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Shadow's Target

Chapter 5: Dani? Is That You?!

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
As I was trying to practice my steps with Harry, I felt like I was tripping. I thought it must be my shoes, so, I ignored it.
A while later, it happened again. Okay this is getting weird. When the teacher was showing Jocy and Niall a move, I glanced at Taylor.
That Bitch... I spotted her glove, the Guardians push glove. With it, they can move anything they want. I decided to ignore her and carry on with my routine. She would not stop. Taylor did it once more, and I snapped.
"COULD YOU KNOCK IT OFF?!" I finally yelled. Before she stood up, she took off her glove.
"I don't know what you're talking about." She started walking towards me. We were close enough for me to say something.
"Okay, quit your damn attitude Taylor. I never did anything to you." I said.
"Oh honey, I know you didn't, but, your a Shadow. I'm a Guardian. Little Harry's Guardian. So I'm warning YOU now; back off."
"Have him for all I care! Just don't do the same thing you did with Adam-"
"Adam meant nothing to me. I just needed him as a-"
"I know what you needed him for. You know, you put up this whole innocent blonde heartbroken girl look, when in reality, YOU'RE the problem. I don't need you getting involved again with my mission."
"What will the boys think when they find out what you really want to use them for, hmm? Aren't shadows supposed to be these lonely friendless people?"
"You have no idea what I'm doing here Taylor."
"Oh I know I don't. But once I get close enough to Harry, I'll be around you enough to keep my eyes on you."
"Don't hurt Harry..."
"I make no promises."
"Scarlett!" It was Harry running towards us.
"Stop! Please!" He said. At this point, I was furious.
"Tell your little girlfriend to calm down before I punch her into next week." I had my eyes on her the whole time.
"Honey, calm down. It's fine Harry. She's just a immature teenager, everyone goes through that phase-"
"THAT DOES IT!" As I was about to lunge towards Harry and push him off, Jocy came up behind me. She got a hold of my arms and slammed me to the wall. Dammit Jocy!
"Sky! Calm down! Leave Taylor alone!" She said.
"Jocy! Let me go!"
"Scarlett what's wrong with you?!" Said Harry.
"WHAT GOT INTO YOU?!" He looked disappointed, sad, furious at me.
"Harry! You don't unders-"
"I LIKE HER!" He yelled. Jocy let me go. I felt my heart drop. Not another Adam... No Harry... don't...
"I like her.. So please... Don't fight." I went mute. I wanted to tell Harry right there and then, but I thought I might as well take this to my advantage. He was walking towards me but I stopped him. I went up to him and whispered;
"Be careful. I don't trust her on bit." I backed away from him and walked off. I ended up in a small dance room and sat down. I kept thinking about what Taylor said; What will the boys think when they find out what I really want to use them for...
I buried my face in my hands. Dammit. Snap out of it! Focus on getting close to them enough to finish the mission.
"Sky?" I looked up and saw Jocy with Lou and Zayn behind her.
"Hey guys. Was that really bad?" I asked. They came walking towards me and sat down.
"Kind of. What was that all about anyways?" Asked Lou.
"She was tripping you wasn't she?" Asked Jocy.
"Yeah. She had a glove on." I responded.
"Wait... Taylor was the one messing you up?" Asked Zayn in surprise.
"Why don't you just tell Harry that she's doing it? Tell him what you-"
"I need her." I interrupted Louis. He, along with Jocy and Zayn, looked at me surprised.
"I can use her to my advantage. Jocy, I could be her little punching bag while you keep your eyes on her and investigate."
"That's smart!" Said Jocy excited.
Zayn then looked at me for a second until he finally spoke.
"What about Harry?" I stayed quiet. I didn't know what to say. I didn't want Harry to get too tangled in her lies. But then again...
"He likes her. You all heard him." I said calmly. Jocy looked at me and started to say something.
"What if he ends up like-"
"I warned him plenty of times. If he doesn't want to listen, then fine! I'll help if something bad happens, but I'm not going to constantly be guarding him." I said in a harsh tone.
"Calm down Sky!" Jocy said as she put her hands up.
"So are you gonna keep dancing with him?" Asked Lou. Shit. I completely forgot about that.
"You and my partner can switch." Said Zayn in an almost whisper.
"Genius!" I said as I stood up.
"Will you really Zayn?" I looked at him with a puppy face. He just laughed and nodded yes. I pulled him up and into a hug.
"Thank you! This way I can avoid any more Taylor harassment." I said as I let go.
"It's the least I can do for my girlfriend." He winked and nudged me.
"You... Are.... Lame." I said as a smile formed.
"Well lets go now!" Said Louis as he pushed Jocy and Zayn out. He was going to grab me, but then, he pointed at my flashing cellphone.
I went towards it and picked it up. The caller ID said; "Adam G."
I froze. Why was he calling?
"Scarlett? What's the-" Louis became silent as he saw the name on my phone.
"Zayn come here!" He yelled as he snatched my phone.
"Yeah? What's wrong?" Louis pressed answer and placed the phone on Zayn's ear.
"Hey what's the... Uhh uumm... Hello."
I was trying to get to Zayn but Lou blocked me. Damn my short self.
"No, this is Zayn... Yeah him.... Umm her boyfriend?" He glanced at Louis.
"Say you're her boyfriend!" He whispered.
"Lou!" I whispered back.
"Uhh yeah I'm her.. Boyfriend. Who is this?.... Adam?... Yeah okay... Alright then.... You too... Bye. " he hung up and handed Louis the phone.
"Is this the same Adam you told me about last time?" Said Zayn.
" Lou! Why would you tell Zayn to say that?!?" I yelled. I was about to punch his arm, but he dodged it.
"Ha ha! Your tricks are getting old Sky!" I kicked his shin.
"Ouch!!! Never... Mind..." He said as he fell down. I laughed at him as I took my phone. Oh I was such an evil bastard. I looked up at Zayn.
"So... What did he say?" I said nonchalantly.
"He just wanted to know how you were doing basically. He went silent for a second when I told him who I was though." He said as he looked up.
I smiled a bit. Adam wanted to know how I was? That's... Sweet. But why? I know He wasn't the type to forget people, but why?
I put my cellphone away and left with Louis and Zayn. We went to talk with our choreographer about switching and he agreed.
"But... For the tour, you still have to be Harry's partner. It's already been set in stone!" He told me. Oh man.
"It's fine Scarlett. You just have to dance, that's all." Zayn said as he put his arm around me.
"I suppose." I couldn't stop thinking about Adam. How he called. How we were so close. How... Taylor got involved. I hated her for that... I actually thought of giving up being a shadow just for him...
I spotted Harry. God Harry, you may be a nuisance sometimes... But you don't deserve Taylor...I walked towards him and decided to tell him the news.
"Me and Zayn's partner are switching. I'm gonna practice with Zayn, but the teacher said I had to be your partner for the actual concerts." I couldn't look at Harry for some reason. I felt guilty in a way.
"Why? I don't get it. We-"
"Just do it please?" I turned to him. I felt like I wanted to shed a tear. I guess he realized this because he didn't make anymore further comments and agreed.
I walked off towards Zayn and Lou.
"How'd it go?" Zayn asked turning to me.
"He agreed..."
"You sound sad love." Louis said.
"I just... I don't know. Harry you know?" I laid down on the floor and looked up. What would the boss say?

Once we were done with rehearsal and headed back to the guys place, I flopped on the first bed I saw.
"Scarlett? This isn't your room!" Niall said as he came in.
"Mmmm phm mmmm mmm phm."
"What?" He said laughing.
"I said, I'm tierd and I'm bleh." I said as I looked up at him.
"You're such a weird one." He came running and flopped by me.
"So, what was all that with Taylor and Harry?" He said. I stayed still.
"If you don't want to talk about it, then it's fine. I just want you to know you can talk to me! Over a nice plate of food!" He said as he rubbed his stomach. I laughed at his remark.
"Aww! Now that's the smile I want to see!" He said as he gave me a hug. Wow Jocy, no wonder you're with this guy 24/7.
"Jocy is lucky to have someone like you." I said smiling. He immediately turned bright red.
"I- I don't kn-know what you me-mean." He was stuttering! How cute!
"Niall! You like her don't you? It's about time you two started to hang out together, ALONE!"
"I can't! She makes me feel nervous. She just has these... Beautiful eyes, a smile that makes me smile, the cutest laugh... It's just all too much! I can't go alone." He said as he smirked and rubbed the back of his head.
"Then double date until you feel like you can go on your own! You and Jocy, me and my new boyfriend; Zayn!"
"You two really are together?!" His eyes widened as he gasped over sarcastically. I chuckled.
"Nah, it's just that he told an old friend of mine he was, thanks to Lou, and I'm pretty sure it's bound to get out. Might as well make all the fans jealous! Get a bit of fame, eh?" I said as I winked. Niall laughed at my comment.
"After what happened at the fair, I thought you would've learned your lesson!" He said still laughing.
"Oh whatever! But... You do have a point. So, we going or not?" I asked.
"Well I guess... But you gotta ask Zayn like I'm gonna ask Jocy; hold hands and look deep in his eyes."
"You're bullshitting me." Niall bursted into laughter when he saw my serious face.
"Oh god! You make me laugh. But no, I was joking." He said as he turned to me.
"We'll alright! Lets do this." I said as I stood up and clapped my hands.
"Wait... Right now?!" Niall said quickly standing up.
"Yes! C'mon!" I grabbed his hand and pulled, but he wouldn't budge.
"Can't we wait? I'm nervous!" He said pulling back. At this point, I gave up on his hand and went for his legs.
"Scarlett what are you-"
"Let's go!" I dragged him by his legs all the way to the couch where Liam and Jocy where watching a movie. Zayn was knocked out on a bean bag and Lou was talking on the phone with Eleanor. I glanced into the kitchen and saw Harry making jokes with Taylor. I rolled my eyes and headed towards Jocy, still dragging Niall with me.
"Hey Jocy! Niall has something to ask you!" Niall immediately stood up. He looked at me with a look saying he was scared. I encouraged him to go ahead and he turned back to Jocy. At this point, Zayn woke up and Louis had said goodbye to Eleanor. Harry and Taylor came out as well. Everyone was waiting.
"What's up Niall?" She flashed him her sweetest smile and he froze.
"Uhhh.. I umm..."
"Niall! Don't worry!" I whispered.
"Errr.. Well I was talking with Sky... And I was wondering, if maybe, you would like to go on ... On a date... With me?" His face was a even brighter shade of red than before. He walked towards her util he was standing in front of her. Aww!
Jocy's face lit up. She jumped off the couch and gave Niall a huge hug that made them both tumble back towards Zayn. Luckily Zayn moved before they got him.
"Yes! I'll go!" She kissed his cheek.
"AWWW LITTLE NIALL HAS GROWN UP!" Said Louis as he cooed him.
"Now I have a question." I said as I turned to Zayn.
"Do you want to go on a... Date... With me? And Niall... And Jocy. Double date basically." I threw my hands behind my head and waited.
"Sure! I'd love to go on a date with you..." He placed his arm around my shoulders.
"Babe." He said. I was going to turn to him to say some snappy comment, but was stopped when our lips locked. I was in shock. Everyone gasped.
He pulled back and his eyes were full of fear.
"SKY! I'm so sorry! I mean to do the same thing as Jocy!" I bursted out laughing.
"It's fine... BABE." I said as I punched his arm a little too hard.
"Well look at you two! Got a little spark going on?" Liam said as he got up and stretched.
I spotted Harry from the corner of my eye. He was just quiet.
"Now I want to go out. What do you say, Lou? Me, you and the girls? Yeah?" Liam said.
"I'm all for it! Eleanor was coming over anyways." Said Louis. He turned to Harry.
"What about you two?" He asked.
Harry snapped out of it.
"I'm taking Taylor our too."
"More like I'M taking YOU out Harry!" Said Taylor giggling. Harry just forced a smile.
"Alright! Lets get ready!" Said Jocy. She got up and ran towards me.
"You, Scarlett, are going to dress up nice. None of your little stunts!" She got my hand and dragged me away. Oh man... Dress up.
I groaned as she pulled me away.

[Harry's POV]
Zayn kissed Scarlett. I got completely quiet, I didn't hear what anyone was saying. Why do I feel so jealous? It's not like I like Scarlett... Or do I? She's always snapping at me so, why do I have this weird feeling? I snapped out of my thinking and turned to Louis who had asked me a question.
"I'm taking Taylor our too."
"More like I'M taking YOU out Harry!" Said Taylor. I tried to smile, but just couldn't.
"Alright! Lets get ready!" Said Jocy.
"You, Scarlett, are going to dress up nice. None of your little stunts!" She took Scarlett away as she groaned. I laughed a little.
"I'm gonna go too! I'll come back here once I'm all ready, Kay?" She smiled at me then leaned in for a kiss.
"Alright, call me when you're ready." I said as she walked out.

It didn't take Taylor that long to get ready. She wore a flower patterned dress with some boots, her hair curled, and red lipstick. She looked nice.
"You look beautiful!" I said as I gave her a hug.
"Thanks!" She said blushing.
"So where are we going?" I said as we headed out.
"I thought we could go eat some diner, then go to a club!"
"You go to clubs?" I asked surprised.
"Not much. It's not really my scene so, yeah." She answered.

Diner went by pretty slow. We talked, well, SHE talked, and we laughed a bit. Once we were done, we headed to a club she chose. It wasn't really the club I thought of.
"Umm Taylor? What is this?" I asked as I pointed to the people in masks.
"Oh god! I guess it's masquerade night! I need to change my dress, and luckily, I have two masks! One for each of us. And a hat to hide your curls, don't want anyone noticing you!" She dragged me along to the car where she changed. She handed me a mask and hat and I put it on.
"Perfect!" She said as she stepped out. I looked at her from head to toe. She was wearing a slim black dress with heels. She really looked good!
"Stop staring Harry!" She said giggling.
"Why don't we kiss a little before we go? Hmm?" She said as she pushed me against the car.
"I don't see why not!" I held her close to me as we kissed slowly.
After a few minutes, we stopped and headed on into the club.
"Wow! This looks pretty cool!" I said as I looked around. Everyone was wearing masks, girls with dresses and guys with nice suits. Luckily I wore mine for me an Taylor's date.
"Let's go dance!" She pulled me along as we headed into the dance floor.
After a while, we sat down at a V.I.P section reserved for us. I noticed Taylor was looking around, like she spotted someone.
"Want me to get some drinks?" I asked. She turned around quickly and smiled.
"Umm, actually, I'll go! I think I see a friend of mine." She got up before I could say I'd go with her.
I waited and waited until I eventually got impatient. What was taking her so long? I stepped out of the V.I.P section and went to look for her.
After a minute or so, I spotted her by the bar. She was talking to the bar tender. He passed down a drink and she walked off.
"TAYLOR!" I yelled. She had walked into the crowd of dancers and I lost her.
Dammit! I started to look for her again, but bumped into someone and made the person fall.
"Ouch! Watch it dude!" I extended my arm to help this person up and began to apologize.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't-" I stopped. It was a girl. She looked gorgeous. Her long curled hair, her light pink lips, her mask covered her face, but, that dress! It fit her all in the right places making her body look in perfect shape. It was short, but long in the back, She had a couple openings on the sides and she was just... Perfect. I was looking at her up and down. I thought I spotted a tattoo, but then;
"Umm, eyyy? You listening?" I snapped out of it. She looked a bit dizzy.
"I'm sorry! Are you alright?" I asked.
"Yeah I'm good. Trying to look for my dates. Dane with me real quick while I look around." I danced. she was pretty good! I tripped a bit and she giggled and hiccuped. Then I thought, did she drink too much? Or did someone spike her drink?
"You want me to help find them? I don't mind. I think my date ditched me anyways." I looked around and still didn't see Taylor.
"I uhh... What?" I think she was losing it.
"What's your name?" I asked. She turned to me and smiled.
"I umm... Wait! I think I see them! hold on, darn." she was moving around, trying to spot someone. When she flipped he hair back, I saw something.
No. It can't be...
"Dani?" I asked.
She looked at me confused. I was going to grab her, show her who I was, but she ran off. I tried to catch her but I got stopped.
"HARRY!!" It was Taylor.
"I'm tired, want to go now?" She begged. I looked off again in the direction Dani went. Damn! I missed her by an inch.
"Harry!" Taylor said as she waved my hand in my face.
"Uhh, yeah let's go." She led me out.
Could that have really been Dani?

[Scarlett's POV]
I heard whispers. I opened my eyes slowly an saw Jocy, Niall, an Zatn hovering over me.
"You're awake!" Said Zayn as he hugged me.
I couldn't remember a thing.
"I can't believe you Scarlett! How did you not notice?!" Said Jocy yelling at me. I was confused.
"You don't remember?"
"Remember what Jocy?" I asked.
"Taylor! She spiked your drink with some powder. I guess it made you lose your memory for a second. You barely recognized us!" She said sadly.
"What..." I was furious.
"Get the gadget Jocy."
"Gadget? What are you talking about?" Asked Niall. Oh god! I forgot he was here!
"The one to regain her memory." Responded Zayn.
"Oh! Okay, cool!" Said Niall, all smiles.
"Jocyyyy...." I started to say.
"Wasn't me! It was you! That thing Taylor gave you, made you weird. You blabbered on and on and on! Then you didn't know us, then you started getting.. I don't know. Niall eventually had to hear what was going on."
I was on the verge of exploding. Taylor... You went too far...
"Jocy, do it! I want to remember what happened." I said. Jocy nodded and zapped me.
Oh my god...


Sorry for the late update! I had fallen asleep after I came back tierd from doing so much in open gym! But here it is cx Sorry I it sounds off. I didn't get to fix it as much as I wanted!


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
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