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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Twenty Five

“Annie, Love? How are you feeling?” Zayn asks when we are allowed back in the room.

“I…I…we’re really having them right, now aren’t we?” She stutters

“Yes, love we’re having our babies today” he smiles kissing her head

We all wait for hours and hours for the doctor to come in and say that it’s time for her to start pushing. Annie was in labor for 7 hours before she dialated enough to start pushing. I had to go out to the waiting room to get the others who had fallen asleep sprawled out everywhere.

“Guys it’s time” I say shaking them all awake

“What’s happening?” Niall grumbles

“It’s time Annie is ready to push” I say

The guys and me all go back to Annie’s room and wait as the nurses drop the bed and have two of everything ready.

“Ok Annakova are you ready? On your next contraction I need you to bear down like your using the bathroom and push as hard as you can” The doctor tells her

Zayn and Annie both shake their heads. I go to grab her left foot as her mum holds her right. Zayn is holding her hand while Niall and Harry are on either side at her shoulders and Louis holding her other hand.

“Ok, one..two..three push! Really hard, they’re ya go” the doctor encourages her

“You’re doing lovely darling, just a few more pushes and our babies will be here” Zayn tells her wiping the hair from her face

“Zayn, now is not the time to talk to me, just shut the fuck up!” Annie screams at him

I guess we are at that point that everyone always talks about, when the mother yells at her husband or boyfriend and blame them for getting them pregnant. Its quite funny if you ask me.

“Alright Anakova, one more big push and baby 1 will be out. so, when you’re ready push” the doctor tells her

Annie takes in two deep breathes before pushing with all her might then suddenly, the room is filled with wailing. The doctor hands the baby over to a nurse who goes over to suction out her mouth and nose then weigh her and continue to clean her up. The doctor told Annie to go ahead and breathe through the next two contractions before she starts pushing again. Baby 2 is already crowning as it is.

“Ok on the count of three give me a good big push ok? One, two, three”

Annie pushes with the help of the boys helping her to lean forward. She squeezes Zayn and Niall’s hands hard I can hear them whimpering in pain. I laugh at them because I thinks it’s funny she’s making two grown men cry.

“Oh Annie, her head is through, keep pushing love” Zayn tells her

“I’m trying I’m tired though I don’t think I can push anymore” she cries

“Yes, you can, Louis, Harry help prop her forward and on three Annie you push ok, push with all you have” I tell everyone

Everybody does as they are told and baby 2 is out in no time. The nurses get them both cleaned up and bring them over so Annie and Zayn can see them.

“What are their names?” the red head nurse asks

Annie answers her “This one is Zabrina Hadarah and the one Zayn is holding is Bristol Rayah”

“Those are such pretty names” the nurse says

We all stand around gawking at the babies while the doctor attends to Annie.
She winces occasionally. The doctor asks her if she’s feeling alright because her blood pressure is rising.

“Um yeah, I’m just having severe pain in my back” she tells him

“Ok, let me know how often this pain is. I’ll be right outside here at the nurse station” he says before walking out.

He gives us some privacy before she gets moved to the mother baby unit. The girls they took up to the Nicu for now, so they can do some tests and make sure they are healthy. Since they’ve arrived early. I notice Annie isn’t looking very well. The hair around her face is wet with perspiration, her face pale as a china doll.

“Annie love are you alright?” I ask

The guys all turn to look at her.

“She doesn’t look well” Niall says

Zayn goes to her bedside and tries to comfort her, but she is in too much pain and her blood pressure keeps rising. She is trying to tell us something, but she can’t get the words out. Suddenly she falls back and starts convulsing; Harry and Louis both rush to get the doctor.

“What’s happening doctor!” Zayn shouts as he comes in

The doctor rushes in and yells for his nurses to get her to the Operating Room right now.

We all stand in awe as the nurses roll her away out of the room.

“Give her the serum to stop the seizure, then get the anesthesia administered quickly.” I demand of my nurses

“What do you think is going on?” the nurse asks

“I think there is another baby in her that didn’t show up on her ultrasounds” I say to her.

“Ok heart rate is returning to normal and she is now asleep. Nurse hand me my scalpel” I tell her

I make a small incision into the under side of Anakova’s belly, once I am through and to the uterus I make another small incision there as well. And lord and behold I was right. I pull out another baby, tinier than the other two. The nurse takes him and cleans him up and weighs him, 2lbs even. My nurse takes the baby up to the Nicu with his sisters as I go out to inform her family.

“Well doctor what happened?” Zayn asks

“I had a hunch that Anakova may have had another baby in her uterus, and I was correct. I gave her a serum to stop the seizure then put her under so I could make the incisions I needed. There was definitely another baby, a boy weighing two pounds exactly.” The doctor tells Zayn

“Oh…. So we hav.. have three?” he stutters

“That is correct sir, congratulations” The doctor says before he moves on to his next patient.



hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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