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Reviews with the Reader


All you have to do is ask! Either put it in the comments or message me! If you decide to do a constructive criticism like this I would really appreciate if you credited me on it, I know it's been done, but not like this before. :)

Just a few things before I get started:

1.) I'm not huge on spelling, but I might catch some here or there. Same goes for grammar.

2.) If you want a review then all you have I do is ask! Although there are a few things I ask of you: your story's name of course, and if you have a reason (you don't have to have one though) I just like to know.

3.) If I give you a review you do not like then all you have to do is ask nicely for me to take it down. I will take the review down ASAP after you ask.

4.) If you have multiple stories for me to read then I will do one of yours at choice, I will do the second,third, and so on after I finish other people's reviews. It's only fair, sorry I hope you guys (or i should say girls) understand ! ;)

5.) If you feel like you have to hate on this for no reason, then you can just shut the fuck up. :) Okay? Ok. ❤

Glad we got all of that out of the way! If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask! :)

+Please note that this page is not an advertisement block to advertise your story in, thanks!


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Hii! Yeah I'm still (kind of) active. I could probably do it, but it could be a while I usually get on like once a week. But I might be able to make some time. c: can't wait!

This_crazy_girl This_crazy_girl

ntEeeyyyyy back again this account use to be called Goldenheart. You reviewed Secrets(use to be called Stand), and Captured which both times helped, so I got another Fanfic if you do not mind checking out its just the start of it though. It's Called Angles and Demons. please and thank you I dont know if you are still active though. and if you wouldnt mind please do another review of Secrets since we added a lot. again please and thank you.

Hi_Oops Hi_Oops

Could you do A Feeling That I Can't Fight? It was my first fanfiction and I don't know how I did on it. Please and thank you ;D

I don't know if I asked yet or not lol but coukd you please review my story (how you changed my life) because its my first fanfic ever and I would like on advice and would like to know how I'm doing

Please can you review my story (I am addicted to you). I would like to know what people think of it. <3