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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Eight

Beep, beep,beep!

The alarm clock rings out. I roll over and hit the snooze button, I need just ten more minutes of sleep before getting up for the day. Liam of course is nowhere in sight, I roll back over to his side of the bed to find a post it note on his pillow.

“Hey love I had an early morning meeting I had to attend so I won’t be able to attend the zoo with Hadliegh and you today. If you’d like you can see if one of the guys would like to go with you. I’ll be back later tonight.
Love always,

I crumble the note and toss it at the sliding door. Of course he would find something else he just has to do instead of spending time with Liam and I. My alarm starts going off again so I get up and get myself ready for the day before waking up Haddie. I decide to wear my jean shorts and a blue crop top with my galaxy Nike tennis shoes. When I have my hair and make-up done I go to the other side of my room and wake up Haddie.
zoo day

She’s reluctant at first but when I mention the zoo she’s up, bright eyed and bushy tailed. I dress her in similar clothes; jean shorts with a pink tank, her Nike tennis shoes. After I braid her hair we make our way down to the kitchen of the hotel for breakfast. Harry, Zayn and Niall are already down here eating as well so we go over and Haddie sits in the seat between Zayn and Niall, I decided to sit by Harry and across from Niall so I can keep an eye on Hadleigh.

“So are you excited to go to the zoo today Hads?” Harry ask her

“Yea, mummy is taking me after we eat breakfast” she tells him

“Oh, isn’t daddy going too?” he asks

Harry looks at me confused.

“No, he left a note saying he had to leave somewhere for an important interview, I was hoping one of you would know something about it” I say

They all shake their heads no, which indicates that it must not be band related. I ask the guys to keep and eye on Haddie for a few moments so I can go to the front desk and ask about Liam’s departure this morning.

“Good morning Miss, how may I help you?” the older gentleman asks in a thick accent

“Hello, I was wondering what time Mr. Liam Payne left this morning?” I ask him

“Ok let me see” he turns to his computer screen and punches in a few things on the keyboard.

“It looks like he left around 4:15am. A Private driver picked him up” The man told me

“Ok, is there any way you can tell me where he was going?” I ask, it’s worth a shot anyways.

He clicks on his keyboard a few more times before telling me the name of the driving service is called WayOut Drivers and the driver’s name is Willem.

“Ok, thank you” I say

I turn from the desk and take my phone out of my purse. I google the company, and press the call button. A woman answers the phone and I ask her where the driver was taking Liam. She tells me that he was dropped off at the airport at 4:47 this morning. I tell her thank you and hang up the phone, I quickly google the number for the airport and call them as well. Something doesn’t seem right, why is he going to the damn airport when he is supposed to be here with us.

“Hola?” a female answers the phone

“Hola, yo hablo ingles?” I ask

“Si, yes I speak english” she says

Whew, thank goodness because my Spanish isn’t very good. I ask her all the same questions I asked the cab company and the front desk. I finally found out that he flew back home early this morning and he is supposed to be arriving late tomorrow afternoon. I thank the woman on the phone and go back to the kitchen area.

“Well what’d you find out?” Harry asks

“Apparently he flew back home for some reason. I don’t know but he isn’t answering his phone. I’m not even going to stress over it, its whatever it’s him missing out on her life not me.” I rant

Niall gives me a sad look before telling me he will come to the zoo with us if I’d like him too.

“Yeah mummy please can Unky Ni come, please” she begs

“Yes of course he can” I smile at him

He has to run up to his room and change clothes so we wait in the lobby for him to come back. He changed into a pair of black Nike shorts, white Nike shirt, and his Nike shoes, he comes over and picks up Haddie and throws her over his shoulder as we go outside to the waiting shuttle bus.
Niall zoo trip outfit
Four Hours Later:

“Jesus Christ this place is huge, are we almost through this place yet?” I ask

“According to the map, no. We have the Rainforest, African Savannah, the elephant exhibit and creatures of the night exhibit to go through yet.” Niall says

We trudge along through the crowds of people making sure that Hadleigh sees everything. We get to the Antarctica exhibit with the aquarium attached, this building is much cooler than the others, thank god because it’s like 102 degrees outside.

