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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Two

Payne Wedding
Life has been great these last five years. Liam and I got married June 11, 2017. We had a destination wedding in the states. I choose Estes Park Colorado because of the amazing retreats they have. I love being in the mountains and miss Switzerland so much but June is usually really hot in the mountains there. Colorado was perfect though the flowers in the meadows were in full bloom, the rivers created gorgeous waterfalls. Liam and I flew the people that meant most out to our wedding which included both our parents and siblings, Annie and Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall and their families.

Although Niall didn’t show up, I expected he wouldn’t he went back to Ireland and hasn’t spoken to anyone. Leighana and Haddie were our flower girls and we made Beau our German Shepard ring bearer. Everything turned out perfect, Annie and Summer stood up with me while Louis and Harry stood with Liam. The dresses were gorgeous too, a pale yellow and the girls wore flower crowns while the flower girls wore little white dresses, barefoot sandals and flowers in their hair. My dress was a sweetheart cut, lace full length design. The guys including Beau wore baby blue for their suits. After the ceremony we decided to just stay in Estes, we had the resort and rooms for two weeks so we did a lot of hanging out, fishing, hiking, camping and we even did a ghost tour of the Stanley Hotel which was quite fun.
payne wedding

I know the question that is burning everyone’s mind “Was Sophia really pregnant with Liam’s baby?” The answer to that is NO, she was already pregnant when her and Liam were seeing each other, still that doesn’t make it ok that he did that behind my back but I forgave him, but I made it very, very clear that if it ever happened again I would be done with him for good. I don’t need a man to help me raise a child.
Anyways back to the present, it’s been five years since we got married. Haddie is going to be 5 and start school this year. She may end up being homeschooled because the boys have been talking about doing a tour and writing a new album. I think it would be great, their old stylist wouldn’t be able to tour with them this time and seeing that I just graduated from cosmetology school I could be their stylist. Harry said he will talk to the managers about it so I will know in just a few short days. I’m sort of nervous though, seeing Niall and all. I know I married Liam but those feelings still linger for Niall, I think I’ll always have a weak spot in me for that little Irish asshole.

Three Days Later :

“Babe you ready, we have to be down at Modest in half an hour” Liam yells up the stairs.

“Yea babe give me just a minute” I shout back

I put Haddie down for a nap, she’s played hard all day and Lou said she’d stay here and watch her for me while we go down to meet with the managers at modest.

“C’mon babe we’re gonna be late” Liam huffs

“Alright, alright let’s go” I say walking past him

We go out and get In his rover and make the ten minute drive downtown.

“See we have five minutes to spare, what’s all this talk about being late?” I ask

“Dude where have you been?” Harry whisper shouts

“Ask this one” he points back at me.

I give them a stern look as they hurry into the meeting room.

“Ah Liam so nice of you to join us” Simon claps his hands

“Sorry sir, Haddie was having a fit” Liam lies

“No worries, shall we get started then?” he says

“Ok so why now? Why should the group get back together now?” Alfred, one of the managers asks

“Well it’s been five years and things have been sorted out, I think we are more equipped and ready to make a new album and tour with it” Louis tells him

“Have you put any thought into who would be your stylist and security?” Simon asks

“Yes we have, Mark and Paul have agreed to stay as security. Mel, Lottie, and Kal have said they will stay as clothing stylist as well” Liam tells him

“What about a make up artist? Lou Teasdale is out with a broken arm right?” Alfred asks

“That’s true but Liam’s wife, Bailey has just graduated out of cosmetology school so we were thinking maybe she could be our stylist” Harry suggests looking at me

I blush bright red has he looks in my direction, putting me on the spot.

“Well, Mrs. Payne would you be interested in the job? It pays quite well and you can still be in touch with your husband.” Alfred says

“Uhm yes, Yes I would love to be their stylist” I say in confidence “Ok well, let us talk for a few then we will get things in order” Alfred says

We go out into the waiting area and wait for them to call us back in. I sit in the corner of the room quietly as the boys talk among themselves.

“What are we thinking for lyric and song wise for this album?” Liam asks

“Well I’ve been writing a whole lot during our break, I have all kinds of songs written up” Harry says

“Yea so do I” Liam says.

“Ok so we need to get together.. all of us and take a look at what you guys have and possibly write some new songs as well. The first three albums did fantastic and our fan base is still strong as ever so there is no doubt they are ready for a new album.” Louis says

“Ok so I can get a hold of the Irish one and get a plan worked out so we can all get together.” Harry says

“You guys can come back in now” Simon calls

“Ok boys we have decided that if Mark and Paul will agree to new contracts and Lottie, Kal and Mel agree too then we will be all set to tour. First we have to have an album though.” Alfred says

“Yes, we were just discussing that. Liam and I have written a bunch of potential songs during the break and we are going to get in touch with Niall so we can go through them to see what we have to get started with” Harry says

“No need to get a hold of me if I’m already here” I hear that soul weakening Irish accent.


Alrighty here it is FIANLLY!!! sorry my computer was acting up but got it fixed. also took my kitty to the vet and found out it is not a boy lmao.. its a girl so her name is Lilo. she def has that sassy little attitude like Lilo for lilo and stitch. anyways please comment rate and subscribe as always i love you all xoxox


hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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