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Shadow's Target

Chapter 3, Part 2: Be Careful... Harry.

[Harry's P.O.V]
I heard laughter. I didn't want to open my eyes, so I hugged my teddy a little tighter. It smelled good.
"Take... Picture... Cute!" I didn't understand. Who was talking? Why does it sound close. I snuggled a little more to my teddy... Then I realized... I don't have a teddy. My eyes shot open and I saw I was laying with Scarlett.
"So Harry, what happened between you two last night?" I turned to see a smiling Louis standing over me along with the others taking pictures.
"Adam, you're hugging me too tight... Scoot over."
"Who's Adam?" I asked confused. Scarlett slowly got up and sat on the side of the bed. She then stretch, but stopped midway and quickly turned to us.
"What The?!?" She fell back when she saw everyone. When she stood up, she looked at me with a deadly glare.
"Now hold on! This is MY bed Scarlett. I'm the innocent one here." I placed my hands behind my head and laid back in bed.
"You're dead Styles." I quickly got out of bed and ran as Scarlett chased me.
"Harry!!! Get over here Darling!"

Once everything was settled down, everyone started laughing at Scarlett and I while we all ate breakfast.
"You two are absolutely adorable!" Said Zayn as he showed me a picture.
"I'm tweeting this. Imagine the headlines! Harry and Mystery Girl! One Night Stand, Or Something Else?" Said Louis as he wiggled his eyebrows.
"You're dead if you do." Me and Scarlett said simultaneously. Louis dropped his phone and put his hands up in the air.
"How DID you end up in Harry's bed anyways Scarlett?" Asked Jocy as she giggled.
"Yeah. Pretty strange ain't it pal? Not as strange as waking up covered in whip cream and marker on my face though!" Said Niall as he slapped my back with a forced smile.
"I was just trying to get Jocy , Niall. But since you were there... I couldn't resist! You're too cute! The boys just got dragged into it." Confessed Scarlett with a smile.
"You guys are evil!" Pouted Niall.
"Back to my question!" Said Jocy as she pointed to herself.
"Where you sleep walking again? She used to do that when she was nervous. Sometimes she ended up on my floor while she hugged a shoe. She hasn't done it in a while though."
"Jocy! That's personal!" Scarlett blushed as she looked down and fidgeted with her food.
"By the way, when I woke up, you called me Adam? Who is he?" I added with a straight face.
"Scarlett's little dancer boy." Said Jocy as she took a bite of her eggs.
"It's nobody... Just an old friend." She looked pretty sad at the mention of him. I decided to not ask any further questions after that.
"Well, if you guys are done, we better get ready for today!" Said Liam as he stood up. We all agreed and got ready.

We arrived at the studio where we held the auditions and went over a few things. We planned things out and the dancers got their partners. We got to know each other, went out to eat, fought with Scarlett. That's basically how it went the whole week until it was time to head back to London.
"Okayyy... This must be my seat." I looked at the number and sat down.
By me sat a blonde with long curly hair. She looked familiar.
"You're Harry Styles!" When she turned to me, I realized it was none other than Taylor Swift.
"And you're Taylor!" I sad as I leaned in for a hug.
"What are you doing heading out to London?" I asked.
"Charity work you know. I love making people smile." She seemed sincere and sweet.
"Hey Harry! Mind calling Louis, he's right-" Scarlett was sitting right in front of me and had looked back. Once her eyes landed on Taylor, she had a scared look on her.
"Hey there! And who are you? Friend of Harry's?" Scarlett looked at me, then back at her. She flashed her the forced smile she does, and shook her head.
"Yeah... Totally... Can you call Louis now Harry? It's kinda important."
Her eyes moved from Taylor to me. What was wrong with her? Is she jealous? This was pure gold!
"Yeah hold on." I smiled and called Louis. The two went and sat on the opposite side of the plane with Jocy and they all looked at me and Taylor.
"Is she your girlfriend?" Taylor asked.
"Nah. She's our new dancer."
"She looks jealous doesn't she?" She asked with a small chuckle.
"She's a weird one, that's all." She turned back to me and we kept on talking.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I dragged Lou and Jocy to the opposite side of the plane and we sat down. I couldn't help but keep looking at Harry and Taylor. I couldn't believe it.
"You know, they probably think you're a weird one for starring. What's wrong Sky? Is that... Wait... Jealousy I'm sensing?" Louis asked as he laughed.
Jocy looked at the direction we were looking and she gasped. Yeah Jocy, better believe it. She's here.
"Uhhh okay? Why did you just gasp? Did I miss any action?"
"Scarlett, is that..."
"Yeah. It's Taylor alright. And she's part of it."
"Okay I am officially lost. What's wrong with her? I've heard she's a swell lady." Louis said trying to get us to answer some questions.
"She's the one who made everything all apart. And to make it worse... She's a Guardian." Jocy said finally. I kept my eyes glues to Taylor. She disgusted me. And to think I was a fan...
"Wait... Adam? The name you accidentally called Harry? Okay I'm getting a feeling that Adam wasn't just a friend. Spill the details girl!" He said as he snapped his fingers. I laughed at this, but then got serious.
"Back when we were shooting the movie, me and Adam had a thing going on. We were getting close and I was starting to develop feelings. We acted like a couple, but we didn't really know what we were. We liked it that way though. That boy was my closest friend at the time and he even introduced me to Jocy. One day though, Taylor came along to see a friend of hers who was in the movie as well. She started to flirt with him and eventually, me and Adam were no longer friends."
"What? Why?" Louis looked at me shocked.
"Taylor told him some stuff about me and... He never heard my side of the story." I began to tear up a bit, but held it in. I continued on with the story.
"After the movie was released and we were at the after party, I found out from someone that she was talking on the phone with a man saying 'She had proven herself to be the Guardian'. She didn't know what it meant, but I sure did. She only broke us apart to be part of those Guardians."
I punched the seat in front of me and I just wanted to scream. Harry looked at us and almost seemed... Amused? Oh no...
"Thinks you're jealous! That is priceless!" Said Lou as he rubbed his chin. Oh damn.

Once our plane had landed, we started to head on out. The guys, Jocy, and I went to a limo that was waiting for us while the other dancers were waiting for rides to their hotels.
I went with Zayn and Liam to get out luggage and spotted Harry talking to Taylor. She pulled out her cellphone and started to type something. He must've given her his number.
"Hey Scarlett?" Zayn said as he tapped my shoulder. I turned and I must've had a face on since he backed off a little.
"Are you okay Sky? You seem a bit off." Said Liam as he got some of our luggage.
"Just stuff... Girl stuff." I said as I placed my arms behind my head.
"Does it have to do with that?" Zayn pointed to Harry.
"More like the person next to him."
"Harry is like that. He'll probably be over her once she gives in. Don't mind her. She's probably just a one time thing." Said Liam as he rolled his eyes.
"Or one night thing." Said Zayn as he nudged me.
"You guys are so sweet." I said sarcastically as I smiled at them.

Once we were in the limo and away from the paparazzi, Harry decided to sit next to me.
"So what do you think of Taylor." He had a cheeky smile. I looked at him and then looked down.
"Just be careful Harry." I placed my headphones on and played my music.

[Harry's P.O.V]
Scarlett turned on her music. She scooted closer to Louis and laid her head on his lap. Is she really that jealous?
The guys looked at me for a brief second and then continued on with their business. That was strange.

Once we finally arrived at our place, everyone, well not including Niall and Jocy, seemed a bit off.
"So... You lads want to do something today?" I asked. They all turned to me and shrugged. Scarlett hasn't looked at me since I asked her about Taylor.
"Why don't we go watch a movie?" Asked Niall. He was all too happy I. Jocy Paradise.
"Sure, I could ask Eleanor once she gets close by."
"And the same for me, I'll ask Danielle." Said Liam.
My phone then rang and it was Taylor asking if I was busy tonight. I decided to invite her.
"I guess I'm taking Taylor." I said half smiling. Zayn, Louis, and Liam turned to Sarlett. She was just looking at me... Then... She chuckled.
"Zayn, wanna be my date?" She got on one knee as she asked him.
"Oh! I thought you'd never ask!" He put his hand in hers and fluttered his eyes, then they bursted in laughter.
"We'll get ready then! Common Scarlett!"
"Can't I just go in sweats?"
"You gotta look gorgeous if you wanna top me!" Yelled out Zayn.
"Oh shush!" She turned to him then glanced at me. Her eyes seemed full of disappointment. I decided I would talk to her after they were ready.

As we waited for the girls, since Eleanor and Danielle had came a while ago they were taking forever, I placed my beanie on and sat on the couch next to Louis.
"Hey Lou? Do you know what's up with Scarlett?" He looked at me nervously.
"Uhh... Girl things you know. I wouldn't know. They're complicated... oh look the girls!" He pointed.
They all came out wearing heels, tribal looking leggings, and a nice shirt with their hair curled.
"Well don't you girls look lovely!" Liam said as he leaned into Danielle for a kiss.
"Say, where's my date?" Said Zayn.
"Right here!" Out came Scarlett wearing jeans, a sweater, and vans. her hair was curled and she had a white beanie.
"Sky! Why'd you change? You looked gorgeous!" Said Eleanor.
"She's like that. She only dresses when she thinks its necessary." Said Jocy as she shoved Scarlett.
"Well at least you're comfortable." Said Zayn as he approached her.
"Thank You!" He interlocked arms with her and headed out the door.. only to stop in front of it.
"Hey! Where's Harry?" It was Taylor.
The two stepped aside and Scarlett had that look on her face.
"Hey Taylor! We were about to head out!" She looked all dressed up I. A nice dress with her hair pulled up and her country boots.
"Can we get going? Movie starts in a bit!" Said Niall as he motioned towards the door.
"Sure! Let me just get my phone! I think I forgot it." Scarlett ran to the bathroom and I decided to follow.
"Umm Harry?"
"Just wait a second!"
I stepped in the bathroom and saw Scarlett looking at her necklace. Before I could get a good loom at it, she saw me and shoved it in her pocket.
"Are you okay Scarlett?"
"Dandy. Let's go!" She was about to push her way through me but I stopped her.
"What's wrong? You've been acting strange." I looked into her eyes and she started to look away.
"Just... Please be careful Harry."
She then side stepped me and left.


I wanted to write so much more but thought I'd leave it at that cx Enjoy ^-^ I appreciate comments and any new viewers or subscribers :3


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
@Your average weirdo
it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

but I love it too!!
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it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: