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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Fifteen

"Liam, I'm going with him please watch after the kids" I ask

"Are you sure it's wise to go with him considering your guys' history?" Liam says

"Its no different then when you go out to London and hang out with Serra or Sophia right?"

Liam doesn't say anything so I hurry to pack a bag and kiss him and the girls goodbye.

"You sure you want to come with?" No all asks Before we leave The driveway.

"Ues Niall, you need support system. Its bad enough you'll have to tell Everlee."

We make it through claims and security then go climb onto Niall's jet. Around 8 p.m. I go into the bedroom to sleep, we still have 10 hours to go before we land in Atlanta. I wake up and look at the clock; its 4 a.m. and Niall hasn't come to lie down. I go out to see what he's doing and see him curled up in the chair fast asleep. He looks very uncomfortable though.

"Niall, hey" i nudge him

"Hmm?" He hums

"Go into your room, ill sleep out here" i tell him

"What? Bailey no, you go ahead he tells

"Niall we're both adults I'm sure we can handle sleeping by each other" I say not really wanting to sleep in a chair.

I go back into the room and crawl in bed. Ten minutes go by before I feel the bed sink down indicating Niall has come to lie down. I roll over and see his big blue orbs staring back at me. I smile and pull the blanket up over him and roll back over.

"Goodnight Niall"

When I wake up, I notice we aren't moving or airborne anymore. I roll over, careful not to wake Niall up and go to find the pilot.

"Captain Weatherall is everything ok?" I ask

"Oh, yes everything is fine we had to land ans refuel and Check on engine two" he tells me

"Oh.. Um where are we exactly?" I ask

"JFK airfield in New York"

Mr. Weatherall looks back at me and answers my question before I could even ask it.

"We"ll be taking off in about an hour. It will be another three before we reach Atlanta." He tells me

I nod and go back to the passenger part of the plane and crawl back into bed. I pull the blanket back over Niall and switch on the television. My favorite American show is on; Expedition Unknown. I lie back against the headboard and soon doze back off to sleep. I'm startled awake by the heaviness of Niall's arm being draped across my stomach. I look at him, and see he's still asleep, so I don't bother moving. It's not until he completely puts his head on my chest and pulls me closer to him, that I nudge him awake.

"Niall" i shake his shoulder


"Niall wake up" i poke his cheek


I reach over to the side table where my water sits and take off the lid.

"Niall wake up!" I say a little louder before splashing him.

He starts to spit and sputter for a second before he can speak.

"Oi, what the hell!" He chokes out

"Sorry but you were getting a little too comfy" I smile

"You say it like its a bad thing" he jokes flashing his perfect white smile.

I put up my left hand and Flash my wedding ring in his face.

"Right" he says as the smiles fades

After two more hours we make it to the Atlanta airport . The police department has a car waiting and we go straight to the morgue. I can see Niall is becoming more and more squeamish as his nerves are on edge. I grab his hand and tell him everything will be okay. Niall lies his head on my shoulder and I pat his hair before planting a small kiss on the top of his head. I hate seeing Niall so hurt and vulnerable; although he didn't speak too kindly of his ex I can tell he absolutely loves Mr. And Mrs. Young.
It takes approximately 15 minutes before we reach our destination. The driver parks then comes around to open the door for Niall and I to get out. We are escorted inside to where Detective Rowe awaits us.

"Mr. Horan hello... Oh, you brought a guest" she says

"Yeah, moral support" he shrugs

I can't help but to feel a little hurt by his remark. I don't let it bother me too much though t least not as much as this Detective Rowe. She hooks her arm through Niall's and leads us through three sets of doors. She's acting like some giddy, horny schoolgirl, i cant help bit get a bit jealous. She needs to stop already before I knock the shit out of her.

"Excuse me, Detective Rowe is it? Do you think it's appropriate to walk down the Halls like you're in Middle School?" I accident lg blurt out

Niall spins around, eyes wide, Dective Rowe the same.

"Excuse me?" she says taken aback

"I just find it unprofessional is all" i smile smugly

Niall flashes me a grin and steps back to walk with me. I grab his hand and Lace our fingers together as we reach the first set of double doors.

"Ok Mr. Horan when we go through these doors the mortician will take you to the holding freezer and show you the bodies." Dective Rowe tells him

"Ok lets go" he says gripping my hand

"I'm sorry but only you are authorized to go back there" Rowe says

"Not a chance in hell" I blurt out "He is not going back there alone!... Niall, I won't let you go in there by yourself" I tell him

"Detective Rowe it's okay I want her to go with me"

"Policy sa.."

"I said its fine" he growls

Detective Rowe gives me a smug look before I lead us back to the tables holding the two body bags. The mortician warns us that the bodies haven't been "done up" yet so it may be a bit gruesome. We nod our heads as he unzips the first bag to show a white-haired lady maybe mid-sixties, her eyes are open but severely fogged over. There is a lonely bullet hole at the edge of her fragile hair line, a stream of dry blood running down her face and on the side of her nose. Niall cringes as a lonely teardrop falls from the tip of his own nose.

"That's her, That's Mrs. Young" Niall says

We move around to the other table and stand for a moment before Niall nods that he is ready again. The bag is unzipped to reveal a rather gnarly site. A man with dark brown hair and a receding hairline, I guess maybe mid-sixties as well. His eyes are closed but instead of a gunshot wound he has a giant slash across the front of his throat, dried blood covers his front.

"Holy fuck!" Niall jerks away

"Um, that... That's him.. Mr. Young yes" Niall stutters

A voice comes over the intercom.

"Thank you Mr. Horan"

After Niall answers a few more questions he is free to leave. The police department anf district attorney ask if he could stay in town for a few days for the pre-trial and to testify on Mister and Missus Young's behalf. That means going up in front of Jonny Young. We leave and our driver takes us to the closest Marriott hotel so we can check into our rooms. Niall's room is on the 12th floor while mine is on the 43rd, which is quite alright seeing I have the better view. Once I'm settled into my room I call Liam.

"Hey love how was it?" Liam answers

"Difficult, i hope i never have to personally do that" i tell him

"How's Nialler?" He asks

"Hopefully sleeping" I say

"Is that my cousin, tell her hi" ibhear someone in the background

"Who's that?" I ask

"Hendrix is here visiting Harry"

"Ahh Alright, well how's the girls?"

"Haddie is good, but Ev is missing her daddy"

"OK well give them hugs and i will have No all call Everlee later. I'm gonna lie down for a bit too. I'm exhausted" I tell him

"Ok talk to you soon love"

"Ok i love you" I tell him but he hangs up

I turned on the television and crawl into the comfy, king size bed. I'm just about to sleep when someone starts banging on my door. I drag myself out of the bed and go answer the door, when I open it a smoldering pair of sapphire eyes are staring at me.

"Niall?" I say confused

"I can't be alone... I don't want to be alone" he says his bag falling off his shoulder.

I give him an empathetic look and nod for him to come in. What's a few more days of sharing a bed? We're just friends right?


OK extra long update since its been forever!! Also can I just say Flicker is absolutely amazing!!! The acoustic version of flicker is life RN... As always please comment rate and subscribe. If there's errors I'm sorry I just took pain medicine not too long ago and it hit all at once. I broke my foot at work while dancing to Flicker actually :/ anyways Love you all XoXo


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Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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