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So much can change in a split of a second. Jenna's life is different after an incident in her family. She is empty, she is broken. But finds her escape with the boy she never thought she would like. It's breathtaking how someone can touch your life and after that you are not the same anymore.
The story is a simple mix of Teen romance, comedy and drama.

*I am sorry for any spelling mistakes. Please comment and rate. Thank you, xx*
Every chapter is a name of a song/book/movie. The name of each of them is in the end of every chapter :)
Crystalised - The XX's

My other story is "Coexist". Please take a look : )


1. Jenna

1. Jenna

Main character.

2. Leena

2. Leena

Jenna's step sister.

3. Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis

3. Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis

The boys from One Direction.

4. Lexi

4. Lexi

Jenna's first friend, vindictive, manipulative.

5. Lucy

5. Lucy

Jenna's friend.

6. Britney(left) and Chelsea(right)

6. Britney(left) and Chelsea(right)

Go to school with Jenna.

7. Naomi

7. Naomi

Australian girl

8. Althea

8. Althea

Works in the book store.

9. Leo

9. Leo


  1. Don't drink too much, kids.


  2. Young blood

    'Don't get too worried like yesterday, I will be back, and the nightmare will continue.'

  3. All of me

    "...grow gils and breath underwater."

  4. Unfold

    "He's my escape."

  5. What the water gave me

    "I wish for perfection"

  6. The next three days

    "…and just when you think things are starting to look brighter..."

  7. Overpass

    "You will never be happy if you don't trust"

  8. Medicine

    I got my brick out of my bag, that's what I called my phone...

  9. Change of seasons

    'You will have an amazing day tomorrow, baby. I promise.xx'

  10. Running up that hill

    "...you are one of us."

  11. Help, I'm alive

    "She is not herself"

  12. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind


  13. October

    "Oh great, now I want cotton candy."

  14. Trouble is a friend

    How can this happen!

  15. Draw your swords


  16. Frayed

    ...KARMA, GO AWAY!

  17. Treacherous

    "...He hurt me, I left. The end."

  18. Enjoy the silence

    It was the silence. It was making him talk.

  19. A drop in the ocean

    "It's relevant"

  20. Smile

    "Your ordinary eye can not capture the real meaning behind this!"

  21. Crave you


  22. What A Girl Wants

    "...HE WANT'S TO KILL ME HELP... "

  23. Jump Rope

    "Wow,you guys are really loud."

  24. Madhouse

    "...I hope you nail it, baby"

  25. Midnight City


  26. Time

    "Looking forward to it"

  27. Everything Has Changed

    "Hello love."

  28. Bad before good

    "Well come on! I need a hobby."

  29. Ghost of girlfriends past

    "So what does she want?"

  30. Where is my mind

    "Yeah, I'm fine"

  31. Basic Space

    "Are you ok?"

  32. Swept away

    Harry started to laugh and nodded in confirmation.

  33. In too deep

    "You're not that careful"

  34. Just give me a reason


  35. Toxic

    'I love you more than rainbows -H'


When are you goin to update?!
BriLovesStyles BriLovesStyles
Moooorrrreeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: im a little obsessed!!!!!€€€
Calli Elizabeth Calli Elizabeth
I am reading this at 4 in the morning I really need to sleep.... But I just can't its so good!
When you read 35 chapters of this in one day, 23 days is a long time to wait for the next one...
Please update soon!!!!