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Shadow's Target

Chapter 12: Why Don't You Realize?

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"Hurry you two! The boss doesn't like it when we're late for missions!" I yelled out. Jocy and Michelle always take forever, so, I waited in the car. God this baby was gorgeous! A silver, sleek, smooth, fast and-
"We're here! We just had to find some other gadgets. Jane didn't want us taking them-"
"Hey! I just don't want them getting broken. They're only prototypes Michelle." Jane said chuckling.
"Okay! I found the smoke bombs! They were in the auditorium this whole time." Jocy said.
"Well, lets go you two! I'm driving-"
"No your not! You're still too young Sky." Said Jane smiling.
"I'm gonna get my licensee soon though! Pleeeaassee!"
"Boss's orders! I drive!" Michelle snatched the keys from me and bumped me over to the next seat.
"Fuck you guys." I pouted as I got out to move my bags in the trunk.
"Maybe you can drive back!" Said Jocy with a smile. She was always so enthusiastic, I swear. But, she always brought up my mood.
"Can I?" I fluttered my eyes at Michelle.
"Fine. But if I get in trouble, you owe me dude." She rolled her dark grey eyes at me.
"I won't get caught! But, hurry! We gotta go! Bye Jane! We'll be back soon! Jocy is pretty smart, so, this won't take long." As Michelle started the car, I went around to sit in the front.
"Hey, Sky?" Jane got a hold of me and pulled me closer to her. She looked worried.
"What's up?" I asked.
"I still don't trust her."
"Jane, please! She's not bad. What has she done that makes her so suspicious?" She always brought up how she had doubts about Michelle, and it started to get annoying.
"We don't know anything about her!"
"Well, that's cause she can't remember much."
"That's bullshit-"
"I don't remember anything, and yet, you trust me. What's the difference." I backed away from Jane.
"We're off now. I'll see you later." I got in the car and Michelle drove off.

"We're here!" We stopped in front of the building.
"So, this is one of their old buildings?" Asked Jocy as she got out.
"Yupp. Boss says that there's still a room in there that hasn't been touched at all. He thinks that some vital information about the Guardians may still be in there." I said.
"Well, lets get going!" Michelle threw us our bags and we headed inside.
"This new black outfit makes me look good." Michelle whispered.
"My beanie though. It makes it all come together. Plus, it matches my belt!" I whispered back. Michelle just giggled at me.
"Guys! Is that it over there?" Jocy pointed to the second floor. To the right, there was a door covered with black powder. Probably from previous people trying to bust it open.
"Lets go!" We ran up the stairs and towards the door.
"Where's the laser?"
"Around your neck idiot!" I said laughing. Michelle just pulled it out.
"I forget that half the stuff I need is what I'm wearing." She said as she slapped her forehead.
"Okay, I got the powder and the clips. If there's any laser beams in there, we'll know."
"You sure you can unlock it Jocy?"
"Just make a hole there, and I'll be fine." She said smiling.
"Kay! Lets do this..." Everything was going smoothly, and we eventually opened the door up.
"I'll go in." I said.
"You sure?" Asked Jocy.
"I'm pretty good with obstacles." I smirked. I went up and over the barriers that the Guardians had put up, an made it to the end. I found a button that shut down the obstacles and pressed it.
"Kay! You guys can come here now!" Michelle and Jocy came running towards me.
"That was excellent!" Said Jocy.
"Nice work Dane." Said Michelle. I felt proud of myself. All of a sudden, we heard a bang.
"What the hell was that?! I thought you said this place was abandoned Michelle!" I whispered.
"I thought so too! Maybe it's just a bunch of kids. I'll go check it out." She snuck off quietly. I turned back to their next door and turned the knob; Locked.
"Think you can unlock this one?"
"No problem!" Before I knew it, Jocy got it open with a bobby pin.
"I swear... I gotta thank Adam again for introducing me to you Jocy. You're amazing!" I said smiling. Adam... I missed that boy...
"It's no biggie. Say, Scarlett?" I turned to face Jocy.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Why did you tell Jane... You didn't remember anything?" She said quietly. I froze...
"You heard that, huh." I muttered. She nodded her head.
"Follow me." We went inside the room, and in began to tell her my story.
"I lost my memory. I only knew two things; My name and my age. The rest is a blur. No family, no friends, no nothing. I only have memories of being raised as a Shadow. I did have this necklace though." I pulled out my golden chain and showed it to Jocy.
"It says Dani on the side. Is that a nickname for you?" She said as she looked at me.
"I guess... I honestly have no idea what this thing is. I can't even open it for some reason." I said as I put it back in my shirt.
"The weird thing is... I get flashbacks whenever I look at it for too long. Sometimes it's the same ones with the same two people; Dani and Eddy. I'm almost positive that Dani is me." I said.
"Dani is a cute nickname... It kinda suits you! But... Have you tried getting your e memory back with some gadget or something?" Jocy asked.
"I have... But I just get this weird electrical feeling in my body. It's like, something doesn't let me remember." I said softly.
"That's odd... And Michelle doesn't remember anything either?" She asked.
"I guess so. That's what she told me anyways. But, who knows... Jane just thinks she's lying cause she remembers the most random things at the most weirdest times." I said.
"Maybe she's slowly regaining her memory?" Jocy suggested.
"Probably... Who knows though..."
"Well, Dani, I will be here for you if you ever want to talk!" I chuckled at her.
"You're seriously gonna call me Dani?"
"Maybe... It will be between you and me... and Jane..." She giggled. I just smiled.
"Hey, look!" Up ahead, there was a chest. We ran towards it.
"That must be where the stuff the boss was talking about is!" Jocy squealed.
"Yes! Mission success-" Boom. We were pushed forward by a blast.
"What the hell?" I got up as I rubbed my head. I turned around and saw girls in white outfits like ours; they had Michelle.
"Let her go!" I yelled. I tried to run, but that blow hurt me bad. What was that anyways?!
"I'll trade you the girl for that." One of them pointed towards the chest I was holding on to.
"Don't do it Sky! I'll be fine." She said panting.
"I won't leave without you..." I threw my earring against the wall.
"Boom." I whispered. Everyone was blasted off. Jocy got the chest from me and I got Michelle.
"Lets go Jocy!" I yelled. We had our our bags on and blasted away.
"They're behind us Scarlett!" She pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it behind us.
"We're gonna have to go through that glass." Yelled Michelle.
"Here goes nothing!" I crossed my arms in front of me, and tucked my head down. Pieces shattered everywhere.
"This is gonna be hard to get out of my hair!" I groaned. I looked back and saw they were still behind us. How did they know we were here?!
"We better hurry you guys! They-" I got shot in the back.
"My bag!" I was starting to lose control.
"Use those the prototype anklets your wearing!" Yelled Jocy.
"How do I turn them on?!" I began to panic.
"Jane said just kick." I did what Michelle said, and off I went.
"Fuck! I can't control this!"
"Lean forward, back, left, and right!" Yelled Jocy.
"I'm getting it!" A silver wing past right by me.
"We'll stop when you hand it over!"
"Haha. Fuck no." I flipped around and went straight towards her.
"Take this!" I roundhouse kicked her in the face, then slammed her down into the roof we were above from.
"That's from the Shadows to you Guardians!" I laughed. I felt someone wrap their arm around my neck.
"I can't breathe!"
"Let her go!" Michelle came towards me and punched back the person behind me.
"Come on Scarlett!" I felt around my neck; My necklace is gone! I turned and saw that girl had it in her grasp.
"I gotta get my necklace!"
"Scarlett! Come back!" Michelle came up next to me.
"We gotta go! Let them have the necklace-"
"I can't!" I yelled at her.
"Guys! Hurry! We gotta leave soon." Jocy came up next to me as well.
"Go on Jocy, I'll catch up." She nodded and turned around.
"Michelle, you go too!" I said to her. She just stayed quiet.
"Michelle! Go! You're gonna-" Bam. I was kicked in the stomach and fell on top of a building.
"Agh!" It hurt so bad. A dark figure was hovering over me. I looked up; Michelle was just standing there... Looking at me.
"Michelle! What was that for?" I groaned as I got up.
"I'm sorry-"
"Great. We can take her back with us Michelle." I looked behind me and saw one of the girls.
"What are you talking-"
"That wasn't part of the plan!" Yelled Michelle. My eyes widened...
"You're with THEM?!" I yelled furiously.
"She has no choice. We control her." The blonde girl stepped closer to us.
"What do you mean?" I yelled at her.
"See that ring she's wearing? Yeah, that's ours. SHE'S ours." I turned to Michelle and looked at her right hand. It was a silver ring with a feather on it.
"It's complicated Scarlett... I couldn't tell you..." She said.
"Here Michelle. You can hold this thing." She threw Michelle my necklace.
"Why do you want that?" I muttered.
"You don't need to know, girl."
"I'm sorry Scarlett." Michelle whispered. I began to tear up. I pulled off my earring, and I turned around towards the girl.
"I don't think so." She pulled out a gun and fired at me. Chains began to swirl around my body; I was trapped.
"Lets just go... Leave her there. It's not like Sarah wants her anyways." Michelle whispered. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
"I thought I could trust you Michelle... I thought-"
"Well you were wrong. You can't just let your guard down for anyone. You can't trust anyone. That's the mistake you made, Sky. With me and Sarah. You got too emotionally attached." I felt so mad... I couldn't stand this at all. Jane was right...
"Now, go to sleep Sky." She pulled out a vial and a small drop of water fell in my mouth.
"What... What is this..." I began to get lightheaded.
"Just wait for Jocy. She's the only one you can really count on for now." I began to feel tipsy... Everything was spinning...

