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Shadow's Target

Chapter 13: And So The Game Begins.

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
We had fallen asleep in a guest room once we got inside the headquarters. I didn't want Harry wandering around. But, once we woke up, and I took him to see everything, he was like a loose cannon. I just kept watching him walk around, eyeballing everything like a kid in a candy store.
"You almost done Harry?" I said bored out of my mind.
"Let me just see this!" He ran towards the trampoline...
"Umm, Harry? I wouldn't try that if I were you!" I started to walk faster towards him.
"Why? It's just a trampoline." He got on it and I began to freak out.
"Hey... This thing gets bouncier every time I jump." He said amused.
"Harry, you should get off now." I began to panic. That thing was meant for training... And he could really hurt himself if the elasticity got anymore... uhh... Elastic.. Or whatever. I jumped on the trampoline and waited for Harry and I to line up perfectly. Once he was close enough to me, I tackled him into the foam pit blocks.
"Ouch! What was that for?" Harry groaned.
"For being an idiot! That thing makes you jump all the way up there!" I pointed up to the bars we installed up top.
"Why are they up there?"
"For training! If you got smacked in the head with them, Jocy would get a bad rep here!" I said chuckling.
"You gotta start acting like her Harry. Jane was already asking why you were being so strange. I just blamed Niall." I said laughing.
"Oh. I'm sorry! But umm... Do I make a pretty girl?" He said as he fluttered his eyes. I just bursted into laughter.
"I don't know how I feel about answering that question."
"Wait... So if I'm a girl... Does that mean I have boobs?" He began to look inside his shirt. I turned red, and just face palmed myself. Is that all guys think about these days?!
"What you're doing is kind of disturbing if you really think about it Harry..."
"Hey... I still have my body." He said upset.
"We programmed it so if guys LIKE YOU were dressed as girls, they couldn't go off into the bathroom and look at themselves naked... Pervert. Wait till I tell Niall." I muttered. He just smirked at me.
"So if I take off my clothes, I'll just go back to regular old me?"
"Yup. Or wait a certain amount of time for it to wear off. You'll stay yourself unless I take another picture of you and make you all Jocy-fied. Now, lets go to our room. I mean... Me and Jocy's room... So... My room... You know what, just come on." I held her... I mean... His hand, and walked him along.
"What's that?" He let go of me and went to the auditorium. I just groaned. I can't handle taking care of him. I placed my hands behind my head and followed.
"This place is huge." He said amazed. I walked in behind him.
"We watch movies here and have meetings as well. Maybe we can watch one later." I offered to him with a smile.
"I'd like that." He smiled back.
"So, lets go see the other half of this place!" He began to run towards the door, but, tripped over a cable. I started to laugh so hard. My hands were over my stomach since it ached from laughter.
"How do you girls walk in these these things?!" He said as he slowly got up.
"Jocy likes wearing heels a lot. Better start learning Harry!" I said as I wiped a tear from my eye. I reached for him, pulled him up, aaannndddd... He fell on me.
"Harry!" I said laughing.
"I can't get up!" He chuckled.
"Woah. Dude, these girls are getting it on." Me and Harry turned around.
"Scarlett!!" I watched as Nick and David walked up to me and Harry, Nick more enthusiastic though. They extended their arms to us and helped us up.
"Hey Jocy. So, about that date." I watched as David flirted with Harry, and expression was Priceless!
"Hey, back off mate." Harry shoved him and walked awkwardly towards me.
"Playing hard to get? I like it." He winked at Harry. I watched as Harry just shuttered and pleaded with his eyes to leave.
"So, whatcha doing back here, Sky?" Nick asked smiling. He was a blond, sweet, shy kid. He's praised me ever since I taught him all his kicks and flips. But really, I praise him. Even though he's a year younger than me, that kid was amazingly talented.
"We got a break from the tour thing. You know." I said casually.
"And how's the mission going? I heard that there's tons of Guardians there!" David asked.
"There is?" Asked Harry surprised.
"You should know Jocy! You always do your research." Chuckled Nick.
"Oh... Uhh right! Right." Nice one Harry.
"Well, were gonna go shower. Maybe hit the sauna later. I'm piped man!" I said as I stretched.
"Alright, see you around Sky!" They waved off to me.
"And, uhh... Call me anytime babe." David handed Harry his number, brushed his hand against his cheek, and smirked as he walked away. Without even looking at the paper, Harry ripped it in half, and walked away.
"What's wrong Harry? Don't like the attention?" I chuckled.
"We will never speak of this." He said traumatized.
"Now you know how we feel!" I yelled out as I followed him.

I got to my door. Now, where's my key? I pulled it out of my pocket and opened up my door. I turned on the lights and let Harry come through.
"Ta-Da! My room." I said smiling. Harry walked in with his mouth open.
"This place is amazing! Did you draw all of this?" He was referring to all the birds, trees, and people's silhouettes I had against our walls.
"Yeah. Jocy helped me though. She painted the walls blue first, then I made stencils, and added the silhouettes and details. We added all these decorations later." I said smiling proudly.
"I like it. It's original! You should make one of us! Like... The guys and I, So you remember us." He shot me a smile.
"I can't take you seriously when you're disguised as Jocy." I said chuckling.
"Well then! I'll just take off my shirt!" He pouted. I just laughed. Even though I'm a bit ticked off that he snuck in with us, I think it be nice for us to hang out a bit.

[Harry's P.O.V]
I took my shirt off and turned to their mirror; back to normal!
"You can put your shirt back on now Harry!" Chuckled Scarlett.
"I think I'll stay like this." I smirked. She just rolled her eyes, and plopped on her bed. I looked around her room once more; huge, colorful, looked like a small house actually. They even had a spiral staircase that led upstairs.
"What's up there anyways?" I said as I walked towards the stairs.
"Check it out yourself." Mumbled Scarlett. I looked at her as she was beginning to fall asleep. I smiled and went up. As I got to the top, it looked like just a small room, but there was so much more when I stepped in. There was a desk, a laptop, two love seats faced towards a fairly large Telly, a curved couch between the love seats, and what seemed like a sliding door. I heard footsteps coming up here. I turned and saw Scarlett with her hands in her pockets.
"Pretty cool, Huh? The girls and I hang here sometimes when we plan missions out. I never use the love seats though, cause, I don't have that many relationships. I'm just.... A Lonely girl..." She shrugged. I just laughed a bit.
"That's the balcony, incase you're curious." She said as she indicated towards the sliding door.
"C'mon." She nudge me, and I followed. Once she opened up the door, I saw there was another love seat set to the side. I set my sights straight ahead, and saw how beautiful the view was. There was a beach, trees, a park, just an amazing scenery. I felt as the cool breeze passed by us. We placed our hands on the fence, and just looked out.
"I love coming up here when I need to think. It's just so relaxing... Inspiring... Beautiful." I turned to her. She looked so calm, her hair flowing softly, ad then she turned to me and smiled.
"You like what you're seeing right?" She smiled as she went back to looking ahead. I just kept looking at her a bit longer.
"Absolutely..." I said softly.
"Well... Enough of this! Lets go get cleaned up! Shower, or sauna?" My eyebrow raised up, and I began to smile.
"Never mind... How bout a shower instead?" She said walking off.
"Together?" I said as I followed.
"Ha Ha. Very funny." She said sarcastically. I just chuckled.
"Maybe you can ask David to join you." Scarlett said. I just stopped in the middle of the staircase.
"That's so not funny." I stared at her, and she bursted into laughter.
"Oh god... He liked what he saw." She teased.
"Well, I'm off limits." I mumbled under my breath. I heard a knock on the door.
"SKY! JOCY! Let's hit the sauna!! I wanna relax and gossip with you guys! Open up!" Scarlett began to panic as she heard Jane.
"Uhh... Umm... One minute! Harry! Look for the camera!" I nodded and began to search.
"Found it!" I handed it to Scarlett.
"Great! Now, hold still!" Again; A bright flash.
"Gah! That's too bright!" My voice got high pitched again.
"Come in Jane!" As I finished rubbing my eyes, I looked up and waved at Jane.
"Well?! Get your towels and lets go!" She ran off.
"Looks like you're gonna have to get naked Harry." Chuckled Scarlett.

