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Shadow's Target

Chapter 10, Part 1: Everything is Coming Together Now...

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
There's the car... I guess I better leave. I turned around and saw Eddy. I waved goodbye. I never got to tell you how much you mean to me...
Once we arrived, they took me in a room. In the middle of it, something blue was glowing. What is that thing? What? Touch it? Okay...
I got close... Placed a finger on it... My body had received millions of little shocks. What's happening?! My necklace... It's glowing... Eddy...

I shot up immediately from bed. What the?! I rubbed my arms trying to shake off that feeling from my dream. God, what was that?
I pulled out my necklace. There's something hiding in this, but, what? No matter how hard I try, I can't open it without breaking it into a million pieces. I tucked the necklace back in and headed for the shower to get ready.
I let the warm water run down my back. Its gonna be a long day today! We had practice, being introduced to stage props, and then we were gonna hang with Taylor.
Wow... That sounded a lot weirder than I thought. Hang with Taylor. I still couldn't believe what had happened between us yesterday. I don't know if I can trust her...
"Hellooooo?" I heard someone knock on the bathroom door.
"Just a minute!" I put on my bra, underwear, and shorts. In tried to grab my sweater, but, the sleeve was stuck on the door. I opened it and picked it up. Louis was standing ate he door waiting.
"For god's sake! Cover yourself! My eyes are burning." He said as he smashed his hands against his eyes.
"Oh whatever! I'm wearing clothes Lou!" I threw my sweater on as I chuckled at Him not knowing whether to open his eyes or not. I got out of the bathroom and headed for out counter and started to brush my hair.
"I was just kidding Sky. I like that tattoo of yours though. I've never seen it before." I looked down at the side of my waist and saw it was showing again.
"Thanks. I've had it for a while."
"What is it anyways? It looks pretty cool!" He said as he was getting closer to me. I lifted my sweater and revealed my tattoo.
"That is amazing!"
"Yeah, I really like it." I looked down and stared at it. It was a black tattoo, a dandelion, but it was being blown away and turned into birds. It started a bit behind my back and then twirled up. It stopped below my chest.
"I had a dream once about, I guess it was me, being surrounded by tons of these. They were all being blown away and then transformed into these wonderful birds." That was a lie. It was actually me with Eddy. We were blowing tons of these dandelions as we watched birds fly off. At that moment, I felt so free with him. I may not know if those visions are just dreams, but, I felt like he was a big part of me.
"That sounds interesting. Kinda reminds me of Harry." I looked at him confused. I tugged my sweater back down.
"Why do you say that?" I asked him.
"Oh no reason. He just told me a story of this girl he knew." He answered back. I shrugged my shoulders and then continued to brush my hair.
"But, anyways, I just came here to see if you were ready. We're leaving in twenty minutes." He said as he headed out my door.
"I'm almost done. I'm just gonna eat breakfast and we can go!" I placed my brush down and ran to the kitchen.

