..." I whisper.
"You've finally lost it." Lou chuckled. I roll my eyes at him.
"You don't understand..." I mumble. I bury my face in my hands and groan. Why didn't I see this before?
"What makes you think that the curly haired, four nippled, cheeky boy in that room isn't Harry?" Lou chuckled. He reclines back in his seat and waits for me to answer.
"What color are Harry's eyes?" I ask him softly. He gives me a weird look.
"They're green. He has hints of other colors, but, they're green." He smiles.
"Exactly... And when I gave him the dollar just then, his eyes were silver! SILVER!" I hiss.
"Silver? Is that even possible? That be pretty cool though-"
"LOU!" I punch his arm.
"Focus!" I yell. He looks hurt, but then cracks a smile.
"Sorry!" He laughs.
"I think you were just seeing things. His eyes couldn't have been... 'Silver'." He says laughing.
"Louis... Believe me! There's something up with Harry! We should've seen this before!" I stand up and head towards the door. I place my hand on the knob and turn it till I can open the door slightly. I peek towards the living room.
"What are you doing?" Lou says over my head. I look up and see him trying to identify what it is I'm looking at. I nod towards Harry and Zayn. They're playing video games with the girls.
"He looks fine to me..." Lou chuckles.
"You're only looking at the back of his head!" I say as I stomp my foot. I turn to him and look at him with pleading eyes. I want him to believe me. I close the door behind me and flop on the bed.
"This is horrible..." I groan. When did this happen?!
"I got an idea..." Lou says with a laugh. I look at him and squint.
"What do you have in mind?" I smile.

"Lou! We're not here to order anything!" I hiss. He turns around and holds out my Starbucks for me.
"Might as well have something while we observe." He shrugs. I just chuckle and take it from him so I can sip on my drink. I hear the door open and I look over my shoulder; Just in time.
"Hurry! Lets go hide!" I pull my coats collar up and make sure nobody recognizes me. Lou does the same and follows me to a safe spot.
"My mustache is fallin off." He mumbles. I slap his chest and shush him.
"Mind trading with me? Your stache is way better." He whispers.
"LOU!" I hiss loudly. He backs up a little.
"Well, someone's fussy!" He mumbles.
"Where's my wallet?" Me and Lou peek out from behind our hiding spot and see Adam and Harry ordering. As they get their stuff, they begin to walk out the door.
"Hurry Louis! We gotta follow!" I say as I scurry behind them.
"Wait up!" He yells from behind me.
We hid behind trees, hovered over balconies, we even disguised ourselves as different people, but, nothing. Harry seemed perfectly fine then.
"I'm beginning to think you're just going crazy, Sky." Lou says as he sighs. I turn around and see him laying flat out on the grass, legs crossed, arms behind his head, eyes searching the sky.
"I know... I just... I thought something would happen." I groan.
"I give up. Maybe I am seeing things." I walked towards the bench by Louis and sat down.
"Maybe you're just paranoid about talking to him." He laughs.
"Maybe... But-"
"HURRY YOU TWO!" My head whips behind me towards the familiar voice-Taylor.
"Is that Adam and Harry?" Lou whispers to me. I nod.
"Why are they together? Adam and Taylor never Hangout together..." I ask.
"Looks like we got a hit." Lou smiles. He begins to scramble up and towards a tree.
"Lou! Keep it down!" I mumble as I follow him.
"We gotta follow them! They're going into the car!" Lou yells. He uses my anklets to run and turn invisible... Wait... What?!
"WHEN DID YOU TAKE MY ANKLETS?!" I take out the necklace and activate it. He's so dead.
I catch up to him and find the outline of his body. I punch his arm.
"Did I say you could take the anklets?!" I yell at him.
"Hey! If I asked, you would've said no." He laughs.
"This is so not right..." I whisper under my breath. We follow the car to a building.
"What the... This is weird..." I say as we stop a couple feet away from them. The invisibility wears off and I look up at the sky; it's getting dark.
"We better hurry. You guys have a concert today." I mumble. I look to Louis and he nods. As we begin to walk towards the building, I notice a girl... And... She begins to walk fast... Towards US.
"I know..." He kicks the anklets on.
"Now." We jump up and fly over her and towards the building.
"Sky! She's behind us!" I turn around and sure enough, she's there.
"This is fucking ridiculous!" I yell.
"Lou! Stand on top of that building! You gotta stay back!" He nods and flys off the other direction.
"This is some bullshit.." I turn around and face her.
"You guys aren't supposed to be here-"
"What's Taylor doing in there with Harry and Adam?!" I ask with pure anger. She smirks, but, I can't see any other face feature since her hoodie is over her face.
"Wouldn't you like to know." She heads straight towards me and throws a silver ball.
"What the-" it bursts open and sends a net flying out. I pull out my cellphone and aim it towards the net. It burst into flames and turned to ashes. I chuckled as I watched it fall.
"Gotta try better than-" I look up and I see her fist flying towards me.
"SKY!" Lou tackles me from the side. We crash into a bush.
"Ohmygod." I say in one quick word.
"Lou! You saved me." I began to breathe.
"She's coming back though..." Louis points towards the girls direction. Her hoodie fell back and her long brown hair falls out.
"It can't be..."
"What's wrong?" Lou looks at me.
"We gotta get out of here before I go crazy."
"What?" Before Louis could ask me any further questions, I pull him away and lose the girl.
I think I'm really going crazy now...

"Will you tell me now?!" Lou begins to follow me around as I place my shoes on. Zayn follows behind.
"No. It's nothing."
"From your tone, we can tell it isn't just 'nothing' Scarlett." Zayn says. I sigh and look up at them.
"I swear. I'm fine." I get up an push past them.
"Now, go! Get into position. Your shows about to start." They look at each other, then at me. They shrug and walk away.
"That was the worst acting ever." I look to my side and see Jocy walking out. She leans back and crosses her arms.
"What's wrong Sky?" She looks at me worried. I shake my head and start to walk. She catches up to me and walks besides me.
"It's nothing Jocy." I mumble.
"Dude, you've been acting way weird these past few weeks." She chuckles. We walk through the door and head to where Adam is meeting everyone up.
"I have?"
"Yup. You've been quiet, reserved, away from everyone. You only talk to Lou nowadays! Adam has felt left out and he's started to hang out with Harry." She chuckles.
"Oh... Well... I don't know."
"I know where you and Louis went, Sky. So, you can't deny that something didn't happen." I look at her and grin innocently.
"Speaking of Louis, we gotta hide our gadgets better. He had my anklets on." I look down at my feet and jingle them.
"So? What happened?" I turn to her and she has suspense filling in her.
"I think I saw Michelle." I say softly.
"WHAT?!?!" I slap my hand over her mouth.
"Jocy!" I murmur. A couple of the stage people pass by and stare at us. I smile as they walk away and chuckle.
"Keep your voice low!" I let my hand fall off her mouth and she nods.
"You sure it was her?" She whispers. I signal her to keep walking with me.
"Long brown hair, same smirk, ring on her hand. It was her." I say with a groan.
"Why was she there then? With Taylor?" Jocy asks.
"Maybe she's keeping an eye on her? Training the new Guardian?" I suggest.
"But, why with Taylor? You think Ms. Ryan has something to do with it?" Jocy asks.
"That sounds like a possibility." I sigh.
"Whatever it is though... I don't think its a good thing." I look at Jocy and she shrugs.
"We got this though. We're amazing!" She says over dramatically. I laugh and agree.
"C'mon girls! Get going!" I look up and see Adam trying to move us along.
"Hurry hurry!" He says smiling.
"You gotta dance with us one day." I say smiling.
"Ha! No." He says seriously. I punch his arm playfully and he laughs. I walk right behind all the girls, but, I get pulled back.
"Me, you, diner?" Adam asks smiling.
"Great!" He smiles and pushes me to go. I remember me and Harry's kiss...