As I got out of the bathroom, I saw that Scarlett already had her towel on.
"Took you long enough..." she mumbled as she smiled at me.
"Hey, you try changing without getting rid of a disguise!" I snapped. She approached me and put her hand on my shoulder.
"I do it all the time. Now, c'mon! Jane and the rest of the girls are getting impatient." She began walking, but stopped half way.
"What?" I chuckled. She turned to me and squinted.
"I don't know how I feel about you coming in a sauna, with basically NAKED girls, and ME, just sitting there..." she shivered at the thought.
"I never realized that until you told me! Now I'm really pumped!" I said with a with a grin. She rolled her eyes and started to walk off again.
"Just don't stare at everyone. I don't want them thinking Jocy is just a perv or something."
"I'll try my best." I chuckled. She turned and glared at me, but continued to lead the way. As we stepped out the room, I saw Jane, along with 3 other girls, waiting for us.
"Laura! Daisy! Jess! I missed you guys." I watched as Scarlett hugged them one by one. Laura was about Scarletts height with brown eyes and brown hair that was up to her shoulders. Daisy had blonde, medium lenght curly hair, hazel eyes, and was the shortest out of everyone. Jess was about my height, when I'm Harry that is. She had ombre hair, dark brown eyes, and she... was approaching me...
"Jocy!!! We heard about you and NIALL HORAN!? Lucky girl! How are you two doing?" She said with a huge grin.
"Ahh.. we're good. We're very good. He's a sweet funny Guy! Laughs at all of my jokes!" I said nervously.
"What about the boss? Does he know? I hope she doesn't get in trouble. We don't want another problem." Said Daisy as she looked at Scarlett. Why would there be problems?
"Well... we'll just say its part of the plan or something... Jocy really does like Niall, and I don't want to be reminding her about the whole rules about boys and whatever." Said Scarlett rather gloomy. What is she talking about?
"Why are you talking about Jocy like she isnt here? Weirdo... Lets talk about this in the sauna. I wanna get a load off!" Said Jane as she pushed us off.
We ended up by a door. Jane slid it open, and the room was huge. You could fit like a hundred people in here.
"Pretty cool, huh?" Whispered Scarlett in my ear. I just nodded and walked in.
"C'mon you two! You guys take forever!" Said Laura as she waved us over. I sat down right next to Scarlett. This felt amazing. Everyone was quiet for a while, just soaking all this in, then...
"Okay... So? Spill!" Squealed Jess.
"Yeah, SKY! Spill the gossip." Teased Jane.
"Let me relax dude. I'm so worn out." Scarlett said a she leaned back.
"Am I seeing things, or is Scarlett actually keeping her towel on?!" Gasped Daisy. I just started to laugh when I saw Scarlett's facial expression.
"I always have my towel with me Daisy!" Snapped Scarlett. She turned to me and began to get red.
"Yeah, but not ON you!" Added Jess.
"You know, I read in a magazine that Harry Styles likes to get naked a lot. You two would probably-"
"Don't go there Jane." Said Scarlett as she laid back down
"I was only playing." She chuckled.
"So, Jocy!" I looked up to Laura.
"How's Niall? Is he treating you alright? I heard he's such a sweetheart." She said smiling. I just chuckled. Scarlett then smacked my thigh.
"She's talking to you smart one." She whispered.
"Oh! Right... Uhh... Well, he's a real gentleman. He really is a lot nicer in person." I smiled. What else would Jocy say?
"And umm..." I thought of an idea, an smirked.
"We even share a bed sometimes... If you catch my drift." I winked. All the girls jaws fell open.
"HARRY!" Scarlett whispered as she immediately got up.
"Oh yeah. We always-"
"What she means to say, is that they cuddle and fall asleep on the same bed sometimes. That kinda cute stuff. You know how JOCY is; sweet, cheesy, all that." She smiled. The girls nodded and began to smile.
"Now Harry on the other hand..." She murmured.
"Hey!" I said out loud.
"What?" The girls said in unison. I turned slowly to them, trying to think of what to say.
"Enough about me... Let Scarlett talk now." I smiled cynically.
"You're dead." She said as she squinted her eyes at me.
"Yeah Scarlett! What's this whole Adam thing about? I thought you guys were done a long time ago?" Said Laura.
"It's complicated." She mumbled.
"You still like him then?" Said Daisy.
"I do! Like... I don't know. It's weird." She said groaning.
"Do you still want to be with him? It really all depends on you, Sky." Said Jane.
"Well..." She said softly.
"YOU TOTALLY LIKE SOMEONE ELSE DON'T YOU?!" Said Jane with a huge, surprised smile.
"No! No! It's-"
"Dude, it's so obvious." She said smirking.
"What about you and David, huh? I don't see you approaching him! He tried to hit on JOCY a while ago." She teased.
"We aren't on speaking terms right now." She said as she crossed her arms.
"Guys, guys! C'mon..." Said Jess chuckling.
"And YOOUUU!" Said Daisy.
"Yeah, what's up with Angel and you?" Said Laura. Before I knew it, they were talking back and forth, going from one subject, to another. I just watched in amusement, then, my name popped up. This was about to get interesting.
"Okay! If that's not true, then what's up with you and Harry? All those pictures? The video? The sleeping together thing? And don't deny it, cause Jocy told me!" Laughed Jane.
"Harry is like my pal." Said Scarlett laughing.
"You sure about that?" Said Laura Smirking.
"There's nothing between us, okay?" She chuckled.
"But I thought he tried to hit on you the first couple of days?" Giggled Jess.
"That... Well... I was a new girl! He was single... I don't know." She said rolling her eyes. I just glared at the back of her head.
"He was being friendly." I muttered. Scarlett turned to me and smiled.
"Well, that friendly stuff doesn't work on me, Styles." She said winking.
"But seriously, if you knew him like you did now, would there be a chance?" Said Daisy as she placed her hands under her chin. Scarlett turned around to me.
"He's got Taylor..." She said softly. I just looked back at her.
"But Taylor can be pretty sneaky. I don't trust that girl... Especially after what happened to you guys." Said Jane.
"Oh yeah! That was kinda fishy!" Said Jess.
"Did Harry even talk about it with Taylor?" Said Laura.
"I don't know... Did he... Jocy?" She said turning back to me.
"Actually, he did." I said to her.
"And what did she say?" She said with a serious face.
"How bout I tell you later? I don't think Harry wants me to tell everyone right now." I began to get up, and walked away. I didn't need them picking on my relationship with Taylor again.

