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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Ten

Niall POV: “Hi Princess, what are you doing here?” I ask. “Nana and papa bring me daddy” “Yes baby, but where are they now?” “I dunno” she says innocent I stare at my beautiful girl for a moment before asking her again how she ended up here. She finally told me that her Uncle Jonny brought her here. I call Harry to come to my room and sit with her for a few so I can figure out what is going on. I go down to the front desk and speak to the young lady behind it. “Hello, My name is Niall and I have a question” I say “Well ask away then” she says “ok, did the guy who brought my daughter here say where he was going by any chance, because he just left her in the room alone.” I tell her “No he just said he was here to drop off your daughter so I let him into you room with her to wait until you got back.” She tells me I thank the girl for her help and pull out my phone to call Kelly’s parents. They only thing I get is the operater, so I go back to my room and get Everlee ready for bed. I guess I’m just going to have to figure things out tomorrow. Bailey POV: I wake up early the next morning and shower before Hadleigh wakes up. Annie comes to my room and we go over the schedule for the next few days because the boys first concert to start off the tour is in two day; and I might add that Liam is not back yet either. After Annie leaves I watch some television as I wait for Haddie to wake. When she does I get her dressed and we meet everyone else downstairs for breakfast. “Hey Bails you ready for Tuesday?” Lottie asks me “Yeah, for sure” I say I look around the table and notice that Niall isn’t here, I turn to see if he’s at the buffet but he’s not their either. “Hey where’s Niall?” “Oh I saw him with H earlier this morning, he should be down any minute” Zayn says I continue to eat then wait for Haddie to finish up before going back up to the room. Niall never did show up for breakfast so I wonder if he is sick. When Haddie and I get up to the room I notice the door is wide open. It scares me so I take Hadleigh back to Annie and have Zayn come with me to sweep my room. “Ok you stay out here and I’ll check it out” He tells me I wait for Zayn for almost ten minutes, which is longer than it should take to sweep a hotel suite. I decide to go into the room to find out what is taking so long. When I walk in the sitting room is empty, but I hear murmuring coming from the bathroom so I go there next. “Zayn?” I call out “Um yeah in here” he calls back I go to the bathroom and peek around the corner to find Zayn leaning against the sink and none other that Liam hoovering over the toilet puking. “Liam?” I say sort of shocked He doesn’t say anything, just stares at me before puking again. “He’s drunk” Zayn says “At 11:00am are you serious! What the fuck is wrong with you” I shout before leaving the room I go to get Haddie and we go to the beach for a while until we have to go to my meeting. A few hours go by before I get a text from Lottie saying we have to be at the arena in an hour for a run thorough. I call for Haddie and we go back to the hotel to change our clothes. Liam is asleep so I take Haddie into the bathroom to change then have her go play in the sitting room while I get changed. “Liam” I shake him awake He rolls over and pulls me down onto him. “Hmm” he hums I push myself up and bluntly ask him if he was screwing Sophia again while he was away. “What? Love no, why would you think that?” he trails off “Oh gee I don’t know Liam maybe because you just take off without telling anyone and then you’re photographer with her and Leighana in London” I say sternly “Oh that” he sits up “Yeah Liam that!” I shout I storm out of the room and get Haddie and go to the lobby to wait with the others’. We have to take two cars to the arena so I am stuck in a car with Louis, Harry, Niall and Annie. The other car carrying Lottie, Zayn, Liam and the stage managers already left. We are just waiting on Niall, so I give him a call to see what is taking him so long. “Yeah, hello” he answers “Niall are you coming or what. We’re all waiting” I say “Um yeah I’ll be right down” Niall takes another ten minutes before he finally comes to the car. He opens the door and a little blonde hair, blue eyed little girl climbs in. “Look who it is, Everlee” Harry helps her in “Unky Harry” she smiles Niall climbs in and sits by me while Everlee sits between Harry and Louis. I sit there in silence as they both gush over this little girl. “so Niall are you going to introduce me to your friend” I say “Oh yeah, umm Bailey. This is… This is Everlee Justice Rose Horan” he says I lean over and shake her hand. “Wow you must be such a proud uncle Niall” I say He looks at me “No, she’s my daughter.”


It's long over due and I'm sorry... have a loot of stuff going on :/... I love you all tho xoxo


hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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OMG YESSSS! Thank you! :D

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I’m getting ready to start re uploading now lol

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Okay great, thank you! Xx

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