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Shadow's Target

Chapter 15, Part 1: Silver.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
Brown. Blue. Brown. Blue. Green.
I flipped positions in my bed, so I laid sideways, facing the wall Jocy and I had decorated.
Brown. Blue. Brown. Blue. Green.
Oh Green...
I can't do this. I gripped my blanket and threw it over my head. I can't go back to sleep. I peaked out to catch a glimpse of my clock. It's 7 in the morning.
"Gaahhh..." I went back inside the warmth and safety of my blanket.
"Yeah... I can't do this." I mumbled to myself.
I grabbed my blanket, and dragged it with me.
I stepped out my door. Take a couple steps; Harry's room is to my left. There's a sign on his door. It's the sign I made for him.
'DO NOT DISTURB THE CURLY HAIRED ONE' with a cute drawing I made of him. I huffed, and walked on.
I reach the living room, and, the TV's on. I see the top of someone's head...
"Liam?" I manage to mumble. He turns around.
"Oh, Scarlett!" He smiles at me and waves me over to sit with him. I carefully sit down, cover myself with my blanket, and lean back.
"Why are You, of all people, up so early?" He says chuckling.
"Couldn't sleep." I say.
"Why? Bad dream? Something you ate?" He says as he turns to the TV. He flips through the channels.
"Just, thoughts." I say with a sigh.
"You sound way off. What exactly were you thinking?" He sets the control down on his left side. He turns to me and has worry in his eyes.
"Nothing big." My voice sounds scratchy.
"Big or small, keeping things in isn't good for anyone." He says with a witty smile.
I look down at my hands. My nails are painted a light blue. One of my fingers, my... My... Uhhh..
"What's this finger called? The one next to my pinky?" I turn to him and show him my hands.
"Why are you asking such random things? There is definitely something up with you love." He pushes my hand down slowly towards my lap. I look up at him. I can tell him. He's trustworthy.
"Something happened to me last night." I said softly. He shifts his body so it's in Indian position.
"It was when me and Harry went to the bathroom." I mumble.
"Did you guys get mad at each other? Cause that would explain the dull look he had after you guys came back." He began to fidget with his fingers.
"No. We didn't get mad at each other." I get into Indian style as well.
"Then what was it?" He squinted his eyes slightly, wondering what had gone down. I chuckle. I never noticed how he does a silly pout when he makes that look. I smile and look down at my hair. I pick up a few strand and begin to braid it.
"He kissed me." I say mindlessly.
"What?" Liam looks shocked. He has a slight grin, eyebrows raised up, he just froze.
"Yeah." I mumble.
"Finally!" He says as he raises his hands up to the air.
"What's that supposed to mean?" I say laughing.
"C'mon... You can't tell me you're serious." He said with a huff.
"I kinda am..." I say with a small laugh.
"Harry has totally liked you since day one! You always sassed him, teased him, connected with him, all of that! Hell, he even cried when we finally found you and Lou." He said laughing. I think back to when I woke up that day. I looked besides me and saw him there, my iPod in his lap, his eyes shut, the soft breathing he did as he slept.
"I never knew." I whisper to myself.
"Scarlett... You may be a super smart, athletic, Shadow, but, you're pretty much clueless when it comes to boys." He chuckled. I look at him and smile.
"I am. I don't get out much cause of the whole Shadow thing. I know everyone there, and, they're like my friends, so, I don't get much experience." I smile softly.
"So, have you talked to him about it?" He says as he leans his head on his hand.
"No... Once we got back, he just looked at me and walked to his room. It was weird..." I say as I look down.
"Maybe he thought you were mad a him?"
"Why do you say that?" I look up at him again.
"Cause... You and Adam barely get close all over again, then, he chooses to kiss you. And Taylor... It's all a big mess and he probably didn't want to hear you say how you must be mad about it." He shrugs.
"That sounds reasonable... But... It's Harry." I say chuckling.
"True..." He smiles.
"Liam?" We turn and see Danielle yawning. She walks smoothly over to him and wraps her arms around his neck. She kisses his cheek and whispers good morning. I smile as I see his face light up when he faces her.
"Why are you up so early, Sky?" Danielle says as she turns to me.
"I couldn't sleep." I shrug.
"She has some stuff going through her mind." Liam says to her.
"Well, I'm always here if you wanna talk." She says smiling.
"Thanks." I smile back. I get up and heads towards the kitchen to eat.
I sit there and play around with my cereal. I watch as the bits bob around the milk.
"Aren't you gonna eat that?" I look behind me. Lou is reaching for a bowl. I turn my attention back to my cereal.
"Yeah... " I mumble.
"You still thinking about yesterday?" He says as he sits next to me. He pours some cereal, then milk, plunges his spoon in, and takes a bite.
"Yeah. I can't get over it." I place my hand under my chin and sigh.
"He did act pretty weird once Taylor came." Lou mumbles.
"I know. I couldn't talk to him at all."
"You should try to. You two can't avoid it, I mean, you guys ARE partners for the tour." He chuckles.
"When do we head out for the next place?" I say as I take out my phone. I look at the calendar.
"After the concert we have today, we leave." I turn to him. He looks at me and smiles. His eyes sparkling with joy.
"I remember the first time I met you, your eyes were like a sea green." I chuckle.
"Look closley." He leans in and I look at his eyes.
"So... Blue... And green? Or do they change?"
"They change when he changes moods." I look up and see Eleanor munching on an apple.
"Nobody asked you to speak woman." Louis says sternly, but, I know they were just playing.
"Eat your cereal." She says flicking his head. He chuckles as she sits next to him.
"Listen to your lady." I say smiling. I get up and put my bowl away.
"Don't encourage her!" He says as he frowns.
"Oh, be quiet." She kisses him lightly on his forehead.
"You two are so weird." I laugh as I walk away. I notice Zayn, Niall, and Harry sitting down on the couch. Harry turns around and sees me...
I'll ask later.
I look away and head for the shower.

