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Swept away

He was looking down, not facing me. I was so scared in this moment, I was going to explode.

"Harry…?" I called for him, trying to make him talk.

"It's just" He looked at me, and there were tears in his eyes. I forced myself not to cry. "This happened because of me. You got hurt, because of my insane crazy ex and it's all my fault.." As he said that, a tear fell.

"Don't do this, please" I barely said.

"Jen-" I stopped him

"Just don't." I could't let him do this, why was he doing this?!

"I can't protect you Jen!" His voice was deeper, angrier.

"You think breaking up will protect me?!" I was so afraid at the moment.

"Well what else am I suppose to do?!" He stood up. "Huh? I was hurting yesterday, so badly-" I couldn't listen to this.

"Oh, and you think I wasn't?! You think it was a walk in the park for me?!" I stood up as well.

"I know you did baby, I know. And it's all my fault…I just don't want you to get hurt again" He brushed my hair with his fingers.

"Harry, no. You can't do this to me! Not after last night, you can't do this!" I started crying. I could see that he can't watch me cry, so I tried to stop, but it didn't work. His hands wrapped around me. I was crying in his chest.

"Then what are we suppose to do…" He said but it wasn't a question, it was a thought said out loud.

"Please don't do this…please." I cried.

"Okay, okay just please stop crying." He said and laughed. I laughed too, seeing how silly this looked. He pulled away from our embrace and looked me in the eyes. He whipped few tears from my cheeks.

"But, I will call you every hour, every day. If you don't pick up, I know something's wrong." He said. I looked at him and nodded. "And I will take you anywhere you need to go. School, work, anywhere." I nodded again. "And I have to know where you are every minute of every day." I nodded again

A smile spread across his face, and pulled me back into an embrace. I could hear his heart beat very fast.

"So, what was so exciting?" He asked me.

"I have to meet up with Sally. Remember? From the talent agency" I said, still trapped in the hug.

"Really? When?" He sounded excited.

"In an hour or so. Which reminds me" I said and stepped back "I need to get ready" I said and walked towards the closet.

I pulled out a bordeaux sweater and cream-colored skinny jeans and black boots.

"Done" I said.

"That took you nearly 6 minutes." He said and laughed. I had no problem changing in front of him, because well…he's seen me in my undies.

I started to change and he got a little uncomfortable and looked anywhere but at me.

"What? It's not like you haven't seen me like this." I said. He laughed but still didn't look at me. I laughed as well and quickly dressed.

I took out my phone and called Sally arranging to meet at 5 at the restaurant in her hotel.

I then walked to the mirror and put my hair in a fish-braid on the one side.

"I want to dye my hair." I said, while making the braid.

"No, I like your hair" He said, hugging me from behind.

"It's boring." I said.

"It's lovely." He kissed my exposed neck on the right side. Goose bumps formed on my hands.

I turned around after my braid was finished and kissed him, wrapping my arms around his neck. It took him by surprise, so he smiled which made me smile.

"Knock, knock" Leena entered. We broke up our kiss and just stood there in a hug, our heads facing Leena.

"Hey Leena" Said Harry.

"I bring food." She said with two bags of McDonald's in hear hands.

"I can't eat, I have to go" I said going into the bathroom to wash my face and take my pill

"Okay. Harry, you staying?" I heard her ask Harry.

"Yes." He shortly said.

After I washed my face with cold water, my eyes were back to normal, no redness no nothing. The cuts were still there, but I didn't put make up so I don't get the infected.

Harry and Leena were on my bed eating. I sat next to Harry and kissed his cheek. I could see that Leena was enjoying our little kissing session.

Harry's phone went off. When he saw the caller ID, he rolled his eyes in annoyance.

"Hello" He answered it unwillingly. The phone was loud, so I could hear the other side of the conversation.

"Harry, where are you?" It was Taylor. I was really starting to dislike her.

"Why? Where are you?" He delayed the answer that he was with me.

"I'm heading out, let's go for coffee." She said. Harry looked at the time and it was 4:48pm.

"Ok, where?" He asked.

"Startbucks at 5. You know witch one." She said and hung up.

"I'm gonna pretend that that didn't happen" I said and laughed.

"Sorry" He apologized. There was a small silence.

"I'm sorry, but is it me or is she really like annoying and obsessed with Harry?!" Leena broke the silence.

Harry started to laugh and nodded in confirmation.

"Come on, you have your meeting thing." He said and kissed my forehead. I stood up and put my wallet and a pack of gums in my bag.

"Where is your phone?" Harry asked me.

"Crazy Daisy broke it." I said.

"Come on, I'm buying you a new one." He said and walked to the door.

"No, I can't let you do that." I followed him.

"Jen when someone offers you a phone, you take it." Leena joked putting the garbage in the bin. I laughed, but Harry went down the stairs, so I followed him.

Downstairs he helped me put on my coat and we got out. I saw my mom getting out of her car.

"Where are you going?" She asked concerned.

"I have a meeting with Sally, the lady from the talent agency." She looked at me for a minute, debating in her head wether she will allow me to go or not. But in the end she nodded "Alright" and went inside.

Harry's POV

We got into my car and I drove off.

"I'm sorry about Taylor in the hospital-" I said, but she cut me off.

"It's fine" she said. But I knew she was a little upset about it.

"If it's any consolation, Althea came after and she was really sassy towards Taylor." I laughed. She did too, but our conversation was cut short because we arrived at the hotel where Jen was suppose to meet Sally.

"Call me when you're done ok?" I said to her as she was getting out.

"K,k. " She said, and went inside.

I drove off to the Startbucks I knew Taylor was going to be waiting for me. I was right, I saw her inside sitting. I walked in and she smiled at me.

"Hey Harry" She said and I sat across from her.

"Hey" I greeted her.

I could see the paparazzi outside taking photos of us. And I knew that Jen would see these photos because she is a regular on tumblr. And maybe it will hurt her, seeing me with Taylor. And I don't want her to get hurt. Ever again.

I wasn't listening what Taylor was saying, I just though about Jenna. She was with Sally right now. It's been half an hour. Maybe I should call her, just to check up on her. No, she maybe talking about something big, some big audition, I don't want to be a bother. I hope she gets the part on that audition, if there is one. She deserves her dreams to come true. I'm sure she will get it. She is excellent, and her personality is always glowing, who wouldn't like her?

I wonder what they're talking about now. I really want to be there with her. She looked so beautiful today. She was gorgeous. But when is she ever not.

She is so adorable inside and out. I don't know how she can be ok with this whole Taylor thing. I would never be ok if it was the other way around. My life is changed because of her. That first day we met. That coincidence. She was so lost that night. I wonder what would have happened if I didn't take her with me.

There is no one in the universe like her. I could kiss her forever. But I need to control myself. And so far I have…more or less. I have to keep in mind that she's just 16. And I will be 19 in few days, and she will still be 16. And I need to start thinking about Valentines Day. I need to take her somewhere special.

"Harry…?" Taylor interrupted my thoughts.

"M?" I asked.

"Did you hear what I said?" She asked. I didn't. And I didn't care.

"Sorry. I dosed off. What did you say?" I asked.

"Oh my god. You are unbelievable " She said and crossed her arms.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"I asked you where you were all day." She said angrily.

"I was in the hospital. With you." I said, my temper running short.

"Yes, but then I left and you got released. Where did you go?" She asked me.

"Why? You're not my girlfriend, you don't have to know where I am every second of every day." I said angrily.

"Ok, sorry. God" She said annoyed by my attitude.

My phone rang and It was a number I didn't recognize and Taylor saw it.

"Don't answer it" She said.

"Why" I asked picking up the phone.

"Because I don't answer my phone when we are together." She said.

I rolled my eyes, and answered the phone


"Hey, It's me." It was Jen. I tried so hard not to let my lips curve into a smile, but I didn't succeed.

"How'd go?" I asked her.

