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Shadow's Target

Chapter 4: Zayn, You're the Best. Taylor, You're Just a Pest.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I went in the bathroom and got my cellphone. Just as I was about to leave, I saw my necklace on the sink. I went to pick it up and just started to look at it. It happened again. Another flashback.
"Dani?" Said the boy. I could never make out his face, it's like my mind won't allow me.
"Yeah Eddy?" I guess that's me talking.
He sat up and looked at the stars. We were on top of the roof of a house. We were laying on a blanket with junk food all around us.
"Thanks." He turned to me. He had a necklace on. I guess it's the other half of the necklace. Why is it always the same boy?
"There's nothing to thank me for. Im just glad you listened to me when I said to be careful. Who knows what would've happened. Besides... We're best friends remember? See?" I chuckled as I held up my necklace at his face. He smiled and hugged me.
"I swear I won't ever forget you Dani. You're the best."
"I won't either. Now... Get off of me. You're always so touchy touchy."
"Oh you love it. All the girls do."
He winked at me. i rolled my eyes at him and shoved him.
"Are you okay Scarlett?" I looked up and saw Harry standing by the door. I shoved the necklace in my pocket.
"Dandy. Let's go!" Just as I was about to leave, he stopped me.
"What's wrong? You've been acting strange." He looked straight into my eyes. I never noticed how green they were. I snapped out of it and started to look away. I wanted to tell him about Taylor, but I couldn't. Not yet.i just had to wait. He'd probably take it wrong anyways.
"Just... Please be careful Harry." I side stepped him and went out to Zayn. Harry followed behind me.
"You alright?" Zayn looked at me with worried eyes. I nodded and went back to interlocking arms with him.
I turned back to see Taylor giggling idiotically at Harry. I rolled my eyes and walked off.

During the movie, Taylor would not stop her excessive laughter. Nobody seemed to mind it except for me I guess. Zayn nudged my arm and I knew, he wanted to leave. As we stood up, Harry turned to us.
"Where are you guys going?" Before I could say anything, Zayn spoke.
"We're gonna go have some fun. Tell everyone we'll meet them up at the restaurant." He then held my hand and we walked out.
"What's the real reason you wanted to leave?" I asked smirking.
"Taylor! She wouldn't stop laughing! Like, ' hehe he! Oh ha ha!' I couldn't focus on the movie! Even though I didn't wanna watch it to begin with." I laughed at the facial expressions he made.
"But thats just me. You?" He asked turning to me.
"Same reason actually. I'm surprised I didn't yell at her for not shutting the hell up."
"I was hoping you would though." We both laughed and kept walking.
"So where exactly are we going?" I asked looking around. We were by the parking lot.
"Trust me." He had a smile on, but I could tell he was up to no good.
Once we were at the car, he pulled out a blonde wig, a hat, and sunglasses. He handed me the wig and a pair of sunglasses.
"Put these on." I followed his orders. on top of my wig, I placed my beanie and he placed a hat on his head and his glasses. He then pulled out a mustache and a goatee.
"I expected this sort of thing from Louis." I said as I laughed at his disguise.
"Louis' nonsense rubs of on people. Now, lets go to the fair!" He slammed the car door, locked it, and he dragged me with him.
"The fair?"
Once we got there, I was amazed. So many lights, so much food, the games, more food!
"Let's go!" He pulled me along and we bought tons of tickets. This was going to be fun.

[Harry's POV]
"Damn these two are taking forever! In starving!" Niall would not stop complaining. I don't blame him though, they said they'd be here in 10 minutes.
"I just got a text from Sky! She said they're almost here and that we should just sit down and order our food." Louis looked at us and waited for someone to say something.
"I guess I can order something for Sky. I know her food choices well enough." Said Jocy.
"And I can order for Zayn!" Said Liam raising his hand.
"Great! Lets go!"
After everyone gave the orders to the waiter, things became kind of awkward.
"So... Taylor! What brings you here?" Liam said, finally breaking the silence.
"Well I-"
"AND YOUR SHIRT!!! Oh man..."
We all turned and saw Scarlett and Zayn coming in. Their clothes were a mess; rips, tears, branches, and they were partially wet.
"Well well well... It's about bloody time! What took you guys so long?" Asked Louis as he crossed his arms.
"Let's just say... It isn't smart to corrupt a bunch of Zayn's adoring fans!"
"You think the paps got a clear picture of that?!" Zayn and Scarlett's eyes opened wide before they bursted into laughter.
"Everyone is going to hate me now! Oh my god. I should have never done that." Scarlett said as she slapped her forehead.
"Hello? We're still here you know..." Zayn and Scarlett turned to me then everyone else.
"Oh sorry! We're just so pumped after that! Jocy, can you scoot over so me and Zayn can sit down?"
What was up with them, they were too excited. I decided to find out myself.
"So what exactly did you guys do to corrupt these fans?"
"Yeah, like Harry said. I wanna know!" Said Niall practically jumping off his seat.
Scarlett turned to Zayn and he turned to her. They flashed each other a smirk and finally spoke up.
"We went to a fair."
"You went to a fair and ended up like that?" Said Louis directing his attention to their clothes.
"YOU GUYS KISSED?!" Everyone turned to Eleanor. She had her mouth wide open and was staring at her iPhone.
"What?! Lemme see that babe." Eleanor handed the phone to Louis. His eyes widened and his mouth was forming a grin.
"You sneaky bastards!" Louis said as he slammed his hand on the table.
"Could I see that?" Louis handed me the phone. Sure enough, there it was. Zayn was holding Scarlett by the waist, Scarlett was holding on to his neck. My body started to heat up a bit. I handed Eleanor her phone back and turned to Zayn and Scarlett. They were being questioned by Niall and Jocy.
"I never knew you two had a thing for each other." I said nonchalantly. Scarlett looked at me and tilted her head.
"It was just a joke Harry. We didn't really kiss." She chuckled.
"Or did we?" Said Zayn as he leaned into Scarlett.
"Okay we get it!" Everyone turned to me. I guess that was louder than I thought. I excused myself from the table and went to stand outside. Why was I acting this way? I mean-
"Not now Scar- Taylor?" She was standing besides me with her hand on my shoulder. She smiled at me. I forgot this whole time she was with me.
"Oh my god. I am so sorry Taylor! I was... I don't know... I guess I got a wee bit jealous." I looked down and she placed her hand on my chin as she lifted up my face. I was staring directly into her eyes.
"It's no problem. I'm just glad I got to hang out with you for today."
I couldn't help but lean in to her. Before I knew it, our lips were touching. We started to kiss.
"Harry, man we're sorry if-" Our lips separated and we turned to see Zayn and Scarlett looking at us.
"Oh... Umm... Our bad. We didn't know that-"
"Shit... Zayn! They followed us here!!"
It was the paparazzi.
We all ran inside. We got back to our table and saw our food was already there. We sat back down and warned the others about the paps. We would just have to sneak out I suppose.
I turned to Taylor. She was quietly eating her food and then she glanced at me. She giggled at and continued to eat. I looked over at Scarlett. Zayn and her were talking. I guess they must've felt me watching because they turned to me. No wait... Taylor?
There's something up with everyone. I just needed to find out what though. I looked at my plate and just started to eat while I thought.

[Scarlett's P.O.V]
We all got back to the boys place. Everyone felt a bit awkward, well, except for Niall and Jocy of course, so they all went to bed. Me and Jocy got our own room together so, there was no more rooming in with the guys. The next morning, everyone was all energized again. Harry though, was spaced out, looking outside the window.
"SKYYYY!" I jumped and turned to see it was Lou.
"God Lou! Give me a heart attack why don't cha?" I smiled at him as I walked towards the couch.
"So, what was up with you and Zayn last night, ehh? Got a bit cozy didn't you?"
"No it's not that." We turned to see Zayn hovering over us. He jumped right next to me and placed his arm around me.
"You're getting too comfortable Zayn!" I nudged him and he smiled.
"Well, according to headlines, you're my 'girlfriend' so, you know." I rolled my eyes at him.
"Helloooo? Back to Louis question!" He was pointing at himself.
"She told me everything Lou." Louis turned his attention to me.
"What does he mean by 'everything'?"
Zayn looked around and made sure none of the other guys were listening.
"The Shadows and Guardians thing! And the Taylor thing too. That explained so much mate. I thought she was jealous this whole time!"
"This still doesn't explain why you two came to the restaurant looking like two bums though." He raised his eyebrow and looked at us back and forth.
"Okay! I'll explain." I finally said.
"Spill girlfriend!" He snapped his fingers in my face. I waved them off and started to remember what happened....
"Oh my god... Let's go on the roller coaster!" Zayn turned to me and I just smiled. He was pretty fun to hang with.
"Maybe after our food settles down, don't you think?" I punched his arm jokingly. He smiled at me and turned around.
"Hey Scarlett, have you noticed those guys have been following us the whole time?" I looked in the direction he was facing.
"Zayn.... Follow me." I grabbed his hand and walked in a fast pace.
"Scarlett, what's wrong? Maybe it's just the paparazzi."
"It isn't. Trust me." I started to head into the woods when Zayn stopped me.
"Woah! Where are we going?"
"Zayn just trust me!" I was starting to get worried. I felt as if they were going to find us at any moment.
"Okay, I'm starting to get a feeling that you know those guys. Wait hold on... You got something on your beanie." MY BEANIE!
"Zayn we have to leave now!"
"Not until you tell me what's wrong!" There was no way he was going to budge. I put on my anklets and grabbed Zayn's hand. I wonder if this was the right thing to do. I shook it off and held him tight.
"You're about to find out." I flipped him over and onto my back.
"SKY! Let me down!" My anklets started to work.
"What the.... How are you running so fast?!" Zayn asked.
"My anklets... They have the power to do that... And this..." I jumped up in the air and landed on top of an old shed. I let Zayn get down, and his face was priceless.
"Can you explain what just happened?!"
"That... My friend... Was me attempting to save you from those guys!"
"Who are they?"
"I... I don't know if I should tell you."
"Scarlett! It be easier if you told me than if you kept it a secret. That way I can Maybe be of some help!" He looked at me. His expression was begging me to tell him, and, I gave in.
"Okay! They... They're after me. They want to take me away and hand me over to their boss..." I told him the same things I told Louis; the only things he needed to know.
"So lemme get this straight; right now we're being chased by some 'Guardians' just because you're a 'Shadow'? What is this? A movie? Cause a while ago I just felt like that Bella girl from Twilight when I was on your back." I laughed cause its true. One of the girls on my team made those anklets specifically cause she wanted to feel like she was in Twilight. Weird inspiration, but those things came in handy.
"I just don't know how we're supposed to escape. They recognized me cause of my damn beanie. Now they know I'm a Shadow. You though, I don't think they recognized who you were." I sat down and looked around. The only way we are gonna get out is by going the same way we came back. While Zayn was on his phone, I wondered what we could do to escape.
"I got an idea." Zayn looked at me and smiled. What was he thinking?
"I got tons of help. All we got to do is blend in."
"What are you rambling on about?"
"I trusted you Sky. Now YOU gotta trust ME. Lets head on back." I looked at him and had my doubts... But I guess it was worth a try. I got him on my back again and we went off.
We got to where we were hiding the first time and i took off my anklets. I peaked out to see where the guys were.
"Zayn... What did you do?!" I saw tons of girls. They were al over the place looking around. I even spotted some paps here and there.
"I got help!" He laughed and looked in my direction.
"That's more than enough help actually. C'mon." He held my hand and took me into the crowd. I took off my beanie just to avoid being seen again. I spotted the two guys and they were completely lost in the crowd.
It was actually going fine. Nobody had noticed us yet! Until...
"Hey! Watch where you're going!" I turned to apologize to the person I bumped into. I saw she had a wig in her hand... My wig.
"Oh... My... God... Is that... ZAYN?!!!" Shit. Zayn turned to me and saw my blonde hair was now dark brown hair. He turned to the girl and she was frozen.
"Scarlett..." He looked around and saw some girls starting to turn as well.
"Run..." He let go of my hand and we started to run as fast as we could.
After that comment.. I could've sworn every girl started to run faster, but this time, after me.
"ZAYN! HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO OUTRUN THEM?!" I asked practically running out of breath. God these girls had tons of energy!
"FOLLOW MY LEAD!" He started to zigzag, jumped over logs, went through small spaces, and before you knew it, girls were scattered all over and didn't see us.
We stopped to catch our breath.
"Zayn... That was genius! But so stupid!" I tried to punch his arm, but was too tired.
"Is that him?" I heard a whisper. I got close to Zayn and whispered in his ear.
"I think they're getting closer." He looked behind me and he muttered under his breath.
"Dammit! We're at a dead end."
"Well... Not completely..." I looked behind him. He turned and saw the river.
"Oh no... I am not getting in there!"
"Give me your cellphone. I can transport them to our rooms!" My phone vibrated. It was Louis. I forgot all about them! I told him we would get there in ten minutes then I set a timer to send another text saying they should order for us.
"Okay give me your phone." He handed it to me and it zapped away with mine.
"Where do you keep these gadgets?"
"They're all mostly accessories cause my group is a bunch of girls. They're fashionable, yet, helpful!" I smiled and he just made a small laugh. Once his guard was down, I tackled him and we splashed in the water. We held onto a log and it drifted us away.
"Next time, warn me!" Said Zayn as he spit water out.
"Hey, I knew you wouldn't have budged!"
"Aww my facial hair came off! But I still have my hat..." I started laughing at his comment as we floated downstream.
Once the water was low enough for us to stand on, we got out.
"God I'm soaking wet!"
"Here let me help you with that." I took out my fan and Zayn looked at me weird.
"Umm, that's gonna take a while isn't it?" I laughed sarcastically at him.
"Just watch. Oh and, you better stand by that tree." I pressed the button on the handle. I stepped back and swung it down. A big burst of wind blew out and pushed him back. He was almost dried him up.
"I should've known." He said as he looked at his clothes. I was about to do it once more, until I heard a girl.
"Dammit! We're just gonna have to do with one burst. Zayn, dry me!" I handed him my fan and showed him how to do it.
"This thing is so cool!" I snatched it from him and we ran.
"Is that them?!"
"I think that's Zayn!"
"Oh my god I think that's them!"
Dammit... I didn't know how to lose them.
"I got another idea... But I don't know if you'll like it..." He looked at me and smiled innocently.
"Anything! I could care less now!"
"Okay, come here." He turned and layed back on the tree. He took off his hat and took my beanie instead. He put that on and then pulled my hoodie up.
"Better pucker up!" I was confused. He placed my hands around his neck and pulled me in by the waist. Before I could realize what was going on, he started to kiss me.
"Eww! Talk about PDA."
"Get a room!"
"That's not Zayn."
After we heard then walk away, we stopped.
"Zayn you're a genius once again! But..." I slapped him.
"Ouch!!!" He placed his hand on his cheek.
"But that was stupid... once again." I laughed as he pouted at me. I heard a click.
"What was that?" I got off of him.
Click Click.
"I hear it too..." Then, a flash.
"Shit Scarlett!" It was the paps! how long have they been there. we didnt take a moment to think; we just ran. Luckily, they couldn't catch up cause of their cameras.
"We're almost by the restaurant!" I looked at Zayn and stopped.
"What?" He said. I bursted into laughter.
"You look ridiculous!"
"Hey, I wouldn't talk if I were you!" He looked back at me. Our clothes were a mess!
"Wow, I didn't know it was that bad. You think they'll still let us in?" I asked.
"Don't worry. They don't care. It's not a fancy restaurant anyways. God... Look at your HAIR!" He started to laugh at me.
"YOUR HAIR IS WORSE!" I said out loud.
"AND YOUR SHIRT! Oh man..." It was all torn up.
"Okay! I know what happens next!" Louis said.
"But yeah, that's basically what happened." I put my hands behind my head and looked up as I finished telling the story.
"Hey guys!" Harry, Niall, Liam, and Jocy were walking toward us.
" I just have one more question; is Zayn a good kisser?" Louis wiggled his eyebrows at me and I felt my face turn red.
"LOU!" Zayn said as he threw a pillow at him.
"Sky... Why are you so red?" Jocy asked as she looked at me.
"Nothing..." I buried my head in my hoodie as did Zayn.
"She just doesn't want to tell me if that steamy kiss was a good one."
"LOUIS!" I kicked his knee and he yelped.
"Hey! I'm sorry.." I started to laugh.
Once I felt my face starting to cool down, I popped my head out. I stood up and stretched. I noticed Harry had his eyes glued on to me. He almost looked down.
"I'm still waiting! Or do you want me to read what they're saying online? Hmmm?" He had a sinister smile as he pulled his cellphone out.
"Lou, leave her alone." Said Harry. He seemed a bit off.
"Thank You Harry!" Said Zayn as he stood up.
"Oh Lou. It wasn't even a real kiss." I said calmly.
"So you're saying it wasn't enjoyable?"
"What?" He asked lost.
"Oh my... I never said it wasn't!" My eyes widened. Everyone turned to me. Zayn chuckled.
"Well well..." Louis said as he stood up. He placed his arm around me and then Zayn.
"Guess we're all taken now ain't we? When are you two gonna get to know each other a little better. If you catch my drift!"
"Lou!" Harry said.
"I'm just kidding!" He said as he put his hands up.
"We should get ready. We finally get to practice our dances!" Jocy said excitedly.
"Yeah, good idea Jocy. Lets go!" Said Liam.
I looked over at Zayn and he was looking at Harry. They were starring at each other for a brief second. What's up with Harry? I shook it off and walked along with Jocy to our room.

[Harry's P.O.V]
I looked at Zayn. He looked back. After a second we looked away. I didn't know if he had a thing for Scarlett. I don't know why, but I couldn't help but to feel jealous. Then again, there was Taylor. She had been texting me since I woke up. I shook off the thoughts and went to my room. I closed the door and locked it. I went over to my counter and saw my necklace. How did I not notice it wasn't on? I wore it everywhere I went. I grabbed it and placed it around my neck. As I sat down on my bed, I started to look at it. It was a gold key, small, had the name Dani written on the side.
Dani. How I missed her. I haven't seen her or her family since we were younger. If only she was here, she could give me advice on anything. I let the necklace hand down as I stood up. I changed into my sweats and hoodie followed by my shoes and beanie. I got out and waited for the boys on the couch. Scarlett came and sat by me. I looked at her and she had the same hoodie as me.
"I like your style Styles." She flashed me a small smile.
"Guess fashionable people think alike." I smiled back at her. She just kept staring into my eyes. I chuckled as I looked down.
"Oh! I'm so sorry! I just... I never realized that your eyes are gorgeous." She tilted her head down at me and smiled. She was acting sweet... She never acts this sweet.
I looked up to her and squinted my eyes.
"What are you up to?" I asked.
She started to giggle. It was so cute.
"Nothing." She threw her arms behind her and looked up.
"Think you can handle me?" She said referring to me.
"What do you mean?"
"Dancing! You are my partner remember?" She turned her head to me and wiggled her eyebrows.
"I almost forgot! But yeah... This guy can handle anything!" I said as I pointed to myself.
"You're so lame. Say, I have something-"
"HARRY!" We both got up and looked towards the door. It was Taylor coming in.
"Tay? What are you doing here?" I walked towards her and gave her a hug.
"You told me I could come and watch you guy rehearse remember?" She pulled back and smiled. Her eyes looked behind me. I turned and saw Scarlett; she had her hands behind her head and nodded at her.
"Okay you guys! Lets goooo-Taylor?" It was Louis followed by the rest. They all waved hello to Taylor.
"Uhh not to be rude, but, Taylor; what are you doing here? We're gonna rehearse." Said Zayn.
"Oh, Harry invited me to tag along and watch. And congrats by the way! I didn't know you and Scarlett were going out!" She smiled as she held my hand.
"We're (They're) not." Me and Scarlett said. We looked at each other, but then glanced away.
"Alright then.. Lets go!" Everyone headed out the door and off we went. Once we arrived, we all got with our partners. Scarlett stood next to me.
As we practiced a couple of steps, I noticed Scarlett kept tripping over nothing. After she did it once more, she whipped around and stared at Taylor.
"COULD YOU KNOCK IT OFF?!!?!" Everyone went silent.
"I don't know what you're talking about." Said Taylor as she stood up.
They were walking towards each other and they stopped a foot away from each other.
I couldn't hear exactly what they said, all I heard was; "... Getting involved again."
"Scarlett! Lets take a break." Said Louis as he grabbed her hand.
"Yeah listen to Louis." Said Taylor.
"You're starting to get on my last nerve." Scarlett whipped her hand away from Louis and got closer to Taylor.
"Scarlett!" I ran towards them.
"Stop! Please!" I looked at her and I could tell she was angered.
"Tell your little girlfriend to calm down before I punch her into next week." She said as she looked at Taylor. Girlfriend?
"Honey, calm down. It's fine Harry. She's just a immature teenager, everyone goes through that phase-"
"THAT DOES IT!" She was about to push me away when Jocy came in and got a hold of both her arms. She slammed Scarlett against the wall and scolded her.
"Sky! Calm down! Leave Taylor alone!"
"Jocy! Let me go!"
"Scarlett what's wrong with you?!" I was shocked at what she was about to do to Taylor.
"Harry! You don't unders-"
"I LIKE HER!" I yelled out. Everyone looked at me and became silent. Jocy let go of Scarlett.
"I like her.. So please... Don't fight." Scarlett went silent. She looked at Taylor, then back at me. I walked towards her to apologize for yelling so loud when she order me to stop. She went up to my ear and whispered to me.
"Be careful. I don't trust her one bit."
She backed away and walked off stage.
I sat down and buried my face in my hands. I felt so guilty.
"Harry?" Taylor sat next to me.
"Thank you... For standing up for me."
"It's fine." She smiled.
"So... You like me?"
I forgot I had said that.
"Yeah... I guess I do." I rubbed the back of my head and looked at her.
"So... Would you like to go on a date with me?" She asked shyly. I smiled at her.
"Of course." I gave her a hug.
Once everything had settled, Scarlett came back out with Jocy, Louis, and Zayn behind her. She walked towards me.
"Me and Zayn's partner are switching. I'm gonna practice with Zayn, but the teacher said I had to be your partner for the actual concerts." She was looking to her side the whole time, not making any eye contact.
"Why? I don't get it. We-"
"Just do it please?" She turned to me and her eyes were glassy. I decided to stop arguing and agreed.
What was she hiding? What does she have against Taylor? Dammit Scarlett...


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