"Sky?!" I woke up. When did I fall asleep?
"Sky! You're okay!" It was Jocy. Her eyes were red and glassy.
"We gotta get out of here! Hurry!" She didn't untie me, she just grabbed on to me an flew towards the car.
"Here, sit down while I take those things off of you." I waited as she untangled me.
"Where's Michelle..." I said softly. Jocy just stopped. She looked horrified.
"She stayed back. She told me to give you back your necklace..." She pulled it out of her pocket. I got my hands free and got a hold of it. She gave it back?
"She also told me... That your necklace... Means everything. Don't lose it." I looked at Jocy. What was that supposed to mean? Why would she give it back to me?

[Harry's P.O.V.]
Scarlett's eyes were filling up with tears. She had been spaced out for a while now.
"Scarlett? Are you okay?" Maybe it wasn't a good idea to ask her about Michelle... But if there was a possibility that it could be my Dani... I had to ask.
"I'm sorry... I just..." She went silent again and began to sob.
"Scarlett! I'm sorry... I didn't mean to make you upset." I pulled her into my arms and tried to comfort her.
"She was a traitor. A liar... But, part of me doesn't want to believe it..." Dani? A traitor?
"She didn't take me in... But the fact that she was part of them... The fact that she was the one who planned for us to get-"
"It's okay. Relax..." I began to stroke her hair. I didn't want to hear this anymore. I didn't want to believe that Dani tried to hurt them.
Scarlett got off of me and began to wipe her tears.
"Why did you ask about her anyways?" She looked at me like she was hurt. I didn't know wether or not to ask about the whole Dani thing.
"Curiosity. Jocy had told me how she didn't want to lose you guys like she did with Michelle." I didn't have the heart to ask her any further questions.
" Jocy. She thinks that Michelle got taken away... But really; she went off with them. I just don't understand why she let us go though." She began to get gloomy again.
"Okay!" I stood up and clapped my hands together.
"Lets go out! I don't like seeing you upset." I got a hold of her hand and pulled her along.
"But... I'm all bummy." She said sniffling.
"Just put my beanie on and you'll look perfect." I said smiling.
"And you'll wear mine?" She said smiling back. I nodded and we went off.
"Where are you two going? Don't you wanna come with us?" Said Lou. I looked around and saw the guys and girls.
"Where to?" I asked.
"Probably go and play paintball! Then Nando's!" Said Niall excited.
"Maybe we'll meet you guys up at Nando's. I'm taking Scarlett out somewhere else."
"But where-"
"Bye!" I cut off Lou as I ran outside with Scarlett. We got in my car and drove off. She was beginning to feel a bit better.
"I should've brought my sweater..." She mumbled. I looked at her and saw what she was wearing; ripped jeans, a blue v-neck shirt, and purple vans. Purple...
"That's it!" I said out loud.
"What are you going on about now?" Scarlett said chuckling.
"Back there, I have my purple sweater. I forgot I left it in here! You can wear that!" I said with a proud smile.
"What if someone sees? Like... What about your-"
"They'll get over it." I said waving her off. She just smiled as she jumped to the back.
"Got it! It's pretty warm... But it smells like you." She said sniffing my sweater.
"Why are you smelling it?" I said laughing.
"I don't wanna smell weird. I'm a girl, I gotta smell dainty and sweet."
"What do I smell like?" I said smirking.
"Like... Tacos... And Louis." She said laughing.
"Sounds about right." I said smiling. She jumped back to the front and sat down.
"Ouch! Ffuuu-"
"Don't swear." I said as I placed my finger over her mouth.
"It comes out of nowhere. When you work with the people I work with... It get stuck with you." She said laughing.
"I can tell... I never knew Jocy could swear till she yelled at me for accidentally shoving Niall down the stairs." I shivered as I remembered when she scolded me.
"She has a colorful language alright. She may be sweet, but she's feisty on the inside." She said as she clawed in the air.
"Can I borrow your phone, Harry?" I pulled it out and handed it to her.
"What do you need it for?" I asked. I wanted to look at what she was doing, but she told me to focus on the road.
"One... No... Two photos." She turned the camera to her and smiled. Then she took another with me in it.
"I wasn't looking!" I said.
"That's cause you're not supposed to. You're driving Harry." She giggled.
"Oh yeah... Just look at me. Gorgeous." She said as she bit her lips. I just started to laugh.
"Your so conceded." I muttered with a smile.
"I was only kidding." She chuckled.
"Okay... What should I say? Hmm... Got it!" She began to type something.
"Here you go!" She handed me back my phone.
"What did you do?" I said.
"Hey, hey! No looking at your phone! The road Harry... The Road."
"Fine. We'll stop here." We got stopped at a laser tagging place.
"There's tons of girls. Don't you think they'll swarm you? I remember tons were lined up to see Niall." She said laughing.
"It's fine. They won't recognize me in the dark." She turned to me and chuckled.
"You went on twitter didn't you?" I saw she had posted up the pictures she took on her account. They read 'Me, Wearing @Harry_Styles Clothes... This is why girls hate me...'. I chuckled.
"On the plus side... I'm getting tons of followers now... Some with nasty comments." She smiled with her mouth open.
"Are they really?" I asked upset. She took my phone and began to read.
"Hear this one; Oh Em Gee. You are just using Harry to get attention! Or wait, this ones good; Dude, you totally photoshopped that! Like, Get a life." She said it all snobby, that it made me laugh.
"Hold on, I got an idea." I sent a tweet out saying, '@Skyy_Danee, She's my pal! Be nice.'
"There we go." I smiled.
"Woah. You, my friend, are a God. They're treating me like royalty!" She said as her eyes widened at the phone.
"Look! This one is hilarious! She said; 'I think she's really pretty @Harry_Styles. You "fans" are just acting immature, calm your nipples.' Im retweeting that. She just made my day." She said chuckling.
"I have four." I said laughing.
"What?" She looked at me confused.
"Four! I have four nipples." I said smiling.
"Seriously?" She said questioning me. I lifted up my shirt and showed her.
"Here, here, and these two obvious ones." I said pointing at them. Here eyes just widened and she laughed.
"One for each of the guys! And you got a nice body too." She said wiggling her eyebrows. I pulled my shirt back down.
"Oh shush. Lets go! The line is getting bigger." We got out and headed inside. I heard tons of whispers from the girls. I turned around and shot them a smile.
"Don't make them faint Harry. I know you don't wait in line, but that's not the way to make it move along." Scarlett said. I just shoved her a bit and she smiled.
"Umm, excuse me? Can we have a picture with you guys?" Scarlett and I turned and saw two girls, about 15 or 16, standing behind us. They looked nervous as they smiled at me. I just smiled back and said hello.
"Of course! Want me to take it?" Offered Scarlett.
"Umm, we kinda wanted one with you too! We've seen you with Adam, and we're big fans of you two!" She said beaming. I just had a straight face when she said that.
"Really? How?" Scarlett asked confused.
"The picture on twitter! He posted one of him kissing your cheek! Are you his girlfriend yet?"
"Umm... I don't know." Scarlett said timidly. I just did a chuckle.
"I think you and Harry would be cuter together though-"
"Megan!" The girl nudged at her friend and I laughed.
"I was just giving my opinion! I've seen videos they post up of them goofing around and it's really cute!" She said raising her hands up.
"It's no problem. Now, how about that picture?" I said. The girls handed their mothers the camera, as we posed.
"Thank You!" They continued about their business as they squealed. I turned to Scarlett.
"Me and You, huh?" I said with a sly smile.
"Our nickname would be Scarry. Ha. Get it? Scarlett and Harry? And we scare everyone in practice? I'm so hilarious." She laughed sarcastically.
"Oh whatever." I said laughing.

"So, blue or red team?" Scarlett was trying to pick her color.
"Blue... No wait... Red... No... I'll go with blue."
"It's about time." I mumbled.
"Oh whatever. Who will we play with?" She said looking around. I noticed a group of 6 girls were about to leave since they didn't have enough money to pay. I went running towards them.
"Hey! You guys wanna play with us?" They turned around and gasped.
"You're Harry Styles!"
"Is that a yes I hear?" Scarlett said as she came up behind me smiling.
"You're Adams girlfriend! Scarlett right?"
"Theyre not together." I said half annoyed. Scarlett just gave me a look, and I realized what I just did. I quickly smiled at the girls and asked.
"So, wanna play?" I said.
"We don't have-"
"I'll pay!" Scarlett said. Before I could take her card away and pay myself, it was too late.
"You've done enough Harry. It's my turn." She said as she punched my cheeks.
"Next time, just watch." We led the girls with us and they chose either my team, or Scarlett's.
"We're gonna win. Harry isn't all that tough. He's a softie." Scarlett whispered loudly to her team. They all giggled as they looked at me.
"I'm pretty sure we'll win. Scarlett is a sore loser." I said even louder.
"It's on Styles!" Our time began. The beams were shot in every direction. I had to watch out for Scarlett though. She was like a stealthy ninja.
"Gotcha." I looked up and saw Scarlett swinging upside down from a pipe. She shot at me.
"That's cheating!" I said laughing out loud.
"It's called skills Harry!" She pushed herself off and ran.
"Oh, she's good..."

"We win! How bout you let me keep this hoodie as a reward Harry?" Said Scarlett as she gloated.
"How bout no?" I said as I smiled. She just chuckled.
"Thanks for letting us play with you guys! But, do you mind if we take a couple pictures with you? We absolutely adore you guys!" Said one of the girls.
"We don't mind! Lets ask the girl at the counter if she could take them." Said Scarlett. After we took a couple shots, they waved goodbye to us.
"They adore us." I said to Scarlett as we walked back to the car.
"It's cause we're the best dance partners Harry. Here, we need a handshake." I stretched my arm to her and she showed me one.
"And then we hold our hands and bump our stomachs together."
"But your short." I teased.
"Would you prefer me to punch your stomach?" She teased back.
"Bumping is fine." We laughed and continued walking towards the car.
"Wanna go get ice cream first? I saw a little store there!" Said Scarlett excitedly.
"Sure, as long as you let me pay this time!" She just rolled her eyes at me as we walked towards a different direction.
"So, Harry, tell me about yourself. Favorite color, movie, celebrity crush, anything!" She said as she kicked her ice cream.
"Why so interested all of a sudden?" I said as I glanced at her.
"I don't know. Cause everyone- and by that I mean your adoring fans- knows everything about you, and I don't. I'd google you, but that's just creepy." I laughed at her comment. She just smiled at me.
"Well, my names Harry-"
"Seriously?" She looked at me with a serious look and her eyebrow raised.
"I'm kidding!" I chuckled.
"Okay... Umm... Well, Im older than you." She stopped and gave me a look. I just laughed.
"My birthday is on February 1st, so, soon! I have an older sister-"
"You have a sister? Aww!"
"Older, Scarlett."
"Either way, that's cute! I wish I had a sibling. Jocy is like my little sister though. And Jane is like my older one."
"Who's Jane?" We went back and forth talking about the most random things. We bounced off each others remarks and comments. Time was just passing by us as we sat down at a bench eating our frozen treat.
"Seriously?" Scarlett said laughing.
"Yeah! I talk and the guys just laugh at me."
"I think I do the same. But I also sleepwalk or something. Cause like, remember that one time I ended up in your bed?" I nodded as I recalled that day and smiled.
"Yeah, I did that a lot with Jocy, but she would always shove me off." She said. I just laughed as I imagined Jocy trying to get Scarlett off of her.
"Oh god. Lets see, what else can I tell you? Oh! I like tattoos. I got one recently with Taylor." I lifted my sleeve and showed her.
"Oh man! That's nice! I want another tattoo."
"You have one?" I said as I turned to her and smirked. She reached towards my sleeve and pulled it back down
"Yup. I have one on my side. I think Louis was the only one who saw it out of all you guys. I'm not sure if anyone else has seen it. I'll show you later if I remember. I'm too cozy in this." She said.
"What is it? Like... Describe it." I said as I began to get up. She followed and we walked back.
"Well, it's a black tattoo of a dandelion, but its actually being blown away and transformed into a bunch of birds. It like starts a bit behind my back and then twirls up to the bottom of my chest. I remember Lou saying something about it reminding him of you." She said. Lou was right. I would always go out with Dani on a beautiful day to a field full of dandelions. We would blow tons of them as we saw tons of doves fly away. Then she would tackle me and we'd roll down the hill into a puddle. Our parents were always mad at us afterwards.
"Just an old memory of mine. When I was younger, I'd play with them in the fields." I said as I smiled at the memory.
"Like the boy in my flashback." I heard her whisper.
"What was that?" I said as I quickly looked at her.
"Oh, nothing. I'm just rambling on to myself. What time is it anyways? The guys are probably there already!" I checked my phone, and it was really late. I even had tons of missed messages and calls from Lou.
"Yeah... We sorta better hurry! Lou's been texting me this whole time. I got distracted talking to you." I said sheepishly.
"Really?" She started to laugh.
"Hey! You kept me entertained and I lost focus. But the cars right there, we'll make it." I said chuckling.
"I bet you do that all the time with Taylor then, huh?" She said still laughing. I stopped for a moment and thought.
"I don't actually... Only with you." I muttered to myself.
"What was that?" She said as she turned to me.
"Oh. Uh, nothing. Lets get walking Dane!" I never realized how me and Scarlett really clicked. More than me and Taylor...

"Niall! I swear, Jocy loves when-"
"Sky!" Jocy snapped.
"What? I'm giving him advice on how you two can connect more... Romantically." Said Scarlett giggling.
"Aww Jocy! You're blushing! And you know that Niall loves-"
"Harry!" Niall turned to me begging not to talk.
"I'm kidding pal. I won't say anything around you."
"Hey! Scarlett, keep your partner away from my girl." Niall reached towards Jocy and pulled her to him.
"You two are just the cutest thing. Have you guys slept together yet?" I choked on my food and began to burst in laughter. So did everyone else.
"SCARLETT!" Jocy yelled out. Niall and her were a bright shade of red.
"I can give you a few pointers Niall." I said chuckling.
"Every time we put Harry and Scarlett together, this happens. Add Lou when Eleanor isn't around, and we have a problem." Said Liam. Everyone just started to laugh. We were at Nando's just waiting for our food. Everyone was sitting next to their girl or guy. I sat in between Perrie and Scarlett though.
"We just flow together you know? We're connecting. Our friendship is blossoming." Scarlett sniffled and pretended to wipe a tear from her eye.
"Like a flower." I gestured. Scarlett bursted in laughter.
"You used the same line on me!" Lou said laughing. I smiled innocently.
"Zayn, you and Perrie have been bickering to one another all secretive." Said Danielle.
"What are you two going on about, hmm?" Winked Eleanor.
"Aww the lovebirds are finally together." Said Niall as he cooed them.
"Speaking of lovebirds, look who's here." Zayn said as he looked over my shoulder. We turned and saw Adam coming in.
"Adam! You're just in time!" I yelled out. Adam spotted me and shot me a smile. I waved him over to join us.
"Harry! What's up? Hey guys!" He went around and said hello to everyone.
"I didn't know you guys would be here!"
"Take a seat man!" Said Zayn.
"Alright." He looked around and sat down by Scarlett.
"Hey Sky." He smiled at her.
"Hey Adam. Did you come alone?" She asked him.
"I was actually coming with a friend, but he ditched me for some girl. It's fine I guess, he's had a thing for her." He said chuckling.
"So Adam; when we going Skinny Dipping again?" I said smirking his way.
"Anytime, Harry. Just give me a call." He winked at me then bit his bottom lip. I just started to cramp up with laughter and he joined.
"What did you guys do while Louis and I were-"
"I WANNA JOIN!" Lou said as he slammed his hands on the table and pouted.
"Oh god..." Mumbled Scarlett.
"It was just out of nowhere. Zayn and Niall had taken our clothes right? And we heard girls coming, so, we jumped in the pool and hid there." I said laughing.
"But it turns out it was just Jocy, Danielle, Perrie, and Eleanor. They started to mock us and tried to take pictures." Adam said as he glared at the girls.
"We wanted to show Sky!" Said Eleanor as she laughed.
"They eventually got over being naked and just started to walk around in their birthday suits..." Said Zayn.
"They really bonded that day." Niall said chuckling.
"A little too much." Added Liam.
"You boys..." Scarlett took a sip of her drink.
"If it makes you feel better, we both look pretty good naked... You can be the judge though." I whispered in her ear. She spit a bit of her drink and began to choke.
"Harry! You're such a cheeky bastard!" She punched me and I began to laugh.
"What'd you say to her Harry? I haven't seen her this red since-"
"You kissed her." Said Niall. I looked at him quick, then turned to Scarlett and Adam ; they were as red as ever. She put her head down and began to mumble.
"Someone just put me out of my misery.." I heard her say.
"Well would you look at the time? I gotta leave!" Adam began to walk off slowly.
"We're just messing with you dude!" Zayn said laughing. They all began to try and convince Adam to come over to our place.
"Where's Taylor, Harry?" I heard Perrie ask me. Taylor! She had totally slipped my mind...
"Umm... Her room I suppose. I haven't texted her actually." I began to pull out my phone.
"I don't mean to sound rude, but, do you even like her?" She said nervously. I stayed quiet.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
"No, it's fine. It's just that... I'm really confused right now, you know? Zayn told you about the whole Taylor, Scarlett, secrets and stuff right?" I asked her. She just nodded in agreement.
"Need to sort things out then, huh?" She asked.
"Why not go out on a date? Friday! Take her to eat and just talk things out. Girls love talking with their boyfriends! Especially if you two can easily keep a conversation going." She turned to Zayn and smiled at him. She then turned back at me.
"So, ask her. I'm sure she would love it."
"Thanks Perrie. I think I will actually." I smiled at her and began to text Taylor.
"Let's get eating already! I'm starving!" I heard Niall and Scarlett say in unison.

We had wandered back to our place since tons of fans had found out we we're at Nando's.
"At least I got my food." Said Niall as he chewed.
"I'm with you there dude." Scarlett said as she chewed her food as well.
"Don't talk with your mouth full you guys." Jocy said giggling.
"How much more can you eat, Sky? Damn!" Adam said chuckling.
"More than Niall." She mumbled.
"Oh is that so?" Niall said laughing.
"Bet! Give me your plate and I'll eat that too!" Scarlett said smiling.
"Nice try Sky." Niall said as he went back to eating.
"Watching you two eat so much is giving me a stomach ache." Louis groaned.
"Lets go to bed, Lou. Well, that's if you don't mind me sleeping over tonight?" Eleanor asked.
"Not at all! Lets go! Goodnight guys!" He pulled her along and into his bedroom.
"I think I'm gonna go to bed too. You wanna stay Danielle?" Liam said. Danielle nodded and went off with her.
"What about you Perrie? Want me to drop you off?" Zayn asked.
"We all know you don't want her to go Zayn." I said as I winked to him. He just gave me a look and I laughed.
"Actually, I don't have nothing tomorrow, so maybe I could-"
"YES." Zayn said happily as he shot up.
"Well, well." Scarlett looked at them deviously. I turned to her and chuckled.
"Couple sabotage, Scarlett?" I asked her laughing.
"You know it Harry." She said winking at me.
"What about me? I feel left out." Adam whimpered.
"Sky has enough space in her bed- Oww!" Scarlett flicked a piece of food to Jocy, signaling her to stop. Jocy just started to laugh.
"I don't mind if you stay." Scarlett said a he looked at him.
"But... I'm your sleeping buddy." I said quietly to her. She just slapped my chest, and I chuckled.
"Then I'm going to your bed! Goodnight!" He ran off rather weirdly, making the rest of us laugh.
"Jocy... Take me to bed... I'm full." Niall groaned.
"I'll carry you my Prince Charming."
"Hey, wait! Woah!" Jocy swooped Niall away.
"Night guys!" She yelled. Now it was only me and Scarlett. I looked over at her. Her eyes looked at me, then she flashed me a smile.
"Looks like in sleeping alone tonight. I've got nobody!" I said chuckling.
"You've always got your pillow." She said as she was putting her dish away. I got up and followed.
"So, you and Adam? I should've seen it coming." I said nonchalantly. She just rolled her eyes.
"He's really sweet, and he's like a best friend to me.... But I don't know if I want to be with him romantically like that... Or if I can..." She said softly.
"Why's that?" I asked. She paused.
"Im confused right now. Things are complicated." She walked towards the couch and plopped down. I went after her.
"Same for me." I said as I sat by her. I reached for the remote and turned the television on.
"Why? I thought she was Perfect, you liked her, that you two were the couple of the century." She said with an exaggerating tone.
"There's just a lot going through my head. Especially cause I want to find someone..." Scarlett turned to me.
"Who?" She said.
"Old friend of mine. She's got to be out there." I couldn't ask Scarlett just yet about Dani... If Michelle was Dani.
"Oh, well, I'm here for you if you need any help." She said with a soft smile.
"Thanks. Now, lets watch some family guy!"
"That show is hilarious! Stewie is my favorite!" She said with a grin.
"Hey, look! It's a commercial about the tour!"
"Oh my god... I look flawless." She said as she flipped her hair.
"Conceded." I whispered.
"Kidding." She whispered back. I just turned to her and smiled.

The rest of the week went by fast. I got to bond a bit more with Scarlett since we had to do extra practices together. Before I knew it, it was already Friday. I was running around getting myself ready.
"Gah! I can't find the keys!"
"Harry, they're in your hand." Lou said chuckling. I looked down.
"Oh. Well... Then I'm off! See you guys later."
"Bye Harry!" Yelled out Danielle.
" Where's Liam?" I said as I looked around.
"Went to drop off Scarlett. He'll be right back." She answered. I was going to ask where she went to, but I was already running late. I closed the door behind me and headed my way.
I had picked up Taylor and we went to a restaurant she chose. We were led to our table and began to look at the menu.
" It's sweet that you wanted to take me out." Taylor giggled.
"I thought it be good to talk with you for a while. Just get some things off my chest you know?" She looked a bit confused, but nodded anyways.
"Are you two ready to order?" A waiter came up to us and asked.
"Umm, yes!" We gave him our orders and he went on his way.
"So, what is it you wanna talk about Harry? I'm all ears!" Taylor said with a smile.
"Well, I-" I got interrupted by someone bumping into me.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-"
"It's no problem." I turned around to face the person.
"Harry?" It was Scarlett.
"Scarlett! What are you doing here?" I was surprised to to see her.
"I'm kinda on a date with Adam. I was just in the restroom right now. But..." She turned and looked at Taylor quickly.
"I'll leave you two alone." As she stepped away, I saw how gorgeous she looked; she had her hair in waves, light makeup, a dress that was light blue on the bottom and white on the top, and it fit her at just the right places. It made her look stunning, and I couldn't help but feel a bit jealous. She never really dresses up as much around us-
"Harry?" I turned back to Taylor.
"Oh, sorry. As you were saying?" I tried to focus on Taylor, but my eyes kept moving back and forth from her to Scarlett.

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
"Jocy! I don't know what to wear!" I groaned as I slowly fell off my bed.
"How bout this bandage skirt, with this top, and THESE heels! Love them..." She said as she eyeballed then.
"Jocy! Can't I just wear sweats and a shirt?"
"Sky.... He's taking you to a RESTAURANT! Not McDonalds." She said chuckling.
"What's the difference?" I said exhausted.
"Hey, what about this?" She pulled out a dress I had bought that one time we went to New York.
"Oh yeah! That'll work. With maybe... These nude colored heels?"
"That's a nude-"
"They're khaki looking, okay? I'm no color expert!" I said with a chuckle. Jocy just smiled at me and handed me the dress.
"Try it on!" I went to the bathroom and slid in the dress. When I stepped out, Jocy squealed.
"You're so beautiful Sky! Why don't you dress up more?!"
"You already know the answer to that." I said as I stepped to the mirror. I looked good I guess. I just hope I wasn't too dressed up.
"Now, lets do your makeup and hair!"
She sat me down and began to work her magic.
"Jocy, you enjoy this too much." I said as I waited patiently in my chair.
"Sky, I'm a girl. I like makeup and clothes, Kay? Kay. Now hold still." She began to fidget with my hair.
"Can't I just take it like I always do?"
"You mean straight and tangled?" She said as she raised her eyebrow.
"Blah, blah. It's not like I'll look any different." I mumbled to myself. Jocy paused and looked at me.
"You look beautiful! Here, let me take a picture. Wait... This won't do." She put he anklets on and grabbed me.
"What are you-" she jumped out the window.
"JOCY!" We landed in the middle of some park.
"Perfect! Now stand there."
"You're not a photog-"
"I said Stand!" I flared my arms in the air and backed up.
"Now pose."
"But I-" she looked me dead in the eye.
"POSE." She said slowly. I kinda freaked out, so I did as she said.
"Perfect! Now to put it on your Twitter!" I ran towards her to try and stop her, but, these heels man!
"Jocy!" I got there too late.
"Look, it says: 'What do you guys think? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdr5dyTkKS1rtycao.jpg '. So far, people really like it." She said smiling. I looked over her shoulder, and I saw tons of nice comments.
"I gotta thank Harry. But, how do you know my twitter info-"
"C'mon! You're gonna be late." She said quickly diverting the question.

"Hey, I'm going out you guys. Bye!" I was trying to take off my necklace, when Zayn stepped in front of me.
"You look beautiful!" He said smiling.
"Yeah Scarlett. You look dazzling." Said Lou.
"Aww thanks! But I gotta get going!" I said trying to get passed Zayn.
"Who's going to take you?" Asked Danielle.
"I'll take a cab or something. No biggie." I answered.
"I don't mind dropping you off Scarlett." Said Liam as he got up.
"No! It's no biggie. I can-"
"Lets goooo!" He pulled me along with him to his car.
"Thanks Liam. I didn't wanna bother anyone though." I said as I put my seatbelt on.
"It's nothing really. I felt like getting a bit of fresh air. Plus, I wanted to buy Danielle and myself a treat. It's a win-win!" He said Smiling.
"So where to?" I told him where the restaurant was, and he drove away.
"So, you and Adam? I didn't expect that." He said chuckling.
"Really? Why do you say that?" I said with a laugh.
"Well, don't tell anyone I said this, but I thought you had a thing for Zayn... Or Harry even." He said laughing. I stayed quiet.
"But, I guess that was just me."
"It's funny cause some of Harry's fans said the same thing. But, he just doesn't seem like my type." I kinda might've... Stuttered in that last part.
"Sure he doesn't. You two are always bickering and fooling around; carrying him on your back, playing leap frog, throwing water balloons-"
"Adam got real mad that day!" I said laughing.
"I would be too if I had slipped and fallen that hard on stage! And it didn't help that his pants ripped and then you and Lou wrote on his bum!" Liam said as he started to burst into laughter. After we calmed down a bit, he got a bit more serious.
"Point is though, you two are like.... Like Harry and Lou; silly, funny, go with the flow types. You get each other, and that's really nice. Plus you get along with everyone... It's like- you're part of our little family. Along with Mrs. Horan." He said as he smiled to me. I just smiled back- a sincerely thankful smile.
"Now, I have a big question for you." He said seriously.
"What is it?"
"About your necklace..." I pulled it out of my bag.
"What about it?"
"Why did you go through all trouble to get it? Is there something you didn't tell me?" I looked down at it. There's so much I don't even know bout this thing.
"I might sound crazy, but, I feel like this thing... It's the only thing that links me back to my past. An old friend of mine named Michelle, she even told me something strange... She said its everything to me." I began to wonder what her cryptic message meant.
"Do you think that maybe it's some type of like... Gadget?" I turned to him.
"Seriously Liam?" I said chuckling. He looked from the road, to me, and back to the road.
"What? After all this weird stuff we found out about you guys, it doesn't seem that bad of a possibility." He said chuckling back.
"Who knows. I just don't want to lose it. I just want to find someone who can identify it... Identify me." I began to get a bit gloomy as I put it away.
"No, don't be sad!" We stopped in front of the restaurant. Liam put the car on park and turned to me.
"Look; even though you don't know what your past was, it's better to just live this moment. Be with those who you already know, and just enjoy it!" I looked at him and smiled.
"That's better! Now, gimme a hug!" I reached over to him.
"Thanks, Liam. You're seriously the best." We broke away.
"Who knows, maybe I'm your long lost cousin!" I said with a sarcastic shocked face.
"Or my sister! We would do so much together!" He said with a gasp. I just giggled.
"Alright, go on! Make that curly haired lad see what he's missing out on." He said in a girly fashion.
"Harry isn't here though." I chuckled. His mouth went wide open. I just started to step out of the car.
"What? Why are you making that face?" I said half scared.
"You just said Harry... I was talking about Adam." He sounded like Jane when she's spilling some juicy gossip to me.
"I did? Oh... Uhh... Oh look! Gotta go!" I slammed the door and ran.
"YOU CAN'T AVOID ME SKY! I WILL QUESTION YOU SOON!" He yelled out. That was awkward...

"Okay. How bout you chug down the drink, and maybe I'll let you eat off my plate." I said laughing.
"Sky! I already told you, I'm not drinking that!" Adam said disgusted. Some guy had sneezed over the table right when Adams drink came, and he didn't even think twice about drinking it.
"Look, who knows what germs that guy had. I don't wanna risk getting sick." He said chuckling.
"Well then, I'll eat this all on my own." I took a bit of my food as I teased Adam with how good it tasted.
"Like my dance buds are tasting!"
"What?" He said as he started to laugh.
"My taste buds are dancing..." I said confuse as to why he was laughing.
"You flipped the words around." He said chuckling.
"I did not." I said chuckling.
"Umm, Yeah!" He began to smile. He had that look that always got to me; Sparkling eyes, sweet lovable smile, and the most sonorous laugh.
"Sky?" He began to wave his hands. I guess I must've spaced out.
"Look, I know in gorgeous-"
"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" He said chuckling.
"Nothing." I began to giggle.
"You're such a dork." He took my glass and began to take a sip.
"I'll be right back. Gotta take a whiz." I said as I placed my napkin down.
"Wash your hands!" He yelled out as I walked away. I glanced at him and rolled my eyes.