"How was the food?" Niall asks as I walk into the hotel room.
"It was fine... Wait... What are you doing here?" I say chuckling.
"What? I'm visiting my girlfriend!" He says smiling.
"Better not sleep over, cause, I am not bunking with Savannah." I chuckle.
"Hey! I heard that!" I hear her yell. Me and Niall laugh. I walk over to him and sit down next to him.
"Relationships are difficult." I groan. I take off my heels and throw them to the side.
"Why do you say that?" Niall asks as he munches on some popcorn. I reach over and grab some from him. He gives me a look.
"Mine." He mumbles. I roll my eyes and laugh.
"Whatcha watching?" I ask as I look at the screen.
"She put on... Uh... Her favorite movie." He grumbles.
"The Little Mermaid?" I say smiling.
"Yup." He says chuckling.
"You know, she dressed up as her for Halloween once? She had the shells and everything." I say laughing.
"I actually have a picture-"
"Don't even think about it." Jocy jumped over the couch and sat besides Niall on the other side.
"What? It can't be that bad." Niall said smiling.
"Oh, it isn't. That's why she doesn't want me showing it." I said winking.
"Send it to me in a message." He whispered loudly.
"Don't you even dare." Jocy scolds me.
"Oh calm down." I say chuckling.
"So, what are you guys talking about?" Jocy asks as she reaches for popcorn. Niall hands her the bag and she munches on them.
"Niall? Sharing? What?!" I say with a sarcastic gasp.
"She's worth it." He smiles.
"Aww! Cheesy!" I saw with a romantic sigh.
"Oh whatever! So? What were you guys talking about?" She asks as she gets comfortable on Niall.
"She has boy problems."
"Niall!" I slap his chest chuckling.
"What? That's what you meant, didn't you?" He says laughing.
"Yeah... Basically." I grumble.
"What happened?" Jocy asks me.
"Well, I went on that date with Adam today, but, I felt so awkward." I say as I lean back on the couch.
"Cause of the kiss?" Jocy says.
"Kiss? What kiss?" Niall said as he looked back and forth at us.
"The Harry kiss." Jocy says chuckling. Niall looks at me confused.
"Harry kissed Adam?" He says shocked.
"No! Me!" I say laughing. His jaw drops.
"What." He mumbles.
"You didn't know?!" Jocy says laughing.
"No! Nobody tells me anything anymore!" He says as he raises his arms in the air.
"When did you guys finally kiss?!" Niall says as he turns to me. He places his hands under his chin as he placed his elbows down on his thighs.
"Why does everyone always say 'Finally kiss' every time?" I say chuckling.
"Cause Harry's always had a thing for you? Duh? C'mon Sky! Even I've seen it." Niall said as he raised his eyebrow.
"Oh whatever." I grumble.
"So, you haven't told Adam?" Jocy says as she looks over to me.
"Or talked to Harry about it?" Niall adds.
"Nah. I haven't had time for it." I say as I look at the TV.
"What did Ursula call herself when she made herself look like Ariel?" I ask out of nowhere.
"Don't change the subject!" Jocy snaps at me. I turn to her and groan.
"I don't know what to do! I don't like dealing with these things." I huff.
"Fine. If you won't do it, we're just gonna have to push you to it." Niall said as he got up.
"You guys wouldn't-"
"Watch us. Jocy! Hold her!" Before I could react, Jocy tackled me and held me down. I squirmed under her as I watched Niall wall out the door. I pushed Jocy off and ran after him. When I got into the hall, Niall was at the guys room door, talking to someone. He saw me and smiled. I stared at him and began to walk towards him.
"You wanted to talk?" I saw as Harry stuck his head out from the door and looked at me with his smile. I stopped and began to stutter.
"She does! Go on now!" Niall pushed me in and ran off. Harry closed the door and walked towards his bed.
"Where's everyone else?" I looked towards the couch and saw Adam knocked out.
"They're still out with the girls." Harry said chuckling. He crawled in his bed and went back to playing something on the laptop. I sat down besides him and watched him.
"So, what's up?" Harry asked without taking his eyes off the screen.
"Well... Uhh..." I began to fidget with my hair.
"Hmm?" I looked as Harry paused the game and stared at me. His eyes were still dull green. It lost its sparkle.
"I... I had a couple of questions." I said softly. He closed the laptop and set it aside. He turned his body towards me and smiled.
"Go on." He said as he signaled with his hand. I was a bit hesitant to ask, but, took a deep breath and continued
"What.. What were you doing with Adam and Taylor?" I finally asked. He looked at me confused, but, then he chuckled.
"Oh god... Don't even remind me!" He said laughing.
"We bumped into Taylor while we were out, right? Well, I mean, she knew I was around there and she was looking for me. But like, Adam had spilled his drink all over her! She was so mad! And then, just to make things worse, the paparazzi came." He said as he covered his eyes.
"And she began to freak out! So, she made us get in the car with her and she drove us to where she was staying." He said chuckling.
"It was a studio though. And like, they were bickering the whole time while I sat there awkwardly." He said as he looked at me laughing.
"It was the worst." He said with a sigh. I smiled back and chuckled.
"Those two aren't getting along too well." I said as I raised my eyebrow.
"And after that... Better watch out." He said as he raised his eyebrow.
We began joking around, and my tension began to ease. He acted as the same silly Harry I knew.
"Hey! That's mine!" He tried taking away the sandwich I snatched from him, but, I refused.
"Scarlett!" He said laughing. I saw a silver necklace fall out of his shirt. It had wings on it... Those wings...
"Harry.. Where did you get that?" I said as I looked at it. He looked down at his necklace for the longest time. When he finally looked up, his eyes had life back in them... They were sparkling.
"Run Scarlett." His eyes then turned silver.
I dashed off. I turned down the hall and saw the door. I gotta tell Jocy...
I got to it, but, it didn't wanna open.
"Sky?" I turned and saw Adam waking up.
"No..." I looked at him. His eyes were silver too.
"Not you too..." I looked around and saw a window. I ran straight towards it. I placed my arms over my face.
"SCARLETT!" I didn't even look back. I jumped straight out and felt a huge rush as I began to head straight down. I kicked my anklets on and flew off.
"WE CAN'T LET HER GET AWAY!" I looked behind me and saw Harry and Adam right behind me.
"WHO ARE YOU?!" I yelled. I felt the urge to cry... To let out my anger...
"WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!" I yelled again.
"We're sorry Scarlett." I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"We're really sorry..."
I felt someone put a cloth over my mouth...And... I was gone.

"Scarlett..." I hear voices...
"Wake up..." I don't want too...
"SCARLETT!" I snapped my eyes open. I looked around.
"Where... Where am I?" I mumbled. I was in a bright white room. There was a door and a couple of windows. I turned and saw Harry besides me.
"You're awake!" He threw himself on me, and hugged me. I still couldn't react. What was going on?
"Harry? What... Wait..." I pushed him off me and stood up.
"You're not Harry." I began to panic.
"I am now. They found out I had gotten in touch with you through your dream and that I somehow I wasn't as affected by the necklace ad they thought I would." He said with a shrug of his shoulders.
"What necklace?" I asked suspiciously.
"The one Taylor gave me." He said softly.
"I didn't know it would do that to me." He said as he got up.
"And... One day... It just... It made me into a puppet. I was unable to say what I wanted to say. I could only be myself on stage. I saw everything that was happening, but, I couldn't warn anyone... I couldn't get any help." He said as he got gloomy.
"It was horrible... Someone else controlling me..." He got closer to me. He held my hands and looked me in the eyes.
"But I'm better now. They took it off... And I control what I do." He said with a smile.
"How do I know for sure you aren't lying?" I said as I began to smile. I could tell he was telling the truth, but, why not ease the tension and mess with him.
"Well, for starters..." He pulled me in, held me lightly by the waist, and placed his forehead on mine. I closed my eyes as I felt his heart beat softly against me.
"I can do this..." I felt the warmth of his lips against mine as they slowly began to touch. They locked on to one another, and I began to feel my body warm up. He just knew what to do to make me go crazy.
"You don't know how bad I wanted to do that. I had to settle for the dream kiss." He said as his lips broke away from mine.
"How exactly did you get in my dream?" I said as I smiled at him.
"Do you really wanna talk about that now?" He said with a sly smile.
"Not really..." I said with a smirk. We began to lean in to each other again, till we heard the door click.
"I think they're back." Harry said as he turned to the door.
"Who?" I said as I looked at him. He began to hesitate.
"Taylor and Adam." What...
"Well, you two got comfortable quickly." I let go of Harry and turned toward the door.
It really was Taylor.... And Adam...
"What are you doing Adam?" I began to get angry.
"Oh, don't even bother with him. He's completely under our control." Taylor said as she looked at her nails.
"I expected him to be harder to control than Harry, but, it was the complete opposite." She looked at me and chuckled.
"I should've known you two had a thing." Her face went dull. She turned her attention towards Harry.
"This will make such a killer song." She said smiling.
"What do you want with us? Why did you place Adam and Harry under your control?!" I said hissing at her.
"I actually believed you Taylor. I thought you really meant everything you said." Harry's voice began to crack. I could tell he was really upset.
"Oh, please! I knew you didn't really like me anyway. You made it too obvious." She said as she squinted her eyes at him.
"Answer my question." I said loudly.
"Jeeze... Calm down." She said rolling her eyes.
"I needed Harry to do some inside work, so, that's why I began to date him. Adam just happened to hear some things he shouldn't have." She said with a sigh.
"It was such a drag, but, I got you now." She said smiling.
"You actually think I'm going to listen to you? Ha! Please!" I said with a sarcastic laugh.
"Oh, I know you won't. That's why, we gotta clear you up." What did she mean by that?
"Clear her up?" Harry asked confused.
"You too. You already know too much. Adam, go get it." I watched as Adam left then came back with a glowing orb.
Wait... That can't be...
"You can either do as I say, or, we can just get rid of Ms. Ryan. We don't really need her anyways. We've got everything we need from her." She turned towards a dark window. A light turned on and I saw Ms. Ryan tied up and struggling to get out. I began to get furious.
"Well, what will it be?" Taylor asked with a smile.
"Don't listen to her Scarlett!" I heard Ms. Ryan yell.
"I know we'll figure something out..." She looked down at my feet.
I still had my anklets on. I turned to Taylor who was distracted as she gave some men orders.
"Harry, cover yourself." He backed off a bit. I took off an earring, and threw it towards the window.
Millions of pieces shattered everywhere. I ran into the room and gave Ms. Ryan my anklets after I untied her.
"I'll send others for you." She turned to the men who were coming towards us.
"I already know where everything is around here, so, I'll be fine-"
"Go! Go! I trust you." I said as I pushed her away. She nodded and dashed off. I was pulled back by two guys.
"Scarlett!" Harry was yelling out for me.
"We'll be fine Harry. I promise..." They sat me down and began to tie my hands and feet.
"I'm sorry for no listening to you..." Harry said softly. I felt a tear roll down my cheek.
"It's not your fault..." I whispered.
"Guess we're doing it my way." Taylor said. She placed her hair behind her ear and revealed her pearl white earrings. Something was carved on them.
I looked her in the eyes.
"Who's controlling you?" I said softly. She frowned. I saw her eyes begin to glisten.
"I can't say." She got a hold of my hands. She placed them on the orb and I felt my body receive millions of shocks.
Everything began to go dark.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
"Wake up man!" I groaned as Lou began to shake me.
"We're here already!" He said laughing.
"I don't wanna get up." I mumbled.
"They have beeeddddssss!" He said in a sing song voice. I shot up and got out of the bus. I ran to our room, opened the door, and ran towards the bed. I flopped onto it and sighed.
"So much better!" I said smiling.
"C'mon! We're gonna go get some breakfast!" I heard Niall yell out. I got up and stretched before I followed him out.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be right back!" I said as I got up. I was scurrying when I ran into a girl. I had spilled her drink all over her.
"I am sooo sorry!" I said as I stayed frozen. She groaned.
"Now I gotta shower all over again..." She mumbled.
"Here, let me help you!" I took her hand and let her towards the back.
"Excuse me, do you have any towels?" I asked one of the waitresses. She gasped and began to stutter.
"You're... You're Harry!" She squealed.
"Guess that's a no..." I began to walk off.
"Wait! Uhh... Here!" She handed me some napkins.
"Guess this will do. Thank you!" I smiled and walked off. I sat the girl down on a seat.
"I am seriously-"
"It's nothing." She said with a chuckle. She looked up to me and smiled. Her eyes were gorgeous.
"I just really need a new shirt. That's all." She said as she sighed.
"I have a sweater in the car. Maybe you can borrow it?" I said with a smile.
"That would really help!" I pulled her up and led her to the parking lot. I got to the car and pulled my grey sweater out to hand it to her.
"Thanks. Umm... Let me just take this off." Without warning, she took off her shirt and threw my sweater over her. I felt myself blushing.
"Ahh... That was a nice tattoo you had." I said as I began to look around. I ran my fingers through my hair as she began to stare at me.
"Are you turning red?" She chuckled.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to just get all naked in front of you like that. But, hey, I had a bra on." She chuckled. I laughed as she began to fold her shirt up.
"Do you mind if I give this back to you later?" She said smiling.
"Yeah! Just text me so I can pick it up." I said with a smirk. She gave me a confused look, but, then she caught on.
"You're good." She said as she raised her eyebrow at me.
"Here, give me your phone." I said as I extended my arm to her. She pulled it out, unlocked it, and handed it to me. I typed in my number. Strangely though, it was already on her contacts list.
"Have we met before?" I asked as I looked at her.
"I don't think so... I think I would've remembered you." She chuckled. I handed her the phone back.
"Harry? That's your name?" She said as she looked at my number.
"Yup. Maybe you've heard of me. I am kinda famous." I winked.
"I'm afraid not superstar." She said as she slid her phone in her pocket.
"I've gotta go though. I'll text you." She waved bye to me and I watched her go.
"I didn't catch your name!" I yelled out.
"Well, that sucks for you!" She said as she laughed. I chuckled and began to walk away.

"I can't wait for this concert!" Niall said as he walked towards the elevator.
"You just wanna use those water guns Louis bought." Zayn said smiling.
"Yeah..." He mumbled.
"Well, I just want to go to that red carpet event. Tons of new people to meet." I said smirking.
"You are one cheeky bastard." Lou said laughing. We stepped into the elevator and got to our floor.
"I forgot my phone in the car! Danielle said she was gonna call!" Liam groaned.
"I'll go with you if you want." Lou said with a smile.
"Alright then! We'll be right back lads!" We nodded and walked away.
"I'm gonna go and check on Perrie. She got here like at three in the morning, so, in gonna go to her room and make her something." Zayn said smiling.
"And I'm gonna go find Jocy!" Niall said as he went towards a different room.
"Fine then! Leave me alone!" I said as I watched them walk away. I chuckled and went towards our room. I unlocked it and went inside. I locked the door and began to strip down to my briefs. My foot got stuck in my pants and I struggled to take them off.
"Stupid jeans..." I heard a knock at my door. It was probably one of the guys.
"What did you guys forget-" it was the same girl I bumped into earlier.
"Harry?" She gave me a shocked look. I noticed she began to blush and looked away.
"Umm... You're kinda-" I looked at myself.
"Oh god! I'm so sorry! I didn't... I umm... Come in! Let me just find some pants." She stepped inside and sat down on the couch. I closed the door and ran off to get something to wear.
"How'd you know I was here?" I said as I walked towards her. I placed my head through my sweater and sat next to her.
"I didn't actually! I'm staying in this same hotel and my friend told me his room was around here. I guess he gave me the wrong number." She chuckled.
"He?" I repeated.
"He has a girlfriend." She said smiling.
"Oh... Okay. I don't want any problems, that's all." I said relieved.
"Don't worry, he my best bud. Besides, My boyfriend isn't a black belt just yet, so, he can't hurt you that bad." She said with a smile. I stayed quiet.
"I was just kidding! I don't have a boyfriend." She began to laugh. I let out a sigh of relief.
"That was so not funny!" I said as I looked at her.
"What about you though? Does Mr. Superstar have a girlfriend? Cause... I don't like girl drama." She said as she looked at me with her eyebrows raised.
"We're over. I haven't broken up with her, but, things just aren't the same." I said softly.
"That's rough. Don't worry, she probably doesn't realize that she should feel lucky to have someone like you." She said as she placed her hand on my back.
"You barely know me though." I chuckled.
"I know... But Eyy, I made you feel better didn't I?" She said with a grin.
"You're pretty funny." I chuckled. She laughed.
"I am. Not gonna lie." She said as she flipped her hair.
"Conceited much?" I teased.
"I Kidd." She chuckled.
"Oh... Someone's calling me... Hold on." She pulled he cellphone out and I watched her talk. She seemed kind of familiar... Like I've seen her before. Is she an actress or something?
"Okay. Yeah. Aww whatever! I'll be right there then... Yeah... Okay! Bye! Guess I gotta go now Harry." She said as she put her phone away. She started to get up.
"Already? But we were just starting to get to know each other." I said with a smile.
"Maybe we can finish our conversation later?" I said as I got in front of her.
"If it will make you move, then sure!" She chuckled.
"Great! How does tonight sound?" I said as I opened the door for her.
"Perfect! It's my day off!"
"Mine too!" I said.
"Alright! Maybe around 7? Meet me in the lobby?" I nodded.
"Cool! See you then Harry! And... Sorry about this. I honestly didn't know this was your room." She said nervously.
"I feel like a creep now." She chuckled.
"It's really no problem." I laughed.
"I'll see you later!" I said as I waved bye. I closed the door and took a deep breath. She seemed... Different... And I liked it.

"I'm going out you guys!" I searched for my phone.
"Where to?" Louis asked confused.
"With a girl." I smiled.
"What? Who? What about-"
"Bye Guys!" I closed the door and ran off towards the elevator. I didn't need them talking about Taylor.
I got to the lobby and looked around for her. No sign of her here yet. I looked at the time and I was 10 minutes early. I sat down on a bench and looked through my twitter. I saw a picture of a girls back that Jocy had posted.
She Looks STUNNING! Who is @Skyy_Danee trying to impress?! Time to snoop!'
I chuckled. The dress really was nice.
"Harry?" I looked up and saw she was standing over me. She wore a black dress with studs on them, her hair was down and wavy, and she didn't go overboard with the makeup. She looked flawless.
"What? Too much? My friend stopped me on the way and had the same expression." She chuckled as she did a 360 turn. Her back had the same detail as the photo Jocy posted.
"Wait... You know Jocy?" I asked her.
"How'd you know?" She said surprised.
"I have her on twitter and she just posted a picture of you!" I chuckled. I showed her my screen and she rolled her eyes.
"Had to be Jocy... Well, whatever! Lets get going superstar! Won't your 'not-girlfriend' be mad?" She said worried.
"She's always out with her guy friends. Why not hang out with a girl friend?" I said with a smile.
"As long as I don't end up in the presses." She said as she began to walk towards the door.
"Scare of a little rumor?" I chuckled as I followed.
"Nah. As long as I know what happened, it doesn't matter what others say." She said with a smile. That sounded so familiar.

"No! I swear! It was during spring break!" She said as she laughed. I couldn't help but laugh even harder.
"I don't wanna go on spring break anymore. Our dancer suggested it, but now, I don't wanna go." I said as I finally started to calm down.
"It does get crazy." She said as she began to take a bite of her food. She really knew how to keep a conversation going, and, she was really funny.
"I noticed you have a tattoo on your side. What is it?" I said as I took a sip of my drink.
"Oh! That? I can show you a picture-"
"HARRY?!" I turned around and saw Zayn with Perrie.
"You're on a date with Scarlett?!" Perrie's jaw dropped. I saw as the rest of the guys came in with their girls.
"What in the..." Jocy came up next to us.
"Sky? I thought you said you didn't know the guy!" Jocy said as she smirked.
"They want to keep their love life a secret! You two are real sneaky. First you come back late, then you say you met someone new, now you two are here together." Louis teased.
"What?" I began to chuckle.
"You can drop the act you two." Danielle smiled.
"I'm confused." Scarlett looked at me for an answer, but, I was just as lost.
"You said you were going on a date with some new girl Harry! You scared me for a second!" Louis laughed.
"And she said she was going on a date with some boy she ran into during breakfast." Eleanor chuckled.
"Umm... This IS the girl." I said as I began to get up.
"And he IS the boy." Scarlett added as she rose from her seat.
"You guys already know Scarlett?" I said as I looked at them.
"And I didn't know you knew Harry. He told me he was famous, but, I didn't know it was true." She said chuckling.
"You owe me." I said as I looked at her.
"What! I didn't know." She said smiling.
"Wait... What's going on?" Niall mumbled.
"This is a really bad joke you guys." Liam said as he shook his head.
"Totally. Now, stop messing around an tell us when you two started this! You finally talked to him when we told you to Sky?" Jocy squealed.
"I didn't even know the guy till today..." She said confused.
"You guys... I think they're telling the truth..." Zayn said as he looked back and forth at us.
"Uhh... Yeah!" I said as I shrugged my shoulders.
"Wait... What?" Jocy said with a raised eyebrow.
"Why don't you use your cellphone? That lie detector thing-"
"Niall! He doesn't know about that!" Scarlett hissed.
"That Jocy's a shadow? I already knew." I said as I turned to her.
"What?" She gave me a confused look.
"You guys honestly don't know each other?" Jocy said softly as she extended her phone towards us. I looked at Scarlett, and she looked at me.
"No." We said in unison. Jocy looked down at her phone, then at us.
"We have a slight problem..." She mumbled.

I watched as Jocy paced back and forth. I turned to Scarlett and she was just laying back. Her beanie was slouched on her head, sweat pants were extra baggy, and she wore my sweater. I smiled.
"Pretty comfy, isn't it?" I said to her.
"Oh yeah. I'm keeping this baby now." She said with a small laugh.
"This can't be right!" Jocy groaned. I watched as Louis and Liam began to pace back and forth as well, then Niall joined in.
"Why are you pacing Niall?" Scarlett laughed.
"Waiting for that hot pocket to heat up." He said. Scarlett began to burst into laughter, and I couldn't help but laugh as well.
"GUYS! This is serious!" Jocy yelled. I freaked a bit.
"Well, I don't know what to tell you!" Scarlett said with her hands raised.
"Gah! When did this happen?!"
"It's weird how the only thing she doesn't remember is Harry... JUST Harry." Zayn said.
"So, do you remember everything else?" Eleanor asked.
"Yeah. I remember all of you, your tour, dancing, Adam, me singing for that offer Simon gave me, singing with you guys-"
"Wait, what did you just say?" Jocy stopped.
"You sing?" I said as I turned to her.
"A bit." She smiled.
"I need to hear THAT sometime." I said chuckling.
"Hey! The way I sang at the restaurant was just a joke." She chuckled.
"SCARLETT!" We jumped at Jocy yelling.
"What was that last thing you remember?"
"Me singing with the guys?" She said.
"No! The other thing!"
"The record deal with Simon?" She said.
"That! When did that happen?" Jocy said as she sat down next to her.
"Uhh... It's what we've been trying to get this whole time? It's the mission?" Scarlett said chuckling.
"Someone erased her memory." Jocy said softly.
"Someone erased it, and planted a different thought in her head." Jocy said as she slowly got up.
"What about me though? How do you explain that?" I said chuckling.
"He might've been there when she got her memory erased?" Liam suggested.
"That might be it." Jocy said as she snapped and pointed her fingers at him.
"So, what? He saw something he shouldn't have?" Louis asked.
"I think so..." Jocy looked at me.
"What do you remember about the whole tour Harry?" Jocy asked me.
"Practice, singing, Adam, meeting Taylor-"
"Taylor..." Jocy hissed.
"I need to find her. She might know." Jocy said as she buried her face in her hands.
"Jane says hi." Scarlett said randomly as she looked at her phone.
"JANE!" Jocy said with a huge grin.
"She gave us this potion thing! The one that would erase the effect of getting your memory wiped!" Jocy ran off into her room.
"Uhh... Okay?" Scarlett said as she chuckled.
"It's gone... It's all gone..." Jocy came out with a vial in her had.
"I need to call Jane." Jocy took out her phone and began to dial a number.
"If what you're saying is true, then, why is there videos of me on YouTube singing during your shows?" Scarlett turned the TV on and it showed us what she was seeing on he phone. It was her. She was alone on stage as she bursted into song.
"What..." Jocy mumbled.
"Yeah... And you're right there Jocy." Scarlett laughed.
"This is all just a big prank, right?" Scarlett said as she looked at me.
"I guess. I wouldn't be surprised if cameras popped out of nowhere." I laughed.
"This... This can't be real?" Jocy walked towards the TV.
"This is a bigger problem than we thought." Louis mumbled.
"What did your friend say?" Niall asked.
"It will take about 2 weeks for her to send us another one. She needs to get all the materials for it." Jocy sighed.
"Well... If you're done now, I think I'm gonna go to my room! I'm tired, especially since you guys busted my date." She chuckled as she turned to me. She got up and began to head towards the door.
"I'll walk you." I caught up to her and we went down the hall slowly.
"Sorry about this. I didn't know that they would end up in the same place we would." I said with a laugh.
"It's no problem. I enjoyed hanging out with you anyways. Maybe we clicked cause we 'Know each other'." She said as she did air quotes. I chuckled.
"Well, either way, I had fun tonight." I said as I smiled at her.
"I did too. I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot now, since we take the same tour bus apparently." She said laughing.
"Probably Simon." I chuckled.
"Right? Well, this is my room." We stopped outside of her door.
"I'll see you later Harry!" She said as she opened the door.
"Bye!" I walked towards her to give her a hug.
"You smell good..." She mumbled by my ear. I couldn't help but laugh.
"What? Too soon?" She chuckled as she pulled away.
"No. It's fine." I said with a smile. She laughed and walked inside.
"Goodnight Harry!" She said with a grin.
"Goodnight!" I waved goodbye and walked away. I couldn't help but smile.

[Jocy's P.O.V.]
Scarlett wasn't lying. She really did get an offer for a singing contract. Every time we made a stop at a different place, she had a studio to go to, a song she had to record, a meeting with someone who I didn't know. I couldn't understand how she suddenly lost her memory. It was all so weird. Why would anyone wanna erase her memory?
"Jocy?" I turned around towards Niall. He finally woke up.
"Hey there sleeping prince." I smiled as I leaned in to kiss him.
"I have morning breath." He mumbled.
"I don't care." I kissed him and he chuckled.
"Why do you look so down?" He sat up and I watched as the sheets fell off of him and revealed his bare chest. His hair was messy in all the right ways, and his voice, the rasp in his accent as he talked-
"Jocy?" I snapped out of it.
"Huh?" I said as I came back to reality. He began to chuckle.
"You're doing it again." He said as he slowly ran his fingers through his hair. I sighed.
"I can't help it!" I said smiling.
"I don't get girls..." He said chuckling. He got out and began to look for a shirt.
"So... Why so down?" He said as he put a sweater on.
"Is it Scarlett again?" He sat down next to me and waited for my response.
"I just can't get over it! I want her to open her eyes. I want Jane to send me that vial already!" I said as I got up.
"It's been almost a week, and all I've seen is Scarlett beginning to change. I'm starting to think they did something else to her." I walked into the bathroom and flipped the light switch on. I took my toothbrush out and began to brush my teeth. Niall walked in and sat on the closed toilet seat.
"I've seen that too. She's even starting to dress differently... Like... You." I paused and thought about.
"Or like... Taylor..." He mumbled. As I finished, I wiped the water off my face and looked into the mirror.
"I know... But, when I asked Taylor about it, the lie detector didn't pick up anything. She was being honest." I sighed.
"There's gotta be another way..." I walked out of the room and changed into some jeans and a shirt. I put my hair up in a bun and did my makeup. I noticed Niall staring again.
"Now YOU'RE doing it again." I chuckled.
"It's interesting!" He said as he huffed.
"You're so cute." I chuckled.
"Breakfast?" I said as I turned to him.
"I thought you'd never ask!" He held my hand and pulled me with him.

"Look! They're together again." Niall whispered to me.
"You gotta learn to whisper lower." Louis chuckled. I looked the way Niall was pointing to.
"You know, if we record this, we can totally blackmail Scarlett with it." Zayn chuckled.
"She would kill you." Liam said laughing.
"I've been recording." Lou said with a devious smile.
"Oh shush!" I scolded. They began to laugh at me as I looked at Harry and Sky.
"You know... She acts the same with Harry. When she's doing the whole singing thing though, she's totally different." I say as I turn back to the guys.
"It's like... They only left the nice side of her in her mind, cause, she hasn't snapped at any of us yet." Niall chuckled.
"What did you just say?" I turned to him.
"They only left the nice side of her...?" He gave me a strange look.
"You're a damn genius." I muttered.
"What are you thinking?" Louis said as he leaned in to me.
"The Guardians have this... Sphere... Orb... Whatever! And that thing does so much to the human mind." I sat straight and began to explain.
"Sometimes it can take bits of your memory out, switch you're bodies, and only leave certain characteristics of you left inside you... And even add certain things." I began to get excited.
"So... What? We find the orb and smash it?" Zayn asked as he bit his toast.
"No. That wouldn't work." I began to get a huge smile on my face.
"The orb has flaws and doesn't know where to hide these pieces of information." I looked at them, but, they still didn't catch on. I rolled my eyes.
"Their memory is hidden in something they wore that day!" I said as I flailed my hands in their face.
"So, we find what they wore... And... Then?" Louis asked a bit confused.
"We use one of the orbs we have and reverse the effect! I have this detector that senses anything that's been in contact with anything requiring electricity." I squealed.
"It took you this long to realize this?" Liam said as he sighed.
"Hey! There's a lot of gadgets that everyone has.... Sorry that I can't remember all of them." I pouted.
"At least she gave us a start." Niall said as he hugged me.
"It's something I suppose." Liam chuckled.
"Can it give you a tattoo?" Louis as as he stared off into space.
"Why do you ask that?" I chuckled.
"Cause, Harry was placing his beanie on the other day, and, I saw he had something on the back of his ear." Louis said as he turned to me. I thought about it for a moment.
"Well... What exactly was it?" I said as I took a bite of my waffles.
"Well, it was a phrase followed by a music note at the end. And I could've sworn I saw it light up for a second." He mumbled.
"Maybe it was the light." Niall said to him.
"Ehh... Maybe. Either way though, I saw a tattoo." Louis said with a smile.
"I don't think it would.. But, who knows." I went back to eating my breakfast and thought of a way to go through their stuff without them finding out.

"I don't know about this-"
"Oh you two will be fine!" I began to shove Harry and Sky out the door.
"Perrie and Zayn are so much fun! Now, go!" Niall said as he helped me push them out.
"Okay..." Harry walked off with Scarlett and we closed the door.
"They're gone?" I turned as saw Louis pop his head out from his hiding place.
"Yup. Lets get going!" Liam said as he scurried out.
We looked high and low, left and right, in suitcases and drawers, but, we found nothing.
"The only thing I found is their clothes." Sighed Louis as he sat on the edge of the bed.
"Nothing is reacting." I groaned. I threw myself on the pile of clothes and sighed.
"Well... That was worthless..." I mumbled.
"Don't say that. I mean, at least we eliminated these things as a possibility." Niall said as he lifted me up.
"Maybe they're still wearing something on them." Liam said as he began to put stuff away.
"Harry does always have those necklaces on..." Louis mumbled as he folded clothes.
"And Sky does have that necklace of hers and those earphones..." I began to think about it.
"Maybe we should try those?" I looked at the guys.
"They don't like taking them off that much though." Liam said as he rubbed the back of his head.
"We gotta get them by force." Louis said as he clapped his hands together.
"And we will..."
"I'm scared... She has that smile on her face..." Niall whispered. I turned to him and tackled him.

"This next song is very dear to me. Sing along if you know the words." I watched Scarlett as she got into position.
"She's really good." Harry mumbled as he watched along with me.
"Yeah..." I whispered. She pulled out a guitar and began to play.
"Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street.
Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ended so suddenly.
Loving him is like trying to change your mind, once you’re already flying through the free fall. Like the colors in autumn, so bright just before they lose it all.
Losing him was blue like I’d never known! Missing him was dark grey all alone! Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met. But loving him was red." I sighed as I watched her sing.
"Don't you find it weird that she's getting along so well with Taylor?" I said as I turned to Harry.
"It's kinda bad is more like it... They're like best friends now..." He said chuckling.
"GIVE IT UP FOR TAYLOR SWIFT!" I heard Scarlett yell. I looked out and saw as she came out smiling. She wrapped her arm around Scarlett and they began to sing.
"Remembering him comes in flashbacks, and echoes! Tell myself it’s time now, gotta let go! But moving on from him is impossible! When I still see it all in my head... Burning red! Darling it was red!" They belched out together.
"They wrote that song together." I turned to Harry.
"Scarlett mostly... Just because it relates to her a lot." He chuckled. I looked back towards Scarlett. She's talking about Eddy in that song...
"But... I can relate too though... I can't forget my best friend." I looked at Harry. He was looking at a necklace with a key on it. He looked up at me and smiled.
"Ignore me. I'm being gushy." He chuckled. I watched him walk away.
"That looked familiar..." I whispered under my breath.

"PARTYYY!" I watched as Scarlett and Harry ran towards the building.
"This is why we don't have after parties..." Liam chuckled.
"They're enjoying themselves." Eleanor laughed as she watched them head straight for the dance floor.
"I'm gonna to get a drink. Anyone want one?" Taylor asked as she looked at us.
"We'll go help." Louis and Eleanor followed Taylor to the bar.
"Someone put a karaoke machine?" I said as I looked straight ahead.
"I wanted to sing!" Niall said as he blushed. We started cracking up as we walked along.

"I reeealllyyyy like thisss." Scarlett began to slur her words.
"I don't think weshould've drank thisss." Taylor said as she began to tip over.
"You two didn't listen to me when I said that it was a strong drink." I mumbled over the music.
"Less take anotherrrr!" Scarlett and Taylor fumbled as the walked over to the bar again.
"They don't know how to hoolddd their drink." Chuckled Harry.
"They're all drunk." Liam said as he watched Harry dance against Niall.
"Hey!" I bumped Harry away from Niall and laughed. He stuck his tongue out at me and chuckled.
"Lessss go siiinggg!" Harry grabbed Niall and took him towards the karaoke machine.
"You better go after them." Eleanor chuckled. I walked towards them and helped them set up.
"What are you doin??" Harry pushed my hand away.
"This is your ear piece! So you can hear the song? Cause, you can barely hear anything in this crowd." He rolled his eyes and leaned in so I could place it where it went. I moved his hair away from his ear.
"When did you get this tattoo?" I asked as I saw it. It said 'Im Free Fallin' in cursive. There was a blue music note at the end of the sentence, which, I could've sworn I saw sparkle. I shook it off.
"I never got a tattoooo." Harry said as he chuckled. He grabbed the mic and walked out.
"I'm scared Jocy." Niall squealed as he followed Harry. I laughed and looked through the music choices. Might as well play Free Fallin. Harry might appreciate it.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I began to hear a song play.
I began to see flashbacks.
The words began to make sense.
My head began to spin.
I'm a bad boy 'cause I don't even miss her.
I'm a bad boy for breakin' her heart.
And I'm free, free fallin', fallin’.
"And I'm free, free fallin', fallin’..." I mumbled.

"Harry?" I opened my eyes.
"Where am I?" I looked around the room. All the guys were around me.
"Told you that drink was too strong." Jocy chuckled. I began to feel my head throb as I slowly got up.
"No no no! Get back down. You need to sleep." Danielle began to slowly push me down.
"Where is this place?" I mumbled.
"The hotel. We brought you back wen we saw that you began to faint." Louis said as he sat down by my side.
"We should leave and give him some space." Liam said as he began to walk out. I watched as Danielle, Eleanor, Perrie, Liam, and Zayn left the room.
"Lets get going. Scarlett needs my attention too." Jocy said as she got up.
"WHERE IS SHE?!" I moved them out of my way and I dashed into the living room. I saw her laying on the couch. I got down besides her.
"Scarlett? Scarlett! Wake up." I began to tap her cheek.
"Harry! Leave her alone! She's got a major headache." Perrie said as she pulled me off. I shook her off of me and went back down besides her.
"What's your problem Harry?" I heard Zayn's voice getting a bit mad.
"We need to go back... We need to go." I began to look around for my coat.
"Harry! What's wrong with you?" Louis got a hold of me.
"We have to take her back! We have to get her memory back!" I shoved Louis out of my way.
"Harry!" I felt something tighten around me. I turned and saw Jocy pointing something at me.
She had tied me up.
"What's the matter with you?!" She looked at me worried.
"I remember! I remember Scarlett! I remember what happened. Please! We have to get her memory back!" I tried to wiggle my way out.
"You... You remember?" Jocy's voice was barely at a whisper.
"Yes! Hurry! We have to go!" I was starting to panic.
"You need to sleep first Harry!" Liam said as he got closer to me.
"NO! We have to HURRY!" My voice got louder.
"Jocy..." Liam looked at her, and she nodded. She got closer to me.
"What are you doing?"
"Stay still Harry..." She placed her hand over my mouth.
"I... I'm starting... To feel... Dizzy..."

I slowly opened my eyes.
It's morning. I was going to get up again, but-
"Harry... Calm down." I looked next to me. All the guys were sitting around and looking at me worried.
"Harry?" I looked in front of me. Jocy was just standing there.
"Do you wanna tell us what happened?" She said softly. I looked down at my hands...
"Now you're next." Taylor began to walk towards me. I began to panic.
"Wait!" I looked behind Taylor. A girl with long hair came walking in. She... She kinda looked like Scarlett. She walked slowly towards us.
"Who's this guy?" She said as she squinted her eyes at me.
"Harry." Taylor mumbled.
"The boy from that band?" She chuckled.
"We could use him." She said as she pulled out her phone. She dialed a number and began to talk.
"I have something that might interest you. No, you'll really want this. I swear. Thank you!" She hung up and looked back at me.
"Take him and Scarlett with me." I watched as the guards gathered around us and picked us up. We needed up in a sort of office. The man sat us down. I looked towards Scarlett. She looked so pale...
"You like her, don't you?" I turned towards the girl.
"Obviously." Taylor mumbled as she looked at her hair.
"Don't you have somewhere to be?" The girl looked at Taylor.
"Can't you just erase his memory of this and let him go?" Taylor said as she looked at her.
"It's not like he's of big use to us." Taylor said as she looked at me.
"We can totally use this guy." She chuckled.
"Michelle, just let him-"
"Are you revolting against me?" Michelle? Is that...
"You were Scarlett's friend..." I said mindlessly. Her head quickly turned towards me.
"What did you just say?" She said as she looked at me.
"Excuse me! Miss? He's here."
"Bring him in." I looked behind me and saw... Simon?
"Harry? What in the world are you doing here?" He began to walk towards me.
"Stop." Michelle said. Simon froze as he saw me tied up. He looked to his right and saw Scarlett.
"What's going on here?" He said as he looked up at Michelle.
"Told you that you'd like it." She said with an evil smirk.
"I demand you to let them go!" He said sternly.
"On one condition...." She began to smile.
"What is it?" He hissed.
"Do you happen to have any available space for a new singer?" She began to laugh.
"What does this have to do with anything?" He said as he looked at me and Scarlett.
"Our little Sky here, she has so much talent. We want her to be known world wide!" She said with a squeal.
"She's already a dancer-"
"Don't care. If you you want these two unharmed, then, agree." She said with a smile. He began to hesitate.
"Who do I talk to..."
"Simon!" Taylor yelled.
"Are those things beginning to wear out again?" Michelle turned to Taylor, then back to Simon.
"Take him boys." Two guys wrapped their arms around Simon and took him out.
"Adam!" I heard as he walked in.
"I need you to erase her memory again. Replace it with something I can control." Michelle chuckled.
"You said you wouldn't do that again." Taylor's voice began to crack.
"I lied." She smiled. I watched as they forced Taylor to place her hands on the orb. The same thing that happened to Scarlett, happened to her.
"Now, you!" Michelle walked towards me.
"It's a shame... You would've been a cute minion." She smiled at me.
"Why are you doing this Michelle? Are you still under their control?" I said as I looked into her eyes. She froze.
"Everyone. Leave." I watched as they steppe out and closed the door.
"You trying to blow my cover kid?" She whispered.
"I know you don't really wanna do this. You were good." I whispered back.
"You don't know what I am. Don't get me caught Harry. You almost did that the first time." First time? I looked at her confused.
"Oh... Right..." She began to laugh.
"You don't even remember me..." She chuckled.
"Not even Scarlett." She looked at her for a second.
"Come back in boys!" She yelled out.
"Never speak of this." She whispered in my ear.
"Erase his memory now." She snapped her fingers and I watched as they gathered around me.
"I know the Dani I knew is still in there..." I mumbled. They place my hands on the orb. The last thing I saw was Michelle's eyes looking shocked... Then...
"Everything went dark." I looked up at Jocy.
"So... You guys got trapped, they made a deal with Simon, then they erased your memory along with Scarlett, Simon, and Taylor?" Jocy said as she looked at me.
"And who did it?" She asked. I looked away. I didn't want to tell her it was Michelle.
"Some lady with blonde hair." I said to her.
"Why would they help you guys with your mission?" Liam said as he looked at Jocy.
"There's something else behind this whole thing. I just don't know what." She began to walk towards Niall and sat down.
"But... How did you suddenly get your memory back?" Jocy said as she looked at me.
"The drinks?" Louis suggested.
"Maybe the mix of those certain drinks had helped him to remember everything." Zayn said.
"But... Didn't he drink the same thing as Scarlett? She hasn't gotten her memory back." Niall said.
"Where is she?" Before they could say anything, I rushed towards the living room again.
There she was.
"Scarlett?" I said softly.
"Hmm?" She turned around and I saw she was eating cereal.
"Finally awake, I see." She chuckled.
"Has anyone seen Tay? I'm gonna go with her to write some more songs." She said as she looked behind me. I turned around and saw everyone looking at either Scarlett or me.
"She left after she woke up. She said she would call you later." Liam said.
"I better shower then." She got up and walked away.
"She hasn't regained her memory." Jocy mumbled as she walked next to me.
"She doesn't remember anything about me... Or us... Right?" I said softly.
"I'm sorry Harry." Lou said as he patted my back. I felt my eyes begin to water. I leaned back on the couch. How could this have happened. The guys began to talk, but, I didn't listen. I just spaced out.
"Kay! Gotta go now!" I looked up and saw her with her hair up in a bun, red lipstick, and a flower patterned white dress. She waved bye to us and walked out.
"Is it me... Or does she look like-"
"Taylor." They all finished my sentence.
"Has she been like this the whole time?" I asked them.
"You don't even know..." Louis sighed.
"She's been acting really weird. She has like... Multiple personalities." Jocy mumbled.
"But... Until we get that vial from Jane, we can't get her memory back or ask her for any help." She said as she looked at me.
"Things couldn't get any worse... Right?"
I was wrong.
Weeks flew by. I watched as Scarlett began to act like an alter ego of Taylor. They dressed alike, but, Scarlett was the wild one. I tried to make her snap out of it once in a while, but, that only freaked her out. She became distant from all of us. She only hung out with Taylor. Jocy tried to get information out of Adam, but, I guess they erased his memory as well. When we finally got that vial that Jocy was talking about, Scarlett refused to take it. We tried tricking her, but, failed. She apparently had new 'Eating Habits' she had to follow.
I didn't know her anymore.
"Ready Harry? Last concert before we head for the States!" Zayn said as he smiled at me. I forced a smile and went along with it. I tried to enjoy it, but, I just couldn't. I finished with a smile though, cause the fans deserved it. When I walked off stage, I saw Scarlett talking to someone. I couldn't see who it was since her back was facing me.
"Harry?" I turned around and the guys were smiling.
"Ready to head for America?!" Everyone yelled in excitement. I turned back to Scarlett, but, she disappeared.