“Mummy lookit” Haddie yells pulling me down

I bend over to see what she is looking at, it’s a huge emperor penguin swimming under the water. He is chasing the fish that the zookeeper let loose in the water. As I am bent over speaking and laughing with my girl, I feel Niall pressing up against me. I look to the side to see his face is as red as a cherry with embarrassment.

“Sorry, people are crowding me” he says

“Yeah sure” I laugh making him blush even more

I turn my attention back to Haddie as we watch the little rock hopper penguin start to chase after the fish now too. Out of nowhere I am knocked completely over, Niall grabs my waist before I hit my face on the glass.

“What the hell” I shout as he grabs me

The touch of his fingertips to my skin sends electricity through my body, I immediately get chill bumps from the contact.

“Dude watch where you’re goin, you about hurt my girls” Niall shouts at the man behind him who is pushing.

“Niall it’s all good, it’s ok” I say as he keeps a tight hold on my waist still

When he notices he still has a hold of me he suddenly drops his hands to his side and apologizes. I tell him its ok and thank you for catching me. Haddie has had enough of the animals in the aquarium so we make our way to the end of the zoo.

We go see the Elephant’s, Tiger’s, Hyena’s, Cheetah’s, and the creatures of the night exhibit. The last exhibit was pretty cool even for me being an adult. They had bats, wombats,an aardvark and this cool swamp room with real alligator’s loose, of course they were fenced off but still it was cool to be in such close proximity of them. When we are done we drag out tired asses up the huge hill back toward the entrance.

“Can we go to the gift shop?” Haddie asks

She’s on Niall’s shoulders because she is too tired to walk, right now I wish I was slumped over his shoulders as well because my ass is dragging. It’s hot, I’m definitely sunburned and we have been here for six hours. We get to the gift shop and into the air conditioned building. It feels so much better in here. While Niall and Haddie look around I call the hotel to let them know we are done so the shuttle bus can head back over for us. When I’m done I go to find them, Hadleigh has an arm full of toys.

“That’s a lot of stuff for one little girl to carry” I say

“Mummy look uncle Ni said he will get me all of these” she says

“What can I say, she’s my little princess” he places a hand on her head

I smile at him and tell him thank you and that the shuttle should be here soon.

Hotel 7:00pm:

After we get back from the zoo all three of us go to our rooms. I put on cartoons for Hadleigh so I can take a shower. When I am done I go back to the bedroom and she is out like a light so I crawl up into bed and take a nap with her. We wake up about 6:30 to someone knocking on the door. I go over and open it to find Annie on the other side.

“Annie!” I shriek

I grab her into a huge hug and we jump around in a circle.

“I can’t believe you’re here. Zayn said it wouldn’t be until next week” I say

“Yeah I got done with my testing early and was able to leave sooner, plus I couldn’t wait another week to see my girls and my guy ya know” she nudges me

Of course that would be why she comes, like she doesn’t get enough of Zayn already. She tells me about the meeting that I freaking slept through.

“Shit, well who did I get assigned then?” I ask

She looks at me sheepishly.

“You are in charge of Louis, Harry and Niall” she tells me smiling

I smile wide, great the person I was going to try to avoid got assigned to me for hair and makeup. This is definitely going to be a long tour, she tells me that Lottie is assigned to Liam, Zayn and Zayn’s backup singers. After we chat for a few minutes she drags us downstairs to dinner. Tonight we are going out to this great street food restaurant. Everyone is waiting downstairs for us, instead of taking two cars this time a big extended limo pulls up and we all pile into it. Surprising enough the place wasn’t that busy and the food was excellent.

Hadleigh was grouchy because she is exhausted from today’s events. I ask Annie if she would stay with Hadleigh while I take a walk on the beach and try to call Liam to find out where he is. She agrees and takes her in her arms and up to her room. I thank her and kiss her cheek before I go back out of the front doors. I walk the path to the beach and pick a secluded spot to sit down, I watch the sun set for a bit before taking my phone from my pocket to call Liam. The phone rings and rings before it says it is sent to voicemail. At least his phone is on its just a matter of him answering the damn thing. I hang up and send a text then wait a few minutes with no reply; so I try to call one last time for the night… nothing, this time it goes straight to voicemail.

“Fuck” I shout and toss my phone to the side

I sit quietly as a few tears roll down my cheeks, what is he doing that is so important he can’t even answer his phone. He doesn’t even have the decency to wake me up before just taking off, or giving any of us an explanation on where he is going.

“Is everything ok?” I hear his Irish accent behind me

Niall takes a seat in the sand next to me and wraps and arm around my shoulders hugging me to his side.

“He loves you, you know” Niall tells me

“Yeah well it doesn’t feel like it” I snap

“You’ll be ok, he should be back tomorrow right?” he asks

“According to the front desk yes, but to him I have no idea because he won’t answer my texts or his fucking phone period… he just pisses me off when he does shit like this” I say wiping a tear away

“So this isn’t the first time he’s done this?” Niall says confused

“No, when we first got married he would run off in the middle of the night quite frequently. I later found out, like months later that he was cheating on me again with Sophia. But me being stupid gave him the benefit of the doubt because I wanted to keep our family together so I forgave him…. It was stupid” I say

Niall doesn’t say anything, what could he say? I told you so; because it would be fitting. He told me five years ago after I had the twins that Liam would never be faithful to me, he will always love me I know that but I question his faith to me, even now. I sit there and let him keep his arm draped over me as we watch the sun set over the ocean.

“You wanna go for a swim?” I say popping my head up to look at him

Those gorgeous blue orbs staring at me in amazement, I can see that he still loves me and had never quit loving me. It hurts somewhat to know that he hurts everysingle day because I am not with him. Maybe things would be different with Niall I think to myself but quickly shut the idea down. I am married, and my husband would kill me and him if anything ever happened.

“Um I don’t have my swim shorts on” he says

“So what, swim in your boxers” I say

I stand up and take off my shirt and unbutton my jean shorts letting them drop to my feet. I step out of them and leave my phone and sandals next to the pile of clothes. I grab Niall’s hand and pull him up.Beach Please
“C’mon don’t be a wimp” I say teasing him

He finally gives in and takes off his shirt tossing it with my clothes, he kicks off his shoes and pulls his shorts off to reveal the white boxer briefs underneath

“You’re fucking crazy” he laughs trying to keep up with my running

I look back, he looks good; he’s been working out and it shows everything about him is beautiful. He is jogging to keep up with me. When we reach the water’s edge I just go all in, Niall on the other hand stands letting the water rush over his feet. I swim out a little ways before stopping to tread water.

“What are you doing, c’mon the water is great” I shout

“I’ll just stay here” he shouts back

I forgot that he has never swam in the ocean before so he is probably scared he’ll drown or get stung by a jellyfish or something. I swim back to shore and stand up next to him.

“What’s wrong?” I ask my hands on my hips

He stares me up and down, his eyes are dark with want, need even. He licks his lips and looks into my eyes.

“I can’t do this Bailey” he says

“Do what swim? Just think of it as a big pool with no sides” I say

“No this, you’re married to my best friend. I can’t have these feelings for you, it will never work” he says looking down
you can't start a fire without a spark
“Niall” I say but he ignores me

“Niall James Horan, you look at me right now. I don’t care how you feel about me, about us or anything else. You promised me all those years ago that we would always be friends, and god damn it I need a friend right now. I need you to forget about feelings and just be here for me please. My husband is out doing lord knows what or who for that matter, all I want to do is go swimming. Is that too much to ask?” I rant

Niall looks at me with wide eyes as I snap on him. I don’t mean to but fuck all I want is to be happy. My husband just up and left and he is the only person paying any attention to me like a husband should. I know he loves me and I love him too but like he said it will never work, I am married to his best friend and things are going to stay that way.


Ohhhh do i feel a Niley coming back strong????


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Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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