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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Thirty One

After the doctor came in and gave Hendryx the epidural she calmed down tremendously. She got a good four hours of sleep in before it was time for her to start pushing.

“Ok Hendryx it’s time to start pushing. When you feel the next contraction I want you to bear down and push like you have to use the bathroom ok?” The doctor on call tells her

She shakes her head yes then looks at me terrified. I give her a smile and squeeze her hand. A few minutes go by before Hendryx starts moaning in pain and grasping mine and Harry’s hands hard.

“Is another one coming?’ Harry says

She shakes her head fiercely before letting out a small wail.

“Ok 1..2..3.. start pushing…. Keep going, keep going, a little bit more and realx” the doctor say happily

“Good job darling just a little bit more to go” Harry kisses her sweaty hair.

“Ok.. ok just a little bit more I can do that” Hendryx says as she starts whimpering again.

It took about ten more minutes of pushing before the first baby was out and then another three minutes before baby two was here. The nurses take them both to get cleaned up. I follow and take photos as they are being weighed and swaddled. Then I get some great photos of Harry and Hendryx as they meet their babies for the very first time. After the doctor is done stitching Hendryx up he asks for the babies names for paperwork reasons.

“My little princess is Harper Grace Styles and my little prince is Hayden Edward Styles” Harry smiles widely

After mum and dad get settled into their hospital suite I kiss them both and congratulate them on their beautiful babies. I kiss my new baby cousins before I leave to give them peace.

“I’ll let you guys get some rest and will be back tomorrow” I tell them

When I get back home, my apartment is oddly quiet.. too quiet.

“Niall?” I whisper shout

“Shhh!” he says loudly

“I just got them both to sleep” He says exhausted.

“Was it that hard to get them to sleep?” I giggle

“Well as soon as you left Haddie came out saying her tummy was hurting, before I knew it she was puking all over the floor, then Everlee started puking because Haddie did.”

“Oh my, are they ok now?” I ask

“Yeah, I gave them both a warm bath and some medicine, then I laid them both down and read a couple books to them before they finally fell asleep.”

“How was it being Mr. Mom? To be honest the thought kind of turns me on” I say seductively
“Oh it does huh” Niall creeps across the room.

He reaches out and grabs my hips then kisses me on the neck as I let out a slight moan. He spins me around and starts kissing me on my lips while unzipping my jumpsuit and pulling it down until my breasts are exposed. Niall stands back looking at my bare upper half, he then leans in and kisses each breast as he sucks on the nipple softly making his way back up to my mouth.

“Maybe we should go to the bedroom” I huff

“clever idea” he pants picking me up and carrying me to the bed

Niall lays me down softly on the bed. I get up and shimmy off the rest of my jumpsuit leaving me in only my panties. Niall is standing in front of me, so I grab him by the belt and start to unbuckle it then unbutton and unzip his jeans using only my teeth.

“Holy hell” he grunts as he tears his shirt off and jumps on top of me

Niall is standing at full attention as he grabs my hips thrusting them up to take of my panties, he tosses them to the floor and doesn’t even give me time before he is inside of me.

“Shit Niall” I moan loudly

It’s a bit difficult to be intimate with one leg in a cast and one arm in a cast but Niall knew exactly how to get around that. I’m not going to go into detail but lets just put it this way, it was the best lovemaking I have had in a long time. It wasn’t long before both of exploded with pleasure then fell asleep in each other’s arms for the rest of the night. When we got up the next morning I turned on the news to see that the headlines were about Harry and Hendryx welcoming their babies into the world. The tv screen reads.

“Welcome to the world Harper Grace 4lbs 2oz and Hayden Edward 4lbs 1oz, the world can’t wait to see your sweet little faces. Congratulations to Mr. Harry Style and fiancée Hendryx Fitzgerald”


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