"Another great show!" Zayn says as he high fives us all.
"Except for the part where Harry hit me." Louis grumbles.
"I said I was sorry!" Harry says laughing. We were heading into the limo.
"Scarlett?" I turn to Zayn.
"What's up?"
"Would you mind coming along with me somewhere?" He says with a smile. I nod.
"We'll be there by the time the bus gets there!" Zayn yells out to the guys.
"Don't be late!" Liam yells back. Zayn gets a hold of my hand, and leads me to a car.
"You know where to." He says with a smile to the driver. He nods and starts to drive off. Me and Zayn talk about the concert on the way, till we finally stop. I look out and see we're at a store.
"A jewelry store?" I say chuckling as I step out.
"I wanted to buy Perrie a small gift." He said with a smile.
"Aww! That's sweet." I say as I turn to him. We stepped in and began to look around.
"What exactly are you looking to get her?" I say as I turn to him.
"That's why I brought you here. I know her tastes and everything, but, you knew her before me and I wanted an opinion." He said as he turned to me and smiled. His hazel brown eyes had the twinkle, that certain twinkle.
"You really like her don't you?" I say with a grin. He looks down at a necklace and rubs his arm. He smiles and nods.
"She gets me. She's just amazing, beautiful, talented... She's perfect to me." He chuckles.
"She's hot as hell man." I mumble.
"What?" He says laughing.
"What about that one?" I point to a necklace.
"I was just looking at that myself." He smiled. It was a gold and silver heart. They intertwined together and had a few diamonds.
"You think she'll like it?" He says turning to me.
"She'll love anything you get her." I smile back.
"Then lets get this baby and leave."

