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Shadow's Target

Chapter 3 Part 1: We Trust You Louis

[Harry's POV]
"Welcome to our flat ladies!" I said as I opened the door with my arms spread open.
"Wow, nice place you got here." Said Scarlett with a yawn. She rubbed her eyes as she looked for a place to sit down. She saw a bean bag and threw herself on it. I laughed a bit at the sight.
"Umm, can you guys show me where the bathroom is?" Asked Jocy.
"Oh sure, it's the second door down that hall." Pointed Liam.
"Thanks!" She yelled as she ran.
Once she was out of sight, we all turned to Niall and started making kissy face.
"Niall and Jocy sitting on a tree!" Said Louis mockingly.
"Stop it you guys!" He said with a small smile.
"So Niall, you and Jocy... When are you gonna make a move on her pal?" I asked with a wink.
"I'm still here you know..." We all turned and faced Scarlett who was upside down on the bean bag.
"Oh Scarlett, we were just kidding! Now scoot over. I'm gonna sit with you."
"Louis you better not!"
Louis went running towards her and she did the strangest thing. Her eyes widened, she placed her hands behind her ears and pushed herself up and over Louis as she spun around while still in the air. She landed perfectly then bent down and looked at Louis. He had landed face down on the bean bag.
"Ouch." He muttered.
"I warned you Lou!" She said.
"How'd you do that?!" Asked Zayn still in amazement.
"Yeah! You have some serious skills!" Added Liam.
She turned at us and stood up. She looked back at Louis and lifted him up.
"Practice I guess." Her voice sounded almost bored as if it was nothing.
"You think you're pretty good don't you Scarlett?" I looked at her with my arms crossed and an eyebrow raised.
"Harry! Shush!" Said Niall.
"She could probably beat the crap out of you if you don't watch it!"
"Oh please!" I said as I approached her. She turned to me, placed her hands behind her head and had a devious look.
"What's up Styles?" She said coolly. I was about two feet away from her. I smiled and decided I should tackle her and carry her away to the couch. I placed my hands to the sides and smiled at her. She placed her hands down, put on some gloves and looked at me suspiciously. Before she could say anything, I went after her. She crouched down and had pushed herself up into the air and did a split or something.
"What was that?" I asked surprised at how high she jumped.
"It's called a toe touch, Curly."
"SCARLETT!" It was Jocy. Scarlett turned pale.
"Ehhh! I didn't do anything!" She spun around and lost her balance causing her to fall back and on me. The pain was unbearable...
"Ouch! Sorry Harry..." She said as she rubbed her head.
"Yeah... Umm... Could you please... Take your hand... Off... My-"
"OH MY GOD!" She immediately lifted her hand up and started to apologize. I just laid in a fetal position as I covered my area.
"Jocy! I blame you!"
"Well, I saw what you did." She crossed her arms and turned her head to me.
"Whhaaaa? He had it coming Jocy!"
Jocy pulled her to the corner and she was lecturing her about something. Scarlett just waved it off. Jocy then took her gloves and walked to her luggage to put them away.
Well that was weird, I thought.
"Okaayyy.... How about we show you girls the rooms!" Said Zayn as he placed his arm around Scarlett.
"Sure! Thanks again for this you guys. We didn't mean to be a bother." Scarlett said as she rubbed the back of her head.
"No bother at all! We can get to know each other better!" I said as I made my way to her and placed my arm around her as well.
"So are you gonna stay with us as well when we head to London in a week?"
Scarlett looked at me confused.
"Yeah. We're going to go back there to rehearse and record a couple things. It said so on the flyer."
She locked her gaze on Jocy who was pretending to distract herself.
"Jocy... Can I talk to you?"
What's up with them?

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
I had dragged a Jocy into a room and closed the door. I flipped the lights on.
"London Jocy? LONDON!?"
"I told you but you didn't listen!" She said with her hands up.
"When?" I asked still furious.
"The beach! When you were 'listening' to me." She did air quotes around the word listening. I placed my finger on my lips and thought for a second. I shook my head and kept talking.
"Oh dammit! I didn't know! You know what happened in London last time we went!"
"Scarlett that wasn't your fault!"
"But the Guardians Jocy! The Guardians! There’s tons of them there and I don’t know what might happen!”
“What in the world is a Guardian?”
Me and Jocy turned around and saw Louis looking at us with a confused look. Dammit! How did we not hear him here?
“Lou! What… what are you doing in here?” I asked a little too nervously.
“Well this is my room… I was just putting on a different shirt when you two barged in rambling about these Guardians in London! You two are quite strange girls.” He laughed and came walking towards us.
“So? Who are they?” He had his hands on his waist and looked at us back and forth waiting for an answer. Dammit all.
“Okay Louis… We’ll tell you if you promise not to mention this whole thing to the boys. Please?” I pouted and rocked back and forth on my tippy toes.
“Fine, fine! Only cause you’re so dang adorable.”
“Okay so basically…. These Guardians don’t particularly like us…” I started off. We talked about our rivalry, the gadgets, how we needed to avoid them so they couldn't harm us.

After what seemed like forever, we finally finished up telling Lou the story… Well… Only the things he needed to hear.
“Wow… That is impressive! So you two are like wanted fugitives of theirs or something? But why?” I didn’t know how to answer this, but, luckily, Harry came bursting in.
“HELLOOOO? You two are taking….” He turned and saw Louis sitting down and turned to us. Uh-Oh.
“Where you guys having a little moment here?” Before I could make up an excuse, Louis shot up and spoke.
“These two girls were just showing me some dance moves! That’s all!” Thank you Lou!
“Oh really? What kind of dance?” There was no doubt he was suspicious.
“THE TANGO!” Said Jocy as she did a quick move on the spot. Fuck. Tango? Really?
“Tango? So, you were teaching Louis how to dance… The Tango?” I then remembered something… I turned to Harry and decided to ‘prove’ it.
“Yeah! Don’t you believe us Harry? We can even show you a few moves that Louis learned.” I said confidentially. Louis turned to me and forced a smile.
“Yeah… We sure can.” Still with that forced smile.
“Alright then… Yeah. I’ll go turn on some tango music!” He exited the room with a fake flower in his mouth and pretended he was dancing with a partner.
“SCARLETT! I don’t know how to dance TANGO!” Lou turned to me and whined.
“Jocy get the mocking straps.” Jocy smiled.
“Oh you’re a clever one Sky!” She rushed out the door and I turned to Louis.
“Remember how I mentioned how we use gadgets?” Louis looked at me confused.
“Uh yeah but I don’t see where you’re going with this…”
“Got them! Louis, put these suspenders on!” She handed them to Louis and he did as she said. She then gave me some and I hid them with my shirt.
“So how are these going to help me achieve my goal Miss?” He said in a deep voice as he placed his hands in the suspenders.
“Well Sir, those suspenders will make you do every move that Jocy does since she’s wearing the belt that sends the waves that control…” He looked lost.
“Basically, you’ll do everything Jocy does and she will see a hologram version of me so she knows what she’s doing.” He then broke into a smile.
“That is genius! Well done!” Just then, the music came on and Harry yelled for us to come out.
“Ready Miss Sky?”
“Absolutely Tomlinson!”
We marched out and the boys started to clap.
“Where’s Jocy?” Asked Niall.
“Uhh… Her mother called and she’s with her right now so she might take a while.” Niall nodded and took a seat. I am smooth.
“Alright! Show us the dance!” Commanded Zayn as he flopped on a seat.
I looked at Louis and he looked skeptical.
“Trust me. This will work!” I said in a whisper. He nodded and bowed for my hand. Oh Lou. I placed my hand in his and he spun me to him and held me… Well… Jocy technically.
“What in the world?!” Whispered Louis in amazement.
“Could you play… Bust Your Windows, Harry?” I asked sweetly.
“Oh of course love.” He winked. Always winking…

[Harry’s P.O.V.]
Louis can’t tango, so, this should be interesting to watch. I looked up the song and pressed play. Louis was on one side of the room and Scarlett on the other. They slowly approached each other and held hands. They stepped back, looked side to side, hell! Louis even spun her in the air like a professional. When they finished, nobody knew how to react.
“Hey you guys! Sorry I took a while!” Jocy said as she came out of Louis room.
“So watcha think guys? I got some pretty fancy moves now don’t I?” Said Louis as he spun Scarlett around.
“Yeah that was pretty impressive. But, that dance looked kind of familiar…” Said Zayn. He was right, I saw that somewhere as well.
“Well, to be honest… We were extras in a movie. That was one of the dances. Step Up 3. It was pretty fun.”
“And so was the guy who played Moose… Aren’t I right Skyyyy?”
“Watch it Jocy…” Scarlett glared at Jocy who was giggling like an idiot. Who’s this ‘Moose’?
“Well, we should all head off to bed soon! Got a busy day tomorrow.” Said Liam.
“Can we eat first?” Said Scarlett, Jocy and Niall simultaneously. They looked at one another and laughed. Scarlett turned and started to walk towards me. She rubbed the back of her head and smiled.
“Say Harry… Can I ask you something?”
“Uh sure!”
"Where’s the room? I kinda want to change clothes."
"Follow me! Hey Zayn! Mind bringing Scarlett's bag?" He nodded and went for it. I took Scarlett's hand, surprisingly she didn't say anything, and led her to my room.
"Welcome!" I let her go through and she flopped on my bed. She looked around and spotted my iPod.
"You mind?" She asked referring to it.
"Go ahead." I sat right next to her.
"You like all these artists?" She asked in disbelief.
"Yeah, why? Doesn't suit your taste in music? May e you'd like One Direction. That Harry boy is quite talented!"
"Ha ha Harry. No, I Love all music. But yours... I gotta say, I'm impressed. Looks like your not all that bad." I laughed and she smiled. Her eyes were so beautiful. I could get lost in them for hours. Just the intensity of the color and the sparkle made me smile.
"So where do I-" I snapped out of it and saw Zayn starring at me with a smile that meant 'Making your move'. I threw a pillow at him and turned to Scarlett.
"Okay so I'll leave you to it then!"
"Huh? Oh right! Thanks Zayn! And... Styles..." I shook my head and walked out as I closed the door behind me.

After we all ate, we decided to go to bed.
"So which is my bed?" She said turning to Zayn.
"That one there is mine. The one you were sitting on is Harry's, and the one next to Harry is yours!"
"Next to Curly?" She looked at me with her eyebrows raised. I looked back and wiggled mine.
"Don't get any ideas Harry."
"Oh don't you worry. I wouldn't with Zayn in here."
"Say... Is Jocy Sleeping in Niall's room?" She asked me.
"Yeah I suppose... but wait..."
"There's only one bed in his room..."
Me and Zayn looked at each other and started to make love faces.
"You two are so weird... But back to that one bed thing... You guys wanna try something with me?" She walked toward her luggage and pulled out... sunglasses? She turned off the lights and use her phone as a source of light.
"What are we gonna do with sunglasses?" I took a pair from her as did Zayn.
"These glasses can see through things..." I looked at her with a flirtatious smile.
"I mean Things like walls and doors!!! Not like that you cheeky bastard." She punched me and then placed her glasses on. We followed. Everything was pitch black until Scarlett pressed something on the side.
"Woah! This is neat!" Said Zayn. It really was. I could see in the dark! I could definitely use these.
"Hold on, I have to press on more-"
Before we knew it, we were seeing through to Louis bedroom where he was cuddled up with Eleanor and fast asleep.
"Jocy! Where did you get these?!" I was still in shock.
"I have t sources. Now... Where's Niall's room?"
I led the way until we were standing outside his door.
Inside was Jocy and Niall talking and laughing. Both were sitting Indian style. After about 10 minutes, they were fast asleep. Niall on the couch, and Jocy on his bed, thats when Scarlett went in for the kill.
Let me just say... Scarlett is a master at pranking. She was smooth and quick, made no noise, and even got pictures.
"Zayn! Take a picture with me! Harry, can you take it?" I took the phone from her hand and she leaned into the sleeping jocy then Niall making a funny face. Zayn did the same.
"Got it!" I handed her the phone. She smiled then looked at Zayn.
"Mind taking one of me and Harry?"
"Oh so now you want a picture?" I walked towards her and nudged her.
"Memories Harry, sometimes it's nice to have something to help you remember your past." She seemed kind of sad when she said this, but, shook it off and we posed.
We went to our room and those two knocked out. Scarlett was like one of the boys, she was fun and I loved that. I turned to her and noticed she was shivering a bit. I placed another blanket on her and she cuddled right in. I think this really could be the start of a beautiful friendship. I laid in my bed and fell asleep.


Yusshhh ~(^-^)~ I know this one seems kinda sloppy, but I have so many ideas on what to write cx lol. Enjoy ^-^


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
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Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

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