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Shadow's Target

Chapter 1, Part 1: Time to Dance.

Okay... All I have to do is focus. Gain speed, hands up, and push my body up... Here I Go...
"Seriously?" I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my water bottle and headed into the empty halls. I could never get enough time to get my gymnastics done amymore since our group got bumped up a level. Whatever though. I placed my hands behind my head and turned right to where the auditorium was. They renewed the place a while back. It's huge now. Tons of seats, balconies, speakers, and a giant retractable screen. I can't wait to watch some movies here.
I looked ahead and saw the girls. They turned around and started giggling. Did I have something on my face? I saw Jocy sitting in the row behind them and immediately sat next to her.
"Jocy!" I whispered.
"Huhh? Oh hey Scarlett."
"I told you a thousand times! You can call me Sky!" I said with a smile.
"But Scarlett is such a beautiful name!" She said with the sweetest smile. Oh Jocy.
"Whatever. Umm... Why are the girls laughing?" I said. I turned to them again and all they did was smile at me. Okay, what's the deal?
"Well... You're about to find out." She said shyly.
"What?" I asked confused.
"GIRLSSS! HOW ARE Y'ALL DOING!!?" It was our boss; Jason. He was a muscular man. Always dressed formally and always had an evil smile on his face. He had his black hair slicked back and his brown eyes sparkled under the light. He took care of all our assigned missions and made sure we knew what to do and how to do it. I looked up to him. He was like a father figure to me.
"Hello Boss!" We said in unison.
"So, most of you already know what the mission is right?"
"Yeah... Except Skyyyy!!" Said Jane, one of the girls. She was always picking on me since she considered herself my older sister. I still loved that bitch to death.
"Scarlett, is that right?" He said tilting his head at me.
"Yeah, I guess I got here a bit late." I told him sheepishly.
"Damn..." he whispered under his breath. Okay something is seriously up. What's so bad about this mission? Is it gonna be like the whole New York incident where they made me be a bikini model and... "that"... happened. I blushed furiously at how revealed I was that day. Never again. I'm sticking to those casual missions. I looked back up at the boss and asked, "So what's the mission?"
The girls whipped their head up to the boss in anticipation.
"Well... First of all, this is a very important mission. It has to do with them..."
Oh. Them. The Guardians. Man I hate those damn people. Always trying to get in our way. Especially their head agent; Sarah. She was a backstabber. Only came here to get information from us and used me. She was the one who bombed our auditorium. God that girl was good. Okay now I was totally into this. I looked up at the boss and signaled to him to keep going.
"Alright, so yours truly" he said pointing to himself.
"Has figured out a way to bring the government down; The people. The people's opinion. They're the ones who they'll listen to. But, how do we get the people to listen to us first?" He said looking at us.
I was lost. They all knew, but me, I had no idea where he was going.
Music? What? Was he gonna make us into a girl band? I buried my face in my palms and threw my head back groaning. Please no.
"Hold on Scarlett. This is where it gets good." I looked back up losing almost all interest in the topic now.
"If we were to control their minds, their judgment, their opinion on everything, we could accomplish so much! And this is where you come in Scarlett." Oh no. I really didn't know.what he was about to say. The girls giggled once again. I was so close to taking out my gravity glove and just whip them away.
"Ms.Ryan!" Out came out a young twenty something spunky girl. Her black hair was up in a bun, she wore teal heels and a black lacy dress. She was always wearing the nicest clothes. Me on the other hand, I preferred beanies, jeans and some sweater. She was the bosses assistant for almost 4 years and knew everyone in the building. She was pretty cool.
"Show them the product." Said the boss. Ms.Ryan immediately turned around and played a slideshow. Oh! Pictures! I placed my hands behins my head, leaned back, and right.when I was about to place my feet on the seat in front of me when...
"DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" I jumped a bit at the boss's remark. He didn't even turn around!
"Anyways, this ladies... And Scarlett..." haha. Very funny.
"Are the new mind wave headphones. With these, we can influence what each citizen wants to buy, say, we can change opinions and influences! All we need is for someone to promote our product. This is where you come in Scarlett." Is he gonna make me be a spokesperson or something? What a drag.
"My dear Scarlett, you will become a famoua singer!" He said spreading out his arms to me. Oh hell no. I slapped my forehead and just wanted to scream. Jocy stared at me and said;."I'm here for you for anything. If you need help, just give me a call!" She said happily. I looked to her and smiled.
"But you gotta start off from the bottom. Who's been selling millions of records? Influencing teens? Have been all over the world?"
"Justin Bieber?" Said Jane. The boss laughed at this. Last time we tried to get to the government through Bieber, one of the Guardians, Selena Gomez, got to him first and he forgot all about us. Oh well.
"No, but you're close." I don't know anything about celebrities these days so, I didn't know what was coming.
"Next week, the band One Direction is coming to Florida. They're having auditions for back up dancers. I need you to get along with these boys, get them to make you be known, and from there... Leave it all to me."
So me? A back up dancer? For some boys who make millions of girls faint at the sound of their voice? Seriously? Dear god help me now. Then I remembered about Jocy. I looked at her and smiled a sinister smile.
"I'll do it!" I stood up enthusiastically. Everyone was shocked at my excitement, especially the boss.
"Well that's a-"
"ON ONE CONDITION." I interrupted. He looked at me confused.
"Jocy has to come along with me as well." Jocy whipped her head up with her eyes practically bursting out of her head. She was terrified of audience's but, she said she'd do anything for me. Well... that's how I took it anyways. Mwahaha.
"Deal! Ms. Ryan, get these girls everything they'll need for the mission please." Ms. Ryan noded and walked off stage. Once the boss dismissed us, Lucy stood up and looked at me in disbelief.
"I can't believe you did that! You're so evil! You know I have a fear of crowds!"
"Aww you'll be fine. Let's start packing." I said. We walked off into our rooms and we began to pack.
I found my necklace and just looked at it. My head started to hurt. Not another one....
"C'mmon just wear it!" Said the young boy.
"But it has your cooties!" Said.the younger girl.
"You don't believe in cooties anymore..." he said.
"Dang it! I thought you would forget." She said.
"Just put it on. It's a symbol of.our friendship!" He said.
"Fine. Mind putting it on for me?"
"Sure! There! It's precious.Look! It even opens with my part of the necklace!"
He placed the key in the small hole found on the bottom of the charm. Inside was a photo of the two. The other side said; "I'll always pick you up when.your down. Friends Forever! Love-"
"SCARLETT!" I jumped and snapped out of it. Lucy was at my door.
"SCARLETT! We're leaving in 3 hours! Get ready!"
"Kay! I'll be right out!" Once I heard her leave, I looked at the bottom of the charm. I never noticed the hole there. Well... no time to lose. I gotta get ready and keep packing.


First chapter and I'm so happy!! ~(^-^)~ I'm new here so maybe my writing seems kinda off. Haven't been able to write any good stuff for English! Haha cx Well, feel free to give me sone pointers and if everyone likes it, I'll continue to write cx
I never realized my phone had submitted my story without any spacing!! Sorry!


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

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How long does it take you to write a chapter?
@Your average weirdo
it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

but I love it too!!
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it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: