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Shadow's Target

Chapter 14: Losing It.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
Scarlett began to pull me in for a hug.
"Oh Harry..." Her voice sounded different.
Evil laughter.
"You really thought you could get away with this... Didn't you?" That wasn't Scarlett.
I pushed off of her... And in front of me, she was there, staring into my eyes-Taylor.
"And now, your little friends are gonna get it." Her voice sounded ominous, her face was pale, her hair began to fade, an her eyes were dull. Its like it wasn't even her. She reached behind her, pulled out a gun, and directed it to me.
"We are never getting back together... Like... Ever." She giggled.
I woke up startled. My hands were shaking, I was sweating, my heart beating fast.
"Harry? What the hell? I know I'm not that good at singing, but c'mon... Cut me some slack." Scarlett said laughing. She reached for her iPod and turned the song off.
Where was I? I looked around; Scarlett's room.
"When did we end up in here?" I mumbled.
"Uhhh... Last night? Don't you remember? You knocked yourself out with my sleeping powder?" She chuckled.
"What?" I said shocked.
"Yeah! We were messing with everyone? Then you said 'Oh, what's this? It's smells sweet!'" She said in a deep mocking british tone.
"And you took some and tasted it, even after I warned you." She said laughing. My eyes widened. What?!
"And then you just fell asleep, so, I carried you back to our room before I got to see the ending of the movie." She said punching my arm.
"Now, I gotta keep packing! We're leaving soon!" She said as she turned back to her suitcase.
"So... We just went back to bed? That's it?" I muttered.
"Yeah... What else?" She chuckled. She got up and stretched, popping her back.
"So, why were you screaming? Nightmare?" She asked as she sat down next to me.
"Yeah... More like love story gone wrong." I said as I shook my hair.
"I wanna know what happened! Was there like, fighting, and clawing, and name calling? Like, Eyy girl! That's my man! Mhhmm." She said snapping her fingers side to side. I chuckled.
"I rather not talk about it. You'd probably freak out." I said as I yawned. I turned to her, and she was pouting.
"What?" I said laughing.
"You're no fun. At least tell me why you were screaming! That freaked me out!" She said worried. I began to walk towards the bathroom.
"Lets just say, I gotta start opening my eyes more."
"You can say that again..." She mumbled.
"Sometimes dreams can have a meaning! They could predict what could happen, or it's a warning!" She yelled out.
"Heave my words young curly one!" I turned to her. She was wiggling her fingers to me. I couldn't help but laugh.
"Go back to packing."

"You sure you have to leave so soon? Can't you stay a bit longer?" Laura groaned.
"For the last time! We gotta get there in time to get adjusted all over again." Chuckled Scarlett.
"What time does your flight leave?" Asked Jess as she munched on a chip.
"Umm... 10 p.m. I think we'll get there early in the morning." I said.
"I'm gonna miss you guys!!" Daisy said. I noticed as she began to tear up a bit.
"Don't cry!" Scarlett said. She got up and began to soothe her.
"This is the longest mission you guys have been in! It's a worldwide tour for Pete's sake!" She said sobbing.
"You're gonna go watch us play though, aren't you?" I asked smiling. She shot up and a smile began to wipe across her face.
"I can't wait!" She squealed.
"Sissy..." Muttered Scarlett. Daisy punched her shoulder, and Scarlett just laughed.
"Well, we better get going! Airport is an hour from here, and we still have to put all your things in the limo." Said Jane.
"Alright, lets go get them Scarlett." I said as I got up.
"I've noticed that you never call Scarlett by her nickname." Said Jess. I stopped and thought about it.
"I guess you're right. I never realized it either. I just like the name Scarlett I suppose!" I said smiling.
"Blah blah! Lets gooo!" Scarlett groaned as she pushed me along.
"Oh, wait! I think I left my cellphone back there." She waved me off and walked away with the girls.
"Harry?" I turned around and saw Jane. She was just looking at her cellphone.
"You called me?" I asked as I walk to her. She placed her phone away in her bag, and looked at me.
"What's with you?" She said smiling suspiciously.
"What do you mean?" I said chuckling. I began to walk down the hallway, and she walked right besides me.
"You were acting weird." I turned to her with my eyebrow raised.
"What do you mean by that?"
"You were looking at Scarlett like this." She stopped and began to make goofy faces as she fluttered her eyes. I laughed and continued to walk.
"Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little, but, the point is that you were giving her this.. Look. A look that I know too well. Did something happen between you two?" She said winking. I looked to her and began to stutter as if I were offended.
"No! Absolutely not!" I finally said. I looked ahead, and bumped into the pole.
"Oww! Since when has that been there?!" I muttered as I rubbed my forehead.
"It's the thing that the doors lock into? its been there forever? See! You're acting weird!" She chuckled.
"Nothing happened though! I just had a dream..." I said softly. She gasped.
"Was it... A steamy... Dream? If you catch my drift." She whispered.
"Not the end..." I mumbled.
"Cause you woke up in the middle of reaching climax?!" She said out loud. I face palmed myself. Where does she come up with these things?!
"Now I know why Scarlett warns me not to talk about certain things with you." I groaned.
"Oh.. Sorry." She laughed nervously.
"But.. No." I chuckled.
"Then, what happened?" She asked. We reached the hallway where Scarlett's room was. I slowed down my pace.
"I kissed Scarlett-"
"WHAT?!" I covered her mouth.
"In my DREAM." She then let out a sigh of understanding.
"Yeah... Then, towards the end... I was telling her how I felt, and she told me she felt the same." Jane began to Aww.
"Then, Taylor took her place... And she shot me." I said casually. I smiled at her, but she just gave me a dull look. She moved my hand away from her mouth.
"Harry..." She began slowly.
"Yeah?" I asked even slower.
"Can I see that necklace that Taylor gave you?" I pulled it out and showed it to her.
"Looks fine to me..." She whispered to herself. I tucked it back in and pretended I didn't hear that.
"Does Taylor have a ring?" She said looking at me.
"LOOK OUT!" We both turned and saw Daisy pushing the luggage down the hall... No, wait... Chasing it?
"DAISY! You're DEAD!" Scarlett ran right behind her, steadily catching up to her. Jess and Laura stopped and grabbed us.
"C'mon!" We ran down the hall with them, running after our stuff.