"Niall! Get back here!"
"Dude, you're dead." Laughs Adam.
"Naah." Niall says with his mouth full. I run after him into the room.
"Where'd you go.." I whisper to myself.
"Achoo!" I turn around startled.
"Ouch." Niall is lying face down on the floor.
"Hiding in Liam's bed again?" I chuckle. He nods. I extend my arms to him and lift him up.
"Next time, make more." He says smiling. I punch him lightly and laugh.
"Hey! They were good!" I roll my eyes and sit down on the edge of Jocy's bed.
"Her blanket is so comfortable." I say as I wrap it around me.
"We always cuddle in it." He says grinning. I slowly take off the blanket and place it back.
"What?" Niall laughs.
"No." I say with a straight face.
"Oh whatever." He smiles and looks down.
"Jocy is so happy with you." I say as I lay back.
"Really?" I look up to Niall smiling.
"Cause... She really makes me happy too. She's just so cute! And sweet, adorable, silly, kind, soft-"
"Soft?" I chuckle. He looks at me and smiles sheepishly. His eyes twinkle the same way Zayn's do.
"Like... Her cheeks... Her kisses... Her hands... She's just... So amazing." He sighs happily.
"Well, I'm glad you two are happy." I smile.

"We are here today with the worlds biggest boy band; One Direction" The host says smiling. We watch as he interviews the guys, making jokes and comments, asking about their love life, and the tour itself. I lose a bit of attention as I start to play games on my phone.
"SKY?" I shoot up and hear as everyone laughs.
"What?" I say as I turn to Jocy.
"He asked you something! Go up there!" Jocy chuckles. I groan and stand up. Everyone claps as I take a seat next to Lou.
"So what's your name dear?" He says smiling.
"Scarlett." I smile back.
"Did you even hear my question a while ago?" I shake my head saying no.
"Oh goodness." He says chuckling.
"How's life with the boys?" He smiles.
"Great! They're all pretty-"
"So about your singing." He interrupts me as he squints. The crowd chuckles as I make a face.
"She really is good isn't she?" Niall says.
"Quite. And apparently, the boys fans thinks so too." He says as he leans back on his chair.
"I only sang cause Harry corrupted the crowd." I chuckle.
"I did no such thing." I look to him and he smiles.
"Well, either way, everyone has been tweeting and asking for you to perform again at the boys concerts." He says as he turns to a TV behind him. Tweets pop up with all these requests asking for me to sing a small part. I raise my eyebrows at this.
"I know.. Shocking. You weren't that good compared to me." He says as he sighs. We laugh a he turns to us.
"But, would you sing again?" He places his hands under his chin.
"She will." I turn to Lou.
"I never said yes!" I say chucking.
"Your opinion is irrelevant." The host says to me. We all laugh again.
"I mean... I don't mind... But, it is a One Direction concert. They're there for them, not me." I chuckle.
"Well, some of these fans loved hearing you sing! Especially with Harry." He says winking.
"Speaking of you two... What was it with that kiss during the first concert?" He says with a smirk. I freeze.
"Never seen two friends kiss each others cheek?" Harry chuckles.
"You were the one that kissed her lad." I still stay frozen.
"What did Taylor think of it?"
"She just laughed it off. She didn't mind it." Harry smiles. I look over at him. That's not what he told everyone else...

"It's been two weeks Scarlett. How much more time do you need?!" Lou groans. I play around with my food.
"He doesn't talk to me. The only time he does is at the concerts and during your interviews." I say as I look up to him.
"He has been pretty strange these last few days, hasn't he?" Lou says as he frowns.
"Yeah. He's been acting weird, like, not himself." I look back down at my food. Maybe it's me. It all started web he kissed me.
"Whatever it is, he's gotta stop it. It's freaking me out." Lou says chuckling.
"He has been talking to Adam a lot more though." I say with an eyebrow raised.
"But they're all secretive about it." Lou says a he takes a bit of his food.
"I might as well ask him today... We have the day off, don't we?" I say as I look up to him.
"Yeah. I'll take everyone out and leave you two alone." He suggests.
"Would you?" I say softly.
"Anything for you. You've helped me, now I'll help you." He smiles.
"You're the best."
"I know." He sighs. I chuckle and continue to eat my food.

I sit on the couch, waiting for Harry to come out from the shower. I look around. This hotel is pretty fancy.
"What's with you?" I turn back and see Harry with his towel wrapped around his waist. I blush furiously as it starts to slide down a bit an throw my hands over my eyes.
"I have something on underneath." He laughs. I peek through my fingers and watch as he sits next to me. He ruffles his hair up with his hands, parts it of to the side, then looks at me with a smile.
"What?" He chuckled.
"Nothing..." I mumble. I lean back on the couch and stare at the television. I take a deep breath as I prepare myself.
"Harry-" I was stopped. He placed his finger on my lip.
"Let me talk first." I give him a strange look.
"Be careful Scarlett." He says. His eyes look into mine, they go through me, they make me melt. They're full of sadness... No... Bigger than that...
They're full of fear...
His Green eyes... Full of fear...
"What's wrong?" I say softly. He sighs and looks down.
"I can't say." He looks back up to me.
"Come here." He leans in and pulls me by the waist till I'm close enough to him. He places my legs over him and hold my hands.
"You just have to be careful." He says slowly.
"You sound crazy." I say with a small laugh.
"I am. I mean... I kissed YOU didn't I? I put my life at risk. You could've killed me." He chuckled. I flick his forehead and laugh along with him.
"We can't talk anymore... Lou's coming. I'm sorry Scarlett. I should've trusted you." Before I could ask what he meant, he grabbed my chin an pulled me in. He placed his lips on mine... And he gave me the softest kiss. I felt so much rushing in me. He broke off and looked me in the eyes.
"Take this dollar. It will help you realize. I'm sorry." A dollar? Why? I look up to him... He starts to get distant.
"WAKE UP!" I was startled out of bed and Fell down with a thump.
"OWWW..." I groan loudly. I get up slowly and see Louis standing over me, laughing.
"Did I wake you up?" He chuckles. I get up on my feet and nod.
"What the?" I look around; Everyone is still here.
"Where's Harry?" I mumble.
"He's been playing games with Zayn. You were watching them play and knocked out, remember?" He chuckles.
"Wait.. What?" I couldn't believe it... I was dreaming then? It felt so... Real...
"Yeah. We're about to leave though, just like I promised." Lou winks.
"Lou! Do you have a dollar on you?" I look and see Harry walking towards us.
"Uhh nooo..." Lou says as he looks through his pockets. I place my hands in the pouch of my hoodie. I feel something... I take it out.
"I have a dollar." I say as I look at it.
"Here Harry, you can-" As I extend my arm to him, I look into his eyes.
"Thanks!" He snatches it and walks off. I stay still... Watching him leave. What did I just see...
"Sky?" Lou waves his hands in my face and I snap out of it.
"Lou... Can we talk in private?"
"Well, I-" I grab his hand and pull him into a room. I lock the door and begin to pace back an forth.
"What is the matter with you?" Lou chuckles. I sit on the edge of a seat and Lou sits besides me.
"I... I saw something." My voice begins to shake.
"What? You're scaring me." Lou says softly.
"It's.... It wasn't green...." I mumble.
"What?" Lou laughs nervously.
"They were silver..." I say as I begin to breathe heavily. I run my fingers through my hair. They were silver... At that moment... They were silver. He blinked, and they turned back to dull green he's had the past weeks.
"What was silver?" Lou says worried. I turn to him and look him in the eyes. I hesitate to tell him... But... I take a deep breath... And let it out...
"That's not Harry."


Just cause everyone was asking for an update, I decided to make this chapter into parts xD Y'all can't wait, can you? Once you read this... You will want more... I did it on purpose e-e haha cx Enjoy this small chapter c; Comment, Vote, Subscribe! Hell, tell others about my story and I might update sooner ;3


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
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it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

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it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: