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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Eleven

When we get back to the hotel I don’t say a word to Niall. The next morning we have to go back for final rehearsals and sound check so the boys can get ready for their meet and greet with fans. Niall tires to talk to me but I still don’t say anything to him, even though I am keeping an eye on Everlee today.

“Ok, so you’re not talking to me now?” he says

I continue to stay silent while I style his hair and put his make up on.

“Bailey, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you” he goes on

I listen to what he has to say but I still don’t answer.

“Ok, I’m done” I say after ten minutes

Niall stands up and faces me. He pouts out his beautiful, pink lips and gives me those puppy dog eyes.

“What?” I finally say annoyed

“I’m sorry” he tells me again

I don’t say anything just nod my head in acceptance. It must have been satisfactory for him because he walks away over to where the girls are playing.

“Bye daddy” Everlee says

“Bye darlin’ you be good for Bailey ok” Niall tells her

“Otay daddy” Everlee replies

While the boys are out rehearsing I did makeovers on the girls.

“What color should we do for your eye shadow?” I ask Ev

I’ve already primed and contoured the rest of her face.

“Ummm purple” she giggles

“Ohh I have the perfect shade of purple for you”

I rummage through all of my palettes until I find the one I am looking for.

“How about this one?” I show her the lilac lavender color

“Yes” she claps her hands

I put the eyeshadow on followed by a little bit of mascara and a light pink lipstick with glitter in it. When I am done I curl her gorgeous blonde hair and ombre it with pink hair chalk. Next up in the chair is Hadleigh, I go through the same routine as I did with Everlee. Had wants blue for her eyeshadow so I show her a pretty sapphire blue and use a nude peach color for her lips with clear glitter. Since her hair is dark we use a bright blue hair chalk to put highlights in her hair.

“Mum can you do our nails too?” Hadleigh asks

I give her a silly stink eye then laugh and tickle her belly

“Of course we can” I tell her

I have the girls pick out the colors they want and I give them the full mani, pedi treatment.

“I miss my momma” Everlee thinks out loud “Her always did my nails”

“Oh well she sounds like a very good mommy” I tell her

“Her was” Everlee says

I think for a moment, she said she was a good mommy.

“Ev, honey what… what do you mean she was?” I ask her

“her died when I was a baby, nana and papa say she watches over me now” she tells me.

That must be the girl Niall told me about. The one he was dating who died of the drug overdose. Why is Everlee here though and not with her grandparents? I put my thinking aside and finish the girls nails, I have them sit under the UV light so their nails can dry and then we go out to the stadium to watch the boys finish up their rehearsals.

Niall POV:

During one of the breaks we have from rehearsing I quickly try to call Everett and Ellie, Everlee’s grandparents. They aren’t answering their phone and neither is Jonny. I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is very wrong.

“Hey mate time to go back out” Harry shouts to me

“Ok one minute” I say

I decide to call the local police department where Ellie and Everett live.

“Police what’s your emergency?” the dispatcher says

“Hi I need a welfare check done on my daughters grandparents.”

“Ok names?”

“Their names are Everett and Ellie Johnson”

“Ok do you know their address?” she asks me

“Yes it is 1580 South Sycamore Street” I tell her

“Ok I’ll get someone over as soon as possible and they officer will call you back at the number that pulled up on the screen” the lady tells me

“Ok thank you”.

I hang up the phone and go back to rehearsals and wait for the officer to call me back.

An hour goes by before we are done with rehearsals, I see Bailey with the girls out in the front row so I jump down off the stage and go over to them. Bailey grabs my shoulder and hugs me tightly.

“I’m sorry for acting like a bitch” she says

“Oh… it’s ok I understand completely” I tell her

“No Niall it wasn’t right of me to act like that, you don’t have to tell me anything, It’s not like I’m your girlfriend or wife” she tells me

“Well we all know I wish that was the case” I laugh and hug her again.

“What’s going on over here?” Liam walks over to us

He grabs Bailey by the waist and swings her around to kiss her deeply.

“Nothin, just talking” Bailey tells him

“Well shall we go then, I’m starving” he tells her

“Yeah, Haddie come on baby, tell Niall and Everlee bye for now” Bailey says

Haddie hugs and kisses us good bye before they all go off together. We have to meet back up in two hours for the meet and greet with fans. Until then though I am taking my princess out to get some food and wait for the return call from the police.


Hey sorry ive been gone for so long. my son has been having some issues and was in the hospital for about a week. he was finally diagnose with ODD which is a type of mental illness, so hoping things will go smoothly with this new medication. and I will try to update more often now. and I promise I am working on a update for perfect storm as well I have not forgotten. I love you all XOXO


hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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