I was laying on Scarlett's bed. I looked up to the ceiling and saw all the stars. It looked so familiar somehow. I heard someone knock on the door, so I immediately hid in the bed.
"It's just me." Said Scarlett as she closed the door. I peaked from under the covers, and watched her go in the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on, and she was humming to a song. I just relaxed, and listened. She began to actually sing it softly, and her voice was so pure.
After a bit, she got out in her onesie and sat down next to me. I turned to her, but then looked back up at her ceiling.
"I did it myself." She said softly.
"I always have this... Dream... You can say... Of this amazing view; bright stars, shining moon, leaves making soft rustling noises..." I looked at her. She was looking up, smiling.
"Every time I have this dream, I don't want it to end. It was like... I was happy at that moment." I saw a small tear roll down her face. She wiped it away, and continued to talk.
"I don't know wether it was real or not, but, either way, I had to draw it, make sure I always remember. That's why it's up there." She chuckled quietly. She then turned to me.
"I'm sorry for how I was acting back there..." I sat up.
"I didn't mean to offend you. It's just that... After all I learned about Taylor... After all she did to me.. I can't stand how people think she's an innocent angel. She hurt me and Adam... And I don't want another person I care about... Getting hurt again. And I guess I just pick on you, cause, I want you to see that. But, I'm wrong. Maybe she is different and I'm just too stubborn to realize it." She pulled her knees under her chin, and wrapped her arms around her legs.
"Even if I do get hurt... Or if something does end up happening... I still have my mates to cheer me up. You guys always make me laugh and forget about everything else that's going on around me! Even if it's just for a second." I said with a smile. Scarlett looked at me and smiled back.
"You forgive too easily, Styles." She chuckled.
"Better to forgive now, than to hold a grudge forever." I chuckled back.
"That's true." We looked at each other, and smiled.
"She really is lucky to have you, Harry."

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
Already, more than half of my vacation time flew by. I only had 4 more days here! I guess I just caught up with spending time with the girls. I dedicated a day for each of them, just to talk and hang out. I turned to look at Harry.
"Let's go eat some pancakes or something! Jess hasn't made them since we've been here, and she makes the most amazing pancakes!" I said as I rubbed my tummy. He was just fooling around with my iPod, paying no attention to me.
"Yeah, yeah!" He mumbled. I just rolled my eyes and looked back to the mirror. I finally put my hair in a clean bun.
"There! Now, where's my shoes?" I said to myself.
"There." Without looking up, Harry pointed to the corner of the room where his shirts were. I got closer and saw my shoes hidden in there. I took them out, sat on the edge of the bed, and placed them on.
"I find it creepy how you know every inch of this room now." I chuckled.
"NOOOO! I lost..." He said sobbing sarcastically.
"Glad to see you're paying attention." I laughed. He turned to me and chuckled.
"I almost beat your score! I couldn't just stop!" He said laughing.
"Whatever! Lets get going!" I said as I got up.
"You look weird." He mumbled. I turned to him and gasped sarcastically.
"Coming from someone who's had to wear heels and dresses this whole time!" I teased.
"I look good in them though." He said wiggling his eyebrows. I just Started to laugh.
"Seriously though, how do I look weird?" I stepped in front of the mirror. I was just wearing my yoga pants, vans, and grey crew neck. Was it cause it's long?
"It's your hair." He came up next to me and began to poke my bun.
"You always have it down, so, you look different." He said smiling.
"Bad, or, good different?"
"Well, you always look good. Your hair up really brings more focus to your face and it's smooth features" He said flashing a childish smile.
"All the girls are rubbing off on you, aren't they?" I said chuckling.
"Just a smidge." He chuckled back.
"I've gotta stop bringing you to the spa with us. All the girl talk is gettig to you." I said shaking my head.
"But my face has never been so smooth and free from-"
"You sound like Jocy now." I said laughing. We then heard a knock on the door.
"C'mon you guys! Lets get some breakfast!" It was Jane.
"We'll be right there!" I pulled the camera out of my drawer and aimed it towards Harry.
"CHEESE!" Before I knew it, Harry was Jocy. We walked to the door and headed to the kitchen with Jane.
"Jess! You've made pancakes! It's like you read my mind or something!" I said as I stood next to her. The sweet smell of the chocolate chips she placed in them, just made my mouth water.
"Hey! Last time you got close to the pancakes, you ate them all!" She said as she shoved me away. I pouted at her.
"That sounds a lot like Niall." Laughed Harry.
"That's why me and him get along so well!" I said as I sat in between Harry and Laura.
"You get along with everyone, Sky." Said Jane.
"Lets dig in!" We all stuffed our faces with the food Jess had made with Daisy. God it was amazing! Hash browns, scrambled eggs, Sausage links! I could die happy. I hardly paid attention to what the girls were talking about.
"That was amazing." I mumbled as I finished my orange juice.
"So? What do you think Sky?" Asked Jane. I was confused.
"What?" I mumbled.
"About going to the beach! We could use the boat or yacht, and you can use the jet ski!" She said smiling. I thought about it for a second.
"C'mon Scarlett! It sounds like loads of fun!" Pleaded Harry. He got on his knees and did the puppy eyes again.
"Okay! Okay! Lets get ready..." I said chuckling.
"Can we do it after the food settles? I'm really full." Groaned Laura. We just laughed as she slid down her chair.

"Harry! Stop trying to open the door!"
"But I REALLY have to use the loo!" He said pleadingly behind the door.
"Hold it in! I've gotta tie my top-" before I could finish, Harry stumbled in. I began to scream and hid behind the shower curtain. He froze and began to stutter.
"I-I uhh... I don't... Don't know how tha-that happened. Oh god." He covered his eyes, but, then he began to smirk.
"HARRY!" I yelled.
"I'm sorry!" He said bursting into laughter.
"Well, now that your in here, help me tie this thing! I can't for some reason. Jocy usually ties it for me." I wrapped a towel around my body and came out slowly towards Harry
so my back would face him. I looked over my shoulder.
"You can move your hands Harry. I know you saw a bit anyways..." I mumbled. He placed his hands down his sides and looked at me with a smile.
"You were covering yourself before I saw anything! So, don't worry. Now, lemme tie this." He reached for the strings.
"Make it a double knot! I don't want it slipping off." I said.
"Yeah, yeah. There!" He said stepping back.
"Thanks!" I turned around.
"We're you looking at my bum?" I said with my eyebrows raised. His eyes moved back up to face me.
"No! Your tattoo! It's..." He looked back to my waist, and he looked at me, almost in a trance.
"Oh yeah... You've never seen it right?" I showed him my side.
"Where did you get the inspiration from again?" He said softly.
"Umm... A dream... I get inspired by a lot of my dreams." I said smiling. He just nodded. Before I knew it, he was smirking again.
"What?" I said chuckling.
"You're pretty fit, Scarlett." He said as he looked me up and down. I closed the gap in my towel, and glared at him.
"Go take your potty break." I said as I walked past him.
"That's a compliment!" He yelled out to me. I just chuckled.

"Jocy! Stop! Let me go!" We had finally gotten on the yacht, and Harry had finally gotten a hold of Jess.
"Well, if you insist." He smirked and threw Jess into the water. She made a huge splash.
"You're so dead Jocy." Laughed Laura.
"Hey, at least everyone, including her, has their life vests on!" I chuckled. I looked back into the water and saw Jess floating like nothing happened.
"See? She's enjoying it!" Chuckled Harry.
"Lets go in Jocy!" Harry whipped around. Jane was coming straight for him, and before he could dodge her, she tackled him into the water with her.
"Serves you right!" I yelled out laughing. I placed my sunglasses back on, as I watched them splash each other.
"Wanna go down on the slide? We got dolphin floaties!" Smiled Laura. I nodded and we ran towards the slide.
"I think I'll stay up here." Smirked Daisy.
"I'm scared of you..." I chuckled. She took off her sunglasses sarcastically, and looked at me.
"You should." I just laughed at her as she began to punch the air.
"HERE WE GO!" Everyone looked up to Laura and I, as we went up into the air, and down into the water with a splash. I popped back up the surface.
"Has anyone seen my sunglasses?" Laura and I said in unison. I turned around to Harry; he was floating all relaxed. I swam towards him quietly.
"Harry..." I whispered to his ear. I guess I startled him since he began to flail his hands around wildly. I just began to laugh.
"That was so not funny!" He said with a huff.
"Aww! Don't be grumpy!" I giggled. He splashed water at me.
"Oohhh! You gonna take that Sky?!" Yelled out Jane.
"She might not, but will you?" Yelled out Daisy. We looked up and she had a water gun.
"DAISY!" Before we could swim away, she fired at everyone. There was splashing, floaties being thrown, sunglasses flying, until Laura finally calmed us down.
"OKAY! THAT'S ENOUGH GUYS!" The laughter began to calm down.
"Wanna go on the jet ski?" I said smiling to Harry. He nodded with a huge grin on his face.

"I DON'T THINK I SHOULD'VE LET YOU USE THIS HARRY!" I yelled over the loud noise.
"HARRY!" He was going crazy with it.
"LETS SEE IF I CAN JUMP THAT!" I looked to where Harry was pointing- A Ramp.
"I THINK THAT'S A BAD IDEA!" He went straight towards it, I held on tighter. Before I knew it, we were in the air for what seemed like forever, before we finally landed back in the water.
"That was fun!" He squealed.
"Move behind me. I'm scared of you using this thing." I chuckled. He did as I said, and I began to drive it.
"Wanna see something amazing?!" I said to Harry.
"Everything here is pretty amazing here. Anything else would just make this place seem like a fantasy to me." He said laughing. I looked ahead.
"Where's that mini island me and Jocy made again?" I mumbled under my breath.
"Mini island? Isn't this supposed to be a beach?" Laughed Harry.
"We call it the beach. It's more like a... River... Or ocean... I don't know, it's big." I said. Harry just began to chuckle.
"Here we are!" I began to get closer.
"You guys made that?" Harry said shocked.
"Don't ask. Me and Jocy get into a lot of weird situations." I said laughing.
Once we got off, I saw how amazed Harry was.
"This place is gorgeous!" I stood beside him. It was pretty amazing I suppose.
"We planted all these flowers ourselves. We even have a small waterfall in here!" I got a hold of his hand, and led the way.
"Voila!" I said as I spread my arms out.
"This... This just made my day." He said chuckling. I looked around; a small waterfall, trees, bushes, beautiful pink and white flowers everywhere, it was like a jungle scene from a movie.
"Was that really necessary?" Said Harry laughing.
"What?" He pointed towards the mini bar in the middle of the pool of water.
"That was Jane. She likes to drink... A lot... With Jocy... I prefer smoothies when I'm here. I don't wanna drown." I said chuckling.
"We come here for a relaxing time though. Just swim under the waterfall and watch the sunset by the shore." I said smiling.
"Sounds like a lot of fun." Harry said. I looked to him, and his disguise had worn out.
"Dammit Harry! Look what you did to yourself!" I said laughing. He looked at me confused. I pointed to his legs. He looked down, then back at me.
"Ops. I guess I forgot to set the timer a little longer." He said chuckling.
"I have a mini version of the camera here, so, it's all good." I said smiling. I looked up to the sky.
"It's getting kinda late. Maybe we can go watch the sunset like in those frilly girly movies." I said smiling.
"I like frilly girly movies." He mumbled under his breath.
"C'mon Styles." I held his hand and let him to the top of the waterfall.
"This is the best view in the entire island. I like going here by myself." We looked ahead- stunning.
"Romantic, isn't it?" I said as I sat by the edge.
"It really is." He said as he sat down next to me. We looked at the sun as it began to go down. The bright colors just made me swoon. I felt Harry place his head on my shoulder.
"Your curls are crazy." I said as I played with them.
"But the girls love it." He chuckled.
"You know, even though I was mad at you for showing up here, I'm glad you stayed." I said with a chuckle. He looked up to me.
"Really?" He asked with a soft smile. I nodded.
"Me and you really click." I said smiling back. He began to look me in my eyes, and I couldn't look away. I had been caught up looking at his green eyes. I never realized that they had small splashes of light brown in them.
"Don't move.." Harry whispered. I gave him a puzzled look, then, he began to lean in... To me...
"What are you..."
"SCARLETT!" I was startled by the loud talkie.
"Alright then! We'll be right there!" I chuckled. I turned back to Harry. He was looking away from me.
"You heard her! And since you're Jocy, you two are gonna drink... A lot..." I said chuckling. He turned back to me.
"Right." He got up and walked away. What's his deal?

"Don't tell me she's gonna make us take shots!" I groaned. I began to take off my life vest.
"Here!" Jess handed me my towel, and I wrapped myself.
"Gosh, could you go any slower?" Said Laura chuckling behind Harry.
"Oh whatever." He said laughing.
"Here's your towel Jocy!" Smiled Jess. He took it from her and thanked her.
"WHO WANTS SHOTS!" Yelled Jane. I just rolled my eyes.
"I don't want you getting drunk again dude. Remember when you were hitting on the boss?" I said. Everyone began to laugh, besides Jane that is.
"That was ONE time! I won't do it again!" She chugged down a shot.
"C'mon Jocy! You're not gonna let me drink these by myself, are you?" Jane giggled. She already sounded drunk.
"Did you drink before we got back?" I said to Jane.
"Noooooo." She said giggling.
"She did." Sighed Laura.
"Well Jocy?! C'mon!" Jane pulled Harry with her.
"I don't know how I feel about this." He said with a nervous laughter.
"I'm just gonna take one. I'm driving this thing back." I said chuckling.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
I put on my jumper and sat down on the edge of Scarlett's bed. I took out the necklace that Taylor had given me and began to look at it.
I can't believe I almost tried to kiss Scarlett. I buried my face in my hands.
What was I thinking?!
"Gah!" I threw myself back.
"What's your problem?" I heard Scarlett chuckle.
"Nothing!" I yelled back.
"Is it all those drinks getting to your head?" She said as she approached me. She was wearing her pajamas and he hair was wrapped in the towel. I began to giggle.
"Don't make fun of me. I just want my hair to dry, okay?" She unwrapped the towel, and flipped her hair my direction.
"Getting water all over me again?" I said as I wiped my face.
"Sorry." She chuckled. I heard a beeping noise.
"What's that?" I asked Scarlett.
"I think someone is trying to video chat with me." She went running towards her laptop. She brought it to her bed, and plopped down next to me. She clicked on 'Answer' and out popped Jocy in the screen.
"Jocy! It's about time you called!" Said Scarlett smiling.
"Sorry! I've been so caught up with Niall's family, that I-" she paused.
"IS THAT HARRY?!" She gasped.
"Where?! I wanna say hello!" Niall came running behind Jocy.
"Hey guys!" He said waving.
"Hi mate!" I waved back.
"Why is Harry there Sky!?!" Scarlett glanced at me, then looked back at Jocy. She began to rub the back of her head sheepishly.
"Well... He sort of... Kinda... Came along with me."
"Accidentally." I added.
"If the boss sees him, you're dead Sky!" She was beginning to panic.
"Oh man, oh man, oh man! Have you been keeping him in our room?" Asked Jocy.
"Calm down babe." Laughed Niall. He pulled her back down next to him.
"Actually, he's been going out a lot with the girls and I!" Said Scarlett smiling.
"Shhh! You might wake up Greg." Niall said softly.
"Oh, right... But, Scarlett! How could you take Harry out all willy nilly like that?! That's just-"
"He's been in disguise Jocy." Scarlett giggled.
"As who?" She asked panicking.
"As you!" I said grinning. At this point, Jocy stormed off. We heard a door lock, and she was rambling on about Scarlett and troublesome.
"She's so cute when she's mad!" Said Niall smiling.
"She's gonna look beautiful in a bit." Chuckled Scarlett.
"Maybe even gorgeous." I added laughing.
"I'm still here guys..." We turned back to Niall.
"Sorry." I said laughing. We talked with Niall a bit, since Jocy was still freaking out.
"How's everything? Is it fun?" Said Niall with his huge smile.
"It's been awesome! You should see this place! They got jet ski, yachts, spas, saunas. It's so... Wow." I said with a grin.
"Maybe I can ask Jocy to take me there one day!" He said jumping up and down.
"Or maybe next time, I'll sneak you in with us." Said Scarlett laughing.
"You can disguise yourself as Jocy!" She said laughing.
"That's kinda weird. Does Harry have to wear heels?" Niall asked chuckling.
"Everything that seems like Jocy, he has it." Scarlett said laughing.
"I look pretty good though pal." I said snapping my fingers. Niall just started to laugh.
"And how have you two gotten along?" I looked at Scarlett, and she looked at me.
"Good actually." We said together.
"That's great! Have you guys called the others? Or Adam? Or Taylor?"
"Not really... I've been texting them though!" She smiled.
"Me too. I just don't wanna risk being seen like this." I added. I watched as Jocy came back to the room. She got cozied up next to Niall.
"Well, as long as the girls don't know, then it's fine." Jocy mumbled.
"As long as the girls don't know about what?" Scarlett and I looked up.
"Uh oh..." I said.
"Where's Jocy..." It was Jane. She was looking dead at me.
"Uhhh... Jane! What are you doing here..." Scarlett began to panic again.
"More like, what's HARRY STYLES doing in YOUR room?!" A smile swept across her face as she came running down towards us. She then tackled me into a hug.
"He's more beautiful in person." She let go of me and looked back at Scarlett squealing.
"I knew you two had something going on!" She was jumping up and down in excitement.
"What?! No! No, no. He just.. Uhh.."
"You snuck him here to see you! That's so romantic! Is it forbidden love?!" She said smiling. I just began to chuckle at Scarlett's facial expressions.
"What's Jocy doing with Niall?" Jane stopped as she looked at the laptop. Niall waved hello, and Jocy was just frozen.
"Is that your friend Jocy?" Niall asked smiling.
"Hey there!" Jane smiled back.
"I think Niall's mom is calling me! Gotta go! Bye!"
"No she isn't." Said Niall as he looked at Jocy.
"Shh! Bye guys!" She hung up, leaving only me and Scarlett to explain.
"Can we talk about it in the morning?" Said Scarlett nervously. I looked at Jane; eyes wide open.
"Do you guys sleep together?!" Was the first thing that came out of her.
"Bye Jane!" Scarlett pushed her out of her room.
"I'm screwed." Scarlett groaned.
"Why? It's not the first time we've been caught sleeping together." I said smirking. She picked up a pillow and threw it at me. I dodged it and began to laugh.

I yawned.
"And that's basically it." Said Scarlett sleepily.
"Wow. That explains so much. The weird whispering, the weird way he was talking, the looks he was giving you-"
"I think we get it." I said nervously.
"I just thought you and Jocy had a thing going on." Jane said laughing. Scarlett face palmed herself.
"No. The only thing she has going on, is with Adam." I said.
"Does Adam or Taylor know about this?!" Jane said interested.
"No, Jane. They don't know yet." Scarlett said tired. She got up and grabbed her towel.
"I'm gonna take a quick shower. Behave." Scarlett said pointing at Jane. She just waved her off.
Once Scarlett closed the door, and the water went on, Jane turned to me. I just smiled nervously.
"So, why didn't you ask Scarlett out to begin with?" She said smiling. I just shot up.
"What? Me and her are just friends. We... We don't-"
"Ohhh save it." She said as she placed her finger on my lips.
"I can tell you like her." She said. She moved her finger, and sat down Indian style.
"How do I know? Simple. You give her those looks, you laugh with her all the time, she talks about you constantly, you guys sleep in the SAME bed, you have the same interest, she wears your clothes, you wear-"
"I get it." I said chuckling as I looked away.
"What's the deal? I can tell she has some feelings for you. But, knowing Scarlett, she hides them away, locks them up, and pretends they don't exist." She said softly.
"You really think so?" I asked quietly. She nodded her head and smiled.
"So? Why haven't you two... You know... Talk about it." I started to look away.
"I've got Taylor, and I like her." I said softly.
"And Scarlett likes Adam."
"She misses him. I don't think they'll be together for much longer anyways." She said. I looked at her confused.
"She misses the way they used to be, how they were like a couple, how she actually felt loved, all that stuff. She's even told me how Adam and her had this long phone call about staying friends. She hasn't talked about it since. They had done something previously, and, yeah." She said laughing.
"You, though, it's different. She has that little sparkle, and the laugh!" She said giggling. I just smiled sheepishly as I ran my fingers through my hair.
"Relationships are complicated. You've just gotta realize if you've got the right person." She said to me.
"You sure know what to say." I said with a smile.
"Years of experience. Even with that, I don't always get it right. You, though, can if you try. But it's your choice. But... If you really did like Taylor, then you wouldn't be hesitating right now." She said chuckling.
I took out my necklace and looked at it. She did have a point...
"What's that?" Asked Jane. She was looking at my necklace.
"Oh, a present from Tay-"
"No that! THAT!" She pointed at my other necklace.
"Oh! It's just a little key." I pulled it out and showed it to her.
"I've had it since I was little." I said smiling.
"Did your mom give it to you?" She asked. Her eyes never move away from it.
"Umm, no. I got it." I said chuckling.
"Hmm... Interesting... Does it-"
"HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!" Scarlett bursted through the door. I began to laugh as she started to dance around.
"Aaannndddd.... She's doing it again." Jane said laughing.
"Kay. I'm done! What's the plan for today?" Said Scarlett as she headed for her dresser.
"Wanna go workout? Then maybe we can go out for dinner!" Jane said looking back and forth at us.
"And, Sky?"
"Yes?" She said in a sing song voice.
"Don't make Harry dress up as a girl anymore... It'll just be weird..." Jane said.
"Especially when you give her those looks." She said whispering to me.
"What was that?" Scarlett said turning to us.
"Nothing! Let's get ready!" I said getting up.
"I've got you now, Styles." Jane said winking.
"You and Scarlett sure are a lot alike." I chuckled. She just smiled and went towards Scarlett.