"5, 6, 7, 8! That's right! Keep it clean girls. Louis! No, don't do that to Zayn!" Adam said groaning.
"Can't help it mate. It's just so fun to mess these guys up."
"You guys are a handful." Adam said laughing. I always did love that laugh of his.
"Scarlett?" I snapped out of it.
"Huh? Yeah Adam?"
"So, the last coach left me notes saying that you and Harry were originally partners, so, I'm gonna switch you guys back."
"But she's my girlfriend man! You can do this to me! Babe! Don't leave!" Zayn fell to the floor and sobbed sarcastically.
"Oh shush!" I bent down and punched his arm.
"Alright, give me my partner back!" Harry spread his arms out.
"What are you doing?"
"You're supposed to run to me, duh! You gotta be enthusiastic Scarlett! You get to have me back." He began to do this weird dance and I just laughed.
"Alright, now lets try this again. You guys are really good, you just fool around a lot." Adam whispered that last part, but, I heard and giggled.
"Alright! Lets try the dance for umm... 'I Want'." I went into position and waited for the song to start.
"Okay, ready? And-"
"HELLOOOO!" We covered our ears and screamed.
"WAS THAT TOO LOUD? WHAT? STILL TOO LOUD?" It was Taylor. She had the microphone. God that made my ears ring!
"Sorry! I didn't mean to do that! I thought it was lower." She said as she stumbled to put the microphone back in place.
"Hey Tay!" Harry went towards her and gave her a kiss.
"I just stopped by to see if you guys were still up for today!" She walked around and gave a hug to everyone, well, except Adam. She just waved at him.
"Umm, yeah! Why, what time is it?"
"Umm, almost 6." She said as she checked her phone.
"SIX?! Adam! We were supposed to leave like an hour ago!" Said Niall as he flopped to the floor.
"Well, you guys were doing so good though! I couldn't stop you!" He said laughing.
"You guys can go now though. You did amazing."
"That's cause you're an amazing coach." Lou said flirtatiously.
"That was really unnecessary Lou." I said as I slapped my forehead.
"Oh I was playing around! But, Adam?" Adam turned to him.
"Do you wanna come along too?"
"Yeah, I don't mind." Added Taylor.
"We will have tons of fun! We can check out all of Taylor's friends and- OUCH!" I punched Zayn.
"Hey, now that me and you have been separated, I feel so lonely." Zayn said as he pouted.
"Oh whatever!"
"Seriously though, come along! We'd love to have you."
"I guess. I mean, I have nothing else to do besides sit in front of my TV."
"Alright! I'll call Danielle and she can tell Eleanor to come along. Is that alright Lou?" Said Liam as he went for his phone.
"Sounds fine to me! Lets go home and change!"
"We're gonna pass. We have a girls night tonight!" Said Savannah, one of the dancers.
"You girls sure?"
"Yeah, we've been planning this for a while now! Tons of fun." Added Megan, another one of the dancers.
"Alright then! Hope you girls have fun! But incase you want to show up, just text one of us!" Everyone gathered their stuff and headed out.

"From: Jocy
What about floral dresses? I love this one!
I read over the text and clicked on the link.
"To: Jocy
That's more you're style Jocy! Lol. Besides, I already have my outfit. See?
I sent her my text and then put my phone down. I went to straighten my hair and do my makeup. While I was in the middle of putting my beanie on, Jocy zapped in with the dress she showed me.
"You look beautiful Jocy!"
"And you look great as well! Those black heels bring the look together. And your wearing your beanie too huh? Oh Sky." She giggled and sat down to curl her hair and do her makeup.
"Well, I'm gonna wait in the living room. Is that alright Jocy?"
"Yeah! Go ahead! I'll be done in no time!" I closed the door behind me and went to sit down. I felt my stomach growling and placed my hands over it. God I was starving!
"You too, huh?" I turned around and saw Niall behind me smiling. He jumped over and sat next to me. I heard his stomach growl as well.
"I'm dying of starvation! If only we could go somewhere really quick." That gave me an idea.
"Wanna go get a quick snack?" I turned to him smiling.
"Umm, how? The closest thing here is a Starbucks! I want real food!" I looked around to make sure nobody was looking. I didn't want anyone else coming along. I pulled my anklets from my bag and placed them on.
"Umm, what are those?" Asked Niall pointing to my anklets. I jut smiled. I looked in my bag and found the wings charm! Perfect! These babies will help me fly. Now, where's my cloud charm? If I find that, I can seem invisible.
"Sky? What are you doing?" I looked up at Niall.
"Looking for a cloud shaped charm." I said as I looked back in my bag.
"You mean that one?" He pointed at the floor and there it was! My charm!
"Yes! Perfect! Okay, Niall, I need you to wear this necklace."
"But it's girly!" He said pushing it away.
"Just trust me! It's a gaaaadgeeeettt!" I said in a sing song voice. He took it immediately and placed it around his neck.
"How exactly does this work?" He was looking at it, examining every inch of it.
"It uses the same powers as any gadget near by! So, like my anklets!" I headed towards their balcony and Niall followed.
"Umm, okay? But what exactly does your anklets do?" Niall said half scared.
"Give me your hand."
"I don't see how this is gonna end my hunger-" before he could finish, I jumped up and my anklets began to work; we were flying.
"OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THIS?!" I turned to Niall who's eyes were basically bulging out of his head. This was too funny.
"We're hovering. Kinda like flying. It's easy! Lean in to speed up, lean back to slow down, turn left for left, and right for right."
"Okay, let me try..." I watched as Niall started to get the hang of it. Before I knew it, he was doing flips and running on the air.
"Look Sky! Moonwalk."
"You're so silly. Look! Food! Lets get some!" We landed by a park so nobody would see us, and headed into the food joint.
Once we ordered, we waited in our seats.
"Umm, Niall?" He turned to me.
"Is it me, or is that crowd getting bigger?" He turned to where I was looking at and yelped.
"That's a lot of fans..."
"Shit." Our food was ready, so, I took it and got ready to leave.
"Listen Niall, these anklets can also help you run really fast and jump up high. That necklace will help you use the same powers. You can say hi to a couple fans and take a few pictures, but then we're leaving." I looked outside and the crowd started to grow more. Where do these girls find out where they are?
We stepped out and Niall greeted as many girls as he could. Through the corner of my eye though, I spotted some guys in a dark robe watching us. Is that a guardian?
He began to get closer.
"Okay ladies! Have a great day!" Said Niall as he signed one last autograph.
"Niall, lets get going." I whispered.
"But there's more fans!"
"There's someone here... And I think they want to take me." Niall took a quick peek at who I was looking at and got a bit freaked out.
"What do we do?"
"Lets just go." As we started to walk away, they began to follow.
"Niall... They're coming!" I whispered.
I heard their steps get closer and faster.
"Run." We jolted into the forest and I felt a gush of air miss me by an inch. I was beginning to panic.
"When an we fly off?!" Niall said worried.
"Once we get past that bench, we will be running like crazy! So, be prepared! After that, we can fly off. Here goes nothing!" Off we went. Niall began screaming with excitement and adrenaline.
"This is amazing! Can I keep those anklets?! This is just... Wow!" We jumped up to a tree then flew off till we were on the balcony of their place.
"I guess we lost them back-"
"That was amazing! Oh my god! Wow." He took his burger out of the bag and began to eat while looking out at the view. I laughed and joined in.
"Yes Niall! You've said it like a billion times!"
"I meant this burger!" He said as he chewed. I just started to laugh more.
"There you guys are! I've been looking for you two!" We turned to see Louis with his hands on his hips.
"Sorry man! We went out for a bite."
"Always hungry, the both of you! Lets get going, everyone's waiting." We finished up and gulped down our drinks.
"Time to Partayyy!" I said as I danced towards everyone.
"About time you two!" Said Jocy smiling.
"You look gorgeous!" Niall went towards her and kissed her cheek.
"Aww just precious!" Said Eleanor.
"Let's get going! Show's about to start!" Said Harry as he waved everyone out.
"Calm down Styles!"
"Oh quit it. You look nice by the way. Casual is the key." I looked at him and noticed he was just wearing jeans, a white shirt, and his maroon colored beanie.
"I thought you'd dress all spify for your lady Styles." I said in a British accent.
"Oh my god, stop." He said mocking me. I just smiled and punched him.

