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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Seven

Niall POV:

Bailey looks so great; I can’t believe how well she’s kept herself over the last few years. After having two kids and all. I feel horrible for holding a grudge against her for all those years, it’s not her fault that I was an asshole to her and basically drove her back into Liam’s arms.

** Phone Rings**

“Ello mum” I answer the phone

“Hello dear, how’s Brazil?” she asks

“I only just got here, we landed about two hours ago” I tell her

“Oh ok well I hope you have fun and stay out of trouble” Mum tells me

“Mum I never get in trouble” I say

“Niall James Horan, you know exactly what I am talking about”

“No I don’t mum, please explain”

“Bailey” is all she says to me

I stay quiet for a moment; my mum knows me too well sometimes.

“Mum she’s married to Liam now, like she’ll ever want to be with me again” I say before hanging up the phone.

Bailey POV:

We get to our room and sleep for the next four hours. When we wake up it is going on 5:00pm so we get dressed and head down to dinner, I put Hadleigh in a red romper and white sandals then I braid her hair, I decide to match her and wear a white romper with my red Michael Kors Sandles and Liam opts for a batman t-shirt, jeans and his timberland boots. We go downstairs and get into the waiting car. I climb in first and I am met with Niall… great.
Payne's “Oi, I was wondering who we were waitin for” Niall laughs

Oh lord I think to myself.

“Oh, Niall hey” I say as I scoot in closer to him so Haddie can get in.

Hadleigh climbs in and gets in the middle seat between Liam and I.

“Uncle Ni” she shouts

“Hi Haddie!” he leans over to tickle her

Once everyone is in the driver pulls away and Liam and Niall engage in small talk about the upcoming album and the tour.

“mummy…mummy” I can hear Haddie say but my eyes are stuck looking out of the window

“Mummy I gotta go potty”

I jump and grab Niall’s hand as he shakes my leg.

“She’s talking to you” he nods towards Haddie

“Sorry love, what is it?” I bend down so I can hear her

“I gotta go potty mummy” she tells me

“Ok baby, Liam how long until we reach the diner?” I ask

“Less than five minutes, it’s just around the corner” Niall answers

“Ok, Had love can you hold it for a few more seconds?” I ask her

She nods her head yes as we drive two more blocks and pull into the diner. Liam gets out and takes Haddie inside to check in and use the restroom, which leaves me in the car with Niall and the driver.

“Harry said that they are inside and have a table already” Niall tells me making small talk
“Ok, Liam should come back to get us as soon as he checks in” I tell him

I have enough room to scoot over some but I am stuck to my seat which means I am glued to Niall’s side.

“So are you excited to get the tour started?” He asks me

“Yes I am. We’re going to a lot of places that I have never been to before and I’d glad that Lottie is going to be here to help me as well so I won’t be bombarded with all five of you guys at once for hair and makeup” I say

“Well tomorrow we’ll be assigned to our artist

By this time Liam comes back and tells us that this is the wrong diner and the guys are at someplace called El Ristorante Mexicana, obviously a Mexican restaurant. Roof top lounge
So Haddie and Liam get back into the car and we go ten more blocks until we’re downtown then pull up to the front of a large brick building with blacked out windows. Of course there are paparazzi everywhere so Liam gets out first to ward them off so I can get out behind him and pick up Hadleigh. When I turn to walk with Liam he is already swept away by a security guard. I look back into the car as Niall is climbing out. There is no other security around so it’s sort of like a free for all, with camera’s flashing in every direction. I try to shield Hadleighs eyes but its to no advantage because these mother fuckers are actually putting their hands on me and pulling my had out of the way so that they can get photos of my baby.
“Get off you arrogant cunts” Niall shouts as he comes over and takes Haddie and hurries her inside.

I am stuck out her by myself with these animals now, but not for long Liam rushes out and escorts me inside. Niall must have told them what they were doing because I am in the doorway to the restaurant alone. When I look back I see Liam in the face of a paparazzi who was shouting at me about our daughter. Liam is a little hot headed at times and has been known to throw a punch or two at these people who don’t know when to quit. Ten minutes later we are all finally sat with the rest of the boys and ready to eat. The restaurant has given us the roof top all to ourselves tonight.

“So are you excited to be working my sista?” Louis asks

“Oh yea very, I don’t know how I would get all of you styled in time with just myself.” I laugh

“I’m sure you’d do fantastic either way” Harry tells me

“Thank you Harry, so what time is the meeting tomorrow?” I ask

“Meeting?” Zayn says

“Yeah you know for who you’ll be assigned to for styling and such” I say

“Oh yeah, um I guess we should just choose a time to meet in the conference room” Zayn suggests

“How about 4:00pm? So everyone will be done with what they have planned for tomorrow, cus I know Liam and Bails are taking Hadleigh to the Rio Zoo tomorrow” Harry says

We all look at each other and shake our heads in agreement.

“Yeah that works for us” I say

“OK so tomorrow afternoon and four o'clock we all meet in the conference room, that is room 104 E. I’ll send a mass text so all the stylists will be there as well.” Harry tells all of us.

We finish dinner and decide to get a van to do a little bit of sight-seeing before going back to the hotel for the night. We go spend twenty minutes looking through the Rio De Janeiro Botanical Gardens and then head over to the Museum of Tomorrow. By the time we are done with these two places it is going on 9:30pm. We go back to the hotel at this time so we can get some sleep before taking Haddie to the zoo tomorrow morning.


A bit boring but it's opening for the next chapter which we will be finding out who is assigned to who and the problem Bailey faces with the trip to the zoo.... sorry it's been so long i have not been able to get out of my bed for days on end because i screwed up my lower back. i'm sure it has something to do with from when i broke my tailbone... anyways i hope i didn't disappoint too bad. please leave a comment, rate and subscribe :) XOXO love you all


hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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