"We'll call you once we land!" Yelled out Scarlett. The girls waved goodbye as we boarded the plane. I looked back once more, and saw Jane starring at me, but, then she looked away.
"C'mon Harry!" Scarlett got a hold of me and sat me down next to her.
"Man, that vacation went by too fast." She said smiling. She took out her phone, and I saw she was texting Jocy.
"Happy that you finally got your phone?" I chuckled. She looked at me and smiled.
"Yeah! My iPhone... My precious... My ultimate weapon!" She said as she raised it up in the air. I snatched it away from her.
"Hey!" She tried to get it away from me, but, she failed.
"I just wanna take a picture with my friend!" I said laughing. She rolled her eyes and finally stopped.
"Kay. But..." I turned to her.
"I hold the phone." She snatched it.
"Get closer!" I said pulling her by the waist.
"Calm down Harry." She said chuckling. She turned the front camera on, and I smiled.
"Say Cheese!" She snapped the shot, and began to look at it.
"I have a huge smile..." She mumbled.
"But you look happy!" I said with a grin.
"Cause I got to see the famous Harry Styles!" She said grinning back. I chuckled.
"Kay. Lets upload this baby! What should I say?" She turned to me and stared for the longest time, making me uncomfortable.
"I'm looking into your soul." She whispered. I began to laugh, and she looked back down at her phone.
"I got it! 'After 2 Whole weeks, I finally got to see one of the best guys I know! @Harry_Styles, I missed you mate! XOX.' Beautiful, isn't it?" She said smiling as she handed me the phone to read. Before I knew it, I saw that Lou had tweeted something as well. I began to laugh.
"Look!" I got closer to her so she could see.
"Lou sent this tweet out; '@Harry_Styles replaced me for @Skyy_Danee... Oh well. I still got @JojoDavis.' And he has a photo of them together, hugging, pouting, an looking at the camera." I said chuckling.
"Fussy kids." She chuckled.
"Look! Now Niall is getting involved." I read over, and sure enough, they were at it again.
"I can't wait to see them again." She chuckled. She turned her phone off and yawned.
"I'm gonna sleep." She mumbled. She placed her head on my shoulder, and slowly dozed off. I smiled and kissed her head.
"Sleep with the Angels." I chuckled.
"You're so lame." She whispered.
"Go back to sleep." I whispered back. I closed my eyes, and started to fall asleep as well.

"I can't take these things into my room! I'm running on empty!" Scarlett said as she fell on the floor. I just laughed and carried my stuff to my room. When I came back, Scarlett had food with her already.
"How did you-"
"My phone." She said as she chewed.
"Want some?" She said with a smile. I nodded and went to sit down by her.
"I just wanna sleep again." I said as I took a bit of my pizza.
"You're not alone. I was so comfortable sleeping on you. You're like... The best human pillow ever." She said sighing as she smiled. I started to laugh.
"But... Yeah. I really need a nap. We start practice again, promoting, your famous things." She said with a chuckle. Her phone began to ring.
"Hmm... It's Adam?" Her eyes went blank.
"Are you gonna answer?" I asked softly. I watched as she just looked at her phone. She didn't move. She just waited till it stopped ringing.
"I'm not ready to talk to him... Especially after that talk we had. You know, I don't really get why he said that just... Out of the blue." She grabbed another slice and munched on it.
"Maybe he was going through something?" I suggested.
"Or someone told him something... About me." She mumbled.
"Whatever the case is, I don't wanna talk to him just yet about it." She said. She went back to devouring her pizza.
"This tastes so good!" She moaned.
"Your attention shifts pretty quickly doesn't it?" I chuckled.
"When there's food around? Yeah." She said as she ate another slice
"So, how does that movie end? Your sleepy self didn't let me finish watching it." She chuckled. I got up and pulled her to the couch.
"Hey! I still want more pizza!" She whined.
"I'll bring you the pizza." I said smiling. She sat down on the couch, and I went to put the movie on.
"You have it?" She said ecstatically.
"Present from my mum." I chuckled. I pressed play, then went to the kitchen for her pizza
"Nice! Bring a blanket so I can snuggle under it." She yelled out. I came back with both the things, and sat down next to her.
"Yay! Thank You!"
"You're in an awfully good mood." I smiled.
"I know... I don't know why though. I blame you. Your happy self made me all... Preppy." She mumbled.
"What was that?" I said chuckling.
"Nothing." She smiled.
"Focus on the movie." I said as I turned her head.
The whole time, we laughed and made side comments to each other. It was nice, like the last time we did this.
"So... Is this what it's like to hang out with a boyfriends?" She asked out of nowhere. I turned to her.
"That was a random question." I smiled.
"Well... I mean like, a typical, stereotype date kind of thing. Me and Adam did different things." She said as she smirked. I just nudged her, and she laughed.
"Like, for example, the guy does the yawning thing, like so." She commenced to yawn.
"Then stretches his arms..." She did that as well.
"And smoothly proceeds to places his arms around his girl. Kinda like the girls and guys did when we were at the auditorium." She placed her hand behind me, and I just chuckled.
"That's not what I would do." I took her arm off me shoulder.
"Then show me would you would do, Mr. I'm-So-Smooth-With-The-Ladies." She teased.
"I don't think you wan me to wrap my arm around your waist..." I did so.
"Pull your legs over mine..." I did that as well.
"And then..." I leaned in.
"Uhh... Harry..." She began to turn red.
"Shhh..." I got closer.
"I'm not wearing trousers..." I whispered in her ear. She just bursted laughing.
"That's your idea of getting a girls attention?" She laughed. I faced her and smiled.
"It's an ice breaker." I chuckled.
"Well, that's interesting." She said as her laughter calmed down. She took her legs off of me, and leaned back On the couch. I decided to place my head on her lap.
"You mind?" I asked.
"It's fine. I'm always the one falling asleep on you anyways." She chuckled. I smiled and got comfortable on her.
"I can't get over your hair! Now I know why the girls love it so much!" She began to twist my curls, ran her fingers trough my hair, and it was just so relaxing, but, then she stopped.
"Why'd you stop?" I pouted.
"What? You liked it?" She chuckled. I nodded and she laughed. She went back to running her hand through my hair, and I just slowly started to relax.
"I should be a masseuse." She chuckled. I just nodded and purred at the feeling.