I began to walk out as I looked in my bag for the bracelet Jocy let me borrow. I hope I didn't lose it. I suddenly lost balance, and tripped a little. I had accidentally stumbled on to some guy.
""I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to-"
"It's no problem." He turned to me, and then it hit me.
"Harry?" He rubbed his head and did the same surprised look I did.
"Scarlett! What are you doing here?"
"I'm kinda on a date with Adam. I was just in the restroom right now. But..." I looked over at Taylor. She just sipped on her drink.
"I'll leave you two alone." I began to walk to my table with Adam.
"What was that all about?" Adam said as he got up. He pulled my seat out and I thanked him. He went back to his chair and waited for me to answer.
"Umm... I stumbled into Harry." I said as I settled down.
"Harry's here?! No way!" He was all smiles as he turned around and saw him. He waved at him and Harry waved back.
"Is he here with Taylor?"
"Yupp." I nodded.
"I wonder if Harry's asked her yet... About the whole thing." Adam said as he turned back to me.
"Who knows. But, lets just forget about that." I put on a smile and we continued to talk. At one point though, I had looked up and noticed Harry. He had his eyes set on me- dead on. I quickly turned away though.
"So, you ready to leave?" Adam asked as he got up. I nodded and we began to walk off.
"Hey! Adam!" I turned around along with Adam; Harry was walking after us with Taylor right behind him.
"Hey man!" They did their handshake and began to talk. I just wanted to leave already.
"So, where are you guys going now?" Harry asked him.
"Umm... My place. We're gonna watch some movies together." Adam turned to me and smiled. I knew what he had in mind...
"You're not thinking.... What I'm thinking... Are you?" I said giggling.
"You know it!" Adam said with a wink.
"What?" Harry said confused.
"We have this... Tradition... For every time we have a movie night. Just some silly thing." I said smiling.
"Oh, well, I guess I'll leave you guys to it! See you tomorrow!" Harry said as he walked away. That was pretty strange... He sounded... Off.
"Lets go!" Adam pulled me along.

"Adam! Stop hogging the whip cream." I said as I changed into some of his baggy clothes. I ran towards him, and I began to jump up and down, trying to reach it, but, he held it above his head.
"Nope. You didn't share your food!" He began to to spray some in his mouth.
"ADAM!" I started to laugh and pushed him down with me. We landed on his bean bags.
"Dude! Your necklace is stuck with mine!" Adam said laughing uncontrollably. I couldn't help but laugh as well.
"Well, take it off." I said as I began to fidget with it. He tried to help, but we only got in each others way.
"This is gonna take forever." He said chuckling.
"Well, lets try to get up at least." I pushed him back, but he only grabbed me by the waist, and we stumbled back on each other with me on top of him.
"Well, at least I feel more comfortable." I said giggling. He just looked at me and smirked.
"Oh, so you like the top?" I just blushed and giggled uncontrollably. I threw my hands over my face.
"Adam stop!" I mumbled. He got a hold of my hands and took them off me.
"You're so cute!" He said laughing. I started to stare at him, and he looked back. He sat up with me on his lap, and placed his hand around my neck.
"I love spending time with you." He said softly. I broke into a smile, but, before I could say anything back, he pulled me in for a kiss. It was just a soft, sweet kiss. When he broke off, I was smiling like an idiot.
"Look! Our necklaces are off now." He said chuckling. I just kept looking at him.
"Yeah." I pulled him back in to kiss him a bit more. It was soft, light, caring kisses at first. But as we got more into it, it got a bit more aggressive. I placed my hands on his head and pulled him closer as I wrapped my legs around him. He, in return, placed his hands on my waist, pulling me closer and closer. Before I knew it, we were chest to chest against each other. Our breathing began to get harder, our hands began to wander, then...
"RIIIINNNGGGGG!" Adams cellphone was going off. We broke apart and looked at each other. We were both panting a bit since we didn't even bother to come up for air. He just smiled, and I smiled back.
"Well THAT killed the mood." He said chuckling. I laughed and got off him. I watched as he ran towards his phone.
"Yeah? Okay. No, that's fine. So at 10 then? Alright, I'll tell them. Okay! Thanks." He hung up and walked towards me.
"That was Simon." He said as he plopped on his couch. I sat down next to him with my legs laid across him.
"What did he want?"
"He wants to have a talk about something, so we have to get there an hour earlier." I was a bit puzzled.
"What for? Is something wrong?"
"Nah. Or else he would've sounded cranky." He said with his witty smile.
"Well then, we might as well go to sleep." I hopped off the couch, and scurried into the bed so I wouldn't have to turn the lights off.
"You're so silly." He said chuckling. He turned off the lights, and I felt him jump into bed, right next to me.
"Lets get some rest." He said as he pulled me to him. I snuggled up against his chest.
"Night Adam." I looked back at him and gave him another kiss. I don't know if this meant we were together, but, I liked it.
"Night Sky."

After Adam and I had breakfast, we decided to stop by Starbucks and get something for everyone. We then headed straight for the studio.
"You think you can take mine too? I got Simons right here." I said to Adam as I carried some of the stuff.
"Yeah! Got it right here." We headed inside and saw everyone already there.
"Hey guys!" Zayn headed towards us and helped. Niall then came as well.
"You guys didn't have to get us anything!" Said Niall smiling.
"So you saying you don't want the muffin I-"
"I never said that." He said as he turned away from me. I just chuckled. We gave everyone something as we waited for Simon.
"Here Harry." I said as I handed him his drink.
"Thanks." He looked like he was forcing his smile.
"Is something wrong Harry?" I said quietly.
"Stupid things going on in my head. How was your stay with Adam?" He added casually.
"Fine. It was a nice date." I said as I sipped on my drink.
"Great." Harry mumbled. I was beginning to worry. He was acting weird.
"Guys!" We all looked up and saw Simon. Liam walked to him and gave him his coffee.
"Thank You! This is nice." He sipped on it and then looked back to us.
"So, I've learned that you guys will have a couple of interviews, as well as a couple appearances and small performances soon." Everyone clapped and cheered.
"Yes! Exciting! But, I've also learned that you guys will have 2 weeks or so, off to go visit your family's and hometowns next week."
"We can go to the headquarters and get you a new phone Sky!" Whispered Jocy. I nodded to her and looked back at Simon.
"So with that said, lets see what you've guys been learning!" We all got ready and performed in front of him.
"You guys are really doing spectacular! I loved it. Adam; great job." Simon smiled and nodded at all of us.
"Thanks!" Adam said proudly.
"Great! Now, get ready because in 2 hours, you guys actually have an interview." Simon said as he got up.
"Really?" Said Louis.
"Send a shout out to me Lou!" I said chuckling.
"You girls will be going too! As well as Adam." Simon said.
"What?" I said as I groaned.
"Scarlett, don't be upset. They probably won't even remember the incident." I stopped. Dammit, Jane must've added that modeling thing in my résumé. Just wait till she sees me...
"Okay then! We'll be ready in a few!" Said Zayn. As Simon walked off, I started to whine about the interview.
"I don't wanna go! Blah! Cameras and people asking all those questions."
"Why did Simon say that they won't remember the incident?" Asked Lou. He had that devious smile, so, even if I lied, he'd find out somehow.
"We wanna know too!" Niall said. I turned around and the guys were just waiting for my answer. I slapped my forehead and groaned. Dammit Jane!
"Just tell them Sky! It wasn't that bad." Said Jocy giggling.
"Hey! We're you the one wearing a sparkly bra, wings, and lacy underwear? Being photographed by all those people? Watched by many? No? Yeah, I thought so!" I snapped at Jocy playfully.
"Wait wait wait... All I heard was bra and lacy underwear." Said Harry with his cheeky smile.
"Glad to see you all happy again." I mumbled.
"What?" Harry said laughing.
"Okay... So, I was on a mission once to get one of the designers trust and eventually ask the designer to make clothing for us that can include gadgets in them." The guys nodded and gestured me to continue.
"But, to do that, I'd have to be a model.. Specifically- a Victoria's Secret model-"
"You?" Said Zayn eyes wide opened.
"What?" I said kind of offended.
"Well, you don't seem like the type to do that Sky. You're always dressed comfortable and laid back." Said Liam chuckling.
"I like her style though." Added Harry.
"I'm getting to that you guys!" I said.
"I need to find pictures of this..."
"I'm with ya. I mean, I haven't even seen her in a swim suit. Maybe booty shorts-" I heard Adam and Harry whisper to each other.
"Hey! I can hear you... Pervs." They stopped and smiled at me innocently, but I just rolled my eyes.
"But, what happened was; I was at a show in New York. It was my turn to go down the runway, but, the girl that was doing wardrobe accidentally broke the hook on my bra... I didn't know... And the hook was in the front." I immediately saw the smiles that the guys had on, all except Niall and Liam. They were shocked.
"Really?! Oh my god..." Gasped Niall.
"Yup. And when I began to turn around from the cameras, it just... Bam. I luckily covered myself, and all they got was my side. Then it was on the news and Internet! Blah blah!" I said annoyed.
"So... The Internet..." Adam said. I turned to him and he just smiled.
"You guys... Agh!"
"What about your tattoo?" Asked Louis.
"I didn't have it yet. I got it afterwards."
"I wanna see this tattoo of yours!" Said Zayn.
"Maybe later! We gotta get ready!" Yelled out one of the dancers.
"You heard her." I said as I walked off.
"So, I can google the images, right?" Yelled out Harry. I didn't even bother to turn around. I just flipped him off.

"You guys ready yet?" I yelled out. I was sitting with Louis and Liam on the couch, waiting for the rest of them.
"They wanna look smashing." Said Liam.
"Well I guess... But they take forever!."
"Well, they're not like you. You just threw on your little hat, jeans, and a fancy shirt. They wanna look fabulous." Said Lou as he flipped his hair over dramatically. I just laughed.
"Lets go!" Harry and Zayn picked me of the couch and carried me all the way outside.
"You guys.... I could get used to this." I said relaxed.
"Speak for yourself. I'm getting tired." Zayn said. They put me down and we all got in the limo.
"Scarlett! You should've worn something nicer!" Said Jocy.
"Hey, it's a studded collar. And look!" I got up and showed her my butt.
"Studs on my butt pockets! Andddd!" I sat back down as lifted my leg up to her.
"Heels, Jocy. HEELS." I said smiling for her approval.
"Oh, Sky." She jut shook her head and talked to the girls.
"So, this is you?" Harry plopped next to me, and Adam next to Harry. He showed me the photo on his phone- Me.
"HARRY!" I tried to take it away from him, but he just handed it to Adam.
"You, my dear Sky, are smoking HOT." Teased Adam. I just buried my head in Harry lap.
"I hate you guys." Harry began to pat my head and laugh.
"I couldn't resist! I was curious." I got up and stared at him.
"Your dead."
"Now, now. It can't be-" Zayn stopped in the middle of his sentence as Adam showed him the picture.
"Wow. You... Wow."
"I wanna see!" Louis and Niall shoved each other to catch a glimpse.
"Is that Jocy?" Niall said smiling. I took the phone and zoomed in to the background.
"Oh yeah! She looks amazing in her outfit. Lacy, frilly, thin-"
"Let me take another look." Niall said smirking.
"Niall!" Jocy said. I turned to her and she was RED.
"What?" Niall said with his hands up. Everyone was just laughing at those two. We were laughing and joking the whole way, till we finally got there.
"So many GIRLS!" I yelled over the fans screams.
"Lets go!" As they all stepped out one by one, I swear, my ears were about to burst open.
"HARRY! OVER HERE!" I just kept hearing everyone screaming for one of the guys attention.
"That... That was LOUD." I said as we all got inside.
"They love us. What can we do." Shrugged Zayn.

"We're here with the biggest boy band in the world right now! One Direction!" Said the guy. Only the guys had gone up right now to be interviewed, we stayed back and watched.
"How have you guys been? There's so much going on for you right now!" Asked the lady.
"We've been swell actually. And yes! Especially with the tour coming up." Said Liam. The two continued to ask questions, comments, jokes here and there, then, she popped the question.
"Now, all these girls are heartbroken! Is it true that ALL of you are taken At the moment?"
"Except Zayn." Chuckled Harry.
"I asked her out a long time ago!" Zayn snapped.
"So it's true? You and Perrie?" Said the lady excitedly. I started to crack up. Zayn wanted to keep Perrie on the hush for now, and Harry, just made him admit they're together.
"Umm... Yeah. We've been together for a bit." He said with a smile.
"That's fantastic! And, Harry! You and Taylor Swift! One of the sweetest girls out there! How are you guys doing?" I just rolled my eyes. Sweet my ass.
"We're good." He replied quickly.
"Great. And now, Niall! You and- Jocy Davis is it?" Niall nodded. He turned to Jocy and flashed her a big grin.
"She's actually here right now. But, she's hiding from me." He said chuckling.
"Is she really?" The man looked around where Niall was pointing.
"Now, she's a dancer right?" Niall nodded.
"Then how about we bring all of them up here! A big welcome to the One Direction dancers!" I placed my hands behind my head and walked up with the rest. We took a seat on the couch or floor and greeted the hosts.
"I'm guessing you're Jocy?" I turned to where she was looking. Jocy had a rosy color on her cheeks from the kiss Niall had given her.
"Umm, Yes." She said softly.
"You two are the cutest couple!" Said Louis teasingly. We all chuckled as Jocy buried her face into Niall for a second, trying to hide her embarrassment.
"Aww! She's blushing." Adam said laughing.
"And you must be the boys and girls choreographer, right?" He said referring to Adam.
"Yes sir, I am!"
"And how's life with the boys?" She said with a smile.
"They're just Crazy! Like, I love them all to death," Zayn kissed his cheek playfully, and Niall winked at him flirtatiously.
"And they're all awesome to hang out with," Harry took away his beanie, and Liam place it on his head. I just started to laugh at this point.
"And they're just overall, pretty cool guys." Louis began to pinch his butt.
"WOAH!" Adam jumped a bit and we all started laughing.
"But, they gotta calm down." Adam said laughing.
"I can see you guys have bonded." The hosts said laughing. They then turned to us.
"And what about you girls? How is it being able to dance with these guys?" She said smiling.
"Louis is a handful." Said Savannah with a straight face. Louis just went behind her and gave her a hug.
"Like, he's really good and fun, but, he lifts me up and throws me into the little foam pit thing we use to practice our flips and whatever. I always have to ask Eleanor how to calm him down." She said chuckling.
"Oh, you love me!" Louis said as he let go. He sat back down and smiled.
"Liam can be like that too. I honestly thought he was gonna be the easiest to work with, but he's silly too." Said Rose chuckling. Liam just shimmed to her.
"Pair up Zayn and Scarlett, and they attack everyone!" Said Megan laughing.
"No! HARRY and Scarlett! Add Louis and things get out of hand." Said Zayn as laughed. I laughed along with them as I remembered how we once got water guns and sprayed them all during practice.
"You must be Scarlett then, right?" The guy said chuckling as he looked at me.
"Yes. That's me!"
"You look quite familiar... You're the girl everyone was obsessing over! You were caught with Zayn, then pictures with Harry, now Adam." The lady said.
"Now that you say it out loud, it's no shock these girls hate me." They all started to laugh.
"What exactly happened with these guys and yourself?" Asked the man.
"Well, me and Zayn; diversion. We tried to escape all these fans and paparazzi. Adam; he just gave me a kiss on the cheek. I don't see what's wrong with that." I said shrugging. The guys all huddled around me and pretended to kiss my cheeks and hands. I waved them off as I laughed.
"And Harry; we're just real good friends. We always take pictures, goof around, and he's really comfortable to fall asleep on." I said as I turned to him with a smile.
"That's a lie. She's actually my second girlfriend." He said with a straight face. The man host gave him a thumbs up, and I slapped Harry on the knee as he laughed.
"You're his dance partner as well?" I nodded.
"That's great. You guys all look like you get along perfectly. But, I just got news that you were also a model?" I slapped my forehead as I groaned.
"She doesn't like talking about it." Chuckled Jocy.
After a couple more questions and the guys performance, we headed back.
"I can't believe they found out!" I moaned.
"At least they didn't pull up the picture!" Laughed Niall. That's true, I guess.
"So what are you girls gonna do over the break?" Liam asked.
"Visit the fam. I really miss them!" Said Savannah. Megan and Rose nodded.
"And are you and Jocy leaving to... The place?" Zayn asked me quietly.
"Yeah, need a new phone as well as a couple more gadgets." I whispered.
"I think I'm gonna just gonna ask Eleanor if she'll come with me to see my family." Louis said smiling.
"That's what I'm gonna ask Danielle." Said Liam.
"I was gonna ask," we turned to Niall.
"If maybe you wanted to come with me to meet my family, Jocy?" The gals and I squealed. Niall just looked at us and blushed as he smiled.
"Do it Jocy!" I said loudly. Jocy turned to me and laughed.
"Yeah, I don't mind. But, will your parents me okay with it?"
"Absolutely! I already asked!" Niall said with a excited smile.
"Wait, so you knew she was gonna say yes?" Laughed Adam.
"Well, I guess." Said Niall chuckling.
"He knows me." Jocy said as she laughed along. I'm glad to see Jocy so happy.

[Harry's P.O.V]
The days flew by quickly. Before I knew it, everyone was already packed and heading off. We went to the airport and got ready to leave. I waved off to the guys as they left.
"I'll see you soon Harry!" Taylor said smiling.
"Oh! And here's your airplane ticket." She said as she handed it to me.
"Thanks Tay. I'll call you, okay?" We kissed and went our own ways.
I got to my seat and just relaxed. It was gonna be a while.

"Hey, man." I felt someone shrugging me. I opened my eyes and looked around.
"We've landed dude." The man next to me said. Wow, I must've fallen asleep the whole way.
"Thank You, sir!" I said smiling to him. As I got off the airplane and went for my luggage, I noticed something was off about the airport. I turned to a woman next to me and asked where we were.
"Oh, New York of course!" She said smiling. WHAT?
"Thank you ma'am." I took my luggage and walked to a bench. I sat down and took my phone out. I had a message from Taylor.
"From: Tay
Harry! I gave you my ticket!!! Answer quickly!"
"From: Tay
I'm so sorry! I hope you get a ticket back to your hometown! Text me when you land." I slapped my forehead. I should've checked the ticket! I buried my hands in my pockets as I leaned back.
"JANEEE!" I heard a girl yell. She sounded familiar. I looked up and saw Scarlett. I've gotta follow her! I might as well stay with her till I get a ticket back! I got a hold of my bags and crept behind her. They headed outside by a limo, and threw their things in. i watched as they walked off to get a snack. How am I supposed to sneak in? In patted my pockets and found it; Scarlett's shrinker! I knew it come In handy! I aimed it at my bags and watched as they got tiny. I picked them up and put them in my pocket. Now to hide in that limo.
I ran around to the other side an tried to sneak in. The limo driver saw me though...
"Excuse me young man, what are you doing?" He said as he walked to me.
"I'm a fried of Scarlett's. I kinda took the wrong flight and ended up here with her. I was hoping to go with her instead, but I wanna surprise her! Mind helping me?" He gave me a suspicious look.
"What's your name?"
"Harry Styles." I said smiling to him. His eyes widened.
"So, your the lad! I'll help you out, just cause Scarlett always pranks me." He said chuckling.
"Thank You!" He got me in and hid me behind their luggage that was against the corner.
"She won't see you there!" He laughed a he closed the door. She was gonna be so surprised! I hid there and waited forever, till I heard the girls come in.
"You should've hooked me up Sky! Zayn is pretty damn hot! But Noooo! You hooked him up with Perrie!" Said Jane. I just listened as they got in and close the door.
"Even Jocy got some action!" Jane said.
"Well, Sorry! They got taken up pretty quickly!"Scarlett giggled. The car began to drive off. I was about to jump up, when,
"So, that Harry guy! He's pretty cute! Why didn't you get a piece of that?" I wanted to laugh, but I held it and decided to listen.
"Jane! Stop! He has a girlfriend-"
"Don't start! I don't even wanna talk about her." She said angrily.
"Why? What happened? You sounded so excited when she gave you the map to the head-"
"I got taken away, Jane. Along with one of the guys." I heard Jane gasp.
"What?!! When!! Dude... What the hell? Did the bitch set you up?" I felt a bit mad... She shouldn't be calling Taylor that.
"I don't know! It was bad though.... To the point where I had to tell all the guys I'm a Shadow, Jane." She said softly.
"SCARLETT DANE! Why would you?! That's totally going to make the boss mad." She said worried.
"I know! But, I had too!" Scarlett groaned.
"Well, lets just hope he doesn't do something drastic to you." Jane said laughing.
"Ugh... Whatever." I peaked out and saw Scarlett looking out the window. Maybe I should jump out now.
"So, between Adam and Harry..." Said Jane teasingly. Never mind.... I think I'll wait. I smirked a little and got comfortable to listen to their gossip.
"Jane! Stop! I already told you; I Don't Know." She put emphasis on the last three words. I kept listening.
"Look, it's kinda obvious you have a thing for Harry-"
"I know he has a girlfriend, and that Adam and you have history. But, dude, the way you two acted all goofy and adorable around each other during that interview; Obvious!" She squealed. I began to smile a bit.
"Jane, we are just friends. He doesn't see me that way. Besides, I really like Adam, and-"
"Is he still a good kisser?"
"JANE!" I looked a bit and saw Scarlett blushing.
"Have you guys had sex yet?"
"Dude! Oh my god, would you stop?!"
"I heard Harry is a God when it comes to-"
"JANE!" I wanted to laugh so bad. I looked through the crack and saw Scarlett trying to attack Jane. She was a petit girl, long black hair, hazel eyes, nice smile, and had red lipstick on.
"I'm just messing with you." Jane said laughing.
"I swear... I can't talk about guys around you!"
"Do you still like them older than you?!"
"I'm gonna KILL you when we get out of this Limo!" Scarlett groaned.
"Okay, okay! Seriously though, who- What was that?" I had accidentally bumped against the seat. I'm screwed now. I pretended to sleep in hopes of them going a bit easier on me.
"Girls! Sit down!" I hear the limo driver say. Thank You!
"Dave, just wait till you see what I got in store for you!" Scarlett yelled out.
"And wait till you see what I got for YOU!" He said back.

After a while, we stopped. I went back to pretending to sleep.
"My bags are in here, I'll be right there Jane." Scarlett got closer to me.
"Hey, Scarlett?" I heard the Limo driver say.
"Don't hurt sleeping beauty. And, Surprise." He said chuckling.
"HARRY?!!" I shot my eyes open.
"Oh! Hey... Scarlett!" I said nervously.
"DAVE!" She looked at him, then back at me.
"What are YOU doing HERE?!" I could tell she was shocked and mad.
"I got on the wrong plane! Taylor had accidentally taken my ticket." I said with a nervous laugh.
"Ugh! You can't be here Harry!"
"Sky?! Are you done yet?" We turned to the door.
"I better disguise you, Harry." She took out a camera from her bag, and aimed it at me.
"Say cheese!" I saw a bright flash of light.
"Hey! That was really bright!" My eyes widened... What happened to my voice?! I sounded like... Jocy?!
"Jocy! You're here?" I saw as Jane popped her head in. I began to freak out.
"Uhh... Umm... Yeah! Surprise?" I said softly. Dear god...
"I hope you're ready to spend your vacation with me... Cause let me tell ya now; You're doomed Styles." Scarlett whispered. I just shot her an awkward smile.
"Aww Jocy! I missed you!" Jane ran towards me and hugged me tightly. I just patted her back.
"You smell like a guy. Is that Niall's scent?" She winked.
"Yes yes. Now lets get on inside!" Said Scarlett as she pushed us out. I saw we head arrived at some place that looked like a university.
"What is this?" I whispered to Scarlett.
"Our head quarters. Just wait till you see inside though." She said smiling, but, it soon wiped off.
"What?" I said chuckling.
"I just can't believe you're here!" She groaned.
"Now me and you can gossip and talk about boys!" I said in Jocy's high pitch squeal. Scarlett just laughed.
"I cannot take you seriously. Wait... Did you hear our conversation?" My eyes began to look back and forth.
"Ahh... Umm... No. I fell asleep the whole way." Nice save. She just glared at me.
"Sure you did... Lets go inside now.... 'Jocy'!" She punched my arm as she faked a smile.
"Ouch! I'm a girl! Be more caring." I said sweetly. She just rolled her eyes.
"This break is gonna be interesting." She said laughing.
"And best part; you get to spend it with me!" I said as I pointed to myself. She just chuckled.


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