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Shadow's Target

Chapter 7: New Flames, Old Flames, What Else Can I Say?

[Harry's P.O.V]
We were in the car, on our way to rehearsals.
"So it's official?" Exclaimed Niall shocked.
"Yeah! For the last time! She dropped me off, we kissed, and I asked her to go out with me!" I looked outside the window. Although I did like Taylor, I couldn't help but remember that girl. She looked just like Dani. And the necklace...
"Well, I say congrats Hazza." Said Liam.
"What's a Hazza?" I turned to Scarlett who was confused. I chuckled.
"That's kinda like a nickname Liam gave me." I said. She just nodded and looked back outside.
"But enough about me, how did it go with all of you? Had fun, yeah?" I asked. Everyone, except Lou and Liam, went silent.
"It was fun! Now that I remember... Eleanor and Danielle really want to hang out with the girls again!" Said Louis, all smiles.
"So what do you guys say to a good ol'day at home so we can watch movies?" Asked Liam.
"Uhh... I suppose." Said Zayn. What's up with those 4? They've been acting strange since I told them about Taylor.
"Yeah! Bring em over. We can gossip and have a sleep over!" Said Jocy. She made a small smile and then turned to Scarlett.
"Yeah, I didn't really get to talk as much as I wanted to with them anyways. Might as well catch up!" Said Scarlett. Then I heard her mutter to Zayn;
"As long as we actually watch it tis time." Zayn started to laugh. What did they mean by that?
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Nothing. Just an inside thing you know?" Said Scarlett as she looked at me.
"You guys... Look!" We turned to where Niall was pointing. Oh no. There were paparazzi everywhere!
"Lou! Hand me my sunglasses an beanie!" Yelled Scarlett.
"Whats wrong? Don't wanna be seen with your man?" Said Zayn laughing.
"Remember those tweets you showed me? Yeah... I don't wanna be recognized." She said laughing.
"Let's go!" Said Liam as he stepped out.
Then everyone started going wild when Zayn stepped out with Scarlett.
"LET US SEE THAT PRETTY FACE!" I went over to help Scarlett in as Zayn took a picture with a fan.
"Thanks Harry." She said.
"Guys! Look!" Said Louis pointing towards the car. We all turned and saw Niall and Jocy... Holding hands. Jocy didn't have a disguise or anything.
"NIALL! IS HE YOUR GIRLFRIED?" Niall smiled and looked at Jocy.
"Now she is." He leaned in and kissed her. The paparazzi went crazy!
Once we got inside and away from them, we all surrounded Niall and Jocy with questions.
"When?!" Asked Sarlett squealing.
"He asked me yesterday when we were at the club. And when I was about to hide myself when we were stepping out of the car, he threw away the glasses and hat then said-"
"You don't need to hide. I want everyone to know that we're together now." Said Niall with a big grin. I patted him on the back as I congratulated him.
"You two are so cheesy." Said Louis as he made kissy noises.
"Well, congrats you two! We all totally approve!" Said Liam with a big smile. It was nice seeing Niall so happy.
"All right, lets get ready!" Said Zayn as he clapped his hands together.

"5, 6, 7, 8! And 1, 2, 3 and 4! Spin! Now.. HARRY!" I stumbled. I kept messing up.
"Keep your act together. God!" Said my partner. She was pretty rude and didn't help at all like Scarlett would.
"Harry, concentrate and cooperate with your partner!" It wasn't that easy to begin with.
"Hey! You spilled water on the floor!" I said to her.
"My bad." She walked off to the center of the stage to practice her jumps with the rest of the dancers.
"Alright girls! Lets try some toe touches! Separate a little more so you have space. Boys, you can go take a seat." We headed to the couch we placed there and relaxed.
"I don't like my partner!" I groaned to the guys.
"Well fire her! We can use one of the back up dancers anyways." Said Liam.
"I want Scarlett back!" I complained.
"She's my babe though Harry!" Said Zayn with a chuckle.
"Oh whatever." I said annoyed.
"AHHHHH!" We all turned and saw our coach with his hands on his face screaming in pain. As he stumbled back, he slipped and fell backwards, then off the stage.
"What happened?!" Yelled Liam.
"Harry's partner kicked him in the face while doing her jumps." Said Scarlett as she walked towards him.
He was on the floor, face down.
"Coach? Are you okay?" Said Jocy as she went down to poke him.

"Alright, he won't be able to be your coach anymore." Said the medic as he took down notes.
"Are you serious?!" We all said.
"You guys will have to find a replacement." He looked at us and excused himself.
"At least she got fired by Simon." I said as I turned to everyone.
"So who's gonna teach everyone now?!" Said Niall worried.
"Scarlett and Jocy!" We all turned and saw Simon walking towards us.
"What's up?" Said Scarlett as she put her hands behind her head. I noticed she always does that, made me chuckle a little.
"Your coach said you guys knew some of the routines already. Is that right?"
They faced each other then turned back to Simon.
"Yeah, like 3. But there's way more." Said Jocy.
"We're gonna have to get someone new then." Said Simon as he ran his fingers through his hair.
"Well, in the meantime, you and Scarlett will be the coaches for those 3 dances. Is that okay?" They nodded.
"Great. You guys are excused for the day. Come back tomorrow prepared."
"Bye Simon." We all said as he walked off.
"Harry!" Someone jumped on my back and I fell forward.
"Ouch! What's your-" I flipped over and saw Taylor.
"Oh! Tay! I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was you." I pulled her up as i gave her a hug. I noticed Scarlett talking to Lou. He turned to me and shook his head. What's with them?!
"So, what are you doing tonight?" She smiled.
"Well, Lou and Liam's girls are coming over to hang out with everyone." I said.
"Oh.. Alright." She sounded disappointed.
"But you can come too! They might as well meet my girlfriend!" I said as I kissed we cheek.
"Really? Oh Harry! I'll be there!" Her phone vibrated.
"Damn. I gotta go. I just came by to say hi, so, I'll see you later on tonight!"
"I'll walk you out." When we got to the door, we kissed for a bit, then she left.
I went back for my stuff and then we all headed back to our place. Once we got there, Scarlett flopped on the bean bag.
"DOG PILE!" Yelled Jocy as she jumped on her. Niall went in next, followed by Louis, Zayn, Liam, then me.
"You guys! I can't breathe. My boobs!" She yelled from under us. Everyone laughed as we got off of her.
"So I say we all wear our onesies tonight!" I said as I got up.
"Pajama party!" Scarlett said a she did a funny dance with Jocy.
"You girls are so silly!" Said Liam as he laughed.
"We actually have onesies too!" Said Jocy as she jumped up.
"Perfect! I'll tell Eleanor to wear hers!"
"And I'll ask Danielle!" Everyone was so pumped. We ordered pizzas, got drinks, and picked out movies.
"Let's watch Finding Nemo!" Said Niall.
"That's my favorite movie to be honest." Said Jocy quietly.
Niall looked at her and smiled.
"I cried during the movie!" He said laughing.
"So did I!" Jocy said shocked.
"You two are so much alike... It's creepy cute." I said smiling.
"Where's Scarlett?" I asked looking around.
"Here!" She came out with Louis... In the same onesie. I bursted out laughing!
"You guys look ridiculous!"
"This is so uncomfortable Lou. I can't see over you!"
"Well you're short and wanted to be in the back. Deal with it." He said laughing.
"Kay, lets get out. I feel so weird."
"Not before we take a picture! Harry, here!" He handed me his phone and I took the picture.
"Say Tacos!" They made funny faces and I smiled.
"Now to put it on twitter!" I said. I went on Lou's twitter account and uploaded it.
"Harry! Don't!" Scarlett tried to walk, but ended up tripping.
"Ouch!" Said Louis.
I laughed again.
"Let's get out of this now. We may be good friends Sky, but now you're getting too comfortable. You're such a drag." Said Louis sarcastically.
"You love me Lou." She said.
Once they left, the doorbell rang.
"Hey girls!" As Jocy opened the door, I saw Eleanor and Danielle coming in with their onesies on.
"Jocy! How have you been?" They started to talk and then Louis, Liam, and Scarlett came out to say hi as well.
"Hey you guys! Lets dance!" Zayn turned on some music and began to dance. Scarlett joined him, then Louis and Eleanor went in. Then the rest of us went in.
"You guys! I'm hungry! Lets watch the movie while we watch the movie!" Said Niall begging. We all stopped and took a seat. Liam and Danielle cuddled up on one side of the couch and Louis and Eleanor on the other side. Niall and Jocy sat on the floor with Jocy's legs over him.
Zayn, Scarlett, and I sat together on the other couch with Scarlett in between us. Right when we were about to play the movie, someone knocked on the door. Niall got up to answer and his eyes turned to Scarlett, then me. He turned back to the door and then said;
"Come on in Taylor!" TAYLOR! I totally forgot! I ran up and walked her to the couch where she sat on the other side of me.
"Is everyone wearing onesies?" She said with a weird look.
"Yeah, didn't you get the memo?" Said Scarlett as she took a bite of her pizza.
"Funny. So Harry, maybe do you wanna leave early and hang out somewhere else?" She asked. I guess she said that pretty loud because everyone glanced at us.
"Umm, maybe we can do that tomorrow?" I whispered. She pouted and leaned back. Was she seriously upset?
Everyone eventually ended up on the floor and they were all so entertained as they made side comments. Me though, I had to stay on the couch since Taylor didn't feel like sitting on the floor.
When the movie ended, she got up and stretched.
"Guess I'll be going now!" She said.
"Don't you wanna get to know the other girls first?" I asked.
"No thanks. I've got a busy day tomorrow morning. I'll text you!" She kissed me and then left.
"Well not to be mean or anything, but that was rude..." Said Danielle as she got up.
"She didn't even say hey or anything!" Said Eleanor.
"She's in a bad mood I guess." I said as I rubbed the back of my head.
"Well, it's fine. As long as I got to see these girls!" Said Eleanor as she jumped on Jocy and Scarlett.
"Do you guys wanna sleepover? We can... "Talk"... About things!" Said Jocy as she giggled.
"Oh we're gonna talk alright, especially bout you and NIALL! Just look at you two!" Said Danielle smiling. Niall was leaning back on the couch while Jocy sat in between his legs and rested her head on his chest.
"Aren't they such cuties?" Said Scarlett as she cooed with Eleanor and Danielle. The two of them blushed and hid in each others arms.
"We might as well go to sleep then! We gotta practice tomorrow with our new coaches!" Liam said as he turned to Jocy and Scarlett.
"You guys better teach me good. My partner was horrible!" I said a I slapped my forehead.
"Of course we will." Scarlett said as she smiled at me.
We all headed to sleep and the next morning, we headed to practice.
2 weeks went by. It was all the same; dance, vocals, went out with Taylor, hung out with the guys once or twice since Taylor wanted to be with me constantly. The following day though, was extremely weird.
"Okay you guys! Let's do this! Ready? 5, 6, 7, 8!" We were getting better. Zayn and Niall practice with two of the girls we had as back up since Jocy and Scarlett were teaching.
"Hey Niall! You're doing great! But you missed a step... Jocy will show you." Said Scarlett. Niall's partner took a break and Jocy jumped in to help Niall. Out of nowhere though, some guy with a beanie and curly hair came out behind Scarlett. Jocy gasped.
"Umm Sky?"
"Not now Jocy! Okay, so grab your partner here, pull them in, then twirl them out." We did it and she smiled. The boy behind her just smiled and looked down.
"That was great! Now, try and add the pull in, then lean them down-"
"Like this." The boy grabbed Scarlett and did the steps he showed us, followed by the pull in and lean. When Scarlett saw his face, she froze.
"Hey Sky!" He said smiling. He lifted her up and she just stood there, shocked.
"Adam?" She said softly. Adam? The dancer boy?
"He's going to be your new coach!" Said Simon as he stepped out.
"What?!" Scarlett and Jocy said simultaneously as their eyes widened.
"This week... Is about to get juicy." Said Louis quietly as he rubbed his chin.
"Guess I lost my fake girlfriend!" Responded Zayn with a surprised look on his face.
What was going on?


There we go ^-^ Expect another chapter Tomorrow c; haha cx Enjoy ^-^


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
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