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Shadow's Target

Chapter 1, Part 2: Time To Impress

Once we finally got to our hotel room, I flopped on the bed and groaned. Why do we have to do this? Boy's can be so conceited, especially when they know they can get any girl they want. I flipped over and looked at the ceiling wondering if this plan would work. All I have to do is stick to the plan, keep the targets close, and make no emotional ties to these boys. Sounds easy enough. I dragged my body off the bed and tried looking for Jocy but this room was huge. It even had.... a balcony! I went rushing towards it, slid the doors open, and took in the fresh air.
"Nice isn't it?" I immediately turned around in an attack position only to find out it was just Jocy. I let my arms down and looked at her scared face.
"Jeeze! Always ready to attack aren't you? Gotta calm down Scarlett!" She said in a nervous laugh.
"God you scared me for a second Jocy. I didn't know you'd be out here." I said turning towards the beautiful view.
We got a room right by the water. The sand was white, the ocean was blue, and people were out there having fun. After a moment, Jocy asked me; "Want to go in?"
We looked at one another enthusiastically and ran fighting to get in the bathroom to change. She beat me to it so I changed in the room.
A couple minutes later, we were outside and found a nice spot to lay our blankets. God this sand felt good on my feet. When I looked to find Jocy, she had already ran into the water. She's so silly. I ran right behind her and got in. The water felt amazing.
After a bit of joking and a couple of laps in the water, we got out and layed on our towels.
"Hey Jocy?" I said.
"Hmm? What's up?" She said while getting into an indian position and placing her sunglasses on her blonde hair. I got up as well and sat as she did.
"What do you know about this band we're to be dancers for? I don't want to go in looking like an idiot cause I don't know their name's." I said in a funny tone. Jocy just giggled and turned to her bag. She pulled out her laptop and began to pull up some files Ms.Ryan had sent her.
"Well, there's 5 boys. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, and Harry. They got put in a group during the X-Factor...." she went on for what seemed like forever and I eventually spaced out.
"Scarlettttt!!! Hellooo?" Jocy said while poking me.
"What? Oh yeah yeah... nice."
"You didn't even hear me!" She said sternly.
"Aghhh alright. What is it?" I said annoyed. She pointed at her screen and I saw pictures she pulled up of the boys. After a brief second of looking at them, I flopped back on my towel and groaned.
"Goddd I don't want to do thisssss!" I placed my face in my hands and eventually stood up.
"Okay Jocy. Let's get going. Tomorrow we're shopping for a new wardrobe."
Jocy got up and shrieked with joy. She absolutely loved buying clothes. We packed our things up and headed for the hotel room.
2 days pass and it's time for the audition. My alarm clock goes off at 10 a.m. and I sleep trough it. But then I smell food. Jocy is cooking! I ran wildly towards the kitchen and saw the meal she made. Bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, and orange juice. One bite and it was heaven!
"Are you ready Scarlett?" She asked me with a yawn. I sat on a chair and served me some grub.
"Yeah I guess." I said with my mout Full.
After we finished eating, we immediately got ready. We showered, brushed our teeth, and straightened our hair. Jocy wore some grey sweats with a white v-neck with a sparkly pocket on the side and a pink hoodie with pink converse. I wore my black sweats with my baby blue tank top with a studded pocket along with a black hoddie and my baby blue converse. Of course I couldn't forget my white beanie.
"You and those beanies Scarlett." She said amused.
"It's my thing!" I told her as we headed down to the lobby where a cab waited for us.
After a while, we arrived at the studio and our jaws dropped. Tons of girls were outside the doors screaming their favorite boys name.
"WHAT THE FUCK JOCY! WHAT THE FUCK!? How are we gonna get through??!?" I said with an annoyed tone.
"We got these silly!" She pulled out 2 VIP necklaces with our names and picture on them stating we were auditioning.
"I don't know what I'd do without you Jocy." I said relieved.
Once we paid the cab driver, we stepped out and ran through the crowd of people. After 5 minutes, we finally made it through. Those girls were vicious. A tall man led us to an audition room where tons of girls were waiting.
"Here they'll be selecting a few girls to move on where the real audition will take place. At least you girls had the decency to dress appropriate." The man told us with a laugh. Me and Jocy were confused at first until we turned and saw the girls closer. Shorts, curled hair, shirts up to their waist... What was this?
"Okay ladies! We will call you up in groups of 4 and chose the best dancers who will move on." A short brown haired lady said. She almost seemed annoyed. I whispered to Jocy, "Okay Jocy, gey ready... Make sure you do great!"
"Thanks Scarlett!" She whispered back.
"Although ... I don't think I'll even have to try...." she said pointing to the girl that was basically flailing her body all over. Well... we're gonna be here a while.

After what felt like forever, there was only 10 girls left. Among them were me and Jocy. We headed to the hall and eventually ended up in a huge auditorium. A couple more girls flooded in with us. Many of them wearing revealing clothing. I shook my head in disbelief. 45 girls. That's how many were here. All of a sudden, the intercome came on.
All of a sudden a song came on. And girls began to scream. Up ahead came 5 boys running like crazy. One man, who I guess was supposed to be Simon, walked at his own pace. Up came a curly haired boy with green eyes and a nice smile.
"Hey there girls. You all look lovely today!" He said. Fuck, I forgot their names. Before I could ask Jocy, all the girls shoved and pushed me. They ran towards him and two other boys who got up; a blonde one and a black haired boy. Me and Jocy stayed behind watching it all unfold. I couldn't believe this. I facepalmed myself and turned to my right. There were 2 other guys just watching and keeping their distance. One of them whispered something to the other and he headed to help get the boys out of there. I decided to go up to the boy and ask him a few questions.
"Scarlett wait for me!" Jocy said.
"Hello!" I said with a smile.
"Well hello there love!" He said with the nicest smile. He had messy light brown hair and sea green eyes. Before I could extend my hand to him, he embraced me in a hug. Uhh okay? I patted his back awkwardly and stepped back.
"So umm... Does this," I asked waving my hands to the crowd of girls.
"Happen every time?"
"Of course. These girls go wild when they see us. Makes it easier for them to get the ladies. Except Liam and me of course. Harry is more of the charmer as you probably know."
"Not really..." I said thinking outl loud.
"Excuse me?" He said while laughing.
"Ummm don't mind her. She really isn't all that informed on the latest singers, gossip, and what not." Jocy said nervously as she elbowed me.
"Ouch! That kinda hurt you know."
"Scarlett!" She said in a strict whisper.
"Wait... so.... do you who any of us are?" He asked amused
"Not really." I said calmly as I threw my hands behind my head.
"Haha! That is too funny. Well in that case, let me inform you a bit. I'm Louis, you can call me Lou. That cute little Irish lad there with the blonde hair is Niall. The one next to him with the dark hair is Zayn. The boy who's struggling to control the crowd is Liam. And that curly lad there is Harry. Better watch out for him love." He said winking.
"Okay... so Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry. Got it. Now... I have one more question... When are we gonna start this?" I asked while flailing my arms in the air.
"Just wait... Watch Simon." He said turning to him. The man sat on his seat, adjusted his microphone, placed his hands under his chin, and leaned forward to the mic.
"LADIES! If you do not stop immediately, I will be forced to make you all leave this audition. Act professional. Same for you boys ." He said sternly. Almost all too quickly, the girls stepped back and formed lines. Damn, I was impressed.
I looked over at Louis and he was all to happy at the sight.
"You find it amusing don't you?" I said laughing.
"Quite. Now, go on! Don't want you and your lovely friend to get kicked off. I like you two! But... you never told me your names?" He said with his head tilted.
"Oh right! Umm well I'm Scarlett, and she's Jocy! You can call me Sky though." He smiled at this and gave us another hug. He's all touchy touchy, but I gotta get used to it I suppose.
"Beautiful names for such beautiful girls!"
"Ohhh Looouuuu!" Said Harry.
"Are you gonna join us?" He looked at me, winked and smirked.
Ugh, please. I rolled my eyes and dismissed myself from Louis. I lined up and got ready to warm up.

"LADIES! If you do not stop immediately, I will be forced to make you all leave this audition. Act professional. Same for you boys ."
Oh how I loved to make Simon mad. As the girls retreated, I saw Louis talking to a blonde and a brunette with a white beanie. Louis smiled and gave the girls a hug. I decided to interupt their little moment.
"Ohhh Looouuuu!" I said in a sing song voice. Louis turned around and so did the other 2 girls. The blonde one reminded me of Niall; shy and sweet. Then the brunette looked at me half amused. Her eyes seemed green but with a bit of gray in it. She had hair a bit above her waist and I spotted a nose piercing. I turned back to Louis.
"Are you gonna join us?" I looked back at the brunette. I examined her from head to toe and then I spotted a tattoo. I smirked at her then winked. All she did was roll her eyes and said goodbye to Louis. The blonde followed her lead.
"Sorry mates. I was just getting to know those girls right there. They're pretty sweet." he said with a sincere smile.
"I looked past him and saw all the girls stretching, then I focused on the brunette again. There was something about her...
"Come on boys! Let's get this over with!" Called out Simon. We all took our seats and called out girls in groups of 2. One by one they danced their hearts out but, there was a yet a group to wow Simon. Once the current group was done, Simon yawned and said, "Okay now that THAT'S over... Umm... Jocy and Scarlett come on up."
The two girls Louis was talking to stepped up.
"You got this you two!" Exclaimed Louis ecstatically.
"Thanks Louis!" Said the brunette with a smile.
"No problem Scarlett." So then the blonde must me Jocy.
"Whenever you two are ready." Said Simon as he leaned back. They took off their hoodies and Jocy did a signal. The music started. These girls were amazing. They were precise, in sync, flexible as well. I turned too see the others reactions and it was all the same; leaning forward, eyebrows raised, and eyes glued to these girls. Hell, even Simon. Once they were done, we all stood clapping. Simon smiled and clapped as well.
"YOU TWO ARE AMAZING!!! Come here!" Said Louis running to them. He embraced the girls and continued to compliment them.
"Oh god you guys are sticky..."
"Well gee thanks." Said Scarlett in a sarcastic voice. I found her wittyness amusing and smiled.
"Alright Louis, get down here. we got to decide now. Ladies, you're dismissed. We shall call you out once we're done."
Louis came back down as the girls left. I noticed Scarlett whispering something to Jocy. She looked at me briefly before walking out. There's something about that girl... After a half hour of deciding, we picked the ten girls. One by one, they all started to come out. I stood up and called out two names. Then Zayn, then Niall, followed by Liam. The last one was Louis.
"Okay, the last two girls we picked are... Jocy and Scarlett!!!" He ran up to them and hugged them each. We followed by congratulating the others and thanking those who tried out. When I walked toward Scarlett and Jocy, I noticed them whispering and doing a hand shake. When Scarlett saw me, she nudged Jocy.
"Well, congratulations!" I said as I leaned into Jocy for a hug.
"You girls were really amazing." Then I let go of Jocy, and started to hug Scarlett. She smelled sweet, and was pretty short compared to me.
"How tall are you?" I asked while still holding her.
"Umm 5"4?" She gave me a confused look and I just smiled.
"CONGRATS!!" Said Niall with his hands wide open as he pushed his way to Scarlett and Jocy.
"Yeah! You girls gotta teach us some of those moves." Said Zayn.
"Now now boys, your getting in their personal space. Great job you two." Said Liam holding his hand.
"Okay boys, get back down here. YOU still need to pick your five that will be dancing with you." we all got down and one by one we picked our partners. Niall went first.
"Well, one girl I think would be great would be Jocy." He said. The blonde girl stepped forward and blushed.
"Thank You Niall." She flashed him a innocent smile. We looked at Niall and he was turning bright red.
"Ahh umm... Yeah. No problem."
"You fancy her mate?" I whispered with a nudge.
"Oh shush." He looked back at Jocy then looked down. Oh Niall.
It was my turn.
"Well I pick Scarlett. She was extremely talented as well. Maybe one day, me and you can go dance together yeah? I'll show you some of my moves." I smirked at her as I shimmied in my seat. She laughed and rolled her eyes. Jocy then punched Scarlett and she got the hint.
"Course. Thanks Harry." Once the other 3 picked, we said goodbye and headed off to the car.
Say Louis, can I ask you something?" I said as I looked up.
"Yeah what is it?" "That Scarlett girl. Do you think she dislikes me?" I turned to him and he started smiling.
"Oh Harry... Better watch it with her. She seems like a feisty one." He said shrugging his shoulders.
"I'm up for the challenge." We looked at each other and laughed as we headed into the car.


I was supppsed to put this up yesterday but fell asleep (/u\) Enjoy! Tell others to read cx I would really appreciate it ^-^
***I accidentally pasted the story multiple times! Sorry! And my phone submitted it weird!


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
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it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

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