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Have you forgotten?

Chapter Sixty Six

Rafaela's P.O.V.

“Hello“, I said in the phone.

“Ms Diamonds, we'll be here in a few, be ready to leave“, Sawyer's voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

“Okay, thanks“, I said hanging up. I looked around the store once more and tried to notice all the small details about this magical place. Then it caught my eye. A small picture frame engraved with amazing details. But this wasn't what caught my eye. It was the picture hugged by this frame. There was a happy family on it. A mom, daughter and a dad. My dad.

I haven't seen this picture in ages. My mother was in her mid 20s and I was about 2 years old. This picture couldn't be seen anywhere online. Only my family has baby pictures of me.

“How do you have this picture?“, I asked Philipp while touching tightly the frame. I was afraid to touch it properly, it felt so fragile under my touch.

“My girlfriend's father owns the store. This picture is of him and his old family.“ Old? What? My eyes widened in shock.

“What?“, I asked in complete shock. This is when Sawyer texted me to unlock the door.

“Give me your Twitter name“, I quickly said, taking out a pen and a piece of paper.

“Why?“, he asked.

“Just do it please.“ I looked him in the eyes. He nodded and did as I said. I shoved the paper in my small bag and went for the door. My phone rang. I saw it was my security and hang up. My eyes were full of tears. I unlocked the door and Sawyer immediately went in.

“You ready to go?“, he asked.

“Yes“, I said and let him help me through the crowd. I couldn't stop thinking of this picture. I sat in the car and let the tears roll down my cheeks. Did this whole thing mean that he has a new family now? And this guy said he is the father of his girlfriend who was...I forgot how old was she, under or over 16? If she was older then why haven't I met her? She is my sister...


Hey guys, I hope you like the chapter. It's a filler actually, so expect a longer one next time :)
If you enjoyed reading it, please let me know by voting subscribing or commenting.

Love you all...xx


Hello everyone, Ruby here. The website isn't working properly so now I can't log into my profile. I am using my friend's profile to let you guys know that the story WILL CONTINUE. I will just be posting it on WATTPAD instead. I will leave a link to it below. Thanks for reading. LOVE YOU ALL XX
I hope you continue reading my story cause I have plans for it :)

Link to the story in wattpad

Crazybaby Crazybaby

@Mrs. Michael Hood
To be honest, I feel a bit the same :D but we will see where the story goes ;)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds


I am so glad you like the story. It makes me happy to know people like what I create :)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds

New reader.... started two days ago and everu free time i had im reading this.. like it!!!

Kimmie1311 Kimmie1311