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Shadow's Target

Chapter 10, Part 2: Or Is Everything Beginning To Fall Apart?

[Harry's P.O.V]
I turned and saw Scarlett with her head against the table. What's with her? I just shook my head and chuckled.
"Hey guys! Wow this looks good!" I turned and saw Jocy walk in, hand in hand with Niall. I may sound cheesy, but they're relationship was the sweetest thing ever. I smiled down at my plate. That's something I really want... But... I wonder if being with Taylor is what I really want.
"What's up with Harry?" I looked up and realized everyone was looking at me.
"More like what's up with Sky." Said Zayn chuckling. I looked next to me and he still had her head down.
"Shush." She said under her breath. She placed her hand behind my head and pushed me down towards the table with her.
"Join me Harry, we can join each other in thought." I Just bursted out laughing at her tone and facial expression. She flipped her hair back and then continued to eat.
"You're hair is so long." I said out loud.
"I know. I don't like cutting it. I used to put it in a ponytail a lot-"
"With your bows."
"Shut it Jocy." She glared at her but then smiled and looked back at her food. The ponytail and bow look; just like Dani did...
"Niall, you're awfully quiet." Said Liam turning to him.
We all looked and saw Niall with his head back and slouching down in his seat.
"That's cause he ate his food too fast." Said Jocy as he poked his stomach.
"That hurts." He said groaning.
"You ate all the biscuits Niall!" Scarlett said as she slammed her hand on the table.
"This isn't good... Better get a head start." Said Jocy as she turned to Niall. Without warning, he shot up and ran.
"GET BACK HERE HORAN!" I looked at Jocy and signaled her to help me get Scarlett and Niall off each other.
"I'm sorry! Im sorry! But you didn't grab any more before I came in..."
"Get over here and face me like a man!" Scarlett had cornered Niall in his room. He had nowhere to run. I went behind Scarlett and lifted her up, and over my shoulder.
"Harry! Put me down!"
"It's usually Niall the one who threatens us for eating all the food." I said chuckling.
"Now I feel your pain." Said Niall whimpering.
"Just you wait Horan!" I carried her off to her room and plopped her on her bed.
"I wanted another biscuit." She complained.
"Oh calm down. I'll make you some Tacos or something." I said as I sat on the edge of her bed.
"I feel so much better now." She stood up and stretched. She sure has a big appetite. I looked around her room.
"What's that?" I said pointing to a blue box she had by her counter.
"Oh that?" She opened it up and I saw tons of jewelry.
"Voila! My music!" She pulled her iPod out and I snatched it from her.
"What's the Password?" I said with a sweet smile.
"Now why would I tell you?"
"Cause I'm Harry Styles."
"And I'm Scarlett Dane." She said snapping her fingers. I did a puppy dog face to her, but she wouldn't budge.
"Pretty please! I just wanna see your music!"
"Fine! It's shadow spelled backwards." I entered it and it unlocked. She got up and walked over to the bathroom.
"I like your music. It's Just like mine... No wonder you liked my playlists!" I said as I went down her list of albums.
"Yeah, I like all kinds of music. I think I even have a One Direction song! They're so talented.... And dreamy!" She said as she pretended to faint.
"That Harry boy is the hottest though." I turned and winked at her. She just rolled her eyes. I chuckled and turned back to her iPod. I found photos.... Score!
She had tons of pictures of her and her friends in different places. I even spotted Jocy and Adam in some. I kept scrolling down, didn't pay much mind to a lot of them, then I came across one of Niall. This was the day we pranked him! I looked through them and I saw one of me and her making a pose.
"What's the wifi password again?" I muttered under my breath.
"What did you say?" She peeked out of the bathroom.
"Nothing!" I entered the password and it worked! I sent the picture to myself.
"HARRY!" I turned around and she was looking over my shoulder.
"I wasn't doing anything!" I started to run away.
"GET OVER HERE!" I flopped down on the couch and she joined me, only to snatch the iPod from me.
"Aww! I wasn't done looking!" I whined.
"Boo Hoo! How many of these did you see?"
"Not many. Just a few. Why? You hiding something?"
"Spring Break man... Crazy ones there..." I raised and eyebrow at her comment.
"What crazy ones? Now I wanna see!" I tried to take her iPod, but she was relentless.
"No! Stop. No moreeeee!" She said laughing.
"Fine. I'll stop if you take a picture with me!" I asked nicely.
"Fine... But I'm holding the iPod." She turned her camera on and used the front camera.
"Say cheese!"
"I like it. You have a nice smile you know?" I said turning to her.
"Niall!" He had came behind Scarlett and snatched the iPod.
"Take a picture of us!" Said Jocy as she sat next to Scarlett.
"I wanna be in the shot too though... sooo..." He took a picture with us behind him, posing like crazy.
"Let me take one of you guys!" Said Niall. Jocy got up to get out of the picture.
"I don't think so." Scarlett said chuckling.
"Let him!"
"Not after he ate my biscuits!" I started laughing.
"I'm gonna make you tacos! Remember?" She just smiled.
"I hope they're good."
"I'm chef Styles. Nobody should underestimate my food!"
"I got the shot!" Niall said proudly. He handed Scarlett the iPod and walked off with Jocy.
"Get ready in a bit guys! We're gonna leave soon!" Yelled Liam from his room.
"Let's look at them before we go." I said as I leaned in to her.
"I like this one." I examined it. I was laughing and she was just smiling at me. We looked like we were just having a good time.
"I do too. Looks more natural that way."
"Like we actually like each other. How sweet!" She punched my arm.
"You got some serious muscles." I groaned.
"Oh shush."
"Do you mind sending that one to me? And the one with Niall and Jocy!"
"Sure!" My phone vibrated and indicated me I had new messages.
"Lets get ready!" I said as I clapped my hands together.
"Damn photos!" Scarlett walked off whining. I chuckled under my breath. She's so weird.

