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Shadow's Target

Chapter 2: Moving In With The Boys

As me and Jocy walked into our hotel room after the audition, we found our room trashed. We walked around and found clothes scattered, our laptops broken, and everything was open or on the floor.
I looked around for 10 minutes in pure disbelief. I can't wait to get my hands on the person who did this.
"Hey Scarlett! Look!"
I turned to see Jocy holding up a note. I quickly walked towards her and snatched it furiously. As I opened it up, it read;
"Hey there girls. We knew you were in town, so, we decided to stop by and you weren't here! Oh what a shame... This was just a little warning to remind you not to cause any trouble.
Love Always,
The Guardians.
P.S. we've got our eyes on you two
I was furious. I shredded the note to pieces and walked towards the couch to sit down. How did they find out?!
"Scarlett, calm down. I don't think they know exactly what we're here for anyways."
"Jocy, they TRASHED our PLACE. Where are we supposed to go now? The boss didn't give us another location to go too if this happened!"
I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs. Luckily they didn't find our gadgets or the boss would surely be mad.
"That's true, and you have a point. BUT..." I looked up and she was smiling as she pulled out her cellphone.
"But what?" I was honestly confused at this point.
"Guess who has one of the boys numbeeerrrr?" She said as she shook her phone.
I stood up from my seat and looked over her shoulder.
"No way..." She had Niall's number! My jaw dropped as I turned to face Jocy. I closed my mouth and clapped. Jocy just laughed.
"You sneaky girl. When did you get it!?"
"Remember when I went back for our sweaters?"
I shook my head as I recalled this.
"Well, I bumped into Niall since he came back for his phone that he left it on his seat. He said hi, congratulated me again, complimented me, and then he asked if I would like to get something sometime. And since we're supposed to get close to these boys, I thought I should accept and we exchanged numbers." She smiled proudly at what she had done as she looked at me.
"Like I said... What would I do without you?!" I hugged her tightly and spun her around happily.
‚Äč"Scarlett... I can't breathe..."
"Oh.. sorry. So text him! What are you waiting for?"
"I texted him the moment I saw the place wrecked."
Again, I was impressed.
"You're always 2 steps ahead aren't you Jocy?"
I smiled at her and relaxed. Guess we weren't in trouble after all. We could even use this to tell the boss it's part of the plan! How I loved Jocy.
"Umm Scarlett?"
I looked over at Jocy and she had a smile that ment she needed something.
"He answered back!" She smiled awkwardly. What happened?
"Andddd? What did he say?"
"Well, I told him if I could take him up to the offer today and said I needed to ask him something. And well... He said yes!"
"That's great! So why do you look so skittish?"
"You see... He said his friends saw what he was texting me and... Well... Harry wants to come along..."
"Aww he must be shy." I smiled as I poked her. I was about to walk towards the bathroom when she stopped me.
"Wait! I'm not done. Harry wants to come along... And he asked that I bring you along..."
My eye twitched. Lou was right; watch out for Harry.

[Harry's P.O.V.]
God I was tired. I flopped on the couch next to Niall and turned on the tv.
"She texted me!" Said Niall as he stood up bouncing up and down. What was he talking about?
I looked over to the boys and we all looked at each other without a clue as to what he was talking about. I glanced toward Louis and gave him a devious smile. He got the hint.
I turned to Niall and he was still smiling idiotically at his phone. I turned back and Louis came behind him. He nodded his head at me. I turned back to Niall and pounced at him. He instantly fell to the floor and Louis came up as he snatched his phone.
"Hey!!! Give it back!!"
"Well well well... Looks like Niall has a date tonight.. With..." As he looked at the contacts name, his eyes widened and he shot a surprised face at Niall. Who was it?
"JOCY?!? When did you get her number you Irish devil."
"That's none of your business. Now can I pleeeaassee have it back?" He made a puppy face. I looked at Louis. He was about to hand it over when I snatched it.
"Harry! What are you doing?!" Niall asked.
"I'll give you the phone back... If... You get Jocy to bring Scarlett along." I smiled innocently at him as I waved the phone.
"Deal." Well that was easier than I thought. I handed back his phone and he immediately checked for a reply.
"Why so fast at saying yea?" Asked Zayn. Niall looked up.
"I kinda didn't want to go all alone to be honest." He said as he rubbed the back of his head.
"Aww Niall!" Louis said as he went in for a hug.
"Oh she answered!" Louis let go of him as Niall read the response. He bursted out laughing.
"What's so funny?" I asked.
"Read for yourself." He handed me the phone and I read the text.
"From: Jocy D.
I asked and she said yes! But she wants you to pass this message down to Harry though...

Tell that cheeky bastard to keep his hands off of me if he knows what's good for him. Tell Louis I said hi by the way c:
I smiled. Oh she's a clever one.
I responded bak with;
"To Scarlett:
Alright love. I'll keep my distance. You on the other hand, are free to do as you wish

I smiled proudly at my response as I pressed send and handed the phone back to Niall.
"Hey Harry, want Scarlett's number?" Said Niall. I walked towards him and I guess, Jocy gave him the number so he can give it to me. I was going to have tons of fun.
I sent her a text saying;
"To: Scarlett D.
Just don't attack me with your flips and kicks...

"From: Scarlett D.
But I thought you said I was free to do as I wish Styles? Better watch what you say next time... I may take you seriously...
How'd you get my number anyways?

"To: Scarlett D.
Haha I'll remember that next time I say something. And Jocy gave it to Niall who gave it to me. Made your day didn't I?

"From: Scarlett D.
She's dead meat...
Ha ha. The complete opposite is more like it. Get ready Styles...

I laughed. Oh she was feisty alright. I placed my phone in my pocket and headed to the bathroom to get ready.

[Scarlett's P.O.V.]
"Jocy.... You're dead."
"I just had too!" She said amused.
"Hey, can you ask Niall if he can give me Lou's number?"
"Uhh... For what?" She asked suspiciously.
"Oh just do it." I said as I shoved her. Once he replied back, I wrote the number down and sent Louis a text.

"To: Lou
Hey, it's Sky! Mind crashing our little... uhh... "Date" I guess...
Bring the others along.
Please and thank you! xoxo

"From: Lou
Hello there love! I don't think Harry would like that... So yeah, I'll go! I'll tell the others. What's the matter? Don't want to be alone with the amazing Harry Styles? Hmmm?

"To: Lou
Thank You!!! I owe you one. And well, he said I was free to do as I wish... So... I'm bringing you guys along. I'm just doing as he says c; haha. Plus, me and Jocy need to talk to all of you.

"From: Lou
Ohh you're a tricky one. I like it! Harry is going to flip on you! Haha. Alright love, I'll see you there!

I closed my phone and laughed. I liked Louis, he was funny.
"I found the perfect outfit!" Exclaimed Jocy from the bathroom.
"Well let me see lovebird!"
"Uhh... I don't know how to open this door..."
I started cracking up as I heard Jocy trying to figure out how to open it.
"I'll just send you a picture!"
I felt my phone vibrate and opened it up.

"From: Jocy
Pretty ain't it? What are you gonna wear?"

"To: Jocy
That I guess.

"Hey, can you get me out now?" I heard her say.
I laughed and got up to help her. This night should be interesting.

[Harry P.O.V]
As we got to the girls hotel around 3, unnoticed by the paps, Niall stopped.
"What's wrong?"
"I'm kinda nervous. What if she doesn't like me?" He asked nervously.
"Who wouldn't like you? You're too damn sweet." I smiled. He looked up and smiled back. I noticed him looked behind me as his lips formed the word wow.
I was confused, until, I turned around. Wow indeed. Out came Jocy looking stunning. I turned to Niall and winked. She came up to him and they interlocked arms. Aww Niall.
"Are you just gonna stand there Harry, or are we gonna go?"
I turned to my right and saw Scarlett. She looked amazing.
"You clean up pretty good Scarlett."
"Wish I could say the same for you Styles..." She said jokingly... I think...
She placed her hands behind her head and walked into the car. I followed her lead.
Once we arrived at the restaurant, we got seated and Jocy and Niall started to chat. I looked at Scarlett who was looking left and right for something.
"Is something the matter?" I asked. She snapped out of it and looked at me. Her eyes were gorgeous.
"Umm nothing... I was just uhh"
I turned around and saw Louis along with Zayn and Liam coming towards us.
"You guys made it!" Said Scarlett all too happy. She hugged them each and told them to take a seat. So that's who she was looking for.
"You're a sneaky one, you know that Scarlett?" I said impressed.
"I try." She said with a smile.
"So why did you want us all to come?" Asked Liam.
"Isn't it obvious? She was too shy to be alone talking to Harry." Said Zayn.
"Niall and Jocy are right there though..." Said Louis as he gestured to them. We all turned and saw they were in their own little world.
"Alright, I just wanted you all to come because I wanted to ask you guys a big favor.." We turned to Scarlett and before se could say what, she was interrupted.
"We'll do it!" Said Niall standing up from his seat.
"Do what?" I asked.
"These ladies need a place to stay for a few nights since their place was trashed. We can do that can't we?" Asked Niall excited.
"I don't see why not. We can get to know you girls better!" Said Liam.
"And you can show us some of your moves too!" Added Zayn.
"Oh Scarlett! Me and you will become best friends!" Said Louis.
They turned to me waiting for an answer.
"I don't mind... But... I have one condition... Scarlett shares the room with me." Scarlett turned to me and raised her eyebrows.
"Don't worry, I share the room with him since Louis has his girl with him in his room." Said Zayn.
"Will you protect me from him?" Asked Scarlett.
"Haha. Of course I will!" Said Zayn.
"Then it's settled. You guys will move in with us!" Said Niall all too happy.
"Let's go get your stuff right now!"
"But our food hasn't arrived..." Said Jocy with a giggle.
"Oh... Right." Said Niall as he sat back down.
We all laughed and the I turned to Scarlett. She was talking to Louis when I noticed her necklace. Why does it look so familiar?

After we finished our meal and arrived at the girls hotel, we went up to their room. Once Scarlett opened the door, we all gasped as we stepped inside.
"Who did this?" I asked a bit ticked off.
"Ahh uhh.. We don't know yet. But it's fine. They didn't take anything." Said Scarlett with a stutter. I was a bit suspicious but let it go.
We all helped take their stuff in the car and headed to where we were staying.
"How excited are you to wake up to this pretty face?" I asked Scarlett sarcastically.
"Over joyed! I'm practically dying of happiness!" She sarcastically said.
"Glad to hear. By the way... Guess who's your Dane partner for our whole tour?" I said while I shimmied.
She face palmed herself and turned to me.
"Guess I gotta start getting along with you huh?" She said with a chuckle.
"That's the spirit!" I said as I hugged her tightly.
"Oh god... You're squeezing me too tight!" She said as she elbowed me.
"Oww! Rude!" I put on a puppy face.
"Aww! Suck it up buttercup!" She said as she punched my arm.
"You can already tell this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Said Louis as he laughed.
This girl was going to be a handful.


Second Chapter ^-^ So excited cx I will probably have to fix this story later on today though. Just going to make some parts bold and some italic since my iPod wont do it (/-\) Besides that, enjoy!cx


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
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it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

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