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Have you forgotten?

Chapter Thirty Seven

Rafaella's P.O.V.

"Well, I-uh, you know, there will be a few speakers beside the stage, and-uh.", he stuttered, proving my point. This was a big fat lie and we weren't here to discuss his birthday.
I decided to play along.

"How about we have a band play here and during the band's break, there could be karaoke on the stage and we could make the whole place look like a karaoke bar or something. We could put small leather couches and chairs and even some bar stools here." I walked around the room to point at the places, I wanted those things to be put.

"Wonderful.", Harry said way too loudly. I turned around to see him standing straight with his hands in front of him.
I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Haz, will you please tell me, what exactly is going on here?", I asked, nearing him. He panicked for a second, so the older man came to rescue him.

"Mr. Styles, you are needed in room 177 to discuss the music details as in speakers, DJ and such.", he said, appearing behind me. Harry seemed to relax.

"Ok, let's go.", I said, making a few steps towards the door.

"Ms. Diamonds, you are needed here for a few minutes, just to discuss the decoration and interior details. Then you can join Mr. Styles.", the man told me and I let out a sigh.

"Ok, give me a pen and a sheet of paper. I'll write down some things and when I'm done, I'll join Harry.", I said, crossing my arms.

"Ok, I'll be in room 177, ok? Room 177, remember it.", Harry said, practically running out of the room. He can be so weird sometimes.

"Here you go, Ms. Diamonds. Just write down the things you have in mind, while I will have to go get some other work done.", the man said, leaving me alone in the room.

I didn't write down a single word about the party details. The only thing I wrote was:

1. I know, you are up to something, I'm not dumb.

I snapped a picture of it and sent it to him through a text message. He immediately replied.

'You should work for FBI,
now come join me in room 177
This is the 5th floor, the third room down the hall.'

was all, he wrote.
I started walking towards the lobby and then I entered the elevator.
There was a boy around the age of 17-18 inside as well. We were the only ones in the elevator.

"Hey, aren't you that famous singer, Rafola?", he asked, mistaking my name making me giggle.

"It's Rafaella, hun.", I said, making him blush.
"Sorry, um sorry for mistaking your name. I'm terrible with names.", he apologised.

"Don't worry, it's ok.", I said.

"Um, I wanted to ask you, if you would give me an autograph for the girl I like? I actually plan to ask her out tonight.", he said smiling.

"Of course.", I said, taking out a small piece of paper from my purse.
I took the pen in my left hand and wrote:

"Say yes, Love."

"What's her name?", I asked the boy.

"It's Macey." I nodded and added: "For Macey, with love,
Rafaela" and then signed it, just when the elevator doors opened, which meant, I had to go.

"Here you go. Bye, it was nice meeting you.", I waved at the boy, who waved back from the elevator.
Now, the third room.




There it is.


Hello guys,

Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting my story.
It will only keep becoming more interesting. I hope you like it...

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Love you all...xx


Hello everyone, Ruby here. The website isn't working properly so now I can't log into my profile. I am using my friend's profile to let you guys know that the story WILL CONTINUE. I will just be posting it on WATTPAD instead. I will leave a link to it below. Thanks for reading. LOVE YOU ALL XX
I hope you continue reading my story cause I have plans for it :)

Link to the story in wattpad

Crazybaby Crazybaby

@Mrs. Michael Hood
To be honest, I feel a bit the same :D but we will see where the story goes ;)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds


I am so glad you like the story. It makes me happy to know people like what I create :)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds

New reader.... started two days ago and everu free time i had im reading this.. like it!!!

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