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Harry Styles

Harry Styles

cheeky, rich, in the world's most famous boyband

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

In the same band as Harry, caring, sweet and a bit wild at times

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

In the same band as Harry, Harry's best mate, funny, wild, doing crazy silly things at times but still can be serious and understanding when needed

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

In the same band as Harry, funny, loves food and music

Rafaela Diamonds

Rafaela Diamonds

Main character. She is a famous singer. Funny, wild, but still responsible.

Shirleen Jones

Shirleen Jones

Rafaela's manager, rich, very controlling, but still cares about Rafaela

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

In the same band as Harry, engaged, funny, not very responsible, understanding


  1. Chapter One


  2. Chapter Two


  3. Chapter Three

    Interview part two

  4. Chapter Four

    Meeting HIM

  5. Chapter Five

    An unexpected surprise

  6. Chapter Six


  7. Chapter Seven

    I have to stay with Him?!

  8. Chapter Eight

    The story of my life before...

  9. Chapter Nine

    The talk

  10. Chapter Ten

    Some things never change

  11. Chapter Eleven

    Goodnight song

  12. Chapter Twelve

    Watching the sunrise

  13. Chapter Thirteen

    Are you ok?

  14. Chapter Fourteen

    With the boys

  15. Chapter Fifteen

    Truth or dare

  16. Chapter Sixteen

    The fight

  17. Chapter Seventeen

    A walk in the dark

  18. Chapter Eighteen

    Outside always makes me feel better

  19. Chapter Nineteen

    A kiss! Or maybe not?

  20. Chapter Twenty

    To dye my hair?

  21. Chapter Twenty One

    Blonde tips

  22. Chapter Twenty Two

    The secret room

  23. Chapter Twenty Three

    My mother has a boyfriend?!?

  24. Chapter Twenty Four

    The meeting

  25. Chapter Twenty Five

    1D are just friends

  26. Chapter Twenty Six


  27. Chapter Twenty Seven

    Playing around

  28. Chapter Twenty Eight


  29. Chapter Twenty Nine

    We're dead!!!

  30. Chapter Thirty

    A mad Shirleen

  31. Chapter Thirty One

    Stupid papz

  32. Chapter Thirty Two

    I couldn't help it

  33. Chapter Thirty Three

    Her kiss

  34. Chapter Thirty Four

    The Plan

  35. Chapter Thirty Five

    Weird boys

  36. Chapter Thirty Six

    The inspection

  37. Chapter Thirty Seven

    I know you're up to something. I'm not dumb!

  38. Chapter Thirty Eight

    'The Plan' goes in action

  39. Chapter Thirty Nine

    "Zayn, can you come pick me up?"

  40. Chapter Fourty

    Leaving him

  41. Chapter Fourty One

    I am visiting my mom

  42. Chapter Fourty Two

    Oh Harry...

  43. Chapter Fourty Three

    Missing my flight

  44. Chapter Fourty Four

    Feeling complete

  45. Chapter Fourty Five

    The arriving

  46. Chapter Fourty Six

    Calling Shirleen

  47. Chapter Fourty Seven

    What happened here?

  48. Chapter Fourty Eight

    She is crazy

  49. Chapter Fourty Nine

    It's so unfair

  50. Chapter Fifty

    What is wrong?

  51. Chapter Fifty One

    Double panic

  52. Chapter Fifty Two

    I am safe

  53. Chapter Fifty Three


  54. Chapter Fifty Four


  55. Chapter Fifty Five

    The portrait

  56. Chapter Fifty Six

    A special moment?

  57. Chapter Fifty Seven

    The party

  58. Chapter Fifty Eight


  59. Chapter Fifty Nine

    We are even, aren't we?

  60. Chapter Sixty

    Breakfast with the boys

  61. Chapter Sixty One

    The start of the tour

  62. Chapter Sixty Two


  63. Chapter Sixty Three


  64. Chapter Sixty Four

    It all comes at one time

  65. Chapter Sixty Five

    The store

  66. Chapter Sixty Six

    Old family

  67. Chapter Sixty Seven


  68. Chapter Sixty Eight


  69. Author's note

    New chapters


Hello everyone, Ruby here. The website isn't working properly so now I can't log into my profile. I am using my friend's profile to let you guys know that the story WILL CONTINUE. I will just be posting it on WATTPAD instead. I will leave a link to it below. Thanks for reading. LOVE YOU ALL XX
I hope you continue reading my story cause I have plans for it :)

Link to the story in wattpad

Crazybaby Crazybaby

@Mrs. Michael Hood
To be honest, I feel a bit the same :D but we will see where the story goes ;)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds


I am so glad you like the story. It makes me happy to know people like what I create :)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds

New reader.... started two days ago and everu free time i had im reading this.. like it!!!

Kimmie1311 Kimmie1311