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Through the Dark {Book Two}

Chapter Thirty Three

Three months later:

It’s been and agonizing three months. Annie decided to start Chemo and Radiation. I go with her when I can so she doesn’t get bored. I found out that I am due in the fall October 18 to be exact I am 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

Niall and i have decided to just stay on a month to month payment system for my apartment because the house isn’t ready yet. Niall thinks it would be an awesome idea to wait until we get the ultrasound done to find out the gender and then just give it to the decorator so she can decorate the nursery accordingly. It’s not that bad of an idea actually.

Today I have a lot to do, I go sign the girls up for pre school today and then I am going to meet Annie at the hospital for her two hours of Chemo. Then I have my appointment for my doctor at four o’clock.

“Mummy, I don’t want to go to school.” Hadleigh tells me

“Well I’m sorry baby but you have to, so you can get really super smart and become that medicine doctor you want to be” I tell her

“But what about Everlee? will she go to the same school as me?” She asks

“NO baby, Evy will be in the pre school part. You’re going to be in kindergarten. But you will see each other every single day” I reassure her

“Ok, I guess mumma”

Hadleigh goes to sit by Everlee and build with blocks while I fill out these school papers. I take them up to the desk when I am done and the lady takes copies and asks if I am legal guardian to both girls.

“Hadleigh yes I am, but Everlee no, I am dating her father. He’s at work and can’t make it in to fill out the paper work for her.”

“I’m sorry love but I can’t finalize her papers until her father signs off on them then.” the lady tells me.

“Ok i’ll have her father come in then” I tell the clerk

The next stop after signing the girls up for school is going to the doctor. Since I don’t have a sitter They’re both going to go with me. Both of them fuss and complain on the car ride over to the office. When I pull into a spot i take off my seat belt and turn to look at them sternly.

“Ok girls, Mummy is having pictures taken of the baby in my tummy today. I need you guys to be very very good and sit still ok? Can you do that for me?” I ask them

“Yes mumma we will be super duper good” Hadleigh tells me

“Ok, let’s go in side then yeah?”

When we get inside the waiting room thankfully it isn’t too busy. I tell the girls to go find a spot to sit down while i check in. Everything has gone smoothly so far, Thank God. The girls pick seats by the fish tank which keeps them both quiet and occupied until the nurse calls me name.

“Bailey Payne” the nurse calls after ten minutes

The girls and I get up and follow the nurse to the back where i get my finger poked, blood pressure checked, weight checked and oxygen level checked before having to go into the bathroom and pee in a cup for them. After all of that the nurse escorts us to the exam room. It isn’t too long before Dr. Roth comes in.

“Hello Ms. Payne,how are things going?” she asks me

“Things have been great actually, very minimal morning sickness and i’m not as tired as I was the last time I was in.” I tell her

“Ok let’s have you lie back and we’ll get some measurements and listen to the baby’s heart beat” Dr. Roth tells me

I lie back as she uses the measuring tape to measure my belly, then she puts two fingers inside of me to feel my cervix which is very uncomfortable. Lastly she gets the doppler and runs it over my belly until we hear the thump thump thump of a heart beat.

“Hm, that’s strange?” Dr. Roth says

“What? is something wrong?”“No, it’s just I hear an echo, but it could just be your heart beating so loud, we’ll take a look on the ultrasound. Now i’ll give you a moment to get dressed again and meet you down the hall in front of Ultrasound.” Dr Roth says

“Mummy, are the babies ok?” Hadleigh asks sensing the worry in my voice

“Yea sweetie, Dr. Roth says the baby sounds good. Now lets go down the hall so we can get those pictures taken” I tell the girls

“Ms. Bailey Payne” the tech calls out

“Yeah that’s me” I say getting up

The girls follow behind me and when we’re in the room i tell them to sit in the chairs beside the bed and watch the screen and they will see the little baby. This ultrasound seems like it’s taking quite a bit longer than normal.

“Is everything ok?” I ask

“Yeah the baby looks great, i have a question though? do multiples run in your family?” she asks

“Yeah they do, Hadleigh has a twin brother who passed away from prematurity.” I tell her

“Ok, i was wondering why they had you seeing the high risk doctor as well.” she says

The tech takes a few more photos before finishing up.

“Do you want to know the gender?” she asks

“No, but if you could put it inside and envelope that’d be great. We’re having a gender reveal of sorts.”

“Absoloutly, not a problem”

Since the girls were so good while we were at the doctor’s office I stop by the ice cream shoppe on the way home to reward them. Now all I have to do is get this envelope to our decorator so she can finish the nursery. The rest of the house is done and we have two weeks before we make the big move.


All the love you guys! just a few more chapters then it comes to an end :)

Also you can now buy Payne of the Past as a paperback on lulu.com
Payne of the Past book 1


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