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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Thirty

Four Months Later:

I was in a coma for three weeks before I woke up. Liam left after Hendryx told him that he was not taking Haddie. My parents told me that he is living with Serra and Karlea since he was kicked out the house that Harry, Zayn and Louis share. As for my baby boy; My parents along with Niall took the liberty of having a funeral for him. After the memorial he was cremated to be put with his big brother Holden.

Today I finally received the copies of his death and birth certificates. Niall and Hendryx were the only two people who knew what I wanted to name him so they went ahead and named him for me.

Asher Lennon Fitzgerald; I can’t believe he would already be four months old today. Although I never got to see him, I miss him terribly. Things around home are starting to get back to normal though including my hormones. Niall is still living with me, he moved in to help me with Haddie while I was all bandaged up.

My leg comes out of the cast tomorrow but my arm had three more weeks left which is a drag. I have been busy helping Hendryx plan for her wedding to Harry, who popped the question two months ago. I’m also helping best I can to help her prepare for the twins too she’s due to have them any day now.

Annie and Zayn took the kids on holiday to Switzerland to visit her parents, Louis took Olivia and Oliver to Orlando Florida to see none other that Disney World. It’s been quite lonely, I’m use to having the guys, girls and all the kids around; Since they are on break for a while I guess its their right to travel and get away.

It’s late afternoon as I sit at my kitchen table browsing the internet for bigger homes. I need something with six bedrooms I think, this apartment is way too small for four people. I need something so I can have a home office and Niall can have a recording room, the girls can have their own room and Niall and I can have privacy. The only thing is. I haven’t told Niall about any of this yet; I am tonight, I want Everlee and him to be part of our lives forever.

“Hey love dinner is about done, can you set the table please?” Niall kisses my head

“Yeah sure let me move this stuff.” I tell him

I take my computer to the living room and plug it in, then make my way down the short hall to Hadleigh’s room to tell her and Ev to put toys away and wash up for dinner. After everyone has food on their plates and we say grace I clear my throat to speak.

“Ok, I have something to ask everyone. I’ve been thinking and with much consideration, I want to know if you and Everlee would want to move into our new house with us permanently”

Niall sits there staring at me as the girls play around.

“New house?” he says quizzically

“Yeah, I may have bought a six-bedroom house, three-bedroom 3acre house in Oxford” I tell him

He still sits staring at me.

“Say something will you?”

“I.. Uh..I, you bought a house?” he stutters

“Yeah I want us to live together. You, Me and the girls. Hadleigh and Everlee would have their own rooms and I can have a home office and you can have a room to soundproof and make a recording room” I tell him smiling.

“Yeah I mean that would be great, but why do we need six rooms? Wouldn’t five be enough?” Niall asks

I really didn’t want to say anything yet until I was further along but Niall is making this very difficult.
“Oh my god Niall I’m Pregnant” I blurt out.

He stands there gawking at me dumbfounded by what I just said. He runs a hand through his hair as he grabs his cheeks. I sit in place waiting for him to say something. After a few moments he comes around the table to where I am sitting and kneels in front of me, one hand on my knee.

“You’re sure you’re pregnant?” He takes my hand

“Well the four tests I took all said positive” I laughed

Niall pulls me up and hugs me tightly, pressing his lips softly to my forehead.

“Is it safe to be pregnant this soon after uhh.. what happened to Asher?” Niall asks me
“I don’t know, I have an appointment at the clinic on Tuesday.” I tell him

I don’t even finish my sentence before my phone starts blowing up with calls and text messages. I get up and go to the living room to answer my phone and all I get is screaming.

“Hello! Its me Harry, how soon can you be to St. Lukes?” he yells

“Harry you fucking knob get off the phone!” I hear Hendryx scream in the background

“What’s going on?” I ask worried now

“Hendryx is in labor, listen I gotta go just get here quick please, she’s going to kill me” he hung up sounding desperate

“Who was that love?” Niall pops his head in

“Um Harry, listen I have to go can you keep an eye on Hadleigh for me? Hendryx is in labor” I say gathering my things

“Yeah sure babe”

“Thank you, I’ll be back soon ok. Hads, baby be good for Niall ok, Mummy will I be back later” I kiss her on the cheek and hug Ni goodbye.

“Ok mummy, Evy and I are havin a tea party” she says

I give another look to Niall, grab my jacket and head out the door. When I get downstairs I hail a cab and get to the hospital within fifteen minutes. I pay the cabbie and hurry inside to the front desk.

“Hi I need to know where Hendryx Fitzgerald is…She’s in labor” I say put of breath

“She’s on floor five room 5110.” The receptionist said

I take off towards the lift and press the button to go up. When the doors open I run into a hard body and nearly fall to the floor. I look up to see its Harry looking very disheveled.

“Thank god you’re here” he sighs

“How’s she doing?”

“She’s yelling that she hates me and wants me to leave. I don’t know what to do” he tells me

“Ok that’s just hormones love, has she gotten an epidural yet?” I ask

“A what?”

“Oh boy” I sigh

We get to her room and I hurry to her bedside.

“Hi gorgeous how are you feeling?” I kiss her temple

“In a lot of pain!” she shouts

“Have you asked for an epidural yet?’ I ask her

“No, can you go ask the nurse to get me one quickly” she whimpers

I push the call light for Hendryx’s nurse to come in.

“Hello dear, how we doing?” she asks

“Yeah she needs an epidural, she’s in too much pain” I tell her “As quckily as you can too please”

“Ok I have some fourms she has to sign first then I can get the doctor in to administer it for her.”
The nurse leaves the room and comes back with four papers to sign before calling the doctor.


i know it's been a while and im sorry once again! i still love you all. life has been throwing me some hardballs the last few months!


hey guys so I cant sign into this account anymore so I'm going to finish this book and post it to this new account. Tumblr won't work for me ti sign in anymore.


Hey sorry about the delay, work has been crazy and going back and forth to appointments for my knee has been a pain and it's gotten me down in the dumps lately.

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