Once we picked up Adam, we headed to where Taylor told us she'd be at.
"TURN UP THE RADIO! THIS IS MY SONG!" Said Adam shouting. Once the limo driver put the volume up, we realized what song it was; One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful. Adam turned to me and began to sing.
"You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through that door!" After that, everyone joined in.
"Baby you light up my world like nobody else!"
"The way Harry flips his hair gets me overwhelmed!" Sang Louis. We started to laugh as Harry began to shake and flip it. We continued singing along. Then, Harry's part was coming up.
"Take it away Harry!" Yelled Adam. Harry got down on one knee and held my hand. God he's so weird. I just smiled and went along with it.
"Baby you light up my world like nobody else." I looked at him...
"The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed." Why does he seem so...
"But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell... You don't know, Oh oh..." He had a look to him... That seemed... Familiar. Those stunning eyes, that smile, his dimples. What was it? I realized he was examining my face this whole time as well, looking for a sign, while he sang. Then I remembered everyone was here, we were still in the limo. I felt like he wasn't going to sing the next part, and I was starting to feel a bit awkward, so;
"YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!" I flailed my hands in the air and then everyone joined in. Harry sat back down next to Zayn and Louis, but I knew he was still looking at me.
"We're here!" Said Danielle.
"Let's party!" Said Adam as he jumped out.

"Taylor! You were amazing!" Said Harry as he went to give her a hug. Everyone added a side comment and she just blushed.
"Thanks you guys! So, ready to head out and eat?" We all nodded and started to walk off.
"Ouch!" I had bumped heads with some girl.
"I'm so sorry!"
"It's fine." I looked up and then realized who it was.
"Yeah... Who are- wait.... Scarlett?!" She wrapped her arms around me and we squealed. I stepped back and saw how pretty the petite blonde looked tonight.
"I haven't seen you in a while Sky!"
"I know! I've heard you guys have gotten pretty far now!" We kept talking back and forth until,
"Umm, Sky?" Zayn stepped in and looked at me.
"We don't wanna interrupt you, but, we gotta get going! We have a reservation-" he turned and looked at Perrie.
"Ahh, umm... The umm.... We..." He kept stuttering as he looked at us back and forth, keeping his eyes mostly on Perrie.
"Zayn, this is an old friend of mine!"
"Hello, I'm Perrie!" She extended her had to him and he greeted her back.
"You guys know each other?" Said Lou.
"Yeah! We met when Perrie was on the X-Factor!"
"She was our groups vocal coach." Added Perrie.
"You? A vocal coach? I didn't know!" Said Harry smiling.
"You haven't heard her sing yet man! She's really good!" Said Liam.
"Well, enough about me. How's your group Perrie?"
"The girls are in the back getting ready to leave. We just came to see Taylor perform. By the way, you were really good!" She said as she turned to Taylor. She just said thanks and smiled.
"Well, I don't wanna keep you guys waiting! It was nice seeing you Sky! Oh! Here's my number so we can catch up sometime!" She wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed It to me. I gave her mine as well. She said goodbye to everyone and left. I looked over at Zayn. He was just standing there, looking off at where Perrie walked off to.
"Umm, Zayn?" Niall tapped on his shoulder.
"Huh? What?"
"Looks like Zayn found someone to spark his interest!" Said Jocy winking.
"Oh! Uh, no, no! I was just umm-"
"Aww Zayn! You like the petite blonde, don't cha?" Said Eleanor.
"No! Of course not. I never said anything."
"But you were thinking of something weren't you?" Said Adam teasingly.
"Let's go! Taylor was kind enough to take us out, so lets get going!" He motioned us out, but I stayed behind with him.
"You like her." I said wiggling my eyebrows.
"Oh shush! Lets get going... BABE!" He said sarcastic.

As we ate, everyone was joking around, asking questions, doing weird faces, just getting along.
"No! That was Harry!" I yelled out laughing.
"No! You made me!" He answered back with a smile.
"Hey! You accepted, so, it's not my problem." I said. Taylor took out her card and paid for the food. We started to head out.
"You two just won't stop arguing will you?" Said Adam laughing at Harry and I.
"It's a beautiful thing this relationship you two have." Said Louis smiling.
"Always bickering at each other." Said Danielle.
"We just have that flow, you know?" I said as I placed my hands behind my head.
"Seriously, I can just imagine Sky attacking you one day Harry." Said Taylor chuckling.
"She's a girl, she can't hurt me." Everyone went silent and looked at Harry, then me.
"You just killed yourself Hazza." Said Liam.
"What?" Harry said calmly.
"So you're saying that girls are weak?" Said Jocy.
"No! Not that. I'm just saying that they're fragile you know? They're soft and cuddly. Hey, where's Scarlett?"
"Behind you Styles." He looked up. I took his beanie and ran.
"SCARLETT! Get back here!"
"Gotta catch me!" I ran around the corner. Where's the parking lot? Oh! There's the limo! The driver was waving at me and I waved back.
"Scarlett!" I turned around and saw that Harry had caught up. This kid is faster than I thought.
"Gotta run faster if-" OUCH! I had ran into the Limo.... only me right? I looked up to see Harry laughing.
"That's not funny... It really hurt!" He snatched my beanie and placed it on his head.
"I think I'll keep this one." I just smiled at him.
"We can trade." He extended his hand to me and tried to lift me up, only to end up falling again, but with him on me this time.
"Harry! Get off! You're so heavy!" I said chuckling.
"I'm trying! But, your hair is stuck on my cross necklace!" He tried to untangle it, but only ended up pulling my hair.
"Ouch! Careful!" I help him and we got my hair off, but then I noticed he had another necklace on. It was a golden chain. I was going to ask him what it was, but...
"ARE YOU TWO SECRET LOVERS?" dammit! Paparazzi!
Harry got up and pulled me along as well. He shielded me and lead me into the Limo. We closed the door and they still wouldn't leave.
"Dammit! This is going to be all over headlines tomorrow!" He groaned.
"I can see it already! 'Harry Styles and The Mystery Brunette Wearing His Beanie!' Real attention grabbing. I think I'll buy a copy." He just looked at me and laughed.
"You're taking this all too well you know?"
"Well I know the truth. And whatever they say won't really get to me. They can make up lies, but as long as I know what really went down, it's no bother. It's kinda like high school! Though... I never really went to one." I said as I placed my hands behind my head.
"Words of wisdom from Ms. Dane! But, I never knew you didn't go to a real high school?"
"Nah. But it's fine."
"So, where you like in a private school?"
"I guess you can say that. It's a lot more fun though. I do gymnastics and exercises and all that. It explains why my and Jocy have such wonderful muscles and beach bodies." I said overly confident.
"Me though, I'm pretty damn good looking. Because you guys have been on our place, I haven't been able to walk around naked." I bursted out laughing.
"What did you just say?!"
"What? I'm not ashamed of my body!" He said laughing.
"You're so weird Harry."
"But you love me right?"
"Of course I do. Just cause it says I have to in the contract."
"I'm gonn have to make some changes to make it more fitting for me. Like you being my personal assistant!"
"Funny. Hey, is it me, or did the paparazzi leave?" I said as I looked out the window.
"I guess they got tired."
"Or they found everyone else." I said.
"Open up!" We turned around and saw Louis knocking on the window. I opened the door and everyone came in.
"What took you guys?" Said Harry as he watched everyone get in.
"Well, Niall had apparently tweeted about going out with his Gal and everyone else. He even mentioned where." Liam said as he turned to Niall laughing.
"I didn't mean to make those fans to come out and find us!" Niall said sheepishly.
"Well, because of his tweet, tons of fans came and wanted to get our autographs and some photos with us." Said Taylor as she sat besides Harry.
"Isn't that Sky's beanie?" Said Jocy pointing to Harry's head.
"Yeah! We traded! She has mine, I have hers!" He said smiling.
"How come we never traded beanies?" Asked Adam.
"Cause you ripped one of mine! My favorite Neff one!" I said as I punched his arm.
"Oh yeah..." We just laughed. I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Perrie.
"From: Perrie
Hey Sky! Me and the girls are going to go to a club! Maybe you guys wanna come?(:
Text me if you do! xoxo"
Harry placed his head on my shoulder and I allowed him to read my text.
"We're going to Partyyyy!" He said as he looked at everyone.
"Where at?" Asked Zayn.
"Scarlett's little blonde friend invited her! I say we go!" Everyone nodded in agreement.
"I have to go soon though, I have something to do tomorrow!" Said Eleanor.
"The same for me!" Said Taylor and Danielle.
"Party poopers." Said Louis as he pouted at Eleanor. She just smiled and gave him a kiss.
"We'll stay for and hour or two, but then we gotta leave." Everyone was okay with it, so I asked Perrie for the directions, and we headed off.

