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Have you forgotten?

Chapter Fifty Four

Rafaela's P.O.V.

I entered the huge white building, my mother was supposed be be in, and asked about a young girl being accepted the day before. I didn't know her last name, but there was no other girl Lea in the whole hospital. I followed the directions I was given and soon I saw my Mom sitting in a plastic chair in the empty hallway. I ran towards her.

„Mom.“, I said and stopped beside her. She had tears in her eyes and even some running down her cheeks. „Mother? You alright?“, I asked, standing beside her. Her head made a sharp turn in my direction. Her eyes filled with anger and disgust.

„How dare you come here?! After what you've done! She is getting through so much pain. Physical and emotional. She's only 13! You, you should've been there in pain instead of here!“ I was so shocked. I just stood there with teary eyes and broken heart. My mother saying this to me? „Not, get out of here and never come back. I never want to see you again!“, she raised her voice, as if I was the person she hated the most in the world. This shattered me even more.

„Ok Mom, just wanted to say sorry for everything. I hope she gets well soon. Love you.“, I said quietly.

„Get out.“, she said once again.

„Goodbye, Mother.“, I said before leaving. I felt shattered, broken... I don't know how to describe it.
I looked at the clock. 10:15 am. There's a plane at 12. If I go now, I'll be able to catch it. But I have no time to go back to the hotel and then to the airport. I got a taxi to the airport in the capital city and on the way there I called in the hotel and asked them to send my baggage to the airport with a taxi.

I entered the Sofia airport and canceled my flight for later today and bought a ticket for the flight at 12. It was 11:45 and my baggage was still nowhere to be seen. I sat down in a chair, waiting for the flight to be called.
Just then a voice through the speakers said that the flight will be a bit late due to the bad weather. I sighed, anxious to already leave this damned country.

I couldn't stop thinking about my mother's words. How harsh she was towards me. She was the only one beside God, who I actually loved. My love for her was so big that...wow! I don't want to live anymore. If my own mother hates me, then what on Earth am I doing here?

I only wanted to die right then. The tears were streaming down my face, but I didn't care at the moment. That's when I saw a man entering the airport with my baggage in his hand and a sign with my name on it. I stood up and erased my tears, then I approached the man. I thanked him, payed and took my belongings from him.

The flight was only 15 minutes late, so I was at the Gatweek airport at around 15:15 Bulgarian time and 13:15 London time. I took my black sport sack and exited the airport. I had been crying all the way on the plane and now my eyes were red and puffy, so I put a pair of glasses on. Before I got on the plane, I had called Zayn to come pick me up at 3 pm, but he was nowhere to be seen.
Maybe he won't come? Maybe he hates me as well? Maybe Harry also hates me? Maybe all the people hate me? I don't want to live anymore! More tears fell down my cheeks and I sat down on the pavement in front of the airport.

I don't know how long have I been sitting there crying, but soon a black truck stopped right in front of me. Then Zayn jumped out from the back and embraced me in his arms.


I missed you guys :)
yes yes I am so terrible for not updating for like 3 weeks or more
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Love you all...xx (baby boy, I haven't forgotten you :*)


Hello everyone, Ruby here. The website isn't working properly so now I can't log into my profile. I am using my friend's profile to let you guys know that the story WILL CONTINUE. I will just be posting it on WATTPAD instead. I will leave a link to it below. Thanks for reading. LOVE YOU ALL XX
I hope you continue reading my story cause I have plans for it :)

Link to the story in wattpad

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@Mrs. Michael Hood
To be honest, I feel a bit the same :D but we will see where the story goes ;)

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I am so glad you like the story. It makes me happy to know people like what I create :)

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New reader.... started two days ago and everu free time i had im reading this.. like it!!!

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