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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Thirteen

The night with Liam is fantastic so far; we dined at a new restaurant calLiam Bastille De Brasil. The food was amazing I opted to have the Pacific Cod Caesar salad with red wine and Liam had a huge rack of ribs.

I knew the night was going to be a bit cool but, I decided to wear my new dress anyways, I did pay a small fortune for it so why not show it off... for Liam that is. The dress is black silk with a lace trim and cuts off just above my knees. I pair it with a new pair of red bottom heels I got yesterday and wear my sleek, black trench coat over it. If Liam asks why I was wearing such a big coat I'll tell him I am cold. I wanted to surprise him tonight with my barely-there dress.

We have just finished our dinner and decide to take the short walk to the movie theater. Liam wants to see the new movie called Annabelle creation, I reluctantly agree after protesting for almost five minutes. Liam knows that I hate anything to do with creepy dolls and clowns so I know he's doing this on purpose to torture me

"Babe the movie is over." Liam nudges me

I must have dozed off while hiding my face in Liam's Shoulder Through the whole movie. I finish the little bit I have left of my tea before throwing the cup in the trash. When we walk outside I noticed that the air has a bit of a nip to it. It's much cooler tonight than it has been all week but who am I to complain? We make it back to Liam's truck and I ask him if I can drive because I have a surprise for him. He tells me no at firs, flashing this stupid grin across his face; finally he lets me drive after making me reach for the keys.

"Asshole" I mutter as I snatch the keys from his hand.

"But you love me" he smirks

I drive us across town to a secluded resort called Quinta De Paz.

"Bailey what are we doing here?" Liam asks

"Well i talked Harry into watching Hadleigh for the weekend... So we could... Ummm get some alone time." i tell him shyly

I move the blanket from the back seat and grab two small cases I packed and hid there earlier today. When we get to the Cabana turned office; we go inside tell the man behind the desk we have a reservation for Payne. Jose gets our keys to our own little Cabana and shows us on a small map how to get there from the office.

Liam and I go back outside and walk the narrow path to our Cabana and go inside. I stand there in the middle of the room holding the bags to myself like a shield. Liam takes them and tosses them to side; he comes to me and brushes my hair away from my neck,then gently kisses me right above my collarbone as a hard shiver runs down my spine.

"Is this alright?" Liam asks

I remember the way he kissed me on our wedding day. I remembered how I promised him for better or worse; I wanted this, I needed to know that we still have that passion and that he feels the same way that I do.

"Yes" I whisper "More than ok"

Liam's lips move up my neck, his tongue tracing my skin ever so lightly. He runs his thumb along my jawline and slowly drags it down, stopping at the low cut neckline of my jacket.

I waited trembling a bit for him to slip his hand inside the trench coat but he doesn't.

He paused; barely breathing it seems like and then quickly he grabbed the belt and with one quick yank, the coat falls to the floor in a heap. I hear a small gasp Escape Liam's mouth.

"Are... Are you ok?" i whisper

Liam looks at me with smoldering amber eyes "Never better"

Liam slowly closed the gap between us. He reached around my back and found the long zipper between my shoulder blades, he gave it a sharp tug and dragged the zipper down slowly until the black silk slid down my body hitting the floor with a whisper. I stood there exposed, breathless, thrilled and then Liam crashed his lips into mine.

We kiss deeply, hungrily, passionately. I ran my hands up his strong, tanned arms until I reach his broad set shoulders. I wrap my arms around his neck; as my fingers play aimlessly in his hair. Liam reaches under me and lifts me up so I can wrap my legs around his waist. I kiss him again, his lips tasted like the sweet nectar of red wine.

I whispered my command "take me to bed" then i hesitantly added "plaese" with a giggle.

"So polite" he whispered into my hair. "Anything for you Mrs. Payne"

Liam carried me to the king size bed and laid me down gently; his fingers finding my nipples through the lace of my bra, then it too found its way to the floor. Suddenly Liam's mouth was where his fingers once were.

I gasped loudly.

His tongue teased me; he pulled at me with his teeth. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once.

"Should I?" he began

"Don't talk just do" i breathed out heavily.

I didn't add please this time I was too hungry for his touch to even care about being polite now. I managed to wiggle out of my panties as Liam undressed himself. There he was standing naked in front of me in the dim light of the room looking like some kind of tanned, demigod sent from Mount Olympus.

I stretched my arms out and Liam fell into them, he kissed me hard again as I arched my back to meet him. when he thrust himself inside me I moaned out loudly, rocking against his hips kissing his neck, shoulders, and his chin. I pulled him into me with all I had and clung to him like a koala to a tree. I held him tightly in place as the heat Rose in waves inside of me. when I cry out in release my nails dig into Liam's neck, then a moment later he cried out too and collapsed on top of me panting hard.

We slept for the next few hours, when I woke Liam was standing by the bed wearing shorts with no shirt, his tanned ABS on full display.

He smiled "Bailey that was incredible love" he told me

"Would you like something from the kitchen?" he asks

I smiled at him from the tangled white sheets.

"Actually yes. Id like some sweets please" i tell him

He looked at me surprised, usually my answer would have been no but;for as spent as I was I needed something to help gain back my strength.

"Your wish is my command" he answered going out of the door.

I turn to look at the clock on the Wicker bedside table it reads 12:42 a.m. I sigh heavily, and go across the room to the giant, porcelain, jet tub. I might as well have a nice soak before round 2 I think to myself.

I sink down into the tub; luxuriant with rose scented Bubbles and petals. I light the pink candles beside the tub and put on some soothing music as I let the Jets pound away at my already weakened body.



hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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OMG YESSSS! Thank you! :D

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