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Shadow's Target

Testing, Testing, 1, 2. Does this thing work?

Heeeellooo lovers of One Direction! You don't think I disappeared, did you? Hahaa. I just had a loooongg vacation. So much drama too! (/__-) Love, jealousy, past flames, and girls who despise me. In the end, I had fun. Plus, I got inspiration from everything! Lol. As you all know (hopefully lol x3) I was not only having an awesome vacation, but, also writing 2 fanfics; It's Simple and the sequel to Shadow's Target! Buuuutttt.... I had some trouble over summer vacation... Trouble with a new title... This is where I need YOUR help. I'm coming up with a small contest! Whoever can come up with the best title to the sequel, will get Praise first of all, and has the choice to either be a Character in the sequel or new story, oooorrrr, something of their choosing. Be reasonable! I can only do so much! Haha. Maybe be a co-author, hook you up with some sneak peeks of my stories, I don't know, the winner will have to decide!c: All you gotta do is comment below with the title! Simple as that. You can also chose to message me the title instead. I'll be checking up though! The entires Are due on September 7 so I can announce the winner the following day! You may submit as many titles as you want, but, be creative! here's a small summary of what's to come in the sequel, jut so you can get some inspiration;

You'd think that after waiting since early November...
You'd think that after nine months...
You'd think that after counting every day...
You'd think that after going crazy from losing contact... That everyone would go insanely worried.
Well, they did.
Harry especially.
It's as if Scarlett and the rest of them disappear from the face of the earth. He managed to slowly move on though, as well as the rest of One Direction, hanging on to only the small gifts she left behind. With being so busy with so many interviews, their tour, the upcoming movie, and even a NEW tour, it helped push them forward and try to shake off the worry.
Harry even rekindled his romance with a past flame...
Now the VMA's are coming soon, and their pretty pumped. They've got competition though; Simons new singer, which they have yet to meet.
Things seem as if they're going pretty smooth for them all with their success and beautiful love life's, but, little do they know that they're being watched.
Every move they make can hurt them in the long run, and it will all be part of a plan.
Where's Scarlett when you need her?

and with that... IT BEGINS NOW! Bwahahaha!


NOTE: This won't be the summary on the sequel. I just had to reword it for you all cx


I usually have them all done and and ready to post, but, sometimes i like to edit or make a whole new chapter if I dont like it.
I'd say an hour or so?

SmileForMeeLovee SmileForMeeLovee
How long does it take you to write a chapter?
@Your average weirdo
it's outtt yoooo!
Oh, that one. It's amazayn! I thought you posted the first chapter of Shadow Hunters....

but I love it too!!
It's Simple

@Your average weirdo
it probably would have been a good idea to add the link e-e loll. I wasn't thinking c: