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Have you forgotten?

Chapter Fifty One

Rafaela's P.O.V.

"What do you mean by 'isn't the same'?", he asked, just when I took out my clothes for running. It will help.

„Well, how about you call me in ten minutes? I'll tell you then. I'll get ready for a run.“, I said, going in the bathroom.

„Ok.“, he said hanging up. Just when I stripped out of my clothes and started fixing the warmth of the water, I heard a bloody scream down the hall. I wrapped my towel around myself and went to see what has happened.
It was this girl, Lea.
When I reached her room, I saw my Mom and Kenneth holding her while she shook and cried. She was screaming from time to time.

„Mom, whtat's going on?“, I asked just when her brother came in the room.

„Dad, I called an ambulance.“, he said and Kenneth just nodded his head, continuing to rock his daugther back and forth.

„Is she having a panic attack?“, I asked, recognising some of the symptoms.

„Yes, please go to your room or go continue what you were doing.“, my mom shoved me out and I went back to the bathroom. This girl is mentally unstable. I could see it. I heard paramedics running around the house while I was taking my shower. Soon everything in the house became dead silent. They must've taken her.

I got out of the bathroom and went to my room to change. I was only wearing my towel.
This guy Mike was sitting on his bed. I took a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt, then bend down to take my converse from my suitcase when I felt two hands gripping my waist from behind.

I straightened myself, only to see the two arms have captured me completely.

„You're actually very hot.“, Mike's voice whispered in my ear.

„What?! Let me go!“, I said, trying to get out of his dead grip.

„Oh no, sweetheart, I'll get what I want first.“, he said lowly kissing my neck.

It felt so foreign. Nobody apart from Harry has ever kissed me, except for my lips. He continued placing kisses over my neck and he pressed the front of his body to my back.

I tried to get out of his grip once more, but it was no use. My breathing became heavier. I was about to have a panic attack.

He let my towel fall off my body, leaving me completely bear in front of him. It drove me insane. Nobody has ever seen me completely naked.

Only my Harry.

I made a mistake. I shouldn't have run away from Harry the other night. He was only trying to show me his love but I got too scared and did what I do best. I ran.

„So beautiful.“, he said, tracing a finger over my curves.


Aaaaaaaand there is another chapter :)

I hope you guys like it, if yes then please vote subscribe and comment, it makes my day

I am sorry for making you wait for so long and thanks to my cutiepie I could update today

I will probably update once a week or once in two weeks so don't worry, this story isn't over....It hasn't even started :D


Hello everyone, Ruby here. The website isn't working properly so now I can't log into my profile. I am using my friend's profile to let you guys know that the story WILL CONTINUE. I will just be posting it on WATTPAD instead. I will leave a link to it below. Thanks for reading. LOVE YOU ALL XX
I hope you continue reading my story cause I have plans for it :)

Link to the story in wattpad

Crazybaby Crazybaby

@Mrs. Michael Hood
To be honest, I feel a bit the same :D but we will see where the story goes ;)

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I am so glad you like the story. It makes me happy to know people like what I create :)

Ruby Diamonds Ruby Diamonds

New reader.... started two days ago and everu free time i had im reading this.. like it!!!

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