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Shadow's Target

Chapter 6: Blank Memory.

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
Lets see... how did this start? Oh yeah! I'm remembering what happened...
"Jocyyyyyy! I don't wanna wear a dress!" I said as I flailed my arms in the air.
"Your such a child Sky!" She said laughing.
"Oh man! I think we ran out of eyeliner and mascara!" Jocy said disappointedly.
"What's wrong? Wanna look flawless for Niiiaaalll?" I said winking.
"I- I don't know what you mean." She stuttered a little, how cute.
"Everyone can tell you two like each other, why not try it out?" I said smiling.
"It's a mission Scarlett! Remember that..." She sounded sad when she said that out loud. That's the thing with being a Shadow. Sometimes it's sad realizing you can't really have that many friends besides those in the Shadows hideout.
I shook my thoughts off.
"Want me to go and get some more makeup?" I said heading towards the door.
"Yes please! I'll order our dresses! And don't worry, I'll send pictures or links of them to you!" Oh Jocy. She loved doing that; placing it on hold, then using her transporter to take her there and then buy them. That thing used a lot of juice, but we didn't really use it often, so she used it whenever she wanted something flashy.
"Alright! I'll be right back!" I walked towards the couch and saw Liam sitting there watching TV.
"Hey Liam! I'm gonna go out to buy some makeup, so I'll be right back!"
"Mind if I tag along? Everyone is getting ready anyways." He said standing up. I nodded and we headed out. He was pretty interesting to talk to. He was more serious and I liked that.
"What about the fame? Don't you ever wish that life could go back to normal? No more people snooping in your business?" I asked. He was driving and I was sitting on the seat next to him. Only 10 more minutes until we got to the store.
"Sometimes. I mean, the fans are amazing! They love us, support us, they give me that motivation. Although, there's those out there that scare me." He said.
"Like the ones who give death treats? Or feel like creeps?" I chuckled.
"Exactly! But, I dot know. Fame is just... Different. Tell me about you though, your past, family, friends, it's your turn to talk."
I froze. I didn't really know what to say.
"Sky?" I snapped out of it. I guess he was asking me something and I didn't realize it.
"Is something the matter? You seem down." Nothing was wrong. Except the fact that I don't really know anything about my past.
"I'm fine." I muttered.
"Don't be down! Did I offend you in any way? I'm sorry!" I felt bad when he started to apologize.
"No no! It's not that... It's just... Can you keep what I'm about to tell you, between us?" I asked quietly.
"Of course. I don't mind." I took a deep breath. Only Jocy knew about my memory being wiped out.
"Well, I don't know anything... About me that is." He got quiet. He turned quickly to me with a confused face, then turned back to the road.
"What do you mean?" He asked me.
"I... I have like these memory blocks. I don't know my family, where I'm from, nothing. I do get weird flashbacks though... Cause of this thing." I lifted my necklace out of my shirt and held it up. Liam took a quick look.
"That's pretty fancy. Does it open?"
"I guess... But there's a key to it and someone else has it I guess." I placed my necklace back in my shirt. My phone started to vibrate. It was Jocy.
"From: Jocy
I found these!" With the text, was a picture of two dresses attached.
"To: Jocy
They aren't really that.. Wow. You get me? How bout like those long short dresses you love so much?cx"
"From: Jocy
OMG! How did I not remember?! Thnx. Lemme look again."

I put my phone away and saw that we arrived. Once we were in, Liam put on a hat.
"You aren't that hidden you know." I said giggling. He smiled and nodded.
"I thought so! But luckily, there aren't that many people here anyways."
We headed to the makeup section and I looked around. I couldn't decided what liquid eyeliner to get.
"How bout this one? Danielle loves it and gets it every time." He handed me the Stiletto eyeliner. Perfect!
"You're a life saver! I need you to come and help me do my makeup shopping from now on." He laughed.
"I feel a bit less manly now."
"It's not that! You're calm and you pay attention to the things your girlfriend does." I said with a smile.
"And you are pretty darn sweet!" He said pinching my cheek.
"Now, wanna buy some snacks?" He said. I nodded and went along with him to the aisle.
"So about that whole forgetting your past thing, how is that?"
"It's just weird. I'm kind of an... Orphan? I guess? I live with Jocy an a couple others." I said.
"That's strange, don't you think? Haven't you ever asked anyone where or how they ended up with you? Like the head of the place! He should know a couple of things." I stopped to think. How come I never thought of that?
"No... Not really. Maybe I will..."
"You really should. There's tons of things you could find out. Plus, it's always good to see your family. I know I miss them a lot when I'm on the road!" He said smiling.
We headed to the cashier, who was a start stricken teenager, and paid for our stuff. Once we were back at their place, Liam sat down and started to eat some chips.
"Hey Liam?" He turned to me.
"It was nice talking to you." I said. I flashed him a smile. He stood up an have me a hug.
"It's no problem! You're a pretty great person to talk to as well!" He smiled at me. He was pretty cool.
"I think your phone is vibrating?" Liam said as he let go.
I looked at my phone and saw texts from Jocy.
"From: Jocy
I went to get this one for me!
And this one for you!
http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ma2jgo7dJo1qfrtudo1_500.jpg "

I clicked on the links. They were nice dresses. I excused myself from Liam and went to my room. Once I locked the door, Jocy transported back in with our dresses.
"Did you like them? They look fabulous in person!" She said grinning. She was so excited.
"Yeah actually! Mine might reveal my tattoo though wont it?"
"Ehh, maybe a tiny bit. But it's fine! That tattoo of yours is beautiful."
She said as she handed me the dress.
Once we did our hair, makeup, and put on our dresses, we took a step back to look at ourselves.
Our hair was curled, makeup looked perfect, and these heels made the outfit all tie together.
"We look amazing!" Jocy squealed. I saw my nose piercing was still on. I decided to take it off for tonight. Don't want it getting stuck in someone's hair again. I shivered at the thought.
"Yeah we do! Ready to break some hearts Jocy?" I said as I extended my hand to her. She took a hold of it and we walked off.
"Oh hold on! I forgot my phone!" I said as I turned back. Once I got it, I heard a door open followed by;
"YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!" It was Louis. I then hear Liam and Zayn compliment her as well.
"Hey Niall, you got a keeper!" I heard Zayn say.
"You look like a tomato!" Said Louis. I guess Niall was blushing. I headed out to where they were, and they turned to me. They suddenly froze. I was confused.
"Do I have makeup smeared on my face?" I asked as I looked into my phone.
"No! You look... Breath taking." Said Zayn.
"I never knew you were so curvy and fit Sky!" Said Louis as he wiggled his eyebrows. I felt my face go extremely red.
"I- I... uh... Thanks." I didn't like wearing dresses. I always felt like i was being stared at.
"Imagine if Harry saw you! He'd be all over you!" Said Liam chuckling.
"Where is he anyways?" Asked Niall as his red face started to calm down.
"I heard Taylor came and he just left while I was In the bathroom." Liam said.
"Well, enough of Harry! You crazy kids get going!" Said Louis as he opened the door for us. We all said goodbye and headed out.
Niall drove us all to this nice restaurant. We all ate and laughed as we joked around. I thought I spotted Taylor, but I waved it off and kept talking to them.
Once we were done, we saw a club where people were wearing masks.
"What is that?" Asked Jocy.
"I was just looking at that myself!" I responded. Niall slowed down and we all took a quick look.
"Looks like fun! Wanna check it out? But I think we need masks." Said Zayn.
"I can get some!" Said Jocy as she jumped out. We all saw her as she chatted with a group of people.
"What is she doing?" Asked Niall.
"Just watch. Jocy is a pretty good negotiator." I said smiling.
She waved bye to the group and she turned to us. She was waving a couple of masks towards our direction. We all hoped out and clapped.
"You're pretty clever!" Said Zayn.
"That's my Jocy!" I said as I gave her a high five. She handed us each a mask and we got inside.
The place was amazing! Everyone was pumped and the vibe was just making me want to dance.
"LET'S DO THIS!" Yelled Niall as he held Jocy's hand.
We all ran into the dance floor and parties away. Everything was going great!
"Let's get some drinks!" Said Zayn. We all followed and waited at the bar.
"Oh man! Jocy, you really know how to dance!" Said Niall.
"So do you Sky! You girls... Wow. You seriously have to teach us some moves!" Zayn said. Me and Jocy looked at each other and laughed.
"I gotta go to the bathroom! Mind waiting here?" Said Jocy as she stood up.
"I'll take you! I gotta go myself." Said Zayn.
"Alright! Me and Scarlett will be waiting here!" Said Niall with a smile. When they left, Niall turned to me.
"So, you having fun?" He asked.
"Loads! You guys are all so fun! You each have that one thing I like about each of you!"
"And you two! You guys are the best! I expected you guys to be drooling all over us!" I nudged him as he laughed.
"We try to stay calm around you 'Hotties' you know? Well... At least I do! Jocy on the other had..." I said as I winked at him.
"Oh gosh..." He turned away.
"Aww Niall! There's nothing wrong with blushing! You know, Jocy told me she actually likes it." Okay maybe she didn't tell me... She said it while she was sleeping.
"Really?" He asked smiling.
"You two would go great together!" He smiled even bigger as he looked down.
"Excuse me, Miss?" I looked up and saw the bartender with a drink.
"Someone sent this to you." He said smiling.
"Oh! Thanks! Who though?"
"A friend! Enjoy!" Before I could ask specifically who, he walked off.
That was weird, but oh well! I drank it all down... That's when I started to feel dizzy.
"Sky!!! Why'd you drink that?!" It was Jocy coming towards me. Everything started to go blurry... I couldn't really remember.