I heard a door unlock. I wanted to open my eyes, but, I was so comfortable. Then, something heavy jumped on me. My eyes shot open.
"HARRY!" It was Louis. They turned the lights on and I hissed as it tried to shield myself.
"Aww c'mon pal! It's only 8." Laughed Liam.
"What? Really?"
"Who woke me up!" Groaned Scarlett. I turned my head around and saw her slowly opening her eyes.
"You two just can't get enough of sleeping on one another, can you?" Chuckled Eleanor.
"More like sleeping with one another..." Mumbled Danielle.
"Did you say something?" Scarlett asked pretending she didn't hear.
"No! No, no..." Danielle giggled.
"No wonder you guys didn't answer anyone's texts!" Jocy said as she marched in.
"Always asleep!" She said throwing her hand up.
"I like how they still haven't gotten off of each other." Said Zayn with a smirk. I saw Perrie come up from behind him and giggle. After I heard that, I got up and just sat next to Scarlett who was still struggling to open her eyes.
"SKY!" Out came Niall. He jumped on her, and she yelped.
"I missed you guys!" Niall said with a huge grin.
"How did it go with Jocy and your parents?" She asked with a yawn.
"I'll tell you if we go out for some food!" He said smiling. She placed her hands under Niall, and carried him as she got up.
"LET'S GO!" She started going towards the door.
"We still gotta get ready though." Louis said as he stepped in front of her. She looked around and saw they were all dressed in their sleepwear.
"Oh." She dropped Niall with a huge thud.
"Hey! That hurt!" He said rubbing his bum. She looked at him apologetically. I got up and ran towards her to swoop her up.
"You gotta get ready too! You've got pizza stains all over you." I said laughing. She looked at her shirt and grinned.
"Forward!" She said pointing toward the hall. I ran to her room, and threw her on the bed.
"It feels good to be back!" She said with a sigh.
"Since when have you two been so... Friendly?" Chuckled Louis.
"They've always been friendly... They're just... Too friendly... Now." Said Liam as he turned to us.
"What?" Scarlett and I said in unison.
"I find it sweet!" Perrie said as she passed by with Zayn. Eleanor and Danielle then came by.
"Be glad they aren't fighting anymore." Laughed Eleanor. She pulled Louis along, and Danielle pulled Liam with her. Niall then stepped in and sat down by Scarlett.
"They don't know you guys spent the vacation together yet, do they?" He chuckled.
"Noooo. So, keep it between us three." I warned him.
"Ahhmmm ... Four!" Jocy said stepping out of the bathroom. She was dressed differently: sweat pants and a sweater.
"Jocy would never be caught wearing those pants with that sweater." I said snapping my fingers.
"She's an imposter!" I whispered to Scarlett and Niall.
"Harry, that's pretty weird..." Jocy mumbled.
"See! Told you!" Scarlett said laughing.
"I've gotten in touch with my inner Jocy." I said as I flipped my hair.
"Well, get in touch with your inner Harry, cause, you're creeping me out." Chuckled Niall.
"I think it's time for you guys to get out of here." Scarlett said as she began to shove us out.
"Why? We won't look." Niall said innocently.
"Speak for yourself." I mumbled. Scarlett glared at me, so, I smirked.
"Bye!" She shut the door on us, and we walked off.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"They're so weird." I chuckled. I locked the door and went towards my suitcase.
"So, how was it?" Jocy said as she went towards her bags.
"It was fun actually. He bonded with the girls as Jocy AND Harry." I said smiling at her. She just laughed.
"What about your phone? What kind?" I took it out and waved it at her.
"Nice! Now we can do that group chat thing!" She squealed.
"Oh, I missed you Jocy." I said chuckling.
"So what happened between you and Adam? Jane said it was weird." She asked as she walked to me. I stopped for a moment, then continued on.
"It was so weird Jocy. We were talking one day, and, out of nowhere, he brought up how him and I... Should keep things like they are." I got quiet.
"We should stay friends." I said softly.
"Dude, that doesn't sound like Adam. Do you think something went on while he was on vacation?" Jocy asked worried.
"I have no idea. We still texted and whatever, but he never mentioned anything else." I said as I looked at her. She looked down.
"He doesn't deserve you. You're too good for him Scarlett." She said turning to me. I just chuckled.
"Lets change already." I said as I threw a shirt at her.

"I CALL SHOT GUN!" I said as I ran past Niall. He started to speed up, and began to shove each other.
"Niall! Ladies first!"
"But I'm cute and lovable!"
"And you're also adorable and punchable!" We kept shoving each other, until;
"I call front seat!" Danielle came in-between us, and got in. Me and Niall looked at each other, then Danielle.
"I call front seat in Harry's car!" I ran past Niall and got in. I locked my door and stuck my tongue out at him.
"No fair!" He whined.
"You can sit in the back with JOOOCCCCYYYYY!" I said as I made kissy faces. He raised his eyebrow.
"Where are you babe?" He said as he walked off to get her.
"Typical." I chuckled.
"At least he has a date." I was startled. I turned around and faced Harry.
"You scared me! When did you get in here anyways?!" I said as I let out a sigh of relief.
"I got in the same time that you did." He smiled.
"You're giving me a heart attack!" I sang. Harry just laughed and placed his seatbelt on.
"Sorry! We were... Talking to Lou." Jocy said as she got in with Niall.
"I don't think talking with Lou involves this." Harry turned to me and pretended to kiss me.
"HARRY!" Jocy said blushing.
"Oh, shush! We know you guys sneak somewhere to make out!" I said as I faced the front.
"SKY!" Niall said as he turned red as well.
"Let's go Harry!"
"Let's!" He said as he started the car. We drove off with Liam following right behind us.
"So, what did you guys do? After what you said over the webcam, I was so jealous! It sounded like fun!" Niall said smiling. I looked in the mirror towards Jocy.
"The girls are dying to meet your boo." I giggled.
"Especially Laura." Laughed Harry.
"Laura wants to meet everyone." Jocy said chuckling.
"Not anymore! Harry here got her a boyfriend." I said winking.
We just kept talking back and forth, Niall asking mostly questions, till we finally got to the restaurant and ordered our food.
"Will that be all?" Asked the waiter.
"Yes! Thank you." Liam said. He walked off and everyone began to talk again.
"Scarlett." I turned to Harry who was calling me.
"What's up?" He signaled with his eyes over to the table by the window. I squinted my eyes, but really couldn't make out who it was.
"What? Who is it?" I whispered to him.
"Watch closely." He chuckled. He ripped a tiny piece of bread and flicked it towards the woman.
"HEY! WATCH IT!" She said as she got up.
"LAURA?!" Me and Jocy got up in shock.
"Aahhh... nooo...." She slid back down her seat, and covered herself with the menu. I turned to Jocy.
"You're thinking what I'm thinking?" She nodded and we walked towards her.
As we got closer, we saw the rest of the girls were there.
"Umm... Surprise?" They smiled.
"What are you guys doing here?!" I said slamming my hands down.
"Are you okay, Sky?" I turned to Lou.
"Oh my god... It's him." Squealed Laura.
"Hello!" Lou smiled to her.
"Are you gonna introduce us?" Squealed Jess.
"You haven answered my question." I muttered to her.
"Hey, don't wanna be rude and all, but, you're kinda making a scene." Harry said as he walked towards us.
"You girls can sit with us! Any friends of Scarlett and Jocy, are friends of ours!" Niall said popping up behind me.
"That's your boyfriend Jocy?! He's hot!" Jane said grinning. Niall blushed and walked off.

"So... You're friends of theirs?" Asked Liam. The girls all shook their heads.
"That's Jane, Daisy, Jess, and Laura. They work with Jocy and I." I said smiling.
"It's nice to see you girls again." Perrie chuckled.
"You still remember us?" Daisy said surprised.
"Well, you girls DID spill paint all over our wardrobe that one time." She said laughing. The girls started to turn red and began to apologize.
"So, why exactly are you girls here?" I said a bit pissed off.
"It's something we need to say-"
"They know we're Shadows." Jocy said as she took a bite of her food.
"Right... The boss still doesn't know that." Jess said.
"Lets just tell them. This way, they'll be safe cause they know." Jane told them.
"Okay... So... We've learned that someone new was added into the Guardians." Laura started off.
"Big shock! They always add someone." I chuckled.
"Yeah! But this time, they believe it's someone YOU guys might know." Daisy said. We got quiet.
"You mean like... Someone in the crew? Our body guards? The dancers even?" Zayn asked.
"Yup. We had to tell you personally." Jane said.
"Why not call?" I said suspiciously.
"Because, we thought maybe their girlfriends might've been part of it, and we wanted to see their reactions." Laura chuckled.
"We wouldn't betray these girls! They're the best!" Danielle smiled.
"Aww! Thanks!" Jocy smiled.
"So, how do we know who it is? The ring? The mark?" I asked.
"We think this person has a mark on them. We're not sure though. Anything that seems Guardian related could be them." Jess said.
"I think they just wanted to come over to see the lads." Harry smirked.
"I mean... Why else would you dress up so nice to tell us this?" He chuckled. I turned to the girls. They had dresses, curled hair, flawless makeup... How did I not realize this.
"This is why the boss doesn't let you girls go on these kinds of missions." I said as I face palmed myself.
"They're gorgeous! Can you blame us?!" Laura said as she fluttered her eyes.
"They have girlfriends..." I chuckled.
"And we're right here." Jocy said as she stared at them.
"We got our eyes on you." Eleanor squinted.
"And we got our eyes on them." Jane said as she winked at Lou. He just looked back and forth from Eleanor to Jane.
"Aren't you gonna fight each other? I wanna see it happen." He said casually. We started to laugh.
"No, Lou." Eleanor said as he kissed his cheek.
"Poo." He mumbled.
"You guys are the cutest." Jess sighed with a smile.
"Are you guys gonna eat your food? Cause, Scarlett and Niall have been eating off of everyone's plate." Harry laughed. I turned to him.
"You had to spoil it for us." I said with a snare.
"Hey! I don't want them complaining." He said smiling. I just chuckled and went back to eating.
"Is anyone still a bit freaked at how great Harry and Sky are getting along?" Said Zayn.
"Well, they did bond a lot over the break." Jane smirked at us.
"Wait, what?" Liam said confused.
"He went to visit his mum." Louis chuckled.
"You haven't told them!" Laura said smiling.
"I wonder why?" Daisy grinned. Me and Harry turned to each other.
"Is there something you two have t told us?" Eleanor said smiling suspicious.
Oh great.

We got out of the car and headed inside. I heard music already playing, so, I thought the girls already got there.
"You two are so sneaky!" Lou said chuckling.
"We get it Louis!" I said.
"Seriously though! You two? Together? For TWO weeks? What else went on?" Zayn chuckled.
"Nothing." Mumbled Harry.
"That sounds like a disappointed 'Nothing' to me." Lou whispered to me. I punched his arm and walked off.
We got inside and went to say hello to the other girls.
"Does Adam know?" Zayn asked me.
"He doesn't need to. He doesn't even want to be with me, so, what's the point." I shrugged.
"What? What happened?" He asked me. I got down in to my splits to warm up. He sat down next to me and warmed up as well.
"He called me one day after I got my phone, right? And like, he just told me he wanted to stay friends basically."
"That doesn't sound like him. I thought he honestly liked you... A lot." He said.
"I thought so too... But whatever." I got up and stretched.
"What about Taylor?" Zayn said as he stood next to me.
"Ask Harry. I don't think she knows though. She's still in the U.S." I said to him.
"Well, that's pretty rough. Do you still talk to Adam?"
"Yeah. I mean, I didn't really feel too upset when Adam let me off like that. I kinda felt... Relief." I said shrugging. Zayn looked at me like I was weird.
"What?" I chuckled.
"I expected you to be giving him the silent treatment, or, threaten to kill him." Zayn laughed.
"Oh whatever!" I said shoving him.
"Well, I hope you're ready to talk to him in person." He chuckled. I gave him a confused look, but, then I understood what he meant when I heard clapping.
"Thank You! Thank you! I'm glad to be back!" I turned and saw Adam. He had his old beanie on with his dance clothes. He looked at me and smiled.
"You guys ready?! We only have a month of practice!" We all cheered.
"Lets do this!"

"That was a lot." Harry said as he fell to the floor panting.
"Aww c'mon. It wasn't that hard." I chuckled. I sat next to him and drank my water.
"It's not the dance! It's the exercise!" He groaned.
"At least you're learning flips and tricks." I said smiling.
"That's true... I like diving into the foam pit." He chuckled.
"So, have you and Adam talked?" He said turning to me.
"Nah. He just said a quick hey, and hugged me." I shrugged.
"Do you wanna talk to him?" He asked me.
"I'm not sure." I mumbled.
"Well, you better decide now, cause, he's coming this way." He said as he nudged towards my right. I turned and saw Adam walking towards us with a smile.
"Hey guys!" He plopped down next to me.
"Still tired Harry?" Adam chuckled.
"Just a smidge." He grumbled as he closed his eyes.
"But you're learning knew moves." He smiled.
"That's what I said!" I chuckled.
"Right? Like, remember when you learned that one trick-"
"When I jumped over Jocy's head-"
"And then you never stopped?" He laughed.
"I still do that! I did it at that one photo shoot with the boys!" I said turning to Harry.
"Meehhh." Was all Harry could say. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
"So, what's the plan for today? I say we hit the club!" Adam said as he did a little dance.
"No twerking please." I said to Adam.
"What? Don't like my booty shaking?" He said as he got up.
"I do!" Lou got behind Adam and patted his back.
"That's just weird." I laughed.
"I taught Louis how to do it!" Adam said laughing.
"It's true. I'm a pro." He said proudly.
"Lets see this 'Pro' do it then!" Liam said as he walked towards us with Niall and Jocy.
"I'm saying! Lets go to the club!" Adam said dancing.
"I'm up for it!" Harry said as he got up.
"We just need a yes from you Sky!" Jocy smirked. I looked at everyone, and they all had that look. I groaned.
"OKAY!" I got up.
"LETS GO DANCING!" Niall yelled.

[Harry's P.O.V]
"Where's Scarlett?" I asked Jocy. The music was blasting, and everyone was looking like they were having fun.
"What?!" She yelled.
"Scarlett!" I said louder.
"Oh! Over there with Lou and Adam! I think they're taking shots!" I thanked her and left her to go back to dancing with Niall.
When I got to the bar, sure enough, Adam kept ordering more and more drinks for him and Scarlett to chug down.
"What are they doing?" I asked Eleanor. She turned to me and sighed.
"They're trying to see who can drink the most without getting drunk. I made Lou stop after 3 though. I don't want him drinking too many." She said pinching him.
"Oww! I said I'm fine." He was a bit tipsy already.
"He had a beer before he started." She said annoyed.
"I'm fine babe." He giggled.
"How many has Scarlett had?" Lou put his hand up; five.
"Really??!" I was shocked. She still looked fine to me.
"You win!" Adam said with a hiccup.
"Babies!" Scarlett yelled.
"I am the champ!" She said as she stood up.
"A drunk one." Adam laughed.
"Not as drunk as you." She chuckled. She turned to me.
"Want one?!" She said smiling. I took it from her and drank it down.
"I think I'll just have one more." She chuckled.
"Lets dance! Adam can't even stand." She said turning to him.
"Shush! I can too-" he stumbled a bit.
"Never mind." He laughed.
"Exactly. C'mon Harry! I asked them to play my song anyways!" She squealed.
"Which is?"
"Levels! By Avicii!" She smiled.
"Well then, lets go!" She took my hand and the song started. We got to where Liam, Danielle, Niall and Jocy were. We all started off jumping up and down, just getting pumped up. Louis, Eleanor, and Adam then came in and began to dance with us as well.
"This is MY SONG!" Jocy squealed.
"Vegas Girl? Really?" Scarlett laughed.
"Shake, shake! Like a Vegas girl!" She sang.
"Inbetweeners dance, GO!" Louis yelled. We did the dance and Scarlett began to chuckle with Jocy.
"What's this one called?" She started doing the Joe.
"That's Liam's specialty." I chuckled. He began to do it and we all went along with him.
"Step aside rookies." Jocy said as she waved us off. Scarlett and her got in the middle, and began to dance.
"Think you can do better?" Scarlett said pointing to me.
"Lou! Me and you!" Adam said a he pushed the girls away.
"Don't twerk!" Scarlett said laughing.
"Too late!" Lou yelled.
"You gotta admit though, Louis has the bum for it." Chuckled Perrie.
"So do I!" Zayn said as he joined them.
"This is so weird..." Danielle said in, almost in a trance.
"Well, I gotta pee. I'll be back." Adam said as he scurried away.
"Wait for me!" Yelled out Liam.
"You girls wanna come with me?" Eleanor asked. They all went with her, except Scarlett.
"Lou, lets go check them out." Zayn pointed to a couple guys who were yelling back and forth at each other.
"I place my bets on the guy with the beard." Lou said as he ran off with Zayn.
"That leaves me and you." Scarlett said turning to me.
"There's only one thing left to do." I sighed. She looked down, then back up to me.
"DANCE!" We said together. We started to go along to the beat, just having fun. Then, she started getting into it. She turned around and started to grind on me. I didn't it till I heard the crowd cheer. I placed my hands on her waist, and she got closer to me.
"I think they like it." I whispered to her.
"Or they're being perverts." She laughed. She turned to face me and took me deeper into the crowd.
"I could tell YOU liked it though." She said chuckling. I began to feel my face warm up. I didn't say anything, I just followed her.
After a while, we took a break and sat down somewhere more quiet.
"Sorry for that." She chuckled.
"For what?" I smiled.
"Getting carried away. I just love music and dancing." She smiled.
"And with this alcohol in my system; watch out." She said laughing. I just laughed with her.
"I wonder if everyone is out there dancing." I said.
"Oh god! I left Adam alone! I wonder if he's fine!" She said with a groan.
"Well, you were my date for tonight, so, he can suck it up." I chuckled. She just turned to me and smiled.
"You're seriously so lame, Harry." She got up and extended her arm to me.
"Lets go find them." I grabbed her hand and she pulled me up.
"Uh-oh." She began to fall and pulled me with her. Luckily, she landed against the wall, and I landed against her.
"We gotta stop this." I chuckled as I pushed back to look at her.
"How many times has that happened? Like a thousand?" She said said laughing.
"Probably." I smiled.
"You've got such a nice smile." She mumbled. I looked at her.
"Thanks." I said smiling even bigger.
"I'm starting to feel those shots kick in. We better go before I do something dumb." She said as she got away from me.
"Dumb? Like what?" I smirked. She turned to me and rolled her eyes.
"Don't start with me Styles." She chuckled. I just raised my hands.
"You started it!" I chuckled.

"I'm surprised you're able to function." I chuckled as I watched Scarlett come out of her room. She sat down next to me.
"I had a lot to eat before we got there, remember? Me and Niall ate as much as we could." She smiled.
"I feel like the world is ending." Groaned Louis.
"Well, who's fault is that? You're lucky I stopped you." Eleanor laughed.
"Shut up woman." He mumbled.
"Adam feels the same way. He texted me saying he felt horrible." Scarlett laughed.
"Quiet!" Louis said slamming his hand.
"Just get some sleep and you'll be fine by tomorrow." Scarlett smiled.
"What kind of shots were they anyway?" Jocy asked.
"Barcadi... I think..." Scarlett mumbled.
"Enough chit chat! Lets sleep!" Liam said with a yawn.
"Mind if I stay over again?" Perrie smiled at Zayn.
"They're gonna have a good night tonight." Scarlett whispered to me.
"I heard that!" Zayn said as he turned to her.
"What?" Scarlett smiled.
"Niall and Jocy too." I whispered to her.
"I heard that!" Niall said with a chuckle.
"Don't be afraid to do that kinky stuff. She likes it." Scarlett said with a sweet smile.
"SKY!" Jocy got up and started to chase Scarlett.
"I'm going to bed... Bye." Louis groaned as Eleanor helped him. I got up and caught Scarlett.
"Time for bed!" I smiled.

"Thanks for jogging with me Harry." Scarlett said panting. We took a break and sat down on a bench.
"No problem. I couldn't really sleep anyways." I said panting.
"Really? Why not?" She asked as he turned to me.
"I was lonely..." I pouted.
"You're not the only one." She chuckled.
"So... When's Taylor coming back to see you?" She said as she leaned back.
"Probably until our tour starts." I said mindlessly.
"What?! That's a long time." Scarlett said shocked.
"Well, she's really busy." I took out my phone and saw I got a text from her.
"Time will probably go by fast. You never know." She said with a sigh.
"Yeah. I mean, it feels like you and Jocy have been with us for only a short time, and it's been what? Over a month?" I chuckled.
"Oh gosh... Yeah!" She said laughing.
"Remember when you and Lou had gotten in the same onesie?" I chuckled. She began to turn red.
"And you posted it on TWITTER!" She said groaning.
"Better than when Liam drew all over my face to get back at me for putting temporary tattoos on his face." She laughed.
"Oh my god! That was the best!" I said trying to contain my laughter.
"And when you kissed Zayn! Twice!" I said chuckling.
"We never speak of that." She mumbled.
"Some rumors are still floating around saying how You two dated." I said winking.
"You were so jealous." She said with a smirk.
"I was not!" I said with a laugh.
"Were too! You had that look." She said smiling.
"What look?" I smiled back.
"You know what I'm talking about." She chuckled.
"Whatever." I said as I leaned back.
"I'm scared though." She said after a minute.
"Of what?" I asked concerned. She looked a bit off.
"Everything... What'll happen after the tour, during the tour, before... And Im gonna hate leaving you guys after you don't need us." She said with a sigh.
"Don't think about that now. We're gonna stay friends for a longtime." I said smiling.
"Promise?" She said softly.
"I promise." I said as I reached in for a hug.
"Then... Let's make it official." I heard her mumble. I broke away from the hug and stared at her.
"What are you thinking?" I asked as I squinted my eyes.
"Let's get something together! Like... We can get rings... Bracelets... Necklaces?" She started thinking. She then looked beyond me, and a smile began to form.
"How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in London?" She said as she turned to me.

"We're sorry we're late!" Scarlett yelled as we walked in.
"You're not late." Louis chuckled.
"Oh... Then never mind!" She said smiling.
"Why'd you think you guys were late?" Jocy said as she stretched. I turned to Scarlett, and she winked.
"No reason. We just thought we took too long." I said flashing a smile.
"Well, get stretching! We gotta get to learning the last 3 songs!" Adam said as he waved us over.
"Harry?" I turned to Scarlett.
"Lets make this the best tour ever." She smiled.
"It will." I said smiling back.

That month went by faster than we all expected. We crammed in interviews, greet and meets, photo shoots, dancing, and our vocal lessons. Before we knew it, our first concert was going to be the next day, and Jocy began to panic.
"What if I forget the dances?! What if I fall?! What if I forget the words!" She said as she began to hesitate.
"You're not singing Jocy." Liam said chuckling.
"Right... But still! I'm starting to have a panic attack!" She said as she paced back and forth. I turned to Scarlett. She was laying on Adams shoulder, giggling at whatever it was he whispered in her ear. I looked away, I didn't need to see that.
"Still wishing you made a move on her?" Louis whispered to me.
"I'm just upset that HE got to her again." I said with a bit of jealousy.
"They have history. Plus, he's a charmer." Louis chuckled.
"And then you made it worse by encouraging him to make up with her." He said with disappointment.
"He had to tell her! I mean... C'mon now! It left us all puzzled. Plus, he's a real nice guy!" I said defending myself.
"Keep your voice low." Louis said.
"Why don't you just break up with Taylor already? We know you don't like her like you used to." Lou said to me.
"I can't. I mean... I don't know. She's coming tomorrow and I'd feel like a jerk I left her like that." I shrugged.
"Well, you had a window of opportunity when you and Scarlett hung out together all those times." He smiled at me. I began to think about how we laughed and messed around the whole time...
"It was a nice thing you did though. I feel bad for the guy though... He hid it from us all..." He sighed.
"I don't blame him. Those Guardians really messed with his head." I said as I glanced at them.
"Well, they cleared it up though." Lou smiled.
"You gotta calm down. It's pretty fun to go on stage." I smiled at her.
"She just has stage fright." Scarlett said as she walked towards us.
"Well, before you know it, she's gonna love the stage." Zayn said laughing.
"Zayn, stop. Scarlett, quiet. Niall, hug me again."
"You'll be there with me. There's nothing to worry about!" Niall said as he kissed her.
"Cheesy!" Coughed Adam.
"Well, we better go to sleep! We gotta get up early!" Liam said smiling.
"When did the days pass by so quickly?" Jocy whined. Niall threw her on her shoulder, and carried her to his room.
"What if I sneeze into your mic?!"
"JOCY!" Everyone yelled.
"Okay! Okay! Jeeze." She mumbled.
"She's a hand full." I chuckled.
"Not as big of a handful as Scarlett though." Adam loudly whispered to me.
"You're such an asshole." Scarlett laughed.
"Lets go to bed now!" Louis ran behind Scarlett and took her away.
"Ready for tomorrow man?" Adam said smiling to me.
"As ready as I'll ever be." I said as I patted his back.
"Lets do this."

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I began to shake off all my nerves. I wasn't going on until they began their song "Live While We're Young."
"Gosh, they really know how to sing." Jocy murmured.
"Look at Louis!" Rose chuckled.
"Oh god... They're crazy." Laugh Savannah.
"I don't think I wanna dance with them anymore. I feel like they're just gonna mess us up." Megan chuckled. I looked over their shoulders and towards the boys.
"They'll probably just mess around with us like they always did in practice." I smiled.
"This outfit makes me feel skanky... I like it." Rose said as she danced in it.
"I actually like them. They're cute." I said as I looked in the mirror. I then remember I had to tweet it.
"Gah! I promised my followers I'd post a picture! Ummm... 'About to go on! Flawless makeup, curled hair, and my girls! We look mega cute. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m8wj103sGq1rd689zo1_500.jpg
What do you guys think? #LiveWhileWe'reYoung!' Okay... Done."
"Was it necessary to say that outloud?" Jocy chuckled. I shrugged.
"It helps me think." I giggled.
"I think we're about to go on." Savannah called to us. We shuffled to our positions behind the door.
"I'm freaking out again!" Jocy said as she began to breathe heavily.
"You'll love it." I said with an encouraging smile. She looked at me and nodded.
"That's our signal." Rose squealed. I took in a deep breath. I waited for Zayn's part to come up.
"Yeah, we'll be doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool
And we know it too.
Yeah, we'll keep doing what we do
Just pretending that we're cool,"
"Here we go ladies!" Megan Yelled.
"So tonight,"
We ran out smiling towards our guy.
"Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun!
I know we only met but let's pretend it's love!
And never, never, never stop for anyone,
Tonight let's get some
And live while we're young!" We did our routine flawlessly. The guys, they fooled around once in a while, but it was just so much fun.
"Give it up for our dancers!" Harry said into the mic. The fans went wild.
"Lets go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun!" Harry got a hold of my hand and pulled me along to the front. We jumped up and down, signaling the fans to go along with us. I even heard some of them tell my name out, like, seriously?! I was so pumped up. I looked over at Jocy. She was even having fun dancing around with Niall.
"Sing along with us Scarlett!" Harry yelled to me. I started to dance away in a silly manner and shaking my head no, causing the fans to actually laugh. Once the song ended, the girls and I ran backstage and changed again. But, I heard what Harry was saying.
"Who wants to hear my friend, Scarlett, sing?" The fans screamed. Oh great.
"She can sing my part!" Zayn suggested. I pulled out my phone to send another tweet as promised.
'Kiss You Outfit! I love my Beanies <3
I put my phone away.
"Sky!" I looked at Rose.
"Don't you hear that?" She laughed. I was lost.
"Hear what?" They stayed quiet, then, I heard it.
"I don't wanna sing!" I groaned. That's when Zayn came in and handed me the mic.
"Lets go Sky!"
"Zayn! I don't-" He pulled me along with him. The fans cheered me on.
"C'mon Love!" Liam said smiling.
"Don't you girls LOVE One Direction?" I said into the mic.
"Yeah! Lets hear them sing!" They cheered on. I tried to walk away, but Harry got a hold of me.
"She think she can just sneak off." He chuckled into the mic.
"Don't worry, I'll be next to you the whole time." Harry whispered into my ear. I rolled my eyes.
"You guys win this time." I said into the mic.
"Then lets do this!" Niall yelled. The song began to play, and the girls began to come out dancing. Here goes nothing.
"Oh, I just wanna take you anywhere that you like!
We could go out any day, any night!
Baby I'll take you there, take you there!
Baby I'll take you there, yeah!" I sang as I danced.
"Oh, tell me tell me tell me how to turn your love on!
You can get, get anything that you want.
Baby just shout it out, shout it out!
Baby just shout it out, yeah!" Harry smirked as he sang to me. I just smiled and danced with the others.
As the end of the song approached, Harry came up behind me and hugged me from behind. I turned around and smiled at him. He smirked. What was he thinking?
"Baby, say yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!"
"And let me kiss you!" He leaned in and kissed my cheek. I gasped sarcastically as he laughed.