"I have big news you guys!" Scarlett said as she clapped her hands.
"So, I talked to my manager, and she said I got signed!" The girls began to squeal in excitement.
"They want me to stay in L.A when we get there so I can start!" She said smiling. My heart dropped. We got off at the airport. The whole flight, I couldn't sleep. I just looked out the window, wondering....
What could I do?
We landed. We got to our hotel. We slept.
I woke up first thing in the morning and went out to get some breakfast. I came back and ate by myself.
"Harry?" I turned around and saw Louis and Jocy walking towards me.
"Oh... Mornin'." I mumbled. I turned back towards my food. They sat down and we stayed quiet for a while.
"I don't wanna give up on her." Jocy finally said.
"I can't lose my best friend." I looked up at her. She began to sob.
"I don't know what to do..." She placed her arms on the table and buried her face in them.
"Jocy..." Lou began to embrace her.
"We'll find a way." He whispered to her.
"I can't stand it though! I miss the real Scarlett!" She said as she raised her head up.
"You're not the only one." I said as I looked at her.
"You're not gonna be the only one..."
My voice began to rise.
"We're all gonna miss her! I'M gonna miss her!" I began to feel my eyes fill up.
"WE did SO MUCH together!" I slammed my hands on the table.
"We danced, fought, laughed, joked, pranked, and hell! We even spent 2 weeks together on vacation!" I began to chuckle as I sobbed.
"I KISSED her for god's sake!" I rose out of my seat.
"We promise we would remember each other... We would stay friends... We even planned to meet up again once her mission was over!" I began to whimper.
"We even got a tattoo together secretly cause we wanted to make it official!" I stopped.
"We... We got a tattoo..." I looked at Jocy and Louis, and they looked a bit scared.
"Can you do me a favor?" I got closer to Jocy.
"What?" She mumbled.
"Look behind my ear." I said as I moved my hair out of the way.
"It's your tattoo." She mumbled.
"What color is the music note?" I asked her.
"It's... Black..." I looked at her.
"Wasn't it blue last time?" She mumbled under her breath. I backed away from her and sat down.
"It's one of your fancy Shadow tattoos." I said as I looked at her. Her eyes were bulging out of her head.
"You know what this means, right?" I said as I looked at Jocy.
"I'm lost...." Louis said as he looked at us back and forth.
"When did you get it..." She said in a low voice.
"Can anyone explain to me what happened?" Lou said as he chuckled nervously.
"Something genius." Jocy said with a giggle. I looked down at the table.
"Yeah... Genius..."
"A tattoo?" I chuckled. Scarlett rose up from the bench and stretched.
"Yeah! Permanently placed on your skin." She said slowly as she bobbed her head back and forth.
"You're so lame." I laughed. I got up and began to follow her.
"This isn't just an ordinary tattoo though." She said as she turned to me and walked backwards.
"Then, what is it?" I asked.
"This tattoo is a Shadow tattoo." She said smiling.
"Wooo! A Shadow tattoo!" I said as I waved my finger in her face. She laughed and moved them away.
"I swear! It's pretty awesome. Think of your favorite song-"
"Free Fallin." I answered immediately.
"Okay... Now... We take a line from the song, tattoo it somewhere, add a small design, and then add the special ink to that." She said smiling. I raised an eyebrow. She turned around and walked besides me.
"That sounds like a normal tattoo to me." I chuckled.
"Wait! Now, here's the cool part." She said as she squealed.
"Whenever you hear that song of yours, the ink sends random memories of you and the person, in this case it's me, flooding to your mind! So, this way, we really don't forget each other. Pretty cool huh? Me and Jocy have one." She said as she showed me her ankle. I saw the words 'Birds of a Feather' with a small purple bird next to it.
"I love that song. Whenever me and Jocy get into a fight, or, we're sent on different missions, when our iPods play that song, we get memories flooding into our minds. It's just a sweet reminder that we'll always be friends." She said as she smiled at it.
"Niall doesn't know she has that tattoo, does he?" I chuckled.
"Who knows... She probably told him already." She said as she shrugged her shoulders. We walked into the tattoo parlor and Scarlett called for someone.
"Sky! What a surprise! I didn't know you'd be here." A strawberry blonde came out and hugged Scarlett.
"It's nice to see you again Chanel!" She said as she hugged her back. As she stepped back, I saw she was covered in tattoos. She also had tons of makeup and snake bites. She looked at me and smiled. I smiled back.
"So, what's the occasion?" She said as she leaned on the counter.
"Shadow Tattoo." Scarlett said as she smiled.
"Nice! Haven't done one of those in a while." She said smiling.
"Come on, I'll do your tattoos." She waved us to the back. We sat down and she pulled out paper.
"What do you want yours to say?" She said as she looked at me with a soft smile.
"Umm... I'm Free Fallin'." I said smiling.
"Nice one! You Scarlett?" Scarlett looked at me and smiled.
"I like big booty hoe's." I bursted into laughter as I saw how innocent she smiled.
"You're so ridiculous." Chanel mumbled as she laughed.
"Seriously though?" She said as she looked up at her.
"My sides hurt!" I said as I gasped for air.
"Umm... I wanted to get 'Don't be scared. I'm right here' on the back of my ear." She said smiling.
"High for This?" Chanel asked as she looked up at her.
"You already know." Scarlett smiled.
"Have you heard Ellie Goulding's cover?" She asked.
"She's amazing!" Scarlett squealed.
"I know! Now, what design?"
"I wanted a blue music note at the end." Scarlett said smiling.
"I think I'll get the same." I said as I turned to Chanel.
"Sweet! Let me just make a quick sketch and I'll get you guys done in no time!" She got up and walked off.
While Scarlett and I were chatting and talking about the tour, Chanel came up to us and showed us the design.
"That's awesome!" I said as I looked at mine.
"Where did you want yours Harry?" Chanel asked.
"Behind my ear as well." I said as I smiled at Scarlett. I went first and got mine done, then, Scarlett went and got hers. We sat next to each other while we each got it done. Chanel the. showed us how they looked, and we loved it.
"The guys are probably gonna freak out when they see this." I chuckled as I looked at it.
"I know what you mean. Jocy is gonna flip." Scarlett giggled.
"Lets test these babies out!" Chanel handed us separate headphones and we placed them over our ears.
"Ready?" We nodded and she played the music. I saw different flashbacks play before me to the song. We had so many fun memories together that I had forgotten. When the song stopped, I took the headphones off.
"That was really amazing." I said smiling.
"Yeah. It always plays things that you forget. Makes me wonder what else I did with Jocy that I don't remember." Scarlett chuckled.
"Alright then! Hope you guys like it!" Chanel said as she walked us out.
"What time is it?" I asked her.
"Almost 11?" Chanel said as he began to pull out her phone. Me and Scarlett looked at each other scared.
"We're gonna be late!" We said simultaneously.
"Bye Chanel!" We dashed off and hoped we wouldn't get to practice late.
"Can I see the tattoo?" Zayn said as he walked towards me. He pulled my hair back and smiled.
"That's a sweet story." Eleanor said as he sighed with a smile.
"So, we just have to play the song that Sky chose, and she'll get her memory back?" Louis said as he looked at me.
"Yeah. Or, I hope so." I said as I leaned back.
"I have a feeling this plan is gonna work." Jocy said as she squealed.
"How do we get Scarlett alone though? So we can play the song for her?" Niall said as he looked at us.
"Well... We have a concert tomorrow." Louis said as he stood up.
"Don't you guys use those ear pieces on stage sometimes?" Danielle said.
"We can switch Scarlett's!" Jocy said as she stood up.
"And play the song there!" I finished off.
"Looks like we have a plan." Zayn smirked.
"Scarlett, here we come."

"Is everyone in position?" I mumbled in the walkie-talkie.
"Ready!" I heard Liam say.
"Ready!" Zayn answered.
"Lista!" Jocy replied.
"I gotta pee." Louis said.
"Lets get it started." Niall chuckled. I looked out on the stage and waited for Scarlett to come back here for her guitar. I looked up and saw Jocy watching guard. Im straight ahead, Louis was standing there to make sure Scarlett would go to my side. I went out to the hall and looked down to where Zayn was watching out for anyone who tried to come in. On the other side, Niall was distracting the dancers with some jokes.
"Liam, you ready?"
"Already got the ear pieces. She actually believed me." He answered back.
"Great." I smiled.
"Scarlett is on her way." Jocy said.
"I pushed her off towards your direction man!" I heard Louis say.
"Okay!" I went running to position. Scarlett came in and ran for her guitar.
"I broke my ear piece." She mumbled. I chuckled. I just told Niall to make it lose connection, not break it.
"I've got one here!" I handed it to her.
"Thanks!" She placed it in her ear and walked out to the stage.
"She's got it on." I said into the walkie.
"Someone's coming! She wouldn't stop when I told her too! Watch out Harry." I heard Zayn say.
"You better do it now Jocy!" I waited for a response.
"Jocy? Do you copy?" Still no answer.
"This just won't do." I heard an unfamiliar voice say.
"Who is this?" I heard Niall say.
"Thought you could make her remember?" I heard someone behind me. I turned around.
"What are you doing here?" I began to back away.
We were so close....


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