"Sky?" I snapped out of my thoughts.
"So, do you remember anything else?" Jocy looked at me as she sat by me in bed.
"It's weird... Everything just went... Black after the drink." I was mad.
"Damn Taylor!" I muttered.
"Who said that?" I said looking up.
"Nobody said anything." Said Zayn confused.
"Jocy... I think... I think I'm remembering something..."
"Ouch! Watch it dude!" A guy extended his arm to me.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't-" he stopped. What's with this dude? I couldn't really see his face cause of the mask. I asked him what was wrong, but he didn't answer.
"Umm, eyyy? You listening?" I asked. Geeze. Men.
"I'm sorry! Are you alright?" He asked me.
"Yeah I'm good. Trying to look for my dates. Dance with me real quick while I look around." I said. He followed as I said while I looked around. I tripped a little and I laughed. I'm so clumsy. Wait, gah! Snap out of it! Find Jocy! Oh god... I'm losing it! I guess the boy had asked me something because he kept looking at me.
"I uhh... What?" I asked.
"What's your name?" He asked. I looked at him. He seemed sweet, I couldn't help but smile. Now, what did he ask?
"I umm... Wait! I think I see them! hold on, darn." I tried to move around and see if I spotted Jocy. God my hair was so annoying! I flipped it back as saw them. Finally!
"Dani?" He said. What did he just say? I ignored him and ran off.
"SKY!! There you are!" I finally found Jocy!

"That's all I can remember... I mean, I hear my voice and you guys talking but, besides that, it's all black." I said looking up at them. I recalled the boy who had called me Dani. Who was this guy? Did he know me? I guess I won't know now...
"Why would Taylor want that to happen?!" Asked Niall. I stayed quiet. I didn't know either.
That's when I remembered what she told me during our dance rehearsal.
I looked up at Jocy and she got the hint.
"Well, do you guys mind getting the stuff ready for breakfast while me and Sky change?" She asked innocently. Oh she's good.
"Yeah no problem!" They got up and Jocy locked the door.
"What is it?" She said turning to me.
"She was probably trying to get me to reveal what this mission was for!" I said as I jumped out of bed furious.
"We need to be more careful. Why don't we call Jane? Maybe she has something that can prevent us from being affected by anymore of her little drugs?" I agreed. I pulled out my cellphone and dialed her. I hit the screen option so we could talk face to face.
"Hey Bitch." Jane popped up with a smile on her face.
"I see you've been getting close to these guys you two."
"Oh be quiet." I said with a smile.
"We miss you guys! How's it going?"
"Pretty good! But we have a question for you Jane." Said Jocy.
"Sure! Ask away!"
"Swift right?" Jane said interrupting Jocy.
"Yeah! How'd you know?" I asked.
"Our group found out last night. She had tweeted how she was out with an amazing guy, and that guy was Harry Styles." She said as she rolled her eyes.
"She's such a menace." I added.
"Exactly. So I'm guessing you guys will be seeing a lot of her now that they're official right?" I was confused.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I was watching a interview she was doing right now. She said that they were indeed together." I froze.
"Another Adam?" She asked quietly. I nodded.
"I don't want that boy to get tied up with her bullshit. But he likes her back, so I don't know what to do." I said sadly.
"Just let it go for now. You can use-"
"Her to my advantage" I said finishing her sentence.
"Exactly. Now, what was it you guys were saying about Taylor?" Jane asked.
"She spiked Scarlett's drink last night. And for some reason, it's making her memory go black. We just wanted to know if you guys might have something to stop any more of that kind of stuff to affect us."
"We do actually! Hold on..." She walked off and came back moments later with a small vial of purple water.
"This thing works wonders. Next time you guys go out, put a drop of this on your drink! You'll be fine. I'll send it to your phone Jocy!" Jane said.
"Alright! Thanks!"
"YOU GUYS COMING?!" Yelled Niall from the kitchen.
"We gotta go now Jane! We'll try to talk to you again soon!" I said.
"Alright! Bye girls!!" We hung up and got dressed. I placed my nose piercing back on and my necklace back in my sweater.
Wen we got to the kitchen, all the boys were sitting down. I sat in between Louis and Zayn.
"It's about time! Niall almost finished all the food!" Said Louis.
"It was bound to get cold! Need to eat it when it's nice and ready!" He said with a smile. We all laughed.
"Hey guys?" We turned to Harry.
"I have something to tell all of you." I stayed quiet. Save it Harry...


There we go ^-^ It didn't want to submit yesterday for some reason e-e so, to make up for it, I'm gonna add a new chapter today as well ~(^-^)~ Keep your eyes open for the next one cx And another thing, any links I post here are indeed real c: they're not mine though! Found them mostly on tumblr cx Enjoy ^-^


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
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