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Shadow's Target

Chapter 8: Why Me? Shouldn't It Be HER?!

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
Once we were in our room, Eleanor and Danielle swamped Jocy with tons of questions.
"But yeah... Now we're together! He's pretty sweet." Said Jocy as she smiled and blushed.
"You two make such a cute couple! But of course, me and Lou are the cutest here." Eleanor said as she winked at us. We just laughed.
"And what about you Sky? Zayn and Scarlett? Hmm?" Danielle said as she turned to me.
"Oh you guys! It's not real!"
"But you two look like you could make a good couple." Said Eleanor.
"Or you and Harry." Added Danielle. Me and Harry? Ha. Right.
"Say, Harry's girl... Taylor right? It was kind of rude how she didn't even bother to introduce herself. There's something off about that girl." Said Eleanor.
"And I noticed she kept looking at you and Jocy! I was like, creepy!" Said Danielle as she raised her eyebrow.
"She jut doesn't like me." I said as I flopped back.
"Why not?"
"There's something you girls don't know about her-"
"SPILL!" They said together. I jumped a little. I sat down Indian style like they were and began.
"She knows me already. We... Had this rivalry kinda thing back a while ago."
"Does Harry know?!" Said Eleanor with eyes wide open.
"No... Just because when we first saw Taylor on the plane, she acted as if she didn't know me. I just went along with it." I thought back to that day. Dammit Harry.
"Wow... Talk about juicy! Why exactly doesn't she take a liking to you?" Asked Danielle.
"There was this guy involved. I liked him, he liked me, Taylor swooped in and took him away! Once she had him, she didn't want him." I said as I moved my arms around.
"That is dirty! You gotta tell Harry! What if he gets treated the same way?!" Said Eleanor.
"I've warned him... But he admitted to liking her and all that. Hell, it's even official!" I said laughing.
"Oh yeah! I remember hearing that somewhere. Seriously though, she sounds like something else." Said Eleanor.
"You guys wanna go to bed now? It's getting pretty late and we all have something to do tomorrow!" Said Danielle as she pointed to the clock.
"Alright then! I wanna sleep with Jocy... I still got another question or two!" Said Danielle smiling.
"Oh gosh Danielle! What else?!" Said Jocy falling back in her bed. Well just laughed at her groaning.
"Alright, I'll be with Sky!"
Once we were all in bed, Danielle and Jocy knocked out immediately.
"Hey Sky? You awake?" Whispered Eleanor.
"Yeah... Can't quite sleep yet."
"Well, I wanted to tell you something; Lou told me everything." I laughed.
"I kinda figured. You weren't that shocked when I was telling the story." Eleanor laughed at my comment.
"I tried! But, I just wanted to say that I'm here for you if you need anything. You're like Lou's other best friend so, I'll be yours as well!" She said.
"If Taylor is up to something, gimme a call and I'll be there with Danielle! We got your back!" Although I couldn't see her, I could tell she was smiling.
"I'm trying to sleep!" A pillows came flying towards us. It was Jocy.
"Sorry!" We said giggling.

The next 2 weeks seemed like it was the same; dance, gym, hung out with the girls and guys. Harry went M.I.A most of the time since Taylor wanted to be with him constantly. They guys were getting a bit annoyed by this, I didn't blame them.
The next day seemed like it was going to be the same. We headed to the studio and started to practice.
"Okay you guys! Let's do this! Ready? 5, 6, 7, 8!" These guys were improving. It was nice watching them get it. I looked at Zayn and Niall. They had to dance with two of the extras since me and Jocy were teaching. I noticed Niall was missing one move.
"Hey Niall! You're doing great! But you missed a step... Jocy will show you." She went over and his partner took a break. I was thinking about what step comes next. Oh yeah!
"Umm Sky?"
"Not now Jocy! Okay, so grab your partner here, pull them in, then twirl them out." They did just as I said. God this was amazing! I smiled at how well they had improved.
"That was great! Now, try and add the pull in, then lean them down-"
"Like this." Someone behind me grabbed me and did the moves. I was a bit confused. As he leaned me down, I recognized his face. No... It can't be.
"Hey Sky!" He lifted me up and I stood there... Looking at him.
"Adam?" I said.
"He's going to be your new coach!" Said Simon as he stepped out.
"What?!" Me and Jocy said together. My eyes widened. Why?! How?! I turned to Simon.
"I was talking to some people and many recommended him. He showed me a couple moves, and I liked him. Simple as that. Adam, you will begin first thing tomorrow!"
"Got that Sir!" He said as he smiled.
Once Simon walked out, Adam turned to all of us.
"Soo, Hey! My names Adam, as you already know. Umm... I'm 20... I dance... I'm pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself."
"Not as funny as Louis." I said out loud.
"Excuse me? Did I say you can speak? No hun, take a seat with Jocy. That's right, walk." He said to me in a sarcastic sassy way as he snapped his fingers. I chuckled and walked over next to her.
"It's nice to meet you! I'm Liam, that's Louis, Niall, Harry, and Zayn!" I forgot about Zayn! Adam turned to him and smiled.
"You got quite a handful now, don't you?" He said referring to Zayn.
"We're not really dating. It was just this, weird thing. But either way, she kinda is." He smiled and I punched his arm.
"Hey, hey! No hitting the superstar Miss Dane!" Adam came up to me and blocked my view of Zayn.
"Better watch it with her. She's real feisty!" Said Lou as he came up behind Adam. He placed his arm on his shoulder.
"She constantly hurts me."
"She did the same to me! I feel your pain man." Adam and Lou pretended to sob in each others arms.
"Babies..." I said. They just looked at me and laughed. I walked to get my water bottle. When I looked over, Adam was getting along with everyone. Even Harry.
"Curls get the girls!" Said Harry laughing.
"That's what I've been saying!" Said Adam as he waved his hands at himself. I don't know if him being here was good or not... But I really did miss him.
"WHAT?! That is too cute!" I turned to see Adam hugging Jocy and Niall. I walked over to them.
"Jocy has grown up... It makes me emotional!"
"We're with you there pal! Out little Niall has grown up as well!" Louis, Harry, and Adam joined together in a hug, sobbing sarcastically once again.
"Hey Harry," Liam said. Harry turned to him.
"Your girl is here." Oh god, Taylor!
I turned around and saw her walking toward us. She was looking down at her cellphone.
"Uh-oh... Yeah well it was nice meeting you all gotta go see you tomorrow bye!" Adam said that all in one breath as he ran off backstage.
"What was that all about?" Said Harry laughing.
Louis, Niall, Zayn, Jocy and I just looked at each other. With Taylor, Harry, Adam, and me around, something was bound to happen.
"Hey guys! Harry, ready to go?"
"I totally forgot! Guys, I'll see you all later on today! I'm gonna go with Taylor to meet some of her friends and family cause they came here to visit her. Bye!" Harry ran off behind Taylor. Once they were gone, Adam came back out.
"Eeeee.... I did not know Taylor was going to be here." He said as he looked at the direction they went out.
"Yeah, she's Harry's girlfriend. Why? Do you two have a history?" Said Liam. I turned to Adam and he was looking at me. He turned to Liam and nodded.
"I guess Scarlett told you already though, right?" I froze. Ops.
"No, not really. Right lads?" Liam turned to everyone and they looked in different directions.
"Wait... You guys knew didn't you! Sky!" I jumped a little.
"Well I didn't want to tell anyone to begin with! It just happened! Besides, she acted like she didn't know me to begin with so, I did the same." I answered as I pouted. Liam just laughed.
"What exactly did happen anyways?" Adam answered his question. After he finished, Liam just stood there with his mouth open. "That is horrible! Have you guys told Harry?!"
"We've been telling Sky that, but Harry did say he liked her. I mean, didn't you just hear? He's gonna meet her friends and family!"
"God, Taylor! She's pretty tricky." Said Adam as he buried his face in his hands.
"Thanks to her, I totally forgot about Scarlett. And I'm really sorry about that." He looked at me apologetically. My heart dropped. A tear fell down my cheek and everyone rushed in to hug me.
"You guys... I can breathe!" They separated and I laughed. I turned back to Adam.
"It's fine. It wasn't your fault." I looked back down.
"Well, enough with this bad vibe! Lets go out! I'm hungry anyways." said Niall as he rubbed his stomach.
"I'll call Eleanor! She's with Danielle so, she could bring her along too." Said Louis as he took out his phone.
"You can come along too pal! You're not half bad." Louis looked at Adam and smiled.
"I like these guys, Sky. They're pretty cool." Adam just smiled at everyone. It was nice seeing him getting along with them.

[Harry's P.O.V]
I couldn't help but think of Scarlett and her reaction to that Adam boy. He was pretty funny and seemed like a nice guy, but, there was something they were hiding.
I spent the whole day with Taylor. We had fun actually. We talked, took a walk here and there, and her friends as family took a liking to me. She was pretty sweet and fun and showed me a side of her I really loved, but, I wondered why she wasn't like this around the guys.
"Say, Tay?" She turned to me.
"Yeah? What's up Harry?" She smiled at me.
"Do you like my friends?" She spaced out for a second before responding.
"Well... I like them, but sometimes I get the feeling they don't like me." She looked down.
"Don't say that! They just haven't gotten to know you well enough. Lets go to my place. We can spend time with them an you'll all bond!" I looked at her ecstatically.
"Umm sure!" She made a half smile. Maybe she was just nervous.
"One more thing..." I turned back to her and waited for her to finish.
"Those two girls... I think they have a grudge against me. Especially that Scarlett girl, the way she treated me last time kind of scared me." I remember... She went crazy that day and snapped at Taylor.
"It's fine. She's probably jealous because I'm with such a beautiful girl." I leaned in and kissed her.

Once we made it to my place, I heard music coming from inside.
"Are they having a party in there?" Said Taylor. Who knows... Lets check it out!" I opened the door, and my eyes widened.
"What is this?!!" I yelled. There was music blasting and there was shoes and hoodies everywhere. They led up to the stairs. We followed it till we got to the door.
"What is that?" Pointed Taylor. Was that foam? I opened the door to the game room and gasped. There was Foam everywhere!
"Harry?" Out popped Niall's head from the foam. His eyes widened.
"What happened here Niall?" I walked towards him and led Taylor with me.
"Oh this? Pshh... Pshh... Oh look! Uhh.. A..." He dove back in the foam.
Out popped Louis and Eleanor's head.
"Hey Harry! Why don't you hop on in?" He said with a smile.
"Uhh... How did this happen?"
"The new coach told us about these foam parties and we wanted to go to one... But instead... We brought it here!" Said Eleanor. Louis turned his attention to Taylor and panicked.
"Uhh... Why don't you guys go on and change into some comfortable clothes?" Why was he getting all panicky?
"Louis! Eleanor! Come on! What's the-" it was Scarlett. She looked at me, then gasped a little when she saw Taylor.
"Uhhh... Hey there." She said awkwardly. Then out of nowhere, Zayn, Liam, Danielle, and Jocy came out as well.
"Why is everyone starring at Taylor? It's starting to get annoying!" I said angrily.
"It's fine Harry." She told me.
"Hey guys! Me and Niall made a tunnel towards the-" Out came Adam and Niall. I waved hello to him and shot him a smile, but his attention turned to Taylor.
"Eeeee.... I dropped my necklace!" Adam went back in the foam.
"Adam?! Is that you?!" Yelled Taylor. She was smiling at him, the guys were looking at each other, and Scarlett and Jocy were looking at me with a strange look.
"Taylor, do you know him?" She looked at me with her mouth opened.
"She does.. And she knows me too." Said Scarlett as she stepped out.
I am so lost right now.

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
"How bout Nandos?!" Said Niall jumping up and down his seat.
"What's a Nandos?" I asked. Niall just stared at me in shock.
"Liam, take us to Nandos now!" Niall said into Liam's ear.
"Hey! I'm driving here!" Liam said as he shoved Niall's face away.
Once we got there, Niall order for Jocy, Adam, and I. We started talking and joking around.
"Okay, okay! What's the nasties thing you had to eat?" Louis asked Adam.
"Do drinks count?" Adam said as he placed his hand over his eyes. Louis just said yeah.
Oh I remember this one, because I'm the one who dared him.
"Well, this was actually something Scarlett made me do. We were at Jocy's apartment right? And we started messing around with food. Scarlett decided she wanted a milkshake... She "accidentally" poured ketchup into it. Then me and Jocy started dumping all kind of nasty things with like..." As he went on saying what we put in, Lou, Eleanor, Liam, Danielle, and Niall, had disgusted faces on.
"Then she dared me to drink it. As a reward, I would get her awesome beanie, so, I accepted, and jugged it down."
"THAT'S DISGUSTING! Oh my god! Sky! You're so horrible!" Said Eleanor holding back her baby barf.
"Hey! He's the one who actually did it!"
"I applaud your courage to do that my good man. But, I now question your thoughts on what is more vital in your life; dignity, or a hat." Said Lou. We all started cracking up.
"Our food!" Yelled Niall. We all started to eat.
"Oh my god... Where have you been all my life?!" I sang to my food.
"I'm telling you! It is amazing! By the way, you're not that bad of a singer." Said Niall through his food.
"Yeah, you've got a nice voice Sky!" Added Zayn. I blushed a little.
"Have you ever thought of going a little bit further with singing?" Asked Liam. I remembered the whole point of the mission.
"Not really, I've always been a bit shy when it comes to singing." I said.
"We could totally use you for a song sometime!" Said Louis.
Jocy looked at me and smiled approvingly.
"Yeah, why not?" I said.
Once we were finished, we were heading back to the guys place. On the way there though, somehow, foam parties were brought up.
"So, you dance and party IN the foam? Sounds like a giant bubble bath to me." Said Danielle laughing.
"They're so much fun though! If you guys have a small inflatable pool, we could totally do it!" Said Adam.
"We don't... But we can buy one!" Said Liam as he turned the car around. We stopped at the store and got all the supplies. After the guys took a couple pictures with the fans, and we got to their place, we had everything set up in their game room.
"Just shorts and a shirt then right?"
"Yeah! Unless you want to wear your bikini." Said Adam to Jocy.
"I'm sticking with the shorts and shirt. I don't wanna repeat an incident..." I shivered.
As we turned the foam machine and music on, we started to dance and play a couple games. Then...
"Uhh, guys?" We turned to Zayn.
"This thing won't turn off! I think it's broken." He said freaking out.
The room started filling up with foam. We started moving stuff and trying to turn it off. Once the room was half full, it turned off.
"Who fixed it?!" Yelled Liam.
Out Jocy popped out of the foam and raised her hand.
"Hey, I wanna go in!" Said Louis. We all followed and played around. It was so much foam, and we did so much.
"Hey, where's Louis and Eleanor?" I asked Danielle. She shook her head not knowing as well. I decided to pop out and I spotted them.
"Louis! Eleanor! Come on! What's the-" I turned to the door and saw Harry. I was gonna say hop in, but gasped when I saw Taylor behind him. Oh shit.
"Uhhh... Hey there." I said all too awkwardly. Everyone else started to come out and they all looked at Taylor.
"Why is everyone starring at Taylor? It's starting to get annoying!" Said Harry. He sounded pretty ticked off.
"Hey guys! Me and Niall made a tunnel towards the-" Out came Adam and Niall. Harry was trying to say hi, but he saw Taylor an freaked.
"Eeeee.... I dropped my necklace!" Adam went back in the foam.
"Adam?! Is that you?!" Yelled Taylor. She was smiling at him, all too happy and surprised. I turned to Jocy and then we turned to Harry.
"Taylor, do you know him?" Asked Harry. She had her mouth open as if she had been caught.
"Uhhh..." I didn't want her to lie... It was about time I finally told Harry.
"She does.. And she knows me too." I got out. Harry looked at me confused, Taylor on the other hand, shot me a deadly glare.
"Well of course you do... She is my girlfriend." He answered with a chuckle.
"Scarlett! Do you wanna talk-"
"Hold on princess." I snapped. I could tell she was furious.
"Me and Taylor met a long time ago. She-"
"Took me away from Sky." Said Adam as he stood next to me.
"They've had this feud going on, and I guess they didn't want to tell you for some reason." Said Adam. Harry was a bit shocked.
"Is that true?" He said looking at us both.
"Harry, I didn't want you to stop talking to me cause of Her!" Taylor said pointing to me.
"I didn't mean to lie to you! I just wanted to get to know you." She started to tear up. Oh please. I just wanted to slap that bitch into next week.
"Seriously Taylor? Bringing out the crocodile tears? Harry, I just didn't want you to get hurt like Adam did. She's just so-"
"Stop! All of you! Stop!" Harry yelled.
"I'm so sorry Harry..." Taylor ran out crying.
"See what happened?! Now she's upset? Can't I have a nice relationship once in a while? You know, maybe she may seem mean towards you guys, but she's completely different when she's with me. You guys just don't know her!" He stormed off.
"Well... Mood killed." Said Louis quietly. What just happened?! I expected him to call Taylor out, not us! I was furious.
She was good... Real good.


Hope you guys enjoy cx it took me a bit but it sounds decent ^-^


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

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