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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Six

Niall is going to make this a very long year, I don’t want things to get complicated between us but by the sounds of it he is going to do just that. I love Niall I really do, I always will but I married Liam. Niall had his chance and he blew it then he proceeded to not even bother to call, text or even write in five whole years. What does he expect me to do just drop my marriage to Liam and go running back to him? Ugh this is going to be a long ass tour.

“Hey babe you ready to go, the van is waiting” Liam peeps his head into the bedroom

“Yeah just have to grab a few things the I’ll be out” I tell him

I go to my bedside table and grab the current book I am reading called ‘True Believer’ by Nicholas Sparks and then go to my book shelf to grab a few others because I know I will be done with this book in no time at all. I skim through my books and decide to take ‘The Light Between Oceans, 13 Reasons Why. Best of Me and Angela’s Ashes’ I’m sure it won’t take me long to read all of them but I can always buy new books when we stop.

When I have my books and journals in my carry on I exit my bedroom, shutting the door behind me. I make my way out to the front of the house, locking the front door and setting the alarm as I go.

“Ready mummy?” Haddie asks as I climb into the van.

“I sure am, are you ready little lady?”

“Yup” she replies

Liam comes down to the van after making sure that the cars are locked up and the alarm is set for the garage as well.

“Ok babe everything is ready to go” he tells me

I nod and tell the driver to take us to Heathrow International Airport. It isn’t a long drive, probably because it is four in the morning and there isn’t much traffic. The schedule changed a bit. We were supposed to start with tours Europe first but things changed and they guys decided they wanted to start with South America first then North America and Canada. Which is fine with me because South America is gorgeous and I’ve always wanted to visit some of the countries there.

We arrive at the airport about 4:30am just in time to catch our 5:00am flight out.

“Mummy where are we going first again?” Hadleigh asks me

“We are going to the South American country of Brazil first.” I tell her

“Oh, ok” she says yawning

Liam comes back to the van and unloads our luggage onto a big cart, I grab our carry on back packs and Haddie’s hand as we follow Liam to the front doors. An airport personnel opens the door for us and lets us enter. We go check in our stuff, make our way through security and get directions to our terminal.

“Mummy look Uncky H!” Haddie shouts

She lets go of my hand and takes off running in Harry’s direction. He is waiting for her with arms wide open so she can jump on him. He catches her with ease and lifts her off the ground in a big bear hug spinning her around.

“There’s my girl, what took you so long getting here?” Harry questions

“Dad” she tells him

“Hmm I figured” Harry laughs

Harry puts Haddie back on her feet and comes to hug me tightly.

“Bout time you got here, the only other person we’re waiting for is Louis, but he will be here soon” Harry says

“Who?” Louis familiar voice says

“Well speak of the devil” I say

“How are those babies doing?” I ask him

“They’re a handful, I’m currently on team no sleep right now” Louis says

“It will get better, is Sarah going to be ok taking care of them by herself?” I ask

“Her mum and sister are going to stay for a few weeks to help out.” Louis tells me

Everybody picks a spot to sit until we are called to board the plane, which didn’t take too long. I asked about Annie and Zayn because they were not there but Zayn and her are catching a flight out of Lucerne because she was visiting her parents. The plane I must say is very spacious it’s set up so everyone has their own little pods to sleep in and it had a lounge area toward the back with a flat screen T.V. hooked up. Louis, Liam and Harry make their way towards the PlayStation while Hadleigh, Myself and Niall decide to go back to sleep. It’s going to be a long flight and it’s too early to be up right now anyway.

13.5 hours later:

“If everyone would please get into the pods and put their seats in the upright position and fasten the seat belts we will be landing very soon” the captian comes over the speaker.

I put my seat up and put Haddie in my lap and fasten the seat belt around both of us, my ears pop as we descend onto the landing strip. The plane bumped a few times before we slowed down and finally came to a complete stop. We all exit the plane and get into a small bus type of vehicle that takes us to the terminal where we go inside and make our way to baggage claim.

“It feels good to be back here again” Liam says

“It sure is humid as fuck” I say panting

“Yeah Rio is very humid, it’s a tropical climate. But we will be at the hotel soon and in air conditioning” Liam assures me

I’m not going to lie it’s even hotter than hell inside the airport, it’s much worse outside but fuck sake it’s hot inside as well. We wait by baggage claim for twenty minutes before everyone has their belongings. We pair up and all make our way to the main concourse so we can get out shuttle to the hotel. It’s just about noon here and we have three days before the guys’ first show so we have some time to spend sight-seeing and getting caught up on sleep to help with the jet lag.

It was huge hassle getting through the airport, they guys were noticed almost instantly. Liam got separated from Haddie and I and we were completely swarmed by paps wanting photos and comments about our marriage and what not. Poor Hadleigh accidently let of my hand and fell to the ground, luckily Niall was there and scooped her up and grabbed my hand, dragging us both out of the doors and into the shuttle bus.

“Shit, thank you Niall” I say wiping tears from my face

“No problem I wasn’t going to just let you both get trampled in there” he says sitting Haddie down on a seat.

“Jesus Christ these mother fuckers are animals, are you alright love?” Liam asks scooping up Haddie

“Yea, we’re ok. Niall scooped Haddie off the floor and got us both to safety” I told him

Liam turns to Niall and gives him a sideways hug.

“Thanks for helping my girls” he tells Niall.

“Anytime bro” Niall says

We take twenty minutes to get through all the traffic and another ten waiting for all of us to get our room keys and get all of our shit up to the rooms. By this time it is going on two in the afternoon. I also noticed that Annie and Zayn weren’t here yet either.

“Hey H, when was Annie and Zayn supposed to arrive?” I ask

“ Zayn just sent me a text and their plane should be landing around two in the morning. They’re going to be at this hotel as well.” He informs me

“Cool, thank you H”

Well I guess for now we should get some sleep and then enjoy Brazil for the few days we are here.


sorry its late we have had severe weather all day and my power was out for hours. we have a huge tree branch that just missed hitting our house and is blocking our driveway so we cant get out :( anyways hope you like, its kind of boring i know but its a filler for the next few chapters to come. Tour time is upon us, what shananigans does Mr. Horan have up his sleeve?? love you all xoxo please rate comment and subscribe


hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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