"This food is so good!" Said Jess. I turned to Scarlett.
"Mhhmm." She was stuffing her face again. I just chuckled and ate.
"I still can't believe I'm seeing this right now." Said Laura smiling.
"For the last time! Stop going all gaga over him." Said Daisy laughing.
"I can't help it! Harry, if things don't work out with you and Taylor, I'm here." She said winking at me. I just laughed.
"I'll make sure I remember." I said.
"Oww!" Scarlett had flicked a piece of meat to Laura.
"What was that for?!" She said.
"For being a flirt." She said with her mouth full.
"I'm being friendly." She said snapping her fingers.
"That's a new kind of friendly." Chuckled Jess.
"Well, sorry!" Laura went back to eating her food.
"So, what did you think of the workout?" Daisy asked me.
"That wasn't a workout... That was torture." I said. My legs still ached from all the running they made me do.
"But it gives us amazing bodies." Said Scarlett winking at me.
"I can tell." I winked back.
"That's flirting! See?" Laura said pointing at me. Scarlett just flicked another piece of food at her.
"You need a boyfriend Laura." Scarlett said smiling.
"We all do!" Jane said slamming her hands down.
"How bout we watch a movie tomorrow? In the auditorium! I'll invite some guys!" Jane said smirking.
"I've got Harry. I'm not going with your pick." Scarlett said holding on to me.
"What? Don't like the guys I pick out for you?" Jane said laughing.
"Every guy she's made me go on a date with, ended up trying to take me to their room." Scarlett said to me.
"Is that true?!" I said laughing.
"It was only once!" Jane said chuckling.
"Try SIX times!! SIX!" Scarlett snapped at her.
"I don't mind switching places with you, Sky." Said Laura. We jut started to laugh.
"Wait, so does that mean I will be the only successful guy to take you back to my room? Cause.. We share one..." I said smiling innocently.
"He's got you there Sky." Jess said over my shoulder.
"Oh shush. Cheeky bastard." She mumbled under her breath.
"So, how's it like being so... Famous!" Squealed Daisy.
"They get a lot of girls, that's for sure." Scarlett chuckled. I just nudged her.
"It comes with its perks. But, you really gotta be dedicated to what you do." I said smiling.
"And what are all the guys like? Is Louis single yet?" Said Laura.
"LAURA!" Yelled Scarlett.
"What?! Have you seen his perfect ass?!" Everyone just began to laugh.
"That is so weird." Mumbled Scarlett.
"It's fine. Lou isn't single though. He has Eleanor." I said smiling. Laura just sighed.
"So much for Lou." She took another bite of her food, and I chuckled.
"The rest of the guys are pretty awesome though." I added.
"But taken." Scarlett chuckled.
"You're just slowly making me lose hope." Said Laura.
"You girls are all so funny." I said smiling. The came around me and hugged me.
"His hair is so curly!"
"I know!" They whispered. I just began to chuckled again.

"Jane changed the movie night." Mumbled Scarlett. I just yawned and went back under the sheets.
"To when?" I said in a sleepy tone.
"She wants to do it at 8. Is that fine?" She said as she slowly doze off on my chest.
"Mmmm..." I began to fall asleep again.
"GUYS!" Scarlett and I were startled, and fell off of bed. I rubbed my head and opened my eyes.
"That kinda hurt..." I mumbled to Scarlett. She had fallen on top of me and wouldn't move.
"Five more minutes..." She said falling asleep again.
"You two sleep so much, I swear." Said Laura as she stood over us. Jess, Daisy, and Jane also came by us and began to chuckle.
"Sleep is my true love." Grumbled Scarlett.
"I'm with Scarlett. Let us sleep." I began to wrap my arms around Scarlett, and she snuggled closer.
"Aww! You two are so cute! Let's take-"
"I'M UP!" Scarlett and I said.
"Guess you don't want anymore pictures, huh?" Chuckled Daisy.
"We've learned our lesson plenty of times." Scarlett laughed.
"And we've paid the price for it." I added smiling.
"Well, we're going boy hunting. You guys are coming along." Said Jane smiling.
"Boy hunting? Dude... Harry!" Scarlett said signaling towards me.
"Johnny isn't here. But, some people don't know yet. He can disguise himself as him!" Daisy said with a grin.
"Anything that'll get me out of wearing those heels. They really are difficult to walk in at times." I said. The girls just chuckled.
"Beauty has a price, Harry." Said Jess.
"Well? Get ready and we'll get going!" Jane said.
"Blah, blah! Go wait outside. I don't want you girls watching Harry change." Scarlett said as she pushed them out.
"Territorial." Mumbled Laura.
"GO." Said Scarlett as she began to close the door.
"That's no fair! I wanna see how hot he-"
"BYE JANE!" Said Scarlett forcing a smile. She locked the door and went to her closet.
"They get a bit weird. Especially around boys. That's why the boss always picks me to go on any mission involving attractive guys." Scarlett chuckled.
"So, I'm attractive?" I said with a smirk.
"Don't push your luck Harry!" She said as she looked through her closet.
"It was implied though!" I said laughing.

"This is taking forever!" Laura said as she plopped on the couch. We finally decided to take a rest in the lounge.
"That's cause you guys come off a bit too strong." I said as I sat down next to Scarlett.
"We come off too strong?" Said Jane. I nodded.
"You don't want to be too pushy. Just be causal and not too forward." I said smiling.
"Like me." Scarlett said as she chewed her gum all cool.
"I don't go for the boys. They boys go for me." She said pointing to herself.
"That's cause you're so popular and you talk to everyone." Daisy said groaning.
"I guess..." She mumbled.
"Okay! You girls just need a small push!" I said as I got up.
"I'm going to help you one by one! Jane, you're first." I said smiling.
"What? Why me?" She said surprised.
"Cause I see David right there." I said as I motioned to him. She quickly glanced behind her and yelped.
"I don't want to-"
"LET'S GO! C'mon Scarlett, you gotta help me." I said to turning to her. She just got up slowly as sighed.
"Okay, what you gotta do is just play it cool. He's the type of guy that just goes for it... I should know..." I said shivering.
"Okay... How do I do that?" She said raising an eyebrow.
"Go and throw this away." I handed her my already finished smoothie. She took it, and looked at me questionably.
"How's this gonna help?" She said chuckling.
"He's standing right next to the trash can, right? Just pass by him, throw it away, bump into him-"
"And then just give him a casual hi! Walk away, and he'll do the rest." Added Scarlett.
"Smart, Harry." Scarlett said smiling.
"Uhh... Okay." Jane went by him and did as we said.
"He's not doing anything yet." Whispered Scarlett.
"Just watch.." I whispered back.
"Hey! Jane! You busy tonight?" Score.
"Harry, You're an absolute genius." Scarlett said to me.
"You guys! It worked!" Jane said jumping up and down.
"I knew it." I said smiling.
"Gah! Thank you!" She tackled me to the floor with a hug.
"I can't breathe!" I said gasping for air.

"And now you all have dates! See how easy it was?" I said as I sat down on the couch.
"Harry, you gotta teach us some more boy tricks." Laura said smiling.
"Nice work Styles." Scarlett said nudging me.
"Thanks." I said smiling.
"Well, lets get ready! We got an hour before they play the movie in the auditorium!" Jane said.
"You girls go ahead. I'm just gonna go like this." I looked at Scarlett. She had my purple sweater on and some black leggings on with her chucks. Her hair was down and wavy, beanie on, and had light makeup. She looked beautiful to me.
"Kay then! See you there!" They all waved off. I watched as they squealed and jumped up and down.
"They're pretty pumped." I said chuckling.
"It's hard to have a relationship when you're a Shadow, so, what you did, really made their day." Scarlett said smiling at me.
"Why is it so hard?" I asked.
"C'mon. Lets go outside. I'll tell you all about it." She said smiling.
"But it's dark." I said.
"Even better. We'll get to look at the stars. But, do you mind turning back to Harry. Me and Johnny.... Just... No." She took off my hat, my disguise wore off, and the hat turned back to my beanie. She held my hand and walked me along. We sat at a table, i placed my beanie on, and I waited for her to talk. She was just gazing off, so interested in the stars.
"Sometimes I wish I were... Normal." She began. She turn to face me, and continued.
"I can't do all the normal things that others can."
"But, you do got a pretty good life here." I said smiling. She looked down and chuckled.
"It's kinda like fame." She looked back to me.
"It has it's pros, and it has it's cons. And some of those cons are some of the things we wish we could experience, the things we learn from being around others." She began to fidget with her hair.
"We have rules to follow." She said softly.
"And one of them is a warning to not get into a relationship with someone outside of the Shadow group due to difficulties they could have. Some girls don't want to get in a relationship though, cause some of us get captured, or we get kicked out, and some people among us just can't be trusted sometimes."
"That's why they asked if there was going to be a problem between Jocy and your boss?" I asked.
"Yup. If we finish what we were assigned to do, we have to come back. We can chose to get out of this, but, some of us have nowhere to go. Me, for example, these guys ARE my family. I can't just leave. I have nothing outside of this life I'm living." Her voice got a bit shaky.
"Adam was the first guy I ever really thought of having a serious relationship with. We were friends from the start, and became more later on. I don't trust him the same way I used to though." She said softly. I remember what Jane had told me.
"I knew we really couldn't be together anyways. I knew I had to chose. Being a Shadow is like my job, just like being in One Direction is kinda like your job." She said looking up at me.
"And... I actually thought of giving it up to be with him. I'm keeping my eyes open around him now." Her voice began to crack a bit. I moved my chair closer to her, and held her hand.
"And then I think of Jocy. She really likes Niall... And I wouldn't be surprised if she were to fall in love with him." She said with a chuckle.
"But, she hasn't realized yet that she'll have to chose, and that's going to be rough for both of them." I saw she began to tear up a bit.
"And... It just sucks. It sucks being heartbroken... Being apart from someone you really care for... Wondering if they'll remember you even though you've left." At this point, she began to cry a bit.
"Don't be upset Scarlett." I began to wipe her tears away.
"You just... You don't understand how it is... Not being able to see someone you were really attached to." She said sniffling.
"I do actually." I said softly. She looked up to me. Even though it was dark out, she was close enough to me so that I could see her eyes sparkling with tears in them.
"That's why..." She began to chuckle.
"That's why I'm really glad you helped them out. Besides Jane, those girls don't really interact with the guys unless its part of their assignment. I mean, Laura went crazy when she saw you. She would've practically been all over you if it weren't for us holding her back." She said laughing.
"Well, I am pretty attractive." I said smirking. She just punched my arm softly and chuckled.
"I love you Harry. You and all the guys." She said smiling.
"And even though I come off as a jerk to you at times, I only do it cause I care."
"What about all those pranks?" I said laughing.
"That's just for my own pleasure." She chuckled. I looked up at the sky.
"The stars are really beautiful tonight." I said quietly.
"They really are." Said Scarlett.
"Hey, Harry?" I turned to Scarlett.
"You can let go of my hand now." She chuckled. I let go immediately and began to feel my cheeks warm up a bit.
"Sorry." I smiled.
"It's no problem." She said as she looked up. I wanted to ask her about the Adam thing.
"Maybe I can just Adam himself..."
"What?" Scarlett said.
"Huh?" I looked at her confused.
"You just said something about Adam." She muttered. I began to hesitate.
"Jane told you." She said with a huff.
"She didn't. She just told me something was wrong between you two." I said turning to her. She looked down.
"Yeah. He... He doesn't want to be tied down in a relationship right now. I never asked him to get serious, but, after what went down between us, it just seems sketchy." She sighed.
"I don't know what's gotten into him." She mumbled.
"Maybe he's just afraid of getting you hurt again?" I said.
"It's not that. His voice... It was kinda off. It was like... He wasn't himself." She said in a low voice.
"Weirder thing is... I wasn't really hurt. I felt like it was gonna happen... Like, something was giving me signs. I really liked him... But..." She sniffled.
"I'm always here for you if you ever want a friend to talk to." I said smiling. She looked at me and smiled back.
We stayed outside and just gazed at the stars. It was quiet, relaxing, and I really enjoyed it.
"I think my phones vibrating." Mumbled Scarlett.
"Who is it?" I asked.
"Oh sshhiii.... Harry! It's 7:55!! We gotta go!" She said trying to get up.
"But my disguise-"
"We'll run! Nobody will notice! Besides, your hair is tucked in your beanie." She said as she pulled me along.
We ran as fast as we could, down the halls, through the turns, until we got to the auditorium, and to the row where the girls were at. We took a seat behind them and began to pant.
"What's with you guys?" Whispered Daisy.
"And why isn't Harry-"
"We were caught up looking at the stars." Said Scarlett panting.
"That's cheesy as hell." Chuckled Laura.
"Oh shush! Did you get me a drink?" She handed her a soda and she began to chug it down.
"Want a sip?" Scarlett whispered to me. I nodded and began to drink it down.
"Here! Take the popcorn!" Jane whispered. Scarlett grabbed it and thanked her. She offered me some, and I accepted.
"I thought you didn't like sharing?" I chuckled.
"You're an exception." She said chuckling back.
"What movie is it?" I asked.
"It's uhh... 'Love Actually'." She muttered.
"Really?" I said smiling.
"Yup. I asked Lou what your favorite movies were, and I asked Jane to put this one on. I haven't watched it so... Yeah." She said smiling.
"That was really sweet of you." I said smiling back.
"It's no biggie. Look!" She pointed to Laura. I watched as she was giggling at something her date was whispering. Then I saw Jess holding hands with her date, And Jane... She was flirting... And even Daisy was getting cozy.
"I find this entertaining as well." Whispered Scarlett.
"Couples Sabotage?" I whispered.
"You know me too well Styles." She said smiling at me. We went up two more rows and began to mess with them.

Scarlett had a few gadgets, so, it made things twice as fun.
"YOU GUYS!" Hissed Jane. We just began to laugh.
"Let me aim for David, just cause he tried to hit on you, and nobody hits on my Harry." Scarlett chuckled.
"I think I'll join you." I said as I grabbed some popcorn. We began to flick it at him, but, he wouldn't budge.
"Well he's no fun." Pouted Scarlett. I then got an idea
"You got that glove thingy? The one that you use to-"
"Move things?" She wiped it out and smirked. I put it on, and aimed for David's arm. I moved it onto Janes shoulder, and Jane, began to giggle. I did it to all of them.
"You know... We really suck at sabotaging their date." Whispered Scarlett.
"We're making it better." I chuckled.
"We're their Cupid." She said as she sighed.
"You're so lame." I said shoving her.
"But it makes me that much more fun." She said as she shimmied. I just started to crack up at her silly smile.
""SHHHH!!" The girls turned to us. We stopped, they turned, and we laughed silently again.
"I think they're gonna kiss." Mumbled Scarlett. I looked down their row, and sure enough, none of them were watching the movie.
"Well, my moods killed." She said chuckling.
"Wanna go back to the room? We can play your video games and I'll try not to beat you." I said smiling.
"You're on." We ran to her room, up the stairs, and on the couch.
"Harry! I'm not ready!"
"Excuses!" I said laughing. We played for a while, and tied.
"I want a tie breaker! I demand it." I said as I got up and stomped my foot.
"You're lucky you even tied with me. I did let you win a couple a times though." She said as she began to walk downstairs.
"Come back here!" She turned around, but then ran downstairs again. I chased after her.
"Scarlett!" I yelled. She went through the kitchen, their living room, and then I finally got her cornered.
"Come here!" I got a hold of her and threw her over my shoulder.
"Let me go Harry!" She said laughing.
"Okay!" I threw her on the bed.
"You're dead Harry." She smiled and began to throw pillows at me.
"Hey!" I said laughing.
"Can't handle it?" She teased. I glared at her, and ran towards her.
"No! Don't-" I pinned her down.
"What's wrong? Can't handle it?" I teased back. She smirked. What was she thinking? Before I could say anything, she somehow got me to let go, and she ended up pinning ME down.
"How did you..." I said shocked.
"I'm skilled, remember?" She winked. I just chuckled.
"Don't let your guard down." I pushed my knees up, and smacked them against her bum. She let me go, and whipped around.
"Harry!" I pushed her back down, but this time, I wrapped my arms around her, and placed my head by hers.
"This is my ultimate move; The Bear Hug!" I chuckled.
"Okay!" She said laughing. She wiggled her hands out, moved my face away from her, and smiled.
"You win!" She chuckled.
"Point one for Harry! None for Scarlett!" I said smiling. She just rolled her eyes and laughed. I looked her in the eyes, and she looked back at me.
"Umm... Harry..." She mumbled.
"Yeah?" I began to lean in closer... And closer...
"Why won't you stop me..." I whispered. She closed her eyes, I placed my forehead against hers, and closed my eyes.
"I can't..." Our lips brushed against each other. I felt her hand go behind my head, and she pushed me down to her... And before I knew it.... I was kissing her...

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I kissed Harry back. It just felt so.... Right. He knew what he was doing, and it just made me want more. He pulled me up without breaking the kiss, and sat me down on his lap. He moved his hands down my back, and pushed me forward so I was against him. I took his beanie off, and ran my fingers through his hair. I felt his kiss get a bit rougher, but I liked it, I didn't want it to stop. I let his hands wander up to my back, and I felt as he unhooked my strapless bra successfully. We broke off for a second, and then went back at it. I began to take off his shirt, and threw it aside. He leaned back to get more comfortable. As he started to lift my sweater up, I heard laughter outside my door.
"Scarlett? I think I left my phone in your room!" Harry and I fell back. We panicked.
"I'm going to the bathroom." He said as he walked in a fast pace. I went to the door, fixed myself, and saw Jane standing there with David.
"Sorry! Let me just grab it!" She ran to my dresser, then went on her way.
"Bye!" She waved enthusiastically. I smiled and closed the door. I leaned against it, and slowly slid down. I pulled my legs up to my chest, and buried my face in my knees.
"What did I just do..." I whispered to myself. Was this me acting up on what I remembered about Adam? Or... Did I actually have feelings for Harry?

I woke up early in the morning to pack up. I didn't want to wait till the last minute. I guess I was making a lot of noise since I heard Harry groan. We didn't talk about what happened. We just went straight to sleep without a word. I went upstairs and slept on the couch, just because I was to embarrassed to face him.
"What time is it?" I heard my grumble. He got up and rubbed his eyes. He only had his briefs on. I began to get flustered, and I turned back to my suitcase.
"It's uhh... It's 10." I said softly.
"You're packing already?" He was closer.
"Yeah. We leave tonight... It's a bit early, but I wanted to get a bit of practice time in with... Adam." Why do I feel so guilty?
"Okay." He said quietly. I watched as he gathered all his stuff up and began to pack as well.

"What's with you and Harry?" Jane whispered. I turned to where he was sitting. He was focused on the television while the girls talked and laughed. I looked back at Jane.
"Nothing." I mumbled as I looked down at my soup.
"That wasn't an ordinary 'Nothing' you just said. Are you two mad at each other? Did he do something?" She said.
"No." Was all I could say.
"Scarlett, I'm here for you to talk to! Don't leave me like this! I'm getting worried." I looked at her. Her eyes were pleading me to tell her what was up with me. I set my soup aside and took a deep breath. I shut my eyes, and prepared to tell her.
"We kissed." I whispered.
"WHAT?!" She said loudly. I opened my eyes wide and everyone was looking at us. My eyes locked with Harry's, and he slowly looked away.
"Ahhh... That's great! I will totally come and see you guys then! I'll even make a sign!" Jane said calmly. She turned to everyone.
"They're gonna preform by where we have a mission! We gotta check them out guys!" Jane said with her smooth smile.
"Sound like a deal!" Squealed Jess. They went back to talking, and Jane turned to me. I sighed on relief.
"Sorry. I didn't mean to say it so loud." She whispered.
"It's fine." I whispered back.
"But... Seriously... You guys kissed?" She began to smile.
"It's not something to be excited about Jane!" I said upset.
"I just knew he liked you! And that you liked him! Sky! This is huge!"
"You don't get it! We can't do this! He has a girlfriend! I have Adam! Or... I had... Adam." I buried my hands in my face.
"Wait... Did you do it as a way to get back at Adam?" She said shocked.
"I-I don't know! I mean... I wasn't upset about it... But like... I don't know! I hadn't remembered about that until you came to my door." I said shrugging.
"So... You're saying you might actually have feelings for Harry?" She said smirking.
"I... I guess..." I said softly.
"Did you talk about it yet?" She said in a low voice. I shook my head.
"Why not?! You can't avoid it! You guys will be in the same plane for a while, you can't sit there awkwardly for hours." She had a point.
"I just don't know... I'll talk to him about it on the way back." I groaned.
"You better... Or else, I'm telling Jocy." She said chuckling. I just groaned again.

"Bye!" Me and Harry waved off to the girls and boarded the plane. Lucky for me, I got to sit next to Harry. Yay. Time to embrace the awkwardness. He had his hoodie over his head and fidgeted with a silver necklace I never saw before.
"Where did you get that?" I muttered. He glanced at me.
"It's a gift... From Taylor." He mumbled. I began to feel guilty again I forgot all about her. I'm probably going to be the reason for their ruined relationship.
"Look... Harry-"
"No. It's fine. It was my fault." He looked me in the eyes. I was just shocked.
"I shouldn't have done that. I just... I guess I got too into it. You're just so beautiful, Scarlett. I couldn't resist. You're just... I get along so well with you, we're ways fooling around together, and... I should've realized a long time ago that I had feelings for you. Everyone noticed besides me." I froze. Did he just really say that?
"I don't know how I'm going to tell Taylor. Shey'll probably be so mad... And I don't blame her." He said looking at me.
"Now I just feel terrible..." He said as he looked down.
"For kissing me?" I asked a bit hurt.
"No... For loving it." He said as he did a soft smile to me. I just felt my stomach feel all queasy and my cheeks turning a bright red. Harry chuckled.
"Yeah. You heard me right; I really did love it." He reached for my hand, and our fingers intertwined.
"I did too..." I finally said. He broke into one of his famous smiles, and I couldn't help but smile back.
This... This just can't be right...


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