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Shadow's Target

Chapter 11: Putting The Pieces Together.

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
"I think I found it." I reached towards my necklace. It looked like someone had touched it already... But I still went for it anyways.
"Sky..." Louis turned to me nervously.
"What's up?" I said.
"Didn't you hear that?" He said. I looked at him confused, then, Click. What was that? Then more clicks. Aww fucking...
I ran towards the door. It was locked.
"Dammit! Louis... We're locked in!" I had set off a trap.
"You mean we're trapped?! Are you serious?!" He began to freak out.
"Use one of your gadget thingies!" He said. I took out my laser necklace and began to try and make a hole in the wall, but, it was no use.
"I think they knew someone would come here for this." I said as I held my necklace over my face.
"Well, what do we do now? We have to think of something quick!" Lou began to pace back and forth.
"Lou, wait..." He stayed quiet and I listened outside the door. An alarm was going off.
"Lou... They know we're here! I can't let them know who I am! We have to disguise ourselves!"
"Why don't you call Jocy to help instead? Maybe she can come get us." He was right. I began to dial Jocy through hologram mode.
"I hear more footsteps Sky! Hurry!" I was beginning to panic. Finally, she answered.
"Jocy! Something went wrong..." I said quietly.
"What do you mean? I'll go get you!" She looked scared.
"They had found my necklace earlier and set it somewhere they knew I would grab it from, and I set of a trap!" I heard the footsteps get louder and I began to speak faster.
"Sky! I hear someone!" Louis whispered to me.
"Come find us soon Jocy. We'll be in disguise." I hung up and turned my disguise app on.
"Stand still Lou. This will give us a different look for now." I pointed my phone to him. The flash went off and Lou changed. His hair was darker and shorter, he had dark brown eyes, and... He kinda looked like Taylor Lautner...
"What the?" He looked at himself.
"No time to check yourself! Flash me!" I stood back and I waited for it.
"You said flash me." He said snickering.
"LOU!" I said loudly. He staggered a little and then zapped me.
"Done! You look like Niall and Jocy's kid or something... Blonde hair and green eyes, innocent smile... It's pretty funny." He chuckled as he handed me my phone, but stopped when the door slammed open.
"Who are you?" It was a guardian. I hid the cellphone in my bag. He was looking at us sternly.
"Umm... We were umm..." Louis began to stutter.
"You two are in a load of trouble." Two more guardians came in and took us away.

"Stay here till we get orders on what to do with you." They locked us in a cell and left.
"Lou, we have to figure out what to do! Jocy isn't here yet!" I began to freak out.
"I blame this on Taylor. I knew I shouldn't have trusted her." I said furiously.
"Calm down. We will get out of this okay. I got you, don't I?" He said smiling.
"You look so weird Lou." I started to giggle.
"I wouldn't be talking... Blondie." He said back. I rolled my eyes.
We waited for ten minutes for the guardians to come back, and still, nothing.
"Where are they?!" I was beginning to get frustrated.
"I think I hear them." Lou said as he stood up.
"Hey, lets go!" Three different guardians came in and handcuffed me and Lou.
"What are you doing? Where are you taking us?" I said struggling to escape.
"Back to our main quarters." He answered. I stopped.
"What?" I whispered.
"I said our main quarters! What? You thought this was it?" I nodded.
"Psh. Our headquarters are in New York. We're gonna go fly you off there to see the boss. She'll know what to do with you two." He said smirking.
"But first we have to make a couple stops, remember sir?" One of them said. I stayed quiet.
"Where to again?"
"Umm, Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford, then London. From there, we take off." I looked to the floor and grinned. We can escape...

While on the jet, the guardians had left us without any supervision. This was our chance.
"Lou! Call Jocy! I'm gonna keep a lookout." I gave him my phone.
"I think someone's answering. Jocy?" He said. I peeked out the door; nobody.
"Tell them to take care of Harry!" I whispered. He nodded and told Jocy.
"Listen, make sure nothing happens to Harry. Keep your eyes on him."
"Cause Taylor can't be trusted... She might know this is going on." I whispered again.
"Sky doesn't want you to trust Taylor. She thinks she's in on it." He said. I looked out the door again and they were coming our way.
"Lou!" I signaled him to hang up.
"Be careful guys! I gotta go! We'll try to call you again if we can."
"LOU!" I whispered louder.
"Bye!" He hung up and threw me my phone. We sat back down and waited.
"They might try and take my phone away... I better take out my SD card, it has all y information and all my maps an apps." I opened the back of my phone, placed the SD card in my pocket, then put my cellphone away.
"Hey, you two!" We turned and saw a girl.
"Get over here. We gotta search you." She was waving us towards the door and we followed. She took all my gadgets and my phone. Lou didn't have much, so, he was okay.
"Get back in there." Once she left, I turned to Louis.
"I have a plan."
"Well I'm all ears Sky!"
"I've gotta train you though. Just a couple tricks to dodge and block any hits." I said.
"Seriously?! This is gonna be awesome!" He said with a huge smile.
Days went by. Every day, they took us to a new location, bigger places, and that was fine with me. With that much space, I trained Lou and he got better and better. He even avoided some of my attacks. We were always moving from place to place as the guardians were getting other spies.
"Damn Lou! Who knew you had it in you!" I said panting. He smiled at me and began to pant as well.
"I think they're here again!" I said. We ran back to bed. We had been staying at another one of their hideouts in Oxford.
"Hey! Wake up you two!" I pretended to rub my eyes and seem like I was tired.
"What's going on?" I said in a sleepy tone.
"Time to go to London. Take a shower, get your clothes, and lets go." They walked away.
"Lou! Did you hear that?! Tonight is the night! You Remember the plan right?" I said.
"We've been going over it for the last couple of days Scarlett! How could I not?" He said with a chuckle.

"Okay! We've landed!" Said the woman who was in charger of guarding us. We followed her out into the headquarters. I looked around for where they were keeping my stuff, but it was too dark to see. I just remember it was in a blue bag.
"Sky! There!" Lou whispered as he nudged to his left. I turned and saw the bag in their carts near by. Perfect. Let the plan begin.
"Umm, excuse me miss?" Lou said.
"What is it now kid? Don't tell me you need to go to the bathroom again." She said as she rubbed the side of her head.
"You know me so well!" Lou said smiling.
"Okay! Everyone, line up. Seriously kid, you got a bladder problem or something. We always go through the same routine." She said as she rolled her eyes.
"Go Sky!" Lou whispered as he walked to the bathroom.
I nodded at him. My hands were handcuffed, but, I was lucky enough to have had found a bobby pin when we made a stop in Birmingham. I began to pick on the lock until;
"Bingo." I muttered. I looked to the left and right; they were all distracted. I got down and snuck into a room... Their weapons room.
"Oh, this is my lucky day." They had a gadget that made you blend into anything, like a chameleon type gadget. The only catch with it was that the gadget itself, the bracelet, didn't blend... It stood out. Luckily it was just a silver bracelet. I place it on an turned it on.
I got out of the room and went towards my stuff.
"Hey! That bag is floating! Someone is using a gadget!" Yelled out a guy. Oh great. I took out my fan from the bag, and blew all the guardians away, far enough for me to run.
"Don't let her get away!" Yelled a girl.
"Hey!" I turned and saw the woman with Louis. She pulled out a tranquilizer gun. My eyes widened.
"What am I?! An animal?!" I ran towards her and kicked the thing out of her hand. She punched me in the stomach and turned the bracelet off. I couldn't breathe. She tried to get a hold of me, but, I had enough energy to jump over her and kicked her back. I fell down and tried to catch my breath. I got back up; there's no time to lose.
"Lets go Lou!" I took off his handcuffs and we ran.
"Put the necklace on!" I handed it to him as we ran upstairs.
"What about your anklets?!" He said. I looked back; everyone was trying to get us.
"I'll just wear them as bracelets. The way to use it is gonna be mixed up, but I can do it." I put them on and jumped up into the air. Lou did the same.
"How are we supposed to get out though?! We're heading straight into the ceiling!" He yelled.
"Lou, you underestimate me sometimes." I chuckled. I pulled out an earring.
"What's that supposed to do?" He said questionably.
"Watch." I pressed down on the earring, and threw it far.
"Boom." I whispered. The ceiling exploded open.
"I'm scared of your gadgets now. Why would they make earrings that explode?!" He yelled.
"They only explode against walls, not on people. We've thought it through Lou!" I yelled as I laughed.
"There! Take that motorcycle!" Lou pointed.
"Perfect!" We headed towards it and sat on it.
"How do I turn this on?!" I said. I began to panic when I saw Guardians coming out.
"Here! Let me go in the front!" Lou said. We switched, and then, he actually turned it on. He pressed down on the accelerator and off we went.
"How'd you do that Lou?" I said impressed.
"I kinda took the ladies keys." He said laughing.
"That would've been helpful to know like, when I was struggling to turn it on!" I Said as I punched his back.
"Hey! I'm driving here! Want us to crash? No? Yeah, I thought so." He said with a laugh.
"I think we lost them." I said a I looked back.
"Good! Now, where are we?" He said as he looked around.
"Let me check my phone. Maybe it still has some juice!"
"But it's been like two weeks Sky!"
"Lou, my phones been off this whole time. It'll work, trust me." I found my SD card, but decided to just use the phones GPS.
"Whatever." He said under his breath.
"Focus on the road." I said chuckling. I pressed the power button and waited.
"It worked! In your face Tomlinson!" I said mockingly.
"Do you hear the tone of my voice? Yeah, that tone means start looking for directions!" He said as he nudged me with his elbow.
"Is it me, or is the sun beginning to rise?" We looked off to where the sun was.
"Well, would you look at that! It's morning already!" He said.
"At least we can see a bit better now..."

Eventually, we ended up in somewhere Lou knew.
"Okay, we better ditch this thing. For all we know, someone could have chipped it." I said. Lou slowed down and left the motorcycle by an ally.
"Now where?" I said turning to him. He looked around.
"This way! We can go to a park and call someone to get us." I followed his lead, but, it wasn't long until I began to have a feeling that someone was behind us.
"Lou?" I whispered.
"I know, I feel them too." We began to walk a bit faster.
"Look! Lets go there!" It was a fair. We ran there and hid. The two guys that were following us had lost our track.
"We need to find something else to wear." Lou said. I looked around and saw some dancers.
"Look! Hoodies!" I snuck up to their wardrobe and took two of them.
"Kay, lets get out of here." We put the hoods on. As we started to walk off, someone had called us.
"You two! Where are you going?! We're about to perform next after the blondie and curly guy!" I turned to Lou. He just mouthed the word "Shit". I laughed and turned around.
"Well come on!" The guy began to move us along.
"You guys two! Hurry!" He said waiving his fingers. Who was he pointing at? I turned around and saw the guys that had been following us. They had put on hoodies too...
Oh fuck. I turned to Lou. He knew what I was thinking.
Without any words, we dashed off into the stage.
"EXCUSE US!" I yelled out. Dammit; a crowd.
"Get back here you two! You can't escape!" Yelled one of the guys as he came lunging towards us. We jumped and ducked over them. Lou was actually using the technique I showed him and blocked all the guys punches. I was so proud. I turned back to the two guys.
"Well we're here... And we escaped your damn hideout... So I'm pretty sure we can escape you again!" I said mockingly.
"Sky?" What the hell? Who said that? I turned around.
"Get back here!" I turned back to the guys.
"Lets go Lou!" We ran off into the crowd an jumped through seats.
"I think that's the guys!" Said Lou. I turned and saw them. I've never been so glad to see them in my life.
I passed by Harry. I couldn't help but smile at him... I'm glad he's okay.
Once we were outside, we ran towards the nearby forest.
"Sky! We can hide there!" He went towards a tent and I began to follow. Something felt strange though...
"What the?" I turned around and saw someone in a red hoodie. This person took out something... It looked like a gun... But wait... Sparks where flying out of it. It was pointing at...
"LOU! No!" I ran as fast as I could and pushed him down. I threw my phone and it blocked the shot, but then, it shot again... at ME. I didn't feel anything at first, but then Thousands of tiny shocks were sent through me.
"Lets go!" The guys in the hoods ran with the person who shot at me.
"I broke my phone... And I busted my ass. At least the disguise is wearing off now..." I could hardly breathe.
"Sky?! Sky!" I heard Jocy. I tried to get up, but everything was going dark.
"Sky..." Lou held me in his arms. I wanted to tell him I was proud... I wanted him to stop crying... I couldn't talk though... I could only.... Sleep...

[Harry's P.O.V.]
Everyone was around Scarlett, just watching her. We were waiting for her to open her eyes, make some noise, move... But nothing happened.
"She won't wake up." Jocy said as she looked at Scarlett. She had fear and sadness written all over her face.
"She probably just needs to rest. We HAVE been through a lot lately these past two weeks. That jolt that person gave her, drained the little energy she had left." Lou said. He was drained too. You could hear it in his voice.
"And by the way she was fighting those two guys, it's no shock either. She's stronger than we think. And Lou, you too." Added Adam.
"Well, how bout you get some rest Louis? You look exhausted as well. C'mon, I'll make you some tea or something to make you relax." I watched as Eleanor helped Lou walk back to his room.
"I'll go help, I'm gonna leave in a few anyways. Wanna come Liam?" Danielle said. Those two went off with Eleanor.
"I might as well take you home Perrie, I don't want your friends wondering where you are." Said Zayn.
"Mind taking me too? I'll try not to cock block." Said Adam with a small chuckle. Zayn just smiled and walked off with them.
"Want me to get you some food Jocy?" Asked Niall. She just held on to Scarlett's hand.
"Yeah, I'd like that."
"I'll ask Liam to come with me or something. Might as well get food for everyone." Niall kissed Jocy's forehead and went his way.
I focused back on Scarlett. Her face seemed so pale, the pink from her cheeks had been washed out, and her natural hair color began to replace the last few streaks of blonde that were left from her disguise.
"I didn't recognize he at first." I looked up at Jocy. She continued to talk.
"I knew that they had zapped themselves, but, they looked totally different. You should've seen them. It was priceless!" She smiled a bit and held Scarlett's hand tighter.
"I bet you're glad to see her." I said softly. She broke into a bright smile as a tear rolled down her cheek.
"Totally. I already lost one person to the Guardians... And thinking there was a chance I could've lost two... That just drove me crazy." She laughed nervously.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked. Her face went blank and the smile began to wipe off her face. She slowly began to look down as she spoke quietly.
"When I first started off as a Shadow, they sent me on an easy mission with Scarlett and her old partner." She started to look gloomy.
"Her name was Michelle Daniels. I didn't know much about her besides the fact that she lived in the U.K before. And like... They looked so much alike! If you saw them together, you would've thought they were sisters or something. But, while on the mission, we had fallen into a trap. The guardians had intel that we were going to be there. That's when things went wrong..." Her voice began to shake a little.
"I was running away from them, finding a place to hide, but I slipped. I was about to fall off their roof... And Michelle got me." She began to cry a bit.
"She pulled me up... And... She handed me the necklace Sky is wearing right now." Jocy reached towards Scarlett and took off her necklace. She handed it to me.
It can't be...
It's Dani's Necklace... At this point, I could hardly focus on what Jocy was saying.
"She told me to give it back to Sky... And tell her she was sorry... She gave me her anklets and then made me fly off. The last thing I saw was a smoke bomb go off. We didn't see her again... Poor Dani." Jocy looked back at Scarlett. Did she just say Dani? I started to piece all the information she had told me... And it sounded like my Dani... I looked down at the necklace... This was the one... This is Dani's necklace. I looked on the bottom and it had the key hole. I was so tempted to unlock it...
"Here, let me put it back on her. I don't think she's gonna want anyone touching it now." I didn't want to give it back... But I did.
"I'm gonna go shower. Mind watching Sky for me?"
"Yeah, no problem. Can I ask you something though?" She nodded and waited for my question.
"Who's Dani?" She just smiled. I really wanted to see a picture, unlock that necklace, anything.
"Well... I cant say... Maybe you can ask her." She gestured towards Scarlett. Jocy then grabbed her towel and went into the bathroom.
I looked back at Scarlett. Was it her I saw that one time then? And why would Dani give her the necklace?

"Shouldn't we leave some for Scarlett incase she wakes up?" I said as I placed my dish in the sink.
"Yeah Niall. Don't want you getting chased again." Chuckled Louis as he flicked a pea at Niall.
"It's great to see you all energized again!" Said Zayn with a smile.
"What was it like anyways? You know, being captured and what not." Asked Niall.
"And when did you learn those moves Lou?" I said as I sat by him.
"Did they hurt you pal?" Said Liam.
"Please, one question at a time. Niall; it was boring. Food was good... But boring. We just sat there doing nothing. Escaping was fun though. And Harry; I learned that I was the child of a great spy... It was in my blood. And Liam; see this massive thing here?" He pointed at what seemed to be a small cut.
"Bravery my friend." He grinned.
"Lou..." Eleanor said as she elbowed him.
"Okay, okay! Sky taught me. She wanted me to be skilled. She's a really good teacher. And I got a boo boo from a piece of paper." He chuckled.
"Well, lets hope Adam is a good enough teacher for you to learn the stuff we learned the last two weeks!" I said chuckling.
"Fuck! Harry! I forgot all about that! This is no fair!" He said pouting. I just smiled.
"I'm gonna go to bed now! It's getting late." Liam said as he got up.
"Wanna sleep with me tonight Jocy? I feel like if I leave you with Sky, you won't sleep at all." Niall said as he turned to her.
"Well I guess... But who's gonna stay with her?"
"I will." I said. That came out of nowhere...
"Well alright! Everything's settled! Lets head off to sleep! C'mon Eleanor! I missed cuddling with you!" Lou swooped her up and ran to his room.
"Keep the noise down! Some of us actually want to sleep!" Yelled out Zayn. A shoe came flying toward him, but he ducked. Lou poked his head out.
"Oh shush! In the morning, me and you are gonna have a little talk about Miss Perrie." He slowly moved away as he smiled.
"I'm gonna go to sleep now too. See you guys in the morning! And, is it me, it is it hot in here?" I said as I pulled on the collar of my shirt. They just shrugged at me. Guess it was just me.
I went into Scarlett and Jocy's room wearing nothing but boxers. I closed the door and just stretched a bit. Jocy had placed Scarlett on her bed, so I'm sleeping in Scarlett's bed tonight. I decided to just sit next to her for a while, I wasn't all that tired anyways.
I looked at he little blue box. Her iPod! I might as well play around with it.
I entered the password and went to the camera. I took a couple pictures of myself smiling and ring goofy, just so she can have a smile on her face when she sees them. I leaned in to her and took another one with her while I pouted. I stopped after a while and decided to listen to her playlist.
"Where do you keep your headphones?" I muttered. I looked in her blue box and found some.
"Time for some music!" I said quietly. I leaned my head back and just listened to the lyrics.

"Harry?" I heard someone calling me. I slowly opened my eyes. Everything was blurry. I rubbed them till I could see.
"Harry..." Scarlett woke up! I shot up, only to end up falling out of the bed sheets. How did I end up in there anyways? I don't remember slipping in, just sitting. Wait why am I thinking about this? Scarlett is awake! I got up and turned on her lamp. I saw it was four in the morning.
"Scarlett! You're up!" I gave her a quick hug.
"Yeah... But I'm really thirsty and hungry..." Her voice sounded raspy.
"I'll go get you something." I rushed into the kitchen and warmed her up some food. I brought her a glass of water as well.
I got back in the room and closed the door behind me, just so they don't hear any noise.
"Here, eat up!" I handed her the food, and she ate it so fast. She grabbed the water and chugged that down in seconds.
"Thanks Harry. And sorry, I'm eating like a pig." She did a tiny smile.
"It's no problem. How you feeling?"
"Much better. I want to change though... Excuse me for a second. But wait, where's Jocy?" She said a she got up and looked around.
"She's sleeping with Niall tonight. He didn't want her staying awake all night just watching you."
"And why are you In here?" She said with a laugh.
"I volunteered to be here just incase you woke up!" I said smiling.
"Thank You." She surprised me when she came towards me and gave me a hug.
"No problem." I hugged her back.
"Okay, let me put my shorts and shirt on... No peaking Harry." I rolled my eyes as I laughed.
"Cover them!" She said.
"Glad to see you're getting better." I teased. I place my hands over my eyes and waited.
"Okay, I'm done!" I removed my hands from my face, and watched as Scarlett skipped to Jocy's bed. I just smiled at the sight. I got up and was about to head to my room.
"Well, I'll go sleep in-"
"No!" I turned back to Scarlett. Did she just say no?
"I mean... Like... Can you stay?" She seemed really tired, and had a sad look on her face.
"Umm, okay? I expected you to kick me out." I chuckled. I headed towards her bed on the other side, when;
"No... I mean... Can you come back... Here... In this bed? I'm kinda cold..." I guess she wasn't lying. Her teeth chattered a little, and her arms had goosebumps all over. Not to mention to obvious shivering.
"You sure they didn't zap you multiple times? I would never expect you to say that." I laughed as I laid next to her.
"I was really warm when you were sleeping next to me. I didn't mean to sound creepy." Her cheeks had an intense pink color.
"Aww, you're blushing!"
"Stop. It's not like we haven't slept together before... Wait... That came out wrong... Umm... I'm jut gonna pretend I'm sleeping." She got in the blankets and closed her eyes. I really wanted to laugh, but tried to hold it in. I calmed down and turned off the lights
"Alright then, scoot over!" My hand brushed against her arm, and she was freezing!
"I thought you were kidding about being cold and just wanted some Harry Styles action!" She turned to me and I winked as I smirked at her. She managed to form a smile and made a chuckle.
"You don't know how bad that jolt got me. It was like, bunch of little sparks in me, but then, I started to freeze up and blanked out." She said.
"It's so weird... Hearing that all this weird stuff happened to you." I muttered. She got up to face me.
"I feel like I don't know you girls anymore. Everyone's been keeping secrets and I just don't know what to believe anymore." I said.
"I know you must have a lot of questions and doubts," You got that right.
"...but we didn't want to tell anyone." She said softly.
"Well why not?"
"To keep you guys safe. It's really complicated and I'd understand if you hated us right now-"
"I don't. I really missed you." I whispered. She looked down; a tear rolled down her cheek.
"I hate to admit... But I missed you all like crazy too. But now I'm back! And I can use you guys as my puppets to dominate the world!" I guess I had a shocked face when she said this because she started to laugh.
"I'm kidding Styles... That's until later." I chuckled at her.
"Great to see you all up and Scarletty again!"
"What's that supposed to mean?!"
"Enough chit chat! Lets sleep! You're about as cold as Simons criticism!" She bursted out laughing, but, I covered her mouth so she wouldn't wake anyone up.
"You guys always make me laugh." She got back under the sheets and moved closer to me.
"What are you wearing?" She said with one eye open.
"Boxers. Unlike you, I was really hot. Well, I mean, I still AM hot, if you catch my drift."
"Goodnight Styles." She shut her eyes, but her smile still remained on her face.
"I wish I had a boyfriend to cuddle with... Like Eleanor and Lou-"
"Go to sleep Scarlett."
"Or Niall and Jocy, they're so-"
"Bed. Sleep. Late." I said laughing.
"I'm never talking to you about my single life again..." She chuckled. I began to hear her breathing get heavy, and before I knew it, she was asleep.
I moved the hair out of her face; it's great to see her back.

"Harry!" That was Scarlett's voice. I opened my eyes slowly.
"Lets make some breakfast for everyone! They're all still knocked out." She tried to pull me out of bed, but I resisted.
"But I love sleeeeepppp!" I groaned.
"You're just like me... How does Jocy manage to get me out anyways?" She chuckled.
"Can't I sleep for 5 more minutes?"
"I'll show you some of my gadgets!" I shot my eyes wide open. A smiled swept through my face.
"Lets goo!" I started to dash out.
"Harry! Put some pants on at least!"

"How does this one work?" I picked up a silver spoon.
"That... That's just a spoon Harry." She said grabbing it as she started laughing.
"Oh... I knew that." I was a bit embarrassed and kept looking at the things she had laid out for me.
"That one there-" She pointed to a fan.
"What does it do?" I swung it down lightly.
"NO!" Scarlett yelled.
"That's not a-" I got lifted up in the air, only to get stopped by the ceiling hitting against my back. I fell down and groaned.
"That kinda makes wind... It helps you push your opponent off, Harry." She extended her hand to me and lifted me up. I really need to watch out for whatever she has on her... I could get killed for all I know.
"That was pretty cool though..." I said as I rubbed the back of my head. She just shook her head and continued to make her crepes.
"They smell delicious! Can't I have one more?" I pleaded.
"Okay! But, I wanna make sure there's enough for everyone! That's why we ate early."
"Blah blah." I said as I motioned my hands in the air.
"Don't start with me Styles."
"Hey, I kept you warm and cuddly in the night. You should be thankful." I smiled at her innocently as I munched on one.
"Ha Ha. Funny. I'll get my own man one day, and then I won't bother you." She said.
"Who said I didn't like being bothered?" I muttered. She just turned around. I saw she was blushing though, it was cute.
"Okay! That's All of them. Let's go wake them up!" We ran to Zayn's room first. She was on one side, I was on the other.
"Got your foam ready?" She whispered. I nodded and aimed at Zayn. Together, we woke him up.
"ZAYN! WAKE UP!" We blasted him in foam. He stumbled out of bed.
"YOU'RE DEAD HARRY! AND YOU TOO-" After he wiped the foam from his face, he saw it was Scarlett, and his eyes widened.
"SKY! God! I'm so glad you're awake!"
"Hey, hey, hey! You're getting foam on me." She shoved him off, but I could tell she was just as happy.
"Wanna go help us wake everyone else up?" I asked him.
"What's going on?" We all turned and saw Jocy standing by Zayn's Door.
"You guys made such a-" She stood still.
"Eeyyyy Jocy!" Scarlett snapped her fingers at her.
"SKY!" Jocy tackled her and began to cry a little.
"Hey, hey! I'm still kinda fragile from everything!" Said Scarlett gasping for air. Jocy pushed off, and lifted her up.
"Sorry! I'm just so happy!" Jocy and Scarlett talked a bit before turning to us.
"Lets go wake everyone up!" Scarlett finally said. I smiled and led them all out.

"That was really unnecessary. Couldn't it have been like, silly string or something? At least I could've gotten that off." Chuckled Liam. Everyone was sitting down, enjoying the breakfast me and Scarlett made... Well.... Mostly Scarlett.
"How did I not smell this?!" Said Niall as he chewed his food.
"I made sure your door was closed and no smell went in, or else you would've ate everything!" I said smiling at him. He took a pause from eating, looked at me with his eyes squinted, then continued to eat.
"I'm sleeping in the couch now. No hiding food from me..." He muttered. Everyone jut started to laugh.
"So how did you and Jocy sleep, hmm?" Niall choked on a bit off food, and Jocy, she just tried to hide her face. I turned to Scarlett, and she had the same devious look as me. We knew what we were each thinking.
"Lalalalala! Oh these crepes are so delicious! So Eleanor how was your stay, cool, awesome, wanna watch TV?" Jocy just started to speak nonsense... And fast.
"I was just gonna ask if you two cuddled..." I whispered.
"But with that expression you two have..." Sky raised her eyebrows.
"We didn't do anything. We just... Did what couples do, and snuggled." Niall said blushing.
"I believe you Niall. Jocy would've been sore if something did go down." Scarlett said nonchalantly. She placed her hands behind her head, and everyone bursted out laughing, except Niall that is. He was as red as his shirt.
"SKY!" Jocy came running towards her. Scarlett fell backwards, but got up immediately.
"I'm innocent!" She raised her hands up in the air.
"Don't you dare Sky." Jocy said.
"What are you two talking about?" Said Liam chuckling.
"Shush now! I'm enjoying this little little brawl they're having." Said Louis as he ate and watched then argue. I just smiled and looked back at the girls.
"Too late!" Scarlett jumped up and went through the ceiling.
"What the hell was that? Scarlett didn't show me that one!" I said staggering up.
"She had those rings on." Jocy said annoyed.
"They come in handy when I wanna get away from Jocy." Scarlett said as her head popped through the ceiling.
"Get over here!" Jocy grabbed her hair, and yanked it a bit.
"Ouch! Ouch! Okay, okay!" She fell down and on Jocy.
"This is gonna get some getting used to." Said Eleanor, with a face that read she was shocked.
"We try not to use the rings too much. Someone might pick up the signal that we're around here." Said Scarlett. Jocy then smacked the back of Scarlett's head.
"That's exactly why YOU shouldn't be playing with them!"
"Well, I was showing Harry some stuff, and I saw them!"
"Don't worry Jocy, I plan on staying away from them. They're more dangerous than I thought." I said. Those two just chuckled.
"Well, lets go!" Zayn said as he stood up.
"Go? Go where?" Said Scarlett.
"Practice! You two have a lot of catching up to do!"
"Aww Dammit! Scarlett, we should've stayed with those people a bit longer." Said Lou.
"But we missed you guys! It's not the same without you two!" I said smiling.
"Oh I know. We're just amazing you know?" Lou said as he flipped his hair.
"Okay Lou, that's enough. Go change! I'm gonna leave in a few. Me and Danielle have plans today." Said Eleanor.
"Come back after so we can spend time? Yeah?" Lou said as he kissed her. She smiled and nodded.
"Bring Danielle Too! She will be excited to see Scarlett back. She missed her so much. Plus, she's gotta know what happened." Liam said. That reminded me of Taylor...

"Is everyone ready?!" Yelled out Niall.
"I'm right next to you man. Not so loud!" I said chuckling.
"Sorry Harry. I just get excited!" He said with a huge grin.
"Okay! We're out! Now, lets get going." Said Louis.
While in the car, everyone's mood was just so happy. I kept noticing Scarlett looking out the window though. It was like she was blocking everyone's voice.
"Hey, is something up?" I said as I got closer to her. She was suddenly snapped out of her trance, and looked at me.
"Yeah. I was just thinking about some things." She said.
"Don't be so gloomy! I wanna see you laugh and smile!" I began to tickle her sides.
"Harry! Stop!" She started to giggle.
"Dude! I will punch you if you don't quit it!" I couldn't help but continue. Her laugh was just so addicting.
"Is that Taylor?" Whispered Zayn. I stopped as me and Scarlett looked in his direction; what is she doing here?
I got out first.
"Hey, Tay! What are you doing here?" I said as I gave her a hug.
"Well, you guys just suddenly left without warning. I wanted to see if you-" Scarlett passed by us. For that brief second, they made eye contact, and I got the chills. Scarlett looked away, and Taylor looked back at me.
"But umm... Yeah." She said finally. I had totally forgotten to text her about us leaving.
"I'm so sorry! We just had some stuff to take care of and I forgot to tell you." I said.
"It's no problem. Mind if I stay?" I was unsure of whether or not to let her. she hasn't been here in a while, but said yes since I felt bad for leaving her alone yesterday.
As Taylor took a seat in the front row, we all got on stage. All the dancers came running to Lou and Scarlett, happy to see them. After they stopped, Scarlett came to me. She had a look, and I knew what that look meant.
"Why is she here?" She whispered.
"I had left her alone yesterday to come and take care of you and Lou. I forgot to tell her we left, so, I felt bad and let her stay." I said quietly. She just looked at me... Disappointed.
"I just don't know if I can stand seeing her here. I don't know if she was involved in what happened." She quickly looked at Taylor, then back at me.
"Keep her away from me for now..." She walked off.
"No, Harry. I don't wanna hear it." She continued to walk off.
"Sorry I was late everyone! I got caught up in-" it was Adam. He stopped in the middle of the stairs, and had here eyes glued to Scarlett.
"You're... You're here." He dropped his things, ran toward Scarlett, picked her up, and spun her around. He placed her back down with the biggest smile.
"I'm so glad you're okay!" He dug his face in her hair. Scarlett's eyes began to tear up.
"I missed you too, Adam." I watched them as they embraced each other. I couldn't help but feel a bit annoyed with how long they were taking. Finally though, Adam broke away from her and smiled.
"Look, I don't know if I can say away from you again." He held both her hands...
"Those two weeks were terrible without seeing you..." Where was he going with this?
"Harry, what's Adam babbling on about?" Whispered Lou in my ear.
"I have no clue." I answered back. I couldn't take my eyes off of them.
"I seriously Missed You." He held her face in his palms, and leaned her close to him. Before I could realize what was about to happen, they were already kissing...
"AWWWW!" Everyone began to coo at them.
"Aww! The two Love Birds!" Mocked Zayn. Adam broke away from the kiss, and looked at Zayn with a smile. Scarlett just kept looking at Adam. I couldn't really read her expression. She looked at me, but I quickly turned away.
"Hey! Watch it Malik! Want me to tell Scarlett about Perrie? Hmm?"
"Hey, hey, hey! Don't turn this towards Zayn! You two are the ones everyone is looking at right now." Liam said smirking.
"Does that mean Scarlett is no longer the single one that complains and ends up getting dragged in to all-"
"I get it Niall..." Said Scarlett as she turned to him. He just flashed her a smile and laughed.
"Can we get on with the practice? I've kinda got some things to do." I said as I moved everyone along.
"I'm with Harry on this one. I really wanna get caught up with these dances." Said Scarlett as she stood next to me.
"I'll show you and Lou the rest whenever you'd like." Said Adam.
"That sounds fine. Better not get all kissy and lovey around me though. I don't wanna be a third wheel." Said Louis snickering.
"Oh shush." Scarlett blushed.
These two wouldn't stop staring at one another the whole time. I just wanted to get this over with. Today was gonna be a long day.

"I'm gonna go talk to Taylor!" I grabbed my coat as I headed out the door.
"But we barely got back! Don't you wanna spend some time with me and Sky?" Yelled out Lou.
"I rather not be around those two lovers is more like it." I said in a hushed tone.
"What?" Yelled Niall.
"Nothing! I'll be right back!" I slammed the door behind me. Why do I feel like this all of a sudden? I slowly went in the elevator. As it began to go down, I stared replaying what happened between Scarlett and Adam in my head; It's like the Zayn thing all over again, but, this time, it was real. I hit my head back.
"I'm just being weird." I whispered. I got outside, and went to the car. After a couple of minutes of driving, I got to Taylor's place. I went up to her room, and knocked on the door, waiting patiently until she came out.
"Harry! Hey! Umm, I wasn't expecting you here, but come in." She opened the door for me to enter.
"Yeah, sorry. I wanted to surprise you." I said. She leaned in for a kiss, but I rejected and gave her a hug instead.
"Is something wrong?" She slowly closed the door behind her. Taylor looked worriedly at me; arms crossed, and starting to get closer. I just looked away and went towards her couch. I sat down and buried my face in my hands as I leaned back.
"Harry? I need to talk to you about something." I peaked through the middle of my fingers at her. She wanted to talk about something?
"I know what happened to Scarlett and Louis." I stayed quiet. I felt my face starting to heat up, and anger was flowing in.
"You knew." I said pissed off.
"You KNEW and NEVER bothered to TELL ME?!" My voice started to rise.
"Harry, I-"
"I had to hear it from JOCY! I had to hear it from HER to finally find out the TRUTH about YOU!" I got up and stood in front of her.
"Harry, please -"
"Why haven't you told me, Taylor? Why?! Am I just not important? Am I just someone that you think doesn't need to know this vital information about you?!"
"I helped them get to London!" She got up and pushed me back a bit.
"I knew she had a map of the place, I knew she must've been the one that got captured, and I knew I had to do something about it!" She started to cry a bit.
"I made sure that those guys had to take them along, all the way here to London. If not, they would've ended up somewhere else! But you won't listen to me!" I was shocked. I've never seen her this mad before.
"Why do you guys always think I'M the bad guy here?! Why can't you think that MAYBE I'm TRYING to HELP?!" She sat back down and turned away from me. I felt so horrible.
"I knew I should've told you, but, I didn't want you getting involved. I didn't want you thinking that I would probably hurt Scarlett and Jocy." I went up to her and wiped her tears.
"I'm so sorry... I just... I have a lot going through my mind." I sat down by her and wrapped her around my arms.
"It's fine..." She got up and went towards the kitchen. I followed. I went up behind her, and hugged her.
"Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?" I whispered in her ear.
"You can, maybe, sleep over tonight? I really liked having you by my side." She turned around, all smiles.
"If it makes you happy, then sure." I smiled back and kissed her.
"Oh! I have something for you!" She ran towards her room. When she and back, she had a small box in her hands.
"Here you go! It's a small gift from me to you." She handed It to me.
"Well, thanks Tay! But, I didn't get you anything."
"Don't worry, you're giving me enough already." I chuckled and opened the box up. It was a silver chain. Hanging on it, was a pair of wings. I couldn't help but remember about the necklace that Scarlett had on... Why didn't I remember to ask her?
"I know, it may seem kinda girly, but-"
"I love it. Thank You." I pulled her in for a hug.
"I hope you wear it everyday so you think of me." She said. I just smiled at her and placed it on.
"Now, how bout we go and eat something?" She pulled me along to the door.
"Taylor?" I said. She turned around to me.
"Umm... Never mind. It's not important." I still feel so confused about everything.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I feel so... Lost. I didn't know what to say or do when Adam kissed me.
I wrapped my arms around my legs as I watched the guys play games, and the girls gossip. I really do like Adam, and I really did miss him, but I don't know if I want to take it to the next level. Part of me wants to be with him and be like we used to be, but the other part wants something else.... Someone else...
"Sky?" I snapped out of it. Jocy was looking at me with a smile.
"I said, what do you think of Zayn and Perrie?"
"I really want them to end up together already! While you two were gone, Zayn and Perrie were inseparable!" Said Danielle with a squeal. I grinned.
"Want me to call her?" I reached in my pocket... But remembered I broke my phone.
"Use mine!" Jocy handed me her phone and I dialed the number.
"What happened to your phone, Sky?" Asked Eleanor.
"The day at the fair, I broke it." She got the hint and just nodded.
"Lets go shopping for one tomorrow then!" Said Danielle.
"Can't. I have to report it to my boss... So he can give me a new one. He takes care of everything." Jocy looked at me confused.
"We have to tell him?" She asked.
"Rules, remember?" I said. She nodded and continued to talk.
"Well, whenever we get time to see him I guess."
"The phone! Someone answer!" Eleanor said as she pointed at it. I picked it up and heard Perrie on the other end.
"Is anyone there?"
"Perrie? It's me! Sky!"
"SCARLETT! I missed you! Oh man, how have you been?! When can we talk?" I noticed everyone reacted the same way... It was nice to feel loved.
"How bout now? Think you can come over?"
"Sure! I'll be there in a bit."
"Perfect! We'll be waiting!" I hung up and handed Jocy back her phone.
"So? What did she say?!" Said Danielle.
"Let operation Get Together begin!" We giggle and squealed.
"What's up with you girls?" Yelled out Louis.
"Nothing Love! Go back to your games!" Said Eleanor.

"Okay! How bout Strip Poker?!"
"I don't know how to play that! You guys just wanna get naked." I said as I hid in my sweater. We were debating over what we should do next, and I guess everyone was getting a bit tipsy.
"I was kidding!" Said Adam laughing.
"Hey, I know you wanna see my amazing body pal, but this is not the way to do it." Said Liam. We just laughed at Liam's facial expression.
"How bout something simple? Like, truth or dare?" Suggested Perrie.
"All in favor!" Jocy raised her hand, and everyone else did too.
"I'll get a bottle so the choosing wont be unfair. But first... I gotta pee!" Said Niall.
We all sat down in a circle on the floor. Louis sat on side and Adam in the other.
"I just got a text from Harry!" Said Louis.
"He said he's gonna sleep over at Taylor's and that he would see us tomorrow during practice." He looked up from his phone, and towards me. I just didn't know what to say... I want him to be safe, that's all.
"So who goes first?" Asked Niall a he sat down. I immediately raised my hand. He handed me the bottle and I placed it down to spin it.
"Well would you look at that! It landed on Miss Perrie." I looked at her with a devious smile. She just chuckled.
"I pick truth." She said.
"Aww! Perrie! No fun... But, who's the hottest guy of that one band... One Direction... That you would want to date?"
"Sky!" Zayn looked at me, his cheeks all red.
"What..." I looked at him as if I didn't know what I did.
"Umm... Zayn..." Said Perrie.
"What?" He turned to her.
"No. I mean, I'd chose you... Zayn." She was blushing furiously. Zayn just turned a darker shade of red and smiled a bit.
"Oh... Thanks..." He rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. I just grinned successfully.
"Well, now I spin!" She grabbed the bottle, and it landed on Louis.
"I dare you to switch clothes with Eleanor!" Said Perrie. Lou just looked at Eleanor, and back at Perrie like she was crazy.
They both went off and came back wearing each others clothes.
"You look gorgeous Lou!" I said as I laughed. Eleanor picked a great day to wear her dress and tights.
"I better. These things are killing me! On the other hand though, my bum looks rather good in your dress love."
"Your bimbos pretty big Lou. I think you look better in that than me." She smacked his ass... And... That was just hilarious.
"Okay! It's my turn! Aaannnndddd.... Oh look! Zayn!" Lou looked at him with an evil smile. I couldn't wait to see what would happen.
"I pick dare! Just please don't make me switch clothes with Perrie... I don't think I could rock them like her."
"Fine... Then I dare you to kiss her."Lou said it like it was nothing. Zayn, though, his mouth dropped.
"Ooh, Zayn! Can't go back now!" Teased Liam.
"I'm sorry Perrie." Zayn said shyly.
"It's no problem." Perrie moved her hand to his cheek, and kissed him.
"Woah. I did not see that one coming." Said Niall.
"I'm with you there." Mumbled Danielle and Adam.
"Hey! Aren't you two gonna come up for air anytime soon?" Jocy said. Those two broke off immediately, but they were smiling ear to ear.
"That was so romantic! Are you two finally going to be together now?" Teased Adam.
"Oh shush!" Zayn said as he spun the bottle.
"Scarlett!" I turned to Zayn.
"Your turn!" I was caught off guard. My turn?
"I guess... I pick truth." I said shrugging.
"Hmm... Who do you feel most protective over?"
"Harry." I shocked myself. Did I really just say that?
"Wait... I mean..." I started to stutter.
"That's sweet. You worry about your friends." Said Adam.
"Yeah... I suppose." I smiled at him.
Why did I say Harry?

"Rise and shine!" Perrie said. I just ignored her.
"Hey! I know you're awake! Don't ignore me!" She started to laugh as she jumped up and down on my bed.
"Go with Zayn or something." Muttered Adam. He had bunked in with me for the night.
"Oh stop it!" She said. I shot up from bed.
"What happened in the balcony?! You two took a while there!" I was bouncing with excitement.
"He... Asked my to be his girlfriend..." She was smiling uncontrollably.
"That's awesome! You two make such a cute couple!" I said as I hugged her.
"It's about time." Adam rose from bed.
"You two took forever-"
"Shush Adam. What about you and Sky? Hmm? Don't think I don't know what went down yesterday between you two." She said a she turned to me with a smile. Oh yeah... The kiss. I blushed a bit at the thought.
"I was caught up in the moment... And I reacted on what I felt at that moment." He turned to me.
"I really do miss us, Sky."
"Oookkaaay! In gonna go bother Zayn!" She walked away smiling. I turned back to Adam.
"I missed us too... And to be honest... I missed kissing you... Like this..." I leaned in and placed my lips against his. He started to kiss me back.
"Woah!" I separated from Adam and saw Niall standing by the door.
"I just came to get Jocy!" He walked to the bathroom where she was at.
"I'll close the door and give you guys some privacy." Niall said laughing.
"He's so sweet." Adam said chuckling.
"Look, Adam." He turned to me.
"About... This... Us... Could we take things slow? I feel a bit confused for some reason. I don't know if-"
"It's fine." I looked to him.
"I understand that I took a big risk. I just really couldn't help it. I love being with you." He smiled at me.
"But now, we gotta get ready!" He pulled me out of bed and we went to the kitchen for breakfast.

"That's it for today! You guys are free to go!" Adam said as he waved us along.
"Harry, wanna stay back a bit so you can practice the other songs with me? The ones I missed of course. Lou is staying too." I said.
"I guess. I have no other plans anyways."
"Cool! Thanks Harry!" I walked towards Adam and told him we were set.

"Okay. That's basically it!" Adam finished showing us the dance.
"Well, that was easier than I thought!" Said Louis.
"That's cause you aren't as distracted with messing the other up." I muttered.
"Hey, I heard that!" Louis said. He and Harry walked off to change, and Lou's partner left. Only me and Adam were left packing.
"So, Sky?" I turned around to face Adam.
"I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go out on Friday?"
"That sounds perfect. Where to?"
"Movies! We can watch a movie and make fun of it like always! Then we can go to my place afterwards!"
"Sounds like a date." I smiled at him and then leaned In for a kiss.
"We're about to-" I broke off from Adam. We always end up getting interrupted.
"Ahhh... My bad. I just wanted to tell Scarlett that we're about to leave." Harry said.
"Alright! Better get going Sky! I'll call you! Wait no... I guess I'll call one of the guys or Jocy!" He said laughing.
"Oh whatever! I'll get my cellphone soon." I kissed his cheek and said goodbye.

Once we got back, Harry came to my room and sat on my bed.
"Hey Styles!" I said smiling.
"Hey! I wanted to ask you something." He seemed down.
"Well, sure. Anything! But, let me just say, in not a good Love Guru." I said chuckling. He just smiled.
"Oh, I know. You just make everyone go for it!" He said laughing.
"True..." I looked back down at my iPod.
"But, I really wanted to ask you... Who's Michelle?" I was shocked toward his question.
"Who told you?" I began to tear up a bit...


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