"Very good. I want to tell you in person. Can you pick me up, or should I get a cab?" She sounded very happy which made me happy.

"I'll be right there" I said and hung up

"Was that Jenna?" Taylor jealously asked

"I have to go." I escaped her question, got up and left. I saw the expression on her face - her eyes were wide open and her lips part. But I didn't care. I got into my car and I went to buy her a new phone. I knew she didn't want it but I wasn't going to take no for an answer. I got her a white iPhone 5 and then quickly drove to the hotel I left her.

She was sitting on the bench in front of the hotel and when she saw my car, she smiled and tip-toed towards it. She opened the door and got in.

I quickly drove off to my place. We didn't say a word in the car. We got in my house and I locked the door. She started jumping

"First of all, I have a present for you" I said. From a bag I took out the box where the phone was. "I need to contact you somehow." I said and kissed her cheek.

"Harry, I can't take this" She said and smiled.

"I insist." I said and smiled seductively. She finally took it in her hand and kissed me not he lips.

We walked to the living room together.

"Well come on, talk" i said and sat on the couch. She didn't sit and immediately started talking.

"Oh my god, ok so I went inside and Sally was there with some guy and at first I thought it was her boyfriend or whatever, and I was right, but never mid that, he was a producer. And he has a new TV show and auditions start next month, but because Sally represents me, she bragged about me and my audition for the talent agency, and he wanted to meet me and talk. And you know he asked me all kinds of questions like what I like to do and stuff like that, and then he gave me this script and told me that if I want I can audition next week because I am his first alternative, and he doesn't have any doubts about it, but it's procedure so I have to audition. And I have a real shot at this and I can't breath right now" She said finally catching her breath smiling.

"Oh my god, Jen, that's brilliant" I got up and hugged her. She started to giggle and scream. I was so happy for her, I lifted her off the ground and twirled her around.

"But, I still have to audition, so I'm not going to jinx it by telling everyone!" She said and I let her down.

"Of course. You need me to help you prepare? I can do that! I can read lines with you, I will make sure you're focused, and fed all the time, and if you wan't I will take care of school for you, you won't have to go-" She cut me off after I started talking really fast.

"Harry, Harry!" She said putting her cold hands on my neck, looking into my eyes. "You don't have to do anything. Just support me. That's enough" she said.

"Yes, support. Yes. Anything, love" I said and kissed her.

"You are so cute" She said, pulling my cheeks. I laughed.

After, she turned on her phone and texted her mom, her step-dad, Leena, Lucy, Naomi, Sally what her new number is. Her mom then called her.

"I am at Harry's. I'll come by later." She said and hung up.

"Done" She said after she was done with the texting and all that.

"You wanna go upstairs" I asked her, kissing her exposed neck.

"What for?" She giggled.

"No reason. It's just more comfortable upstairs, that's all." I said.

Jenna's POV

"What for?" I giggled.

"No reason. It's just more comfortable upstairs, that's all." He said. I giggled and he took that as a yes, so he got up and gave me a hand. I took it and we went upstairs.

His room smelt like him. I loved his smell. He took my hand and pulled me while walking backwards. His legs eventually hit the side of the bed, and he fell on it, pulling me. I fell on him and we laughed.

"I love you baby" He said to me. I felt butterflies in my stomach and giggled.

"I love you too" I replied.

He lied on the pillow, and I took the possession next to him. But I was quickly pulled by his strong arms, and my head was on his chest.

"Is it me, or is it really warm in here?" He said. I didn't have time to answer because he took of his t-shirt. His torso was exposed. My hands explored it, admiring his toned abs. I didn't realize how I was staring and he laughed.

"Sorry" I apologized and blushed.

"No worries" He said and kissed me on the right end of my lips. I couldn't help it. I kissed him. He rolled me over, hovering over me so he doesn't crush me under him.

His kisses traveled from my lips to my jaw line, to my neck. Goode bumps appeared on my skin, my fingers griping a fist full of curls from his soft hair. He groaned, and kept kissing my neck, my jaw.

His right hand went under my jumper, touching my skin like that tickled me and I started giggling. He chuckled and continued to lift it. In one movement he pulled it off. His look went on my body. Scars and bruises were covering it. I felt insecure, and tried to cover them with my hands, but he got ahold off my hands, still looking at it. His eyes teared up. I guess he was feeling guilty about this.

"Hey…Harry" I called for him. His eyes met mine. They were shining of the tears. "It's ok. I'm ok" I reassured him.

His eyes fell on the damaged skin yet again. He lowered his head, kissing every bruise on my stomach. on my forearms. His kisses went lower and lower reaching the buttons on my jeans.

For some reason, I didn't want him to stop. We always stopped here. I was so PG13.

He waited for my denial, but he didn't hear it. His kisses were on my jeans, as he unbuttoned them. I didn't protest. He slowly pulled them down, glancing at me to see any sign of doubt, but he didn't find it.

He started kissing my panties. I spread my legs, and he got between them, leaving little kisses.

The grip of his hair in my hand tightened. This whole new feeling came over me.

With those same little kisses, he started coming up, until his plump pink lips kissed mine.

"I don't want you to do something you don't want to do" He said. I quietly laughed, because he was nervous, which made me even more nervous.

"I want to" I said, kissing his lips.

His tongue entered my mouth and my legs wrapped themselves around his waist. I could feel his erection through his tight black jeans. His lips traveled from my lips, to my neck, to my collar bones. They gave each of my breasts a kiss. Then went lower and lower, until they reached the same area as previously.

My heart was pounding really loud and really hard.

His tongue went across my panties, and his hands started to take them off. They were off in a matter of seconds. I blushed and gripped the sheet of the bed in my fists. He smiled, and kissed my exposed skin. My legs were shaking, but I managed to keep them spread.

His lips started to kiss 'my area'. Quiet little moans escaped from my mouth.

"Relax" he whispered, and I felt his breath. His tongue slowly entered me. The feeling was overwhelming. He moved it, up and down and went deeper. My moans got a little louder, my hand entered his curly hair and gripped it tightly. My lower lip was between my teeth, trying to hold in the moans, but the pleasure was enormous.

"Harry…" I whispered his name. He moved faster. His name escaped my lips with a moan.

That gave him the courage to continue. I didn't want him to stop. His tongue explored my insides while I was barely keeping myself on the verge of passing out from pleasure. My moans were loud and I didn't notice. His name was falling from my lips more often.

And there it was, the final one. I felt it, the famous orgasm. I was breathing really heavily, while he just kissed my skin all the way to my lips.

"I love you so much" I said as he was kissing my neck.

"I love you too baby" He said and kissed my lips. We laid there like that for few moments. All I could feel was the heat and my heart. And he could feel my heart too.

"You ok?" He asked as his hand touched the place where my heart is, feeling it

"Yeah" I said and smiled.

"Calm down, relax" He said, kissing the place where his hand was. I chuckled and tried to calm myself.

"I'm cold." I said, finally feeling the air around us.

He got up and picked my panties up from the floor. He raised his eyebrows and threw them to me while he got the duvet in his hands. I stuck my tongue out like a little child and put on my panties. He lied besides me and I rested my head on his chest. His heart was also beating really fast, so i felt a little better and a little less-idiotic that he had to notice my heart. We laid like that, but my eye lids were starting to close, and soon enough I fell asleep.


My brain woke up from the sound of Harry's voice speaking on his phone.

"She's asleep, can you please tell your mom not to worry" He said. Who was he talking to.

"Ok, but she has to go to school tomorrow. Mom said that they will call her if she isn't in school" It was Leena on the other line. I didn't open my eyes, because I couldn't, and just drifted back to sleep.


Swept Away - The XX


When are you goin to update?!
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Moooorrrreeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: im a little obsessed!!!!!€€€
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I am reading this at 4 in the morning I really need to sleep.... But I just can't its so good!
When you read 35 chapters of this in one day, 23 days is a long time to wait for the next one...
Please update soon!!!!