"That was so much fun!" Jocy squealed. I flopped down onto a seat.
"I just wanna take off my clothes." I groaned."
"Wear your first outfit." Savannah suggested. I smiled and ran off to change. I then came back and saw the boys coming in.
"That was amazing!" Niall grinned as he picked up Jocy. He spun her around, and kissed her.
"Woah." I heard Harry mumble.
"What?" I chuckled.
"You're fit." Zayn said as he winked to me. I went up to him and punched his arm playfully.
"She just wanted to change cause she was hot in that last outfit." Rose chuckled.
"Literally." Harry smirked.
"Don't push it." I said turning to him.
"She set it up!" He said laughing.
"Let's go celebrate out first concert with these ladies!" Liam said clapping. They all joined in, and we bowed down.
"You girls... You were amazing!" Eleanor squealed as she came in with Danielle and Perrie. They went around and hugged us all. I went back to sit down and tweeted a thanks to One Directions fans.
"You're getting a lot of positive feedback from that singing you did!" Harry said as he sat next to me. I turned to him and smiled.
"You're evil for that!" I said as I nudged him with my elbow.
"You enjoyed it though, right?" He asked as he looked at me, waiting for a yes.
"I did. Only cause I got to sing with you." I said as I sighed.
"I knew it." He chuckled.
"But... Now I'm getting a couple threats again about that kiss you gave me." I chuckled.
"What?" Harry said laughing.
"It's already all over twitter. Someone uploaded their video." I said as I showed it to him.
"Eeeeehhhh.... This is gonna start rumors again." He said as he rubbed his head.
"It was worth it." I said carelessly.
"What did you just say?" Harry said with a grin. I looked at him. I did not just say that out loud, did I?
"Nothing." I said with a grin.
"She said it was worth it." Rose said as she passed by us munching on a chip.
"You're dead Rose!" I yelled to her. She just waved her hand at me, not caring. I looked back at Harry; his hand was placed under his chin, he was looking dead at me, with that smug smile.
"What?" I said as I looked down.
"Wort it, huh?"
"You're gonna hold that against me, aren't you?" I groaned as I turned to him. He just looked at me and mouthed the words 'Oh Yeah'.
"I guess I'm the beast kisser, aren't I?" He said leaning back.
"Haha." I kicked the leg of his seat, and he stumbled back.
"Ops." I smiled innocently.
"It was worth it." He mocked me.
"Just you wait Styles." I lifted him up.
"Lets get going!" Louis said as he pushed us along.

"And a massive thank you to the girls!" Liam finished off as he raised his glass.
"Cheers!" Harry smiled.
"You two always attack your food." Eleanor giggled.
"Jocy eats a lot too! She just does it slowly an discreetly." I said as I turned to her.
"It's true." Jocy giggled.
"Well, I gotta use the restroom. Do you guys know where it is?" I said as I got up.
"I'll go with you. I need to go too." Harry said. I followed him and went into the girls room. I did my business, washed my hands, and fixed my hair. I stepped out and saw Harry with his back against the wall, hands in his pockets, and foot on the wall as well.
"You think you're so cool." I chuckled.
"That's cause I am." He said smoothly as he turned to me slowly.
"My heart is melting." I said as I placed the back of my hand on my forehead.
"Oh whatever." He smiled.
"Do you mind helping me with this string on my back? It's kind of loose." I said as I turned around.
"Sure. A bow?"
"You already know."
"How'd you like the show?"
"Harry... Just... No." We laughed.
"That's enough rhyming." I said as I faced him.
"You looked gorgeous tonight." He said with a soft smile.
"Thanks. You weren't too shabby yourself." I said as I winked at him. He just looked down and chuckled.
"Oh! Could you held me with this thing? It got tangled with my other necklace." We both looked down at the same time, and bumped our heads.
"Ouch!" I chuckled.
"Sorry! But, here. Let me get that." He tugged on my necklace and pulled me in. Somehow, he managed to get them off.
"Thanks again." I said as I looked at the necklaces. He still hasn't let go.
"Harry?" I looked up to him, and he had a smile on his face as he looked at me.
"Are you okay?" I smiled. He let go of my necklace.
"I'm fine." He put his hands around my waist.
"What are you doing?" I mumbled.
"Something I should've done a long time ago." He pulled me in, and with one hand, he lifted my chin up to him. I couldn't react... I didn't know how too. His lips brushed against mine.
"Harry-" I was stopped. His lips had locked into mine, he kissed me... And crazy enough... I kissed him back.
"SKY! HARRY!" I pushed off of Harry. He looked at me with a huge smile.
Savannah came around the corner.
"C'mon!" She went towards us and pulled us along. I just... I felt... Like I couldn't function. Once we got to the table, I saw Adam... And Taylor.
"HARRY!" She ran towards him, and wrapped her arms around him.
"It's nice to see you again." She smirked. She then buried her head in his shoulders. Harry's eyes shifted to me.
"Yeah... You two." He said with no emotion.
"Are you okay?" Adam said as he placed his hand on my shoulder.
"Ahhmm..." I looked away from Harry's stare.
"Yeah... I think." I said turning to him. I looked back at Harry. He looked spaced out.
What just happened...

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I felt so many feelings rushing in me.
I kissed her.
I kissed Scarlett.
I looked ahead and saw Taylor.
She hugged me.
And that...
That's when everything went blank.


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