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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Five

A Month later:

Liam and the rest of the guys have been working their asses off on this new album. They have written and recorded 13 songs already and have 4 more to go. Its getting nearer to the tour starting so they may record when they can before and after shows for the first two weeks we are gone. I am anticipating leaving, it’s going to be super fun. My updated passport came and I have gotten mine and Haddie’s shots done so we can leave next Tuesday.

“Babe where is my travel razor?” Liam shouts from the hallway closet.

I’m lying on the couch miserable and in pain. Ever since I had the twins my periods have been horrendous. The cramping is the worst sometimes it gets to the point where I can’t even move properly because my stomach is in knots so bad. My doctor ended up having to prescribe me muscle relaxers for when that happens.

“Uh.. should be on the top shelf in the basket… Charger is in the bathroom third drawer down.” I shout back to him

I don’t hear anything for a few moments.

“did you find it?” I ask … “Liam!”

“Yeah found it, thanks babe” he finally shouts back to me.

Liam is packing his bags because we leave in two days. I on the other hand have not packed a single thing for myself for Haddie. I fall asleep on the couch while watching the Netflix series 13 reasons why. I wake up four hours later at 7:00pm. ‘Shit’ I think to myself I should probably get up and make dinner.

“I’m so sorry, I fell asleep” I say walking into the kitchen.

When I get in there I see Liam hoovering over the stove cooking. He turns around and see that he is wearing my cooking apron which looks adorable on him I may add. I can’t believe he is cooking for me tonight.

“Ah babe you didn’t have to cook, you should have woke me up” I tell him

“Man, Payno that girl of yours is a riot” I hear the distinct accent of a certain Irish lad as he walks into our kitchen.

“Oh… Niall hi” I say a bit shocked he’s here

“Hey Bails, how was your nap?” he asks

“Oh um great” I smile

I walk over and hug Liam from behind, carefully eyeing Niall as well. He looks amazing, he filled out very well I must say over these last five years.

“Mmm what’s for dinner?” I whisper in Liam’s ear

“I decided to make sautéed steak fajita’s with restaurant style tortilla chips and home made salsa and queso.” Liam grins

“Ohhh sounds great, Where’s my girl at?”

“She’s sitting at the table coloring” Niall tells me

I let go of Liam and go into sit with Haddie while the boys finish dinner. We all eat until there is nothing left. When Haddie is done eating I take her up to bed then go back down to help clear the table.

“We got it babe, why don’t you go pack your stuff. I set you and Had’s cases on the bed for you” Liam says

I guess he’s right we do leave Tuesday and tomorrow is Monday so I should probably get all of our stuff together. I kiss Liam’s cheek before turning to walk back through the dining room. I’m looking down at my feet and don’t even notice Niall coming towards me. We crash into each other and I fall to the ground knocking some dishes over as I go.

“Shit Bails you ok?” he hurries to help me to my feet.

“Yeah, sorry I wasn’t paying attention.” I mumble

We stand awkwardly for a moment while Niall is still holding my hands.

“Whoa what happened?” Liam says loudly

I quickly grabs my hands from Niall’s grip as I feel my face go bright red.

“I uh… I accidently ran into Niall and fell over” I say embarrassed

“oh, well are you ok?”

“yeah it’s just a small bump, I’ll be fine”

I go upstairs and pack Hadleigh’s stuff first since it would be easiest. Her stuff doesn’t take so long. Mine on the other hand take a couple of hours. I have to pack all of the clothes I’m taking, a few different pairs of shoes, bathing suits and most importantly I have to make sure to pack all of my hair products, combs, brushes, scissors, and all of my makeup stuff as well. When I’m finally done I have two large suitcases, three small makeup bags and a backpack with just my laptop, camera, book and chargers and medications so I have something to do on the plane when we fly.

It’s 11:00pm when I go back downstairs to see what the guys are doing. I don’t hear anything but the television so I go to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher. The sink is full of nothing but empty beer bottles and there is a bottle of Hornito’s empty as well.

“Awesome, they’re drunk” I sigh to myself.

I put all of the empty containers in a trash bag and set them outside the sliding door, then unload the dishwasher and start a new load to finish them for the night. When I go into the living room to see what they are up to the sight I see is hilarious. Liam is passed out on the floor and Niall is passed out as well with his head on Liam’s stomach and an arm around his waist. They look too cute to wake up so I just go grab some blankets from the hallway closet and cover them both up before locking up the house for the night and going up to bed myself.


I wake up to the sound of footsteps in my bedroom. It’s dark so I can’t tell who it is, it’s too tall to be Haddie so it must be Liam.

“Hey babe you ok?” I ask

No answer

“Liam?” I say

“Bailey…. Oh uhh” I hear Niall

I shoot up out of bed and turn on the bedside lamp. I see Niall leaning on the wall on the verge of falling over. I get up out of bed forgetting that I am in just my sports bra and underwear and go to put Niall’s arm over my shoulder.

“I’m sorry I thought this was the extra bedroom” he mumbles

“No.. no it’s fine just come with me and I’ll help you to the other bedroom” I say turning to head out of my room.

“Bailey, you’re half naked” Niall blushes

“Thanks for noticing, but it’s nothing you’ve never seen before” I say to him

We reach the spare room and I help him into the bed. That’s a task all in itself too, I get him sat on the edge of the bed and push him back so he’ll lie down. He’s really no help, just dead weight because the effect of the alcohol is still pretty potenant in his system. I get his legs turned so he is in the bed all the way now and draw the blankets over him. I kiss his forehead before shutting off the light.

“Good night Niall. Glad you and Liam had fun” I say

“Night Bailey. I love you” he says

I don’t say anything just close the door behind me and go back to my room.

“He’s just drunk Bailey, he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about” I say to myself.

I crawl back into bed and drift off to sleep again, not waking up until late the next morning.

“Mummy!” I hear Hadleigh shout as she jumps on my bed.

“Hey baby, what’s up?”

“I’m hungry” she pouts

“Ok, let’s go get some breakfast” I say getting up and putting my robe on.

Hadleigh and I go down to the kitchen and I make her favorite; chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup and whip cream. I make Haddie a place at the dining room table and sit her down to eat. I go back into the kitchen to clean up the mess I made when I hear someone come in behind me.

“MMmm something smells good” I turn to see Niall pouring a cup of coffee.

“Oh, uh yeah I made Haddie pancakes” I say

We stand silently for a moment before he breaks the silence.

“Um about earlier Bails”

“No it’s fine really, I understand you were just drunk.” I cut him off

“Yeah, drunk” he sighs.

“You didn’t really mean it” I say to him

“The thing is, I did. I mean I do. I love you Bailey. I never stopped loving you” Niall admits

I am at a loss for words I just stand there with a stupid look on my face.

“I’m married to Liam” is all I could muster.

“Yes I know, I wish you weren’t though. it sucks I lived every day of the last five years in fear of losing you even though you’re not even mine to lose.” Niall says seriously

“Niall, I.. I don’t know what to say. I’ve always told you I love you but as a friend. I will always love you as a friend nothing has changed that.” I say a tear rolling down my face.


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hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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