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Through the Dark {Book Two}


** Banner credit to ontheedge**
**Summary banner credit: Myself**

Continuation of Payne of the Past Book One

"There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice." - F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I pretended everything was great between us, when in my reality it wasn't" - Niall

It's been five long years. One direction has decided to go on a break so Bailey hasn't seen anyone in five years.. Except Liam, and their daughter. She's talked to Harry on the phone but hasn't seen him in ages. As for Niall she has not forgotten about him but he hasn't tried to contact her and she hasn't tried to contact him either. He went back to Ireland to live while on hiatus.

Within the last five years people have gotten married while others have had babie, some deal with heartache while others have joy. Will the pain of Bailey's past catch up to her or will she find the peace she's been searching for.

* Ground Up- Dan & Shay
✴Strong- One Direction
✴More than this- One Direction
✴This Town-Niall Horan
✴Little Things-1D
✴ Starving- Hailee Steinfeld, Grey ft. Zedd
✴Just hold on- Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson
✴Through the dark- 1D
✴I hate u I love u- Gnash ft. Olivia O'brian
✴Holy- Florida Georgia Line
✴Mercy- Shawn Mendes
✴Unsteady- X Ambassadors
✴It will rain- Bruno Mars
✴Let me love you- Dj Snake ft. Justin Bieber
✴I dont wanna live forever-Zayn ft. Taylor Swift
✴Cant stop the feeling- Justin Timberlake


Anakova Jakobson-Malik  *22

Anakova Jakobson-Malik *22

Bailey's best friend, Zayn's fiance, mom to Bristol, Zabrina and Jeriah

Asher Lennon

Asher Lennon

Baby boy of liam and bailey, who passed away tragically

Bailey Fitzgerald *22

Bailey Fitzgerald *22

Confused about where her heart belongs, mother to Hadleigh, Holden, Asher, Braedyn and Kennedy

Braedyn Nolan Shea & Kennedy James

Braedyn Nolan Shea & Kennedy James

Twins of ? & ?

Bristol Rayah Malik

Bristol Rayah Malik

Zayn and Annie's daughter, twin sister to Zabrina

Everlee Roisin  Horan  *3

Everlee Roisin Horan *3

Daddy's girl and loves food, Niall and supermodel Piper Young's daughter

Hadleigh Elisabeth Paige Payne *4

Hadleigh Elisabeth Paige Payne *4

Liam and Bailey's daughter

Harper Grace & Hayden Edward Styles

Harper Grace & Hayden Edward Styles

Harry and Hendryx babies

Harry Styles *22

Harry Styles *22

Member of band 1D, Good friends with Bailey and Liam. Dad to Harper and Hayden

Hendryx Fitzgerald

Hendryx Fitzgerald

Harry's Girlfriend, Bailey's Cousin. mom to harper and hayden

Holden James Payne

Holden James Payne

Twin brother of Hadleigh who passed away days after birth, son of Liam and Bailey

Jeriah Grayson Malik

Jeriah Grayson Malik

Annie and Zayn's unexpected joy :)

Karlea Reign Payne

Karlea Reign Payne

Liam's daughter with Serra

Liam Payne *22

Liam Payne *22

Member of 1D, user, abuser, dad to Hadleigh, Holden, and Asher with Bailey and dad to Karlea with Serra

Louis Tomlinson *24

Louis Tomlinson *24

Member of band 1D, daddy of twins Oliver and Olivia

Niall Horan *22

Niall Horan *22

Member of 1D, In love with Bailey, daddy of Everlee and Braedyn and Kennedy with Bailey

Oliver Frederick Tomlinson,  Olivia Elisabeth Jo Tomlinson *2

Oliver Frederick Tomlinson, Olivia Elisabeth Jo Tomlinson *2

Louis, Model Sarah Hunnington Twins

Zabrina Hadarah Malik

Zabrina Hadarah Malik

Zayn and Annie's daughter

Zayn Malik *23

Zayn Malik *23

Annie's fiancé, dad to Bristol, Zabrina and Jeriah


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  2. Chapter One


  3. OMG

  4. Chapter Two

    Already Here

  5. Chapter Three

    Can I Trust You

  6. Chapter Four

    It's been a while

  7. Chapter Five

    "I lived in fear for five years, in fear of losing you"

  8. Chapter Six


  9. Chapter Seven

    Making Plans

  10. Chapter Eight

    What A Day

  11. Chapter Nine

    Not Surprised

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  13. Chapter Ten


  14. Chapter Eleven

    Girl Time

  15. Chapter Twelve


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  17. Chapter Thirteen

    Holy Cabana

  18. Chapter Fourteen

    Bad News

  19. Chapter Fifteen


  20. Chapter Sixteen

    Not My Husband

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  22. Chapter Seventeen

    In a Jam

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  24. Chapter Eighteen


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  27. Chapter Nineteen

    "Niall is a better lover anyway"

  28. Chapter Twenty

    Hendryx Announcement

  29. Chapter Twenty One

    I Know

  30. Chapter Twenty Two

    Past Regrets

  31. Chapter Twenty Three

    Get In

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  33. Chapter Twenty Four

    Three Months

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  35. Chapter Twenty Five

    Little Surprises

  36. Chapter Twenty Six

    Then there was three

  37. Chapter Twenty Seven

    Everything will be ok

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  39. Chapter Twenty Eight

    Flat Line

  40. Chapter Twenty Nine

    He isn't medical waste, HE is a baby for fucks sake

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  42. Chapter Thirty

    Bigger, Better Plans

  43. Chapter Thirty One

    Welcome to the World

  44. Chapter Thirty Two

    The News

  45. Chapter Thirty Three

    "Do multiples run in your family?"

  46. Chapter Thirty Four

    The Reveal


@Allie Miller
OMG YESSSS! Thank you! :D

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I’m getting ready to start re uploading now lol

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@Allie Miller
Okay great, thank you! Xx

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There was an issue of someone stealing it so I took it down but I am working on reposting it... I will have it ready soon for you.

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Where is book one (Payne of the past)??? I can’t find it on your account?:/ I really wanna read it before I read this sequel.

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