"Okay! Boys! Changing rooms over there! And girls, changing rooms that way!" Said our photographer. We all walked off to where we were supposed to be.
"Okay boys, try these on."
"I think I look pretty. Don't you fellas?" Said Louis. I just laughed.
"The prettiest person I've ever seen." I said. He flipped his hair.
"I know." He strutted off. God, how Lou made me laugh. I felt my pocket vibrate. I took out my phone and it was a text from Scarlett.
"From: Scarlett D.
I convinced my dresser person lady to let me wear thissss! With a light pink beanie! Just cause i didn't want a dress... lol. Can I get a what whaaat?!
"To: Scarlett D.
If you wear that, I'm wearing my clothes... With your beanie!"
"From: Scarlett D.
Dooooo ittttt! Everyone should! Oh my god! It could be a beanie fessstttt ~(^-^)~" I closed my phone and chuckled. She was pretty fun.
We all stepped out in our casual wear with the beanies on.
"You guys did it!" Scarlett and all the girls came out wearing their beanies as well.
"Took a lot of convincing... But yeah! I look good." Said Zayn as he fixed his.
"OKAY OKAY! Lets take some photos! First we will do individual pairs together. Lets start with Louis and Savannah!" While they took their photos, the rest of us just sat down and talked.
"Liam and Rose!"
"Boy, that was fun!" Said Louis smiling.
"You cannot take one serious picture!" Chuckled Savannah.
"We still looked amazing though." Winked Louis. I looked over at Scarlett. She was looking on the floor and in her shirt for something.
"Did you drop something?" I asked.
"I think I dropped my necklace." She said worried.
"Maybe you left it at home." Said Jocy.
"True. I do forget it in my jewelry box sometimes." She said as she stopped to think.
"You're probably right Jocy."
"Niall and Jocy! You two are up!" Once they left, I sat down next to Scarlett.
"What does it look like?" I asked.
"What? My necklace?" She said with a smile. I nodded.
"It's just a little heart. I wear it everywhere though."
"That's nice! Who gave it to you? A family member? Friend maybe?" She stayed quiet when I asked this.
"So Harry! Where's Taylor?" Liam stepped in between us. Well that was odd.

After a while, it was finally Scarlett and I's turn.
"Umm, The last two! Harry and Scarlett!" We got up and took our spots.
"Okay, just give me a couple poses." I started to fool around and made Scarlett laugh. The photographer stopped and rubbed his temples.
"Okay, let me be more specific. You can place your shoulder on Harry, pose, hands in pockets-" he kept going on about what he wanted and we just followed.
"Good! That's better!" He said happy.
"Let's do some fun ones." I whispered. Scarlett turned to me and nodded. We did some funny faces, she did some poses, that required flexibility that I didn't have, we even jumped in the air.
"That's it! Loving the vibe between you two!"
"Can we try something different?" Said Scarlett with a big smile.
"Anything! You two just flow together perfectly!"
"Harry, remember when you were trying to tackle me an I jumped in the air?" I smiled. I knew exactly what she was going to do.
"Okay! Ready?" Scarlett went behind me.
"Ready!" She ran and jumped over my shoulders and into her split. I just smiled at how much fun she seemed to be having.
"Amazing! That one came out nicely! I'm surprised you can do that in those shoes though." He said chuckling.
"Don't underestimate girls." She said as she smiled.
"Alright! Into your next outfit girls! Boys, stay here and take some group photos then some solo ones!"
After that was done, we went off and change as well.
"Well, me and Jocy match!" Said Niall.
"Me and Megan as well! What about you lads?" Said Zayn.
"I'm wearing my suit. I wonder if me and Scarlett will match though."
"Text her and ask what color she's wearing." Said Louis.
"To: Scarlett D.
Whatcha wearing next love? That way I can match with youuuu :D!"
"From: Scarlett D.
Laaammmeeeee :D but I'm wearing purple. We're actually taking a few group shots an individual ones. See?c:
"You guys will match perfectly. Those colors compliment each other and just make it more-"
"You have no idea what you're saying, do you Lou?" I said laughing.
"Not a clue. Lets go!"

"Okay! Group photo time!" All of us got crazy. We turned the music up and the photographer went along with it. We danced, jumped around, flipped, and just went with whatever came to our minds. After a while, he stopped us.
"We got more than enough shots! Good job! That's it for today." We all left back to change into our clothes.