"I HAVEN'T SEEN HER ANYWHERE YET!" I said as I yelled over the loud music and into Zayn's ear.
"WE'LL KEEP LOOKING!" As Zayn was about to turn, he bumped into Perrie. She motioned us to follow her. We ended up in a more quiet V.I.P section where everyone else was waiting for us.
"I've been looking for you two!" She leaned in and gave us a hug. The rest of Little Mix said hello to me as well while they squealed at how excited they were to see me.
We all chatted and drank a couple drinks.
"So, that friend of yours. Zayn right?" I looked to where Perrie was looking at. There Zayn was, talking to Adam and looking at our direction too. He wasn't smooth about it though, and it made me giggle.
"Ask him to dance!" I said as I nudged Perrie re-enforcingly.
"I don't know. I mean, what if he says no?"
"Perrie, he's been checking you out this whole time. Just do it!" I said laughing.
"Fine, only if you take curly to dance." She said referring to Adam.
"Oh, fine! Just for you!" I pulled her along to where Zayn and Adam were at.
"Hey guys! Wanna dance." I said winking.
"Alright! C'mon Zayn! Take Perrie, and I'll be stuck with... Scarlett." Adam said rolling his eyes.
"Oh fuck you." I said smiling at him. I looked over at Zayn and Perrie walking together awkwardly.
"ZAYN THINKS YOU'RE HOT PERRIE!" Adam yelled as he ran off with me into the crowd. I looked back and saw Zayn blushing furiously, while Perrie was turning Pink and laughing.
"Nice one Sevani." I said as he stopped.
"He needed a push... And I gave him that push. I'm like... His love guru."
"He's gonna kill you Adam." I said laughing.
"Let's dance then, before I die." He started to do a couple moves and then pointed at me to do some. I went along with it. Before we knew it, everyone was in a circle, just watching us. When the song ended, everyone clapped at us. I smiled and went to give Adam a hug.
"I missed you." He whispered into my ear. I pulled away a little and smiled.
"I missed you too." His face broke into a huge smile.
"Ouch!" I looked behind Adam and saw Zayn. I guessed he whacked his head.
"You are an evil man!"
"Maybe, but I see you and Perrie are getting along." I looked behind Zayn and noticed that Perrie and him were holding hands.
"You're leaving me Zayn?" I said sarcastically.
"She offers me more, Sky. I'm sorry." He pretended to walk away, but turned back around laughing.
"Wait a sec... You were the one on the headlines making smoochie faces with him right?!" Perrie gasped.
"It's a long story. It was nothing though, me and Zayn are just really good buds." I said as I smiled at him.
"Come on Sky! Lets go dance again!" Adam pulled me along.

After what seemed like forever, me and Adam stepped aside to catch our breath.
"Man, I forgot how into dancing you get Sky!" Adam said with a smile.
"It's in me." I said back at him. He got a hold of me and pulled me in for another hug.
"I really did miss you." He looked me in the eyes. Was he about to... No. He wouldn't.
"I really missed you too. It took me forever to try and forget you." I said as I looked down. He got a hold of my chin, and lifted my head up to his.
"This time, nothing can break us apart." He leaned in and kissed me. I missed that familiar touch of his lips on mine. I couldn't help but to kiss him back. He placed his hands on my hips, I placed mine in his hair. He just kept pulling me in closer and closer. Wait... No... This is wrong.
I stopped and pulled away.
"What's wrong Sky?" He asked worried.
"I just... I need time... I really miss this, what we had. But I don't know if I'm ready." I looked down.
"Hey, don't feel bad. I understand. For now, lets keep things on a friendly level? Does that sound better?" He smiled at me. He was always so understanding.
"Thanks Adam." I gave him another hug.
"Here you guys are!" Louis came barging in on us.
"Oh... Did I interrupt something?" He said as he started to back away.
"No Lou! It's fine." I said chuckling.
"Well, alright! We better get going! It's getting late!" We followed Louis out and into the limo where everyone was waiting.
"Where's the rest of the girls?" I asked.
"Eleanor and Danielle left early along with Taylor." Said Liam.
"We were starting to get lonely just watching Niall and Zayn being all lovey dovey with the girls." Said Harry as e turned to them with a smirk.
"So Zayn, Perrie Huh?" I said smirking.
"She's sweet." He said quietly.
"She gave you her number, huh?" Said Adam.
"What are you talking about?" Zayn as his eyes wandered.
"Dude, it's on your bare arm." Adam said laughing. Zayn just cursed under his breath and rolled down his sleeve. Everyone laughed.

Once we dropped off Adam and went back to the guys place, we headed straight to our rooms.
"Hey, Sky?" I turned to Jocy who was changing into her black Shadow uniform.
"What are you doing?" I said chuckling.
"Lets go check out that place that Taylor gave you the map too; Their headquarters!" I looked at Jocy.
"You sure?"
"I only want to get a quick tour just so we know where we are and what we're doing!"
"You're a smart one Jocy! Okay, hand me my uniform and we'll get going!" We got our anklets on and headed off.
It felt like forever, but we finally got there.
"Looks like the map says there's a vent right around this wall. Lets pull it off." I said to Jocy.
Once we got it off and we were in, I was amazed. Their headquarters seemed like a giant mall to me.
"This is huge Jocy!"
"I can't wait to tell the boss, he's gonna be so proud!" Jocy said excitedly.
We looked in as many rooms as we could without making a sound.
"Are these their weapons?" I went to the room Jocy went into and was stunned. Rows and rows of stuff everywhere.
"Wow! They almost look like our stuff though." I leaned in to look at a blow gun.
"Jocy... I think my hair got caught." I said shyly.
"Sky!" She went by me and helped me pull it off.
"Do you hear that? I think it's footsteps!" I whispered softly.
"Lets get out of here!" Jocy said. We went out and headed to the guys place.
"Jocy, life is starting to fall into place. I feel so... Happy!" I said as I smiled.
"This is only the beginning Sky!" I just can't wait for more!" We got in our room and headed to sleep.

"Wake up sleepyheads!" I felt someone jump on me. I looked up and it was Louis.
"Let me sleep some more!" I said groaning.
"Oh come on! We made breakfast!" I stood up immediately and headed to the kitchen. I sat down next to Harry , and Lou came along and sat on my other side.
"Look at this Scarlett!" Harry handed me his phone. Oh god....
"Is Harry Styles cheating on Taylor with this cute spunky brunette? Seriously? I'm pretty damn hot! Not cute! God." Harry started to laugh.
"I'm just kidding. But seriously though! We just fell! That is so ridiculous." I said laughing. I handed him back his phone and continued eating.
"It's what they do for a living. Once the tour starts though, everyone will know who the mysterious brunette is. Well, actually, they can find out once the posters and magazine photos are out." Harry said while looking at his phone.
"What do you mean?" I said while chewing on my biscuit.
"Lou! You didn't tell the girls about the photo-shoot?" I looked at Lou who stopped midway in eating his pancake.
"Yeah, about that...."
"There's a photo-shoot?! For what?" I said raising an eyebrow at Louis.
"They just want us to take a couple shots with our dance partners as like a promotion to the tour." Louis said as he ate his entire pancake.
I just looked at Harry. He just flashed me a smile and ate his food. I slammed my head on the table. Damn photo-shoots.


Sorry I haven't updated in almost a week! I've been busy with school and sports! But don't worry c: I still write cx hope you guys enjoy ~(^-^)~ I might post the next part in an hour or so if I revise it on time cx


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
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it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

but I love it too!!
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it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: