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Through the Dark {Book Two}


ok so first off i am soo sorry i havent updated in sooo long. i like to be open and honest with you guys so the reasoning for that number one i have been depressed, ever since we had to put down our 14 year old brother and sister cats. they were my babies... even tho they were bitchy lol. second is my husband has been in the hospital since last week he went to work at 5am as normal and they made him work in an attic with no ventilation all day long in 100 degree heat outside so it would be close to 120 inside the attic until 1030 at night. he came home and looked like shit. i of course took him to the ER. they did their thing and came back to tell me that his kidneys and liver were in complete failure and they are surprised he didnt collapse and go into cardiac arrest. he is doing much better now and is back to work on light work only.... and last night i got the scare of my life because my 8 year old decided to take off with my phone and go on a walk by himself to play pokemon. i finally found him about a mile and half from our house. some man pulled up and asked if i was looking for an 7-8 yr old boy with a phone and i was like YES! he told me where he saw him and i immediatly started to haul ass in that direction. the man turned his truck around and before i could get there he came back with my son. I can not thank that man enough for being such a big help.

On a good note though i went and rescued two twin kittens from a shelter about 100miles away from me. they are all grey and have really long soft fur. we decided to name them Jax and Opie cus we had to stick with our character names lol Lilo and Stitch love them they get along great, and our dogs Tazz Lily and Harleigh Quinn love them too. And two days ago i went out to a small town because i got work that a lady had a kitten that she just let and left outside so i went to pick him up too. he is an arnwry little brat. My mother in law named him Ryker and they come over everyday to play with my kittens and she watches my kids.

Thank you guys for being so patient. i will have an update in the next day or so. please be careful in this heat and stay hydrated. love you all XOXO



hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

Allie Miller Allie Miller

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OMG YESSSS! Thank you! :D

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I’m getting ready to start re uploading now lol

Allie Miller Allie Miller

@Allie Miller
Okay great, thank you! Xx

niallsxbby niallsxbby