"That was exhausting!" Said Scarlett as she laid across me and Lou in the car.
"Oh, you're just lazy!" Said Louis teasingly.
"Blah. I'm sleeping. Wake me up when we get there." She placed her head on my lap and closed her eyes. She looked so peaceful.
"Stop starring at me Harry." I jumped a little. How did she know?
"I can sense you." She said as she shot her eyes open. She got up and just sat down.
"I... am... starving." She said quietly.
"Do you guys wanna go out to eat?" Asked Niall. Everyone nodded, except for Sarlett.
"I think I'll stay at your place. I just wanna take a shower." She said calmly. We started to arrive at our place.
"Alright! But text one of us if you change your mind."I said. She waved me off and got out.
"Have fun kids. Don't stay out too late!" She closed the door and walked off.
"Hey, could you drop them off and then bring me back here?" I said with a smirk to the driver.
"What are you talking about Harry?" Said Louis chuckling.
"I'm gonna scare Scarlett. Just a little payback you know? For scaring little Niall." I said deviously.
"You're gonna get your ass whooped Harry." Said Jocy nonchalantly.
"Oh whatever!" I said.
Once they got off, the driver took me back to my place. This was gonna be good.
I got inside, and it was really quiet, until I heard music.
"THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG!" I heard Scarlett scream. Does she do this all the time? I wonder what else she does when she's alone... I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard her steps get closer. Shit! Where do I hide?! I turned to the couch. Guess that will do.
I stayed there and watched as he came out dancing in a big baggy white shirt. Was she even wearing any pants? Wait... Pants? What am I talking about?
I turned back to Scarlett. I was amused. She danced amazing, like the first time we met her.
"PLAY 'ONLY HOPE'!" She yelled out. I guess she's using voice control. I saw her begin to do a ballerina dance... She was getting into it. Then...
"There's a song that's inside of my soul... It's the one that I've tried, to write over and over again." She was singing? I was impressed. She had such a relaxing voice. I tried to get closer to hear her better, but accidentally stepped on a bag.
"What was that?" She quickly turned around. Shit.
After a minute, she shrugged it off, put her hands behind her head, and walked into the kitchen humming. Perfect. This was my chance!
I crept up behind her... slowly... quietly... then...
"SCARLETT!" I yelled. She squatted down, extended her leg, and whipped it around, causing me to fall down. She then kicked me back with both her feet towards the couch. I hit my back hard and my head was ringing. What was that?!
"OH MY GOD! Harry!" She came running to me.
"I'm so so so sorry! Are you okay?!"
"I'm in so much pain right now." I said as I got into fetal position. God I feel so weak right now. I can barely breathe. At least I know she's wearing something under that shirt of hers.
"I swear! I didn't know it was you! I thought they followed me in here and found out, or-"
"Who followed you?" I looked at her confused.
"Uhh... Nobody. Here, let me carry you into my room."
"I can walk." I tried to stand... But failed.
"How bout I help you walk?" She threw my arm over her shoulder and walked me. I flopped in her bed. I've never been in so much pain!
"What's your secret!" I said groaning. She looked at me wide eyed.
"What do you mean?" She sounded nervous.
"Your secret to being so strong! Seriously! You have the strength of like a thousand men." I chuckled. She sighed. She's hiding something.
"I may seem lazy, but I take my workouts seriously." She said as she flexed.
"Show off." I whispered. She was going to punch me, but stopped.
"You're safe for now Styles." She said laughing. After a bit of relaxation, it was starting to wear off.
"Alright. I feel better. Lets go make some tacos!" I got up a bit easier.
"Food food food food fooooooddddd." She said rapidly as she followed me. We made it to the kitchen and she just watched me as I got everything out and prepared the ingredients.
"Okay, watch Master Chef Styles work his magic!" She watched me carefully and asked me a few questions here and there on how to make them.
"It smells so good!" She said as her stomach growled. She tried to grab a bite, but I slapped her hand away.
"Hold on! It's almost done! Just wait a bit more." I said chuckling. Once I was done, she attacked the food like crazy.

"That was delicious. Taylor got lucky. She got a man who can make some good tacos." She said pleased.
"Well I'm glad you enjoyed! We still have a lot of time left until they come back. Wanna watch a movie or something?"
"In the game room! I love the big screen." She said. As we walked up there with a blanket, we were deciding what to watch.
"No! We aren't watching Step Up 3!" She said laughing.
"I want to see how good you were at dancing!" I said smiling.
"It's focused mostly on the Pirates! I'm in the background!" She said with a smile.
"Well then, I'll watch it just to see Adam." I said.
"Oh you... Fine. We can watch a bit, then, we watch something I want." She said with a smirk.
"Oh fine." I sat down on the couch and she sat next to me.
As the movie went on, I started to see why Simon picked him; he was amazing.
"That dance looked like fun! He was all splashing in the water, and the crowd, the music... We should do that." I said turning to Scarlett.
"When you can dance like that, then sure." She said uninterested.
"Oh you're so mean." I waved her off and continued to watch. I heard Scarlett yawn.
"You tiered?" I asked. She just shook her head No. I shrugged and continued to watch. She placed her head on my lap and watched as well.
By the end of the movie, I was so pumped.
"I seriously loved the way he danced! I think I even-" I looked down at my lap. She was sleeping. Aww how cute! I took my phone out and snapped a picture. I uploaded it to twitter and said;
"Dance partner= Adorable! But... ONLY When asleep..." I put my phone away and chose another movie.

"Poke him." I heard talking. Meh, I don't wanna wake up. I feel so... Comfortable. All of a sudden, i saw a bright light. I shot my eyes open so I could see who it was; Louis.
"What are you doing?" I said, still sleepy.
"Well, they wouldn't take the picture, so I did!" He pointed to Zayn, Niall, Liam, Jocy and Perrie.
"See?" I looked at his phone. What the? I looked down at my chest; Scarlett was sleeping on me with her hands around me. Seriously, when does this happen?
"I'm putting this on twitter. My best friends are so cute!"
"No! Don't!" I tried to stop him, but it was too late.
"You two are so adorable." He said laughing.
"What about TAYLOR Lou!" I said. He looked at me apologetically.
"What's going on?" Scarlett started to wake up.
"He took a picture of us..." I told her as I stretched. She stayed quiet, then turned to Lou.
"Louis." She said standing up.
"Mmm?" He looked up from his phone. I looked back and forth at them.
"Did it ever occur to you that Taylor may see that? Or even worse.... THE FANS!?!?!" Lou ran off and Scarlett was right behind him. I laughed as I watched them run around and around, yelling at one another. Then I felt my phone vibrate. It was a text from Taylor.
"From: Tay
What's with these pictures of you and Scarlett all over twitter? It's seriously starting to bug me..." I answered back. Dammit...
"LOUIS!" I yelled out. They stopped running and turned to me.
"What's up?" He said a he walked towards me.
"Taylor is upset with me!"
"Just tell her to calm down mate. It's nothing serious." He said with a chuckle. My phone vibrated again.
"From: Tay
I don't care if they're just photos your friends thought were funny! This doesn't look good on either of our sides!" I groaned.
"Lou! She's really upset.
"Seriously? Why? Is it that bad?" Scarlett said with an annoyed look.
"All her fans and my fans are making comments, questioning our relationship, if its just a publicity stunt, who you are, all of that!" I said upset.
"What's twitter anyways?" She said as she looked up at the ceiling.
"You don't have a twitter?" Said Niall as he walked over.
"Nah. I don't really know much about that." She said.
"Lets make one for you! You can post pictures, and your words of wisdom, and mention how much you love us!" He said excitedly.
"I guess. I don't mind."
"Umm, guys?" I said.
"But once the fans know who you are, they're gonna flip!" Said Zayn.
"Guuuyyysss?" I said a bit louder.
"We have her back. She's our friend!" Liam added.
"GUYS!" I said really loud. They turned to me.
"Hellooo? Remember Taylor?!" I said as I waved my phone.
"Just ask her to meet up. Talk it out." Said Liam.
"And if she doesn't wanna believe you, or acts fussy, then slap that bitch." Said Scarlett. Everyone turned to her surprised and shocked.
"What? If she's gonna get mad for something as little as that, then she's just stupid. Harry is a great guy and doesn't need that drama bullshit that girls like her, give to guys like Harry. That's nothing but trouble." Even though it sounded pretty rude, everyone, even me, knew she was right.
"Okay. I'll ask her right now."
"Okay then... Now.." Scarlett said as she turned to Zayn.
"Why is Perrie here?" She said with a smirk. I turned to Perrie as well. I noticed her, but it wasn't until now that I realized she was here with Zayn.
"I told you they have something going on." I said as I winked at Lou.
"Oh god." Perrie said as she blushed and smiled.
"Okay! If you'll all excuse me, I'm gonna go meet up with Taylor!" I got up and went to change. I wonder how this is gonna go.

"Taylor! You're being unreasonable!" I said as my voice started to crack. I don't even know if she's worth it anymore. She's acting really stubborn. She turned to me with a mad look.
"You think this is a joke? Harry! People are thinking that you're cheating on me! I even thought so when I saw Louis put that picture out for the whole world to see! It's nice to have friends who will do anything aith you, but that is taking it too far." She began to walk to the other side of her room.
"Taylor! Why are you being like this?! Seriously. Are you going to get mad over that little thing?" She turned around. Her eyes were in shock.
"Little? This 'Little' thing is making HUGE drama around us!"
"Ignore it then!" I yelled. I walked back out to her balcony.
"If you care, then you would stop with that crap." Taylor said. That's when I snapped. I remembered what Scarlett had told me a while ago.
"If YOU cared, YOU would ignore those damn lies and comments, and go with what you know! With what I'M telling you! But I guess you don't trust me right? You don't believe me guess. That's just bullshit. At least I never lied about my damn past." She was speechless, shocked, upset. She sat down and didn't make any movement. Did I just really just say that? I felt my phone vibrate. I got a text from Louis.
"From: Lou
Check your twitter. Watch the video. Show Taylor."
I was confused.
"The guys want us to watch something." I said softly as I looked at her. She just stayed still. I went on my twitter and saw a video from... Scarlett? I guess Niall made her one while I was here. I pressed play and sat down next to Taylor. Scarlett popped up with a smile.
"Hello twitter world!" She said waving at the camera.
"What? That sounded lame? Shut it Lou." I guess the guys were in the back whispering.
"Well, hey. I'm Scarlett. I'm a dancer for the band called One Direction."
"I'm her Favorite!" Out popped Niall waving at the camera. Scarlett shoved him off.
"You guys know Niall, right? His girlfriend too?" She pulled Jocy in the shot and she blushed.
"Right. Well, for my first tweet, I made a Video. This goes out to all you... What do they call them? What? Haylor?" She chuckled.
"Well, to all you... Haylor... Fans; yeah, I'm the girl in the damn pictures. Calm down. It's just a photo. It's not like I was all over him and like, shoving my tongue down his throat and gushing about how fucking good he is in bed. Seriously. We were watching movies and I fell asleep while watching a movie. He was a comfortable bed and I knocked out on him, okay? Sorry if sleeping is such a crime." She rolled her eyes and laughed.
"It's true, they knocked out. I should've drawn on your face. And by the way, keep your language PG." Said Louis as he looked int the camera and at Scarlett.
"Lou, go." She waved him off
"And now; Taylor. Seriously, I thought you said you liked Harry and wouldn't hurt him. This little thing is nothing. If you let that get to you, someone else will steal Harry And realize how amazing he really is, and guess what? You're never gonna see him again. I may act like a jerk sometimes towards Harry, but that's only because I play around with him, I don't really mean it. I don't actually want to hurt him. He's like... he gets me. We get along as if we knew each other for so long. I feel comfortable with him." She smiled.
"So yeah. I guess that's it. Y'all can keep talking crap about me if you want, I know what happened and I don't care if you guys don't believe me. I just want you 'fans' to stop making those two fight. It's not nice." She placed her hands behind her head and chuckled. Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Jocy popped in next to Scarlett and waved. Then Liam popped up and began to talk.
"Scarlett is really fun and sweet. She would never do that. Besides, she already has a boyfriend! Mr. Adam Sevani! Check my twitter and follow him and Sarlett!" Liam said smiling with his mouth open.
"LIAM!" Scarlett was getting up and started to chase him around.
"Guess that's all folks!" Said Lou as he stopped the camera.
I turned to Taylor. She was tearing up.
"I'm so sorry..." She began to sob softly. I just looked at her. Scarlett really did get to her.
"I guess I was jealous..."
"Of what?" I asked.
"You and Scarlett. You two really do have this connection that I wish we had." She began to say.
"She gets along with all your friends, she makes you laugh, she's what I want to be around you." She said more quietly.
"Taylor... Don't be upset." I began to hug her and tried to make her feel a bit better.
"How bout I stay over for the night? Yeah? We can cuddle!" I began to say. She jut started to smile and wipe her tears.
"I guess that'd be nice."
"Then it's settled! I'm staying." I lifted her up bridal style, and carried her to her room. I laid her down and he began to doze off.
"Thanks Harry."
"It's nothing." I turned off the lights and laid next to her. I couldn't sleep though. I kept thinking about what Taylor and Scarlett had said about... Scarlett and I. I mean... I knew I had a strange attraction to her from the beginning, but it wasn't until now that it began to hit me. Then again... Dani might still be out there somewhere. I kept thinking, and wondering, until I finally fell asleep.

"I'm back you guys! Sorry I took so long, I had slept over at Taylor's and we went out for breakfast." Taylor had just dropped me off and I was heading back in our place. It was awfully quiet though.
"Guys? We're gonna be late for our practices!" I yelled out. Still no response. Where is everyone? Are they all still asleep?
I walked down the hall and into Jocy and Scarlett's room. There, everyone was sleeping on the floor... Even Adam? Wait, no. Someone was missing... Where was Scarlett and Louis?
"Guys? What's going on?" I began to wake up Adam who was the closest to me. He opened his eyes slowly. When he realized it was me, he shot up and began to wake everyone up.
"Guys! HARRY IS HERE!" Slowly, everyone began to wake up.
"Harry! Thank god you're fine!" Liam said as he got up.
"Did Scarlett text or call you?" I turned and saw Jocy. Her eyes were extremely red, puffy, and sad. Was she crying?
"I don't know... I can check, but, why are your eyes so-"
"Scarlett and Louis' missing." She looked at me, as if I were to blame. Missing? What happened?
"What do you mean they're missing?" I began to laugh nervously.
"There's something you need to know Harry." Zayn said as he walked over to me. They all looked at me upset, tired, mad...
"This isn't funny... What's going on?!" I began to shout.
"Let me explain."
"You sure Jocy? You need your rest."
"It's fine Niall... Harry needs to hear this. Maybe Scarlett wouldn't like it, but right now, that doesn't matter." I was beginning to panic.
"Where did they go?" My voice was trembling. Where are you two?

[Jocy's P.O.V.]
"There. Video sent to my damn twitter. I hope those two make up now. And Liam?" Scarlett turned around from her seat and looked at him. She was just probably gonna threaten him. It's always in Sky's nature. I giggled.
"Yes?" He said still laughing.
"You're dead meat. Why would you say that Adam is my boyfriend?! First Zayn, now Adam! Who's next? I'm gonna get so many horrible comments." She groaned in her seat.
"They're not that bad. Besides, it's not even true. For me on the other hand; Niall's fans go crazy!"
"But they love you!" He came towards me and hugged me. God he gives the best hugs.
"I guess." I smiled at him. His eyes always got to me.
"Hello? Lover birds? This is way different! You two are actually together. Girls these days are crazy." She got up and headed for the couch.
"Someone's at the door!" Yelled Louis as he ran to it.
"Oh... Well hello there!" I looked towards the door; it's Adam. Eehhhh... This is gonna be awkward.
"Look Scarlett! It's your man!" Said Zayn laughing.
"Zayn... Stop. Where's Perrie, hmm?" I rolled my eyes at them. She's always picking fights with people.
"Boyfriend? What do you mean? We aren't dating.. Yet... Ain't that right Sky?." Adam said chuckling and winking.
"You make everything so awkward for me.." She said slapping her forehead.
"Liam told everyone on twitter that you two were together." I said.
"Well that explains a lot. I've been getting weird notifications about... Stuff. Whatever though." He shrugged it off and went on with saying hey to everyone.
"So what brings you here?" Asked Niall.
"I brought foooooddddd!" He pulled a bag from behind him and waved it around. Niall and Sky went rushing towards it and placed it on the table.
"Always hungry." I said laughing.

"I think I'm gonna go now! I have some stuff to do to tomorrow! See ya guys! Thanks for the food Adam! Bye, Zayn." We all waved at Perrie as she closed the door behind her.
"Lover boy." Whispered Sky.
"Shush. I am just being friendly." Snapped Zayn sarcastically.
"Friendly Flirting is more like it." Sky ran off as Zayn began to chase her.
"SKY! ZAYN! Oh those two... I'll go settle them down." Said Louis as he got up.
"I win!" I said cheerfully.
"How did you... But... You were... And I was... What?!" Liam was shocked at me beating him.
"It's not that hard. Pretty easy actually." I set the controller down.
"That's my girl." Said Niall with a huge grin.
"I demand a rematch!" He said stomping his foot.
"I'll probably just-"
"JOCY!" I turned around and saw Scarlett waving me over to our room.
"Excuse me." I left Liam and Niall and headed to the room.
"What is it?" She was pacing back and forth the room. Louis and Zayn just watched her.
"I think I know where my necklace is!" She said worried.
"The restaurant? Oh! You dropped it in the parking lot again, didn't you?" I said chuckling.
"Worse... The headquarters." I froze.
"Scarlett! What?! How?!"
"I remember I got stuck when looking at their main lab. I had pulled myself off, but I guess it was my necklace I pulled off." She said as she panicked more. I slapped my forehead. How did this happen?!
"Well, we can't leave it there! They will find traces of DNA and hunt you down! We have to go back." I began to get my stuff.
"No, you stay Jocy. I'll go myself. Besides, you and Niall were gonna go out weren't you?" She was right... He had invited me to go to diner with him.
"I don't want you canceling on him. I can do this on my own."
"But who's gonna keep a lookout for you?"
"I will!" Louis stood up raising his hand.
"I've ways wanted to be a spy." He began to creep around the room.
"I don't see why not. I just need to get it and go!" Sky said.
"But, what if something happens to you guys?" I said worried.
"Aww cmmon now Jocy! Don't be a bum!" He got on his knees and pleaded.
"Pleeeeeeaaasseeee!" I was kind of worried, but, I guess.
"Only if you two-"
"YESS! Let's go Sky!" He started to pull her out.
"We'll be back in a few!"
"What about Liam and Harry? What do we tell them if they ask for you?" Zany said.
"Just... You can figure it out!" Sky put on her anklets and placed the necklace on Louis.
"This is kinda feminine, don't you think?" He said looking at it.
"Well, we are girls." She grabbed Louis and shot up.
"Your cellphone Lou!" Zayn ran towards them... but it was too late. At least Scarlett has hers. Now to go to Liam.

"Thanks for inviting us Niall!" Said Danielle.
"Yeah, it was real nice of you!" Added Liam as he took a bite of his food.
"No problem. Me and Jocy wanted some company." Niall said smiling. I'm just glad he was okay with taking them in order to avoid suspicion.
"Where's Zayn?" Asked Danielle.
"Back with Adam. They were talking about calling Perrie. Maybe to ask her out!" Me and Danielle squealed.
"Wait till Scarlett finds out!" I said smiling.

"She said Yes alright? Gosh!" Zayn threw himself on the couch.
"Love birds!" Said Adam teasingly.
"Where are those two? They're taking forever!" Liam was starting to get worried. I don't blame him though, Sky and Lou were taking an awful lot of time.
"Text Scarlett again!" Said Zayn. As I began to reach for my phone, it began to vibrate. It was a call from Scarlett. I pressed answer, but my hologram screen shot up. Liam turned around and was shocked.
"What is that?! It's so cool!" Adam began to look at Scarlett on the screen.
"Jocy! Something went wrong..." I froze. No, this couldn't be happening.
"What do you mean? I'll go get you!"
"They had found my necklace earlier and set it somewhere they knew I would grab it from, and I set of a trap!" She was speaking really fast and began to worry.
"Sky! I hear someone!" Louis whispered.
"Come find us soon Jocy. We'll be in disguise."
"But Sky-" she hung up. No, no, no! How could this happen?!
"Jocy! Calm down! You can go find them." Niall placed his hands on my shoulders and smiled.
"Can someone explain to me what just happened?" I turned to Liam who had his hands crossed. Adam nodded in agreement.
"We'll explain. Now, go! Get them back!" Said Zayn as he shoved me off.
"I'll be back you guys." I placed my anklets on and left.

"Dammit! Where is it?" I was looking over the spot where the headquarters were. I saw a jet fly over me.
"What in the world?" I muttered under my breath. I finally saw the headquarters and went in.
"Where are you two?!" I said whispering to myself. I heard footsteps and hid.
"No, they just left. They're going to the main quarters."
"That's gonna be tough, especially if the boss finds out. Are they Shadow's?"
"Who knows. They just looked like a couple of teens." They walked away.
I froze in my spot. MAIN quarters? I thought this WAS the main quarters! I slammed my fist into the wall.
"Dammit Sky..." At least she disguised Lou and herself.

"What? So wait... Taylor lied then?!" Adam said pissed off. Once him and Liam knew the truth, they began to freak out.
"And Louis went along?! How are we gonna explain to Eleanor that he's missing!" Liam said as he buried his face in his hands.
"This isn't good." Said Niall worried. I began to tear up. How could I let this happen?!
"Jocy, no! No don't cry!" Niall began to hug me. I couldn't help but cry more.
"Why? I should've gone! It's because of me that they're missing now! I knew it!" I was getting frustrated.
"Look, maybe by tomorrow we'll hear from them. Don't worry!" Adam hugged me as well.
"Let's take turns staying awake just incase she calls." Suggested Zayn. We agreed.
"I'll stay up first... I can't sleep anyways." I said sniffling.
"I'll stay up with you. I hate to see you cry like this. I want to comfort you." Niall said. I smiled at him.
"Thanks." My phone began to ring. I ran towards it an placed it on speakerphone.
"Jocy?" It was Louis.
"Oh my god! Lou!" I felt a bit more relieved.
"Listen, make sure nothing happens to Harry. Keep your eyes on him."
"Why, what's wrong?" Asked Zayn.
"Sky doesn't want you to trust Taylor. She thinks she's in on it. Be careful guys! I gotta go! We'll try to call you again if we can."
"Bye!" He hung up. Oh my god.... No!
"Harry's with Taylor though! Who knows when he's coming back." Said Liam.
"Lets try to get some rest." Said Zayn quietly.
"Niall?" I turned to him. He looked up at me.
"I'm sorry for this."
"Its fine. Lou will be fine! He's got Scarlett! There's nothing to be worried about." He embraced me and I began to sob softly again. How am I supposed to explain to the boss?

I heard Adam talking. I opened my eyes slowly and saw Harry standing there.
"Harry! Thank god you're fine!" Liam said as he got up.
"Did Scarlett text or call you?" I said. I began to get up. I felt so down today. I can't believe what happened... Thanks to damn Taylor. I was beginning to get mad.
"I don't know... I can check, but, why are your eyes so-"
"Scarlett and Louis' missing." I looked him dead in the eyes. I felt so much hate towards him for some reason.
"What do you mean they're missing?" He started to laugh nervously.
"There's something you need to know Harry." Zayn said as he walked to him.
"This isn't funny... What's going on?!" At this point, he was shouting. I needed to tell him the truth.
"Let me explain."
"You sure Jocy? You need your rest."
"It's fine Niall... Harry needs to hear this. Maybe Scarlett wouldn't like it, but right now, that doesn't matter." I began to walk towards him.
"Where did they go?" His voice trembled.
"For a necklace. In some headquarters, that YOUR damn GIRLFRIEND GAVE TO SCARLETT!" I began to shout in his face.
"Jocy, calm down." Niall came up behind me and held me to him.
"I don't understand what you're talking about." Harry was lost.
"HER LITTLE GUARDIAN FRIENDS TOOK LOUIS AND MY BEST FRIEND!!" I fell down to my knees, I was crying like crazy.
"I can't let them get another one.." I whispered.
"Jocy, calm down babe... It's gonna be fine." Niall began to hug me tighter, and I hugged back.
"I don't know what you're talking about! Explain! I just want to know where Lou and Scarlett is!" His voice was starting to crack and his eyes got glassy.
"Scarlett and I aren't what you think we are... And neither is Taylor." I began to tell him everything.

"All of you... You've been keeping this a secret from me?! Why didn't I know! Why?!" Harry voice was starting to rise.
"Now some of the closest people to me have been abducted and we can't find them?! And I guess my "Girlfriend" is involved in it?!" He wanted to cry... I could feel his energy was getting worse.
"This can't be happening..." He sat on the edge of Scarlett's bed.
"Dude, WE barely found out last night. Calm down." Said Adam.
"It's different for me. Taylor... My Girlfriend... has been lying to me. Do you know how horrible that feels?!"
"No... I know how it feels to be played by her, hurt by her, and be broken apart from Sky." Adam said. Ouch. Harry turned to him and apologized.
"I just... I can't focus."
"What are we gonna do now?" Asked Zayn. I stayed quiet and thought.
"For now, we make sure that Harry stays out of harms way. We will just have to have hope in Sky and Lou." I began to get up.
"What about Taylor?" Asked Harry. I stayed quiet.
"Lets get ready for practice..." I said. Everyone got out slowly. Nobody was in a good mood.

[Harry's P.O.V]
The next 2 weeks were horrible. I felt like I didn't know Taylor, as if I was being watched, like I wasn't safe anymore.
Every day that passed, I missed Lou and Scarlett. They always lightened my day up. Now, they're missing. No word from them at all. I felt extremely awful for Eleanor and Jocy though, they were always down and could only forget then for a second. Eleanor slept in Louis bed everyday, hoping he'd come back, and Jocy just kept looking at photos of them two. I just wish I could've helped.
"Harry?" I snapped out of my thought.
"What's with you? You and all your friends have been acting so weird lately. Is there something up?" Taylor said as she ate some of her ice cream.
"Umm... Just thinking about how close the tour is now." I said on the spot.
"Oh yeah! Everyone is getting so much better!"
"We got good coaches." I said softly.
"Okay, that's it. You and your friends are coming with me somewhere. Lets take a stroll in the park or something. Then to a party or a restaurant. You're all so down, I swear." She said. I just smiled a little.
"I'll text you the details. Bye Harry." She kissed me and left. Great.

"Let's go on the Ferris wheel!" Said Niall. Taylor had brought us to a fair she heard about and Everyone was starting to get a little more distracted and happier.
"I'm going with Perrie on the-"
"Tunnel of Love?" Said Adam smirking. Zayn just chuckled and walked off. Perrie and him have been inseparable. At least she's been distracting Zayn.
"Lets buy some cottony candy!" Taylor turned to me with a smile.
"Fine." I smiled back and went with her.

We all met back up at the carrousel and headed to see a performance.
"Did any fans stop you guys?" Asked Liam.
"Tons! But they just wanted pictures." Said Zayn.
"Well, enough chitchat! Lets go see the performers!" Said Eleanor. We all took our seat and waited.
"What exactly is this again?" Asked Niall.
"Dancers! Maybe I can go up there and dance against someone!" Said Jocy excitedly. Ever since Scarlett's been gone, she's missed her "before practice dance offs" with her.
"LET THE DANCE... BEGIN!" Out came two groups. They each went face to face, dancing to upbeat songs. We all were wowed. Once one group won, the leader stepped out.
"Would anyone like to go against our-"
"ME!" Jocy shot up her seat with her hand up in the air.
"Okay, the blonde cutie step up! But, don't you have a partner?"
"ME!" Adam got up as well.
"Well alright! Lets see you two go against our two best dancers!"
"Go Jocy!" Yelled Niall from his seat.
"And Adam!" I yelled.
"Ready everyone?!" People cheered them on.
"Well, you heard them!" The music went on. Jocy and Adam started off strong.
"They're really good." Muttered Taylor.
"You should see Scarlett." I said smiling.
"GO BABE!" Yelle Niall.
"She's amazing." He said.
"Close your mouth Niall, you might catch some bugs!" Said Eleanor laughing. He close his mouth and smiled sheepishly.
"I'm gonna go to the bathroom! I'll be right back! Tell me what happens, Kay?" Said Taylor. I nodded and she walked off.
"This is getting-"
"EXCUSE US!" Out came four people in black hoodies, pushing the dancers back. Two were in one side and the other two on the opposite.
"What's going on?" I asked Liam.
"I honestly have no idea." He said. I turned back and saw the two on Jocy's side were flipping and ducking the other two who were attacking them. They jumped into the crowd and ran through our seats. One of them past by me and smiled at me... It was a familiar smile... Was that...
"Scarlett!" Jocy yelled out.
"Guys! Come on! Jocy thinks Scarlett is one of the people in the hoods!" Said Adam as he moved us along.
"What about Louis?!" Eleanor said.
"We think he's there too..." Louis and Scarlett? Is it true?
We ran outside and looked around for a while, but, nobody was there.
"Guys!" Jocy was running towards us.
"Over here! Hurry! Scarlett is hurt!" We rushed over to them.
There they were; Louis holding Scarlett in his arms.
"I think she's unconscious." Louis said.
"LOU!" Eleanor ran to him and hugged him from behind.
"I'm glad you're okay..." She began to sob. I went to Louis and held Scarlett so he could talk with Eleanor.
"Scarlett?" I whispered.
"We have to take her home. I can try and heal her there." Said Jocy. She had been crying too.
"I'm so relieved that she's alright." Adam said.
"Me too..." I added. She was wearing a necklace. I guess that's the one she went back for.
"Can you carry her Harry?" Said Jocy.
"Yeah, I got her." I lifted her up.
"Hurry! Lets go!" We all ran back to where the Limo was.
The whole ride back, I couldn't help but wonder what that necklace looked like... What it meant to her... But right now, I was just glad she was back.
"Are you crying Harry?" Said Louis out of breath.
"Oh shut it. I was worried alright? You two made us ALL worry for so long." I said.
"Baby." He smiled and fell asleep on Eleanor.
"I'm glad you two are okay though." I whispered. I looked down at Scarlett. I really missed her...


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