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Everything Has Changed

Jenna's POV

"Come on, Jen! Our plane leaves in 2 hours, wake up!" Naomi was being really loud. It was January 7. Our few extra days in NY were finished.

"YOUR plane leaves in 2 hours." I correct her in my sleep. Today she was getting back to Australia. I don't know why, because she could stay until late January.

"Yes. No, mine actually leaves in like an hour and 20 minutes, so if you don't mind, GET THE FUCK UP!" She shouted. I put the pillow on top of my head but she just pulled my blanket.

"Noooo, Naomi leave!!" Said Zayn. He finally woke up.

"Oh my god, you two are impossible!" She said and left the room. Zayn went back to sleeping, but I didn't. Instead I got up and did my routine in the bathroom.

"Come on, Z. Wake up" I said to him. He just made a noise that subtexted 'NO, leave me alone'.

I went in the kitchen where Niall was already eating. I got some food too. Naomi was walking around the house, looking for her charger.

"Why is she leaving again?" I asked Niall, after she passed by us, muttering something to herself.

"I invited her to the party." He said, and took a bite of his sandwich

"What party?" I asked confused.

"The one at the end of January. Our goodbye party, because we are going on tour in February." He explained.

"Oh, yeah…" I said. Almost forgot about that.

"Come on people! Let's move!" Naomi said, coming down from the stairs, holding Zayn's hand and dragging him down, while he yawns.

After that, it took us about 10 minutes, and we finally left for the airport.

We said our goodbye's to Naomi, and then she and Niall went to the bathroom to say goodbye because they didn't want paparazzi to photograph them together.


"I wish I could meet you at the airport." Said Harry. We were talking on the phone after me and the guys landed in London.

"Yeah I know…Me too" I said. I was feeling blue every time I thought of Harry. I forgot how this 'keeping us a secret' goes.

At the airport, though, Liam and Leena came to pick us up. It was pretty awkward when Leena hugged Niall. I laughed, but I don't think anyone noticed.

"Ok, so tell me everything!" Leena said, as she put down one of the bags after we arrived home. My mom and Rob were at work so we were home alone.

"What?" I asked. i wasn't sure what she was referring to.

"Niall and Naomi. Did they have sex? What's going on?" She quickly asked.

"No, but they slept in the same bed…" I said, undressing.

"Oh, that little skank!" She said.

"Leena! What's going on? I mean, I thought you didn't like Niall? " I asked.

"Well that doesn't give him permission to have a girlfriend!" She said. She was so jealous, it was actually pretty funny.

"What about Richard?" I asked. She hasn't talked about him in a while.

"Oh, well…we sort of kissed." SHe said, and blushed.

"YOU WHAT?! WHEN?!" I asked, I was surprised.

"Well, it just happened. And I think we're together, because every time we see each other, we kiss. And he comes over unannounced to take me to lunch or whatever…he's really sweet." She said. She seemed like she really liked him, and she did. So why was she stressing out so much about Niall.

After she told me about her and Richard, I went to shower. I spent like an hour with my folks, telling them about the talent agency and all that, and then I went to bed. I was actually pretty exhausted, and school was going to start tomorrow.

It was around 2a.m. when jet-leg decided to wake me from my sleep. Great. I went on tumblr and saw all these pictures of Harry and Taylor, and it made me feel sad. I missed him, and it was only a few days. I don't know what I will do when he goes on tour. It's not like I can go with him, or anything.

I picked up my phone, and without hesitation, I called him.

"Hello" He answered, half asleep.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" I said, remembering it's around 3.

"No, it's ok. I can't sleep anyhow. You ok?" He said. He was lying. I know I woke him.

"I'm ok…you?" I said.

"Peachy…Hold on" He said. He was getting out of bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Getting a glass of water." He said. I don't know why, but this gave me goose bump. Not the sentence, but his voice. "You want to come over?" He invited me.

"I can't. I have school tomorrow." I said. I didn't want to go to school though.

"Ok. But I have to see you afterwards, ok?" He said. We couldn't go somewhere public…but still..

"Yeah. Where are we going?" I asked but he just laughed

"Get some rest, love." I smiled

"Goodnight." I said, and after he did the same, I hung up. I finally fell asleep, after and hour or so.


"Come on Jen. School time." Said my mom, from the door,waking me from my sleep. I was actually awake when she came in, because I was woken up by jet-leg yet again.

So I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair. I put on some skinny jeans, a faded-yellow colored T-Shirt that said "Sunshine makes me high", a hoodie, my boots and went downstairs. Leena was already down, in what it seemed 15 layers of clothes.But it looked good, and after few short minutes, we got our coats on and left for school.

The school was the same. I saw Lucy lock her bike on the bike racks. I went over to her, and Leena went inside.

"Hey Lu!" I said. We exchanged a hug and both went inside.

At lunch time, she asked me about everything except Niall and Naomi, so I didn't ask or bring it up. The only thing that was different in the school, was Britney and Chelsea. Me and Lucy didn't sit with them, and they looked down on us. Like they were better. We ignored each other until lunch time.

Me and Lucy were sitting outside on the benches, because it was sunny and a little warmer the usually. We were talking about something funny that happened in NY, when Britney and Chelsea approached us.

"Why so sad, Jen?" Asked Britney sarcastically.

"What do you want Britney?" I rolled my eyes, and said that as normal as I could, not trying to sour annoyed.

"Oh, I just want you and Harry to get back together…sorry. I mean I want Jerry to get back together." She said. She was reaaaaaaaaaaally annoying me.

"Britney, could you please stop sweating me?" Said Lucy. She has never back-talked to Britney, well at least not like this.

"Shut up Lucy. You can't talk to us." Said Chelsea. People were turning their heads towards us. They were watching and whispering.

"Ok, if you don't have anything else you want to share, you can leave" I said, before Lucy could say anything.

"Well, we would…but this is our spot." Said Britney, referring to the bench me and Lucy were sitting. It's true. I mean, the four of us use to sit here during lunch time, but that did not make this Britney's property.

"Sorry, can you rephrase that? Oh, and try to make it sound NOT stupid, K?" Said Lucy. I laughed, and some other kids that were watching our little argument, laughed too. Britney was loosing her temper.

"Don't you for a minute thing that you are smart Lucy. I know how you got your perfect B- average." She said. Lucy's face went a little pale. And Britney noticed "Yeah, remember? You told me everything at one point."

"Well, B, that's in the past. So, your services are no longer needed….scram." Lucy said, defensive. Britney just smiled, like she's better than us, and left.

"God, I can't stand her" Said Lucy and we both laughed.

At the end of the day, my phone was ringing.

"Yellow" I answered, as I was eating a protein bar.

"You done with school?" Asked Harry.

"Mhm. You gonna pick me up?" I asked, chewing.

"Yeah, but not directly." He said.

"What do you mean? How can you pick me up indirectly? Are you gonna send your car to get me? I don't get it" I said. He started to laugh.

"No, Lou will." He said. And as I was walking out of the school, I saw Lou's car drive in.

"KK, see you later." I said and hung up. I said bye to Lucy, and got in the car with Louis.

"Hello love." He said to me, and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey, Lou" I said, and we drove off. "Where are we going?" I asked, after a minute.

"Starbucks. I need a coffee. You want one?" I nodded, and we went to Starbucks. After that, he dropped me off at Harry's and drove off to meet with Eleanor. I didn't even knock, or ring a doorbell or anything. I just got in. It was unlocked.

"You know, you should really lock your door sometimes." I said, as I was coming in. I was taking my coat off, when he came from the kitchen and hugged me from behind, kissing my neck.

"I missed you" He said after a minute. I turned around so I was facing him. He leaned in and kissed me tenderly. It turned into something more passionate and he was pushing me back to the wall. After there was nowhere to push me anymore, he quickly picked me up, and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist.

He was kissing me like we haven't seen each other in 6 months. Our tongues-synced. He carried me to the bedroom like that, and slowly laid me down on the bed, not separating our lips. He took off his hoodie, and was in a tank top, which I really hated.

"Why are you wearing that?!" I said. The whole idea of boys and tank tops was stupid to me. And I complained for the first time. I never said anything,but I just felt like it now.

"You want me to take it off?" He asked me and smirked. I didn't mean it like that. My heart started beating really really fast. It was going to jump out of me. I wanted to give him a sign that I don't want to go there, but I just bit my bottom lip and he gave me that boy half-smile thing that makes you melt and makes your stomach flip inside your body.

He laid on top of me, wearing nothing but his track-pants. Suddenly my shirt became really uncomfortable. I wanted to feel his skin against mine. But if I do that, then things will go where I don't want them to go.

Harry's POV

This was really happening. My heart was skipping a beat, and I think she could hear it, because it was pulsing in my head. Blood was pumping really fast. My hands started to sweat. I was so nervous,and tried to keep my cool. It was starting to get really heated, so I took off my hoodie. Colder air hit my arms, and I slightly calmed myself down.

"Why ate you wearing that?!" She said, referring to the tank top under my hoodie. She said that. SHE said that.

"You want me to take it off?" Was all I could say. I didn't want to rush her, if she says no, or something like that, I will stop this before it goes somewhere she doesn't want it to go. As I was hiding behind the half-smile that I had put on as a mask, waiting impatiently for her answer, she bit her bottom lip. It was happening. It was really happening. I took it off, in one quick motion and went back to kissing. I wanted her so much, it's unexplainable with words. Her shirt was really annoying me, but I wanted her to take it off.

She could still back out, and I didn't want to do something stupid.

But my stupid guy instinct kicked in, and without even realizing it, I was pulling her shirt up. It was a sort of 'I beg you, take off your shirt.'. She pulled my hair hard, which just turned me on more.

She wanted this, just didn't know how to go from here, so I decided to help her.

I started removing her hoodie, and she helped. Her bare skin arms were around my neck. Her skin was so soft. I never felt that properly. I again pulled her shirt up, and this time she entailed a deep breath and I couldn't wait anymore. It was killing me. I took off her shirt, and after few seconds her skin was on mine.

I wanted to hold her forever like this.

I started kissing her neck, and her fingers were in my hair, pulling everytime I kissed her weak spot, letting out quiet little moans. Her eyes were closed, and every time I did that, she bit her lips. I started kissing her shoulders, her collar bone

"Harry…" she whispered in one of her little moans. My lips couldn't part from her soft skin

"Mmm?" I asked her. She pulled my hair again and said my name again. This time, I didn't even react, my kisses were on her breasts. For the first time. And it was wonderful. I was kissing in between them when I actually felt her heart. It was beating really fas, I think it was going to jump out of her chest.

"You'r heart…" I said, and kissed her on the lips. "You ok?" I asked her, after she didn't kiss me back.

"Yeah sure" She said, but it didn't sound like she was really ok.

"Hey, hey, what's wrong?" I said, as I got off of her, and sat next to her.

"Nothing…nothing" She said, and set straight with her back to the wall.

"You don't want to do this?" I asked her. She looked down, and her eyes were in tears. "Wait, no, why…why are you crying?" I asked. It was actually breaking me, thinking that maybe I have made her cry.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" SHe asked, not answering my questions, and looking down.

"Yeah sure, baby. Anything" I said, and kissed her head. She got up and went inside. I was panicking a little.

Jenna's POV

I went inside, and my tears started to fall instantly. What was wrong with me. It's just sex. Everyone does it. Why couldn't I?!

I calmed myself and after few minutes I got out, and when Harry saw me he smiled and patted the place next to him on the bed. I sat down like I was sitting on sharp spikes.

"You ok?" He asked me, and took my hand in his. I just nodded "Now can you tell me what's going on?" He asked. How am I suppose to say it. It's so stupid and embarrassing and he would just laugh.

"Nothing, I don't feel too good." I lied. But he didn't buy it.

"Jen, you can tell me. You can tell me anything baby. Come on" He said, encouraging me to tell him, and kissed my hand. I didn't say a word, I just looked down. "You're not ready?" I didn't answer. It's so stupid. "Baby, it's ok if you're not ready. I'm not rushing you. " He said. I smiled and looked into his eyes. They were filled with care and love.

In moments like these I realize just how lucky I am to have a guy like Harry. My eyes teared up again. He was worried again.

"I love you" I said, and smiled. He smiled too, and chuckled.

"I love you too baby." He said. "Are you ok?" He asked me again.

"It's just" I started talking. There was no point in holding it in "I talked to Zayn, when we were in New York. The last party we went. We were talking and he thought that you and I…you know…DO it all the time. And I told him that it's not true, and he seemed surprised, and then became all weird and everything. And then I talked to Niall, and he said that it's just weird that we don't do that, because you are Harry…and you know…I came across some thought that you might…leave me because I'm not ready…" I said. Wow. It sounded stupid in my head, but this was out of the limits of 'stupid reasons why you shouldn't sleep with your boyfriend'. I immediately looked down, not wanting to face him, but he caught my chin and lifted my head, so my eyes were looking in his green circles. His pupils were dilated.

"I would never leave you because of that. I respect you too much." He said. I laughed, and he kissed me on the lips. "You don't have to worry about those things Jen. I mean, you're 16, it's understandable if you're not ready, and that's why I respect you."

Ok Harry, you say things that have no relevance what so every but this…I mean come on! I don't understand him sometimes.

I just raised my eyebrows.

"Why so surprised? I respect you Jen, because you act your age. You don't try to act more mature, or less mature, or go around and sleep with guys 2 years older than you just because you've been together for almost half a year. And I love you, don't you ever doubt that for a second ok?" I smiled. He kissed me again. I felt peaceful and calm.

We cuddled for about 10 minutes, without saying anything. I put my shirt on because I was cold and he did the same, just didn't put on a tank top because I gave him a death-stare. He laughed and put on a normal shirt.

"Ok, come on" He said, giving me a hand to help me get up.

"Where?" I asked.

"I'm hungry" He said, as I took his hand and got up.

When we got down, Lou was getting in with El.

"Mate, you should really lock your door." He said, entering the kitchen. Harry immediately turned at me and was waiting for the 'Told you so.' But I didn't say it, just thought of it.

Me and El went in the kitchen to make some pasta

"Let's do a twitcam!" El said as we started to put water in the pot.

"Can't. Me and Harry 'fake broke-up'" I said

"Oh come on, it'll be fun." El said ignoring my comment and put the laptop in the kitchen and logged on twit cam. And wrote from Lou's twitter : Twitcam in 5. FOOD TIME!

"El, I can't, I will blow this for Harry." I said.

"Ok, when am I doing a twit cam?" Lou asked, coming in the kitchen with his phone in his hands.

"Right now baby" El said, and kissed him.

"Ok" He said, and smiled like a puppy in love. It was really cute.

"But you can't…me and Jen…" Said Harry, tuning in the situation.

"Oh come on, you will confirm that you guys are not together anymore, it's perfect, come on."

Then Lou logged on twit cam and we started.

"Is it on?" Said Lou. And read the replies. They were going by so fast. "Ok"

"Hello everyone!" Said El. "We are momentarily in Harry's kitchen…making some pasta"

"Somehow, Eleanor got ahold of my twitter, and decided to do her own cooking show" Said Lou, joking and laughing.

"Not just mine. Jen come on, we started recording."

Me and Harry were kissing out of the camera's way, and he smiled while we kissed. I pulled away, and he kissed my nose before I went over to El and Lou.

"Hi" I said to the camera "What's this? Is this the viewers number?" I asked. The number was large and it was increasing.

"Yes, love." Lou said. "Ok, so while we wait for the stupid water to boil- El is it boiled?" Eleanor shook her head "So, while we wait for the water to boil, ask away, people." He said. Questions were flying.

"Ok, wow, so many questions" I said.

"Is your hair naturally curly, Jen?" Lou ask.

"Um…yeah…pretty much. It's like curly and…unsettling sometimes, but you know…work with what you got." I answered. It felt weird answering people's questions. But I read them, and almost all of them were about me and Harry.

"Ok, no more questions about Harry and Jen. What else you got?" Said Lou. And then read one "Oh, here's a good one. WHere's Harry. Well, we don't really know. Apparently he doesn't lock his doors-" Harry started to laugh in the background

"Oh my god, is that Harry?" Said El, acting surprised.

"Hello everyone" Said Harry as he came in the camera frame. Something beeped in the living room. "Who's phone is that?"

"Yours" I said as I went to get it.

"What's it say?" He asked. It was a message from Niall. I started to laugh when I read it. "Would you like to share with the rest of us?"

"It's Niall. He says that you two are not friends anymore, because we are eating without him." I said, he laughed and took his phone.

After that, Niall came and we answered question. I was a little quiet before Niall, but now that he came, me and him just hit it off, and laughed at pretty much everything. We had to get on with the question "Is Jerry still together?"

"Um…no, we're not" Said Harry.

"Yeah" I nodded.

"But we're really good friends, so yeah…" He added.

"They're like besties" Said Niall and they all laughed.

"Ok, so the pasta and the sauce are done" Said El, interrupting

"Oh it smells delicious! Great job babe" Said Lou and kissed her cheek while she was turning the stove off.

"She's a keeper" Said Niall, and Lou blushed. Then he hugged Eleanor from behind.

"Ok, well enough stalling, let's get eating." Said Niall.

"I second that" I added and Harry laughed.

"We are sorry that Liam and Zayn aren't with us" Said Lou

"They're not with us….anymore…" Harry said, taking off his beanie, as a sign of respect.

"They're not dead Harry…" I said, stating the obvious. He gave me a fake death stare, and then smirked.

"K sorry. Blessed be the, for we are here…and they are not. Amen." I said sounding really religious.

"There you go" Said Harry and smiled at me. I laughed.

"Jen..no wait. Harry say when" Said El, with a dish in her hand and filling it with pasta. "I was going to say 'Jen, say when' but she will just eat the whole thing. It's cleverer this way" Said El, kidding and smiling at me. Harry said when and she took out another dish, while all of us stared at the pasta in silence.

"Looks good right?" Said Niall, and I nodded.

"Ok, well thank you for everyone who tuned in on this little tiwtcam." Said Lou, impersonating a newsman.

"We will be sure to tweet about the quality of our meal" Said Harry. "Niall and Jen will give us their professional opinion on the food, and we will safe it with all of you."

All of us said goodbye, and we went to eat.

"That was fun." I said. And then Harry's phone rang.

"Where's my phone?" He said, looking for it in his pockets.

"Kitchen. I'll get it." I said and he sent me a 'thank you' smile. It said Taylor. She was ringing him. "It's your girlfriend." I said and hand it to him. I don't know how I looked, but i was a bit upset. Why is she calling him. They are not really dating! But I tried to look normal. He took the phone and his smile faded.

"Hello" He answered it. "Home…um, Eleanor, Lou, Jenna and Niall…Eating…yeah sure, 9? Ok, see you then. Bye."

While he was talking I was being impatient, and Lou and Niall found that funny. I tried to give them a death stare, but I couldn't help it but laugh. El tapped Lou on the shoulder so he would stop, but he didn't.

"What'd she say?" I asked, looking at my food, and playing with the fork. Niall laughed. I guess it was pretty amusing.

"I have a fake date with Taylor." Harry said, and looked down. I Oh-ed and paused before I said anything else.

"Where are you going?" I asked. He opened his mouth to tell me but I changed my mind "No don't tell me. If you do I'll probably show up to spy on you." I said. Everyone started laughing, including me, but I was actually serious.

The rest of the day went swell, and soon I had to get home.

"I'll drive you come on." Harry said.

"That's ok. I'll walk. " I said and smiled. I wanted to walk, so I can think. I was a little upset. Mainly because I was about to go on my period, and my emotions were everywhere, but I also wanted to like…take a moment. I use to think all the time. Escape from reality, and think about random things that made sense back then.

I missed that sometimes. I could make myself laugh, and think of something that seems so smart at the moment that I feel like a genius. So I wanted to take some time off of reality.

But Harry didn't get that, mainly because I didn't tell him, and he insisted on driving me home.

"So…You ok? " He asked me, when we started to drive to my house.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I?" I said.

"Well, I don't know…the way you reacted with the whole…Taylor thing." He said, looking at the road.

"It's ok. It just caught me off guard, that's all" I said. It was true.

"You sure?" He asked. I nodded and smiled, which made him smile "Ok, good" He said, taking one hand off the wheel and holding mine with it.

"So, does she knows that we are still together?" I asked. It was really bugging me.

"No…" He said.

"Wait so she thinks you like her?" I asked surprised.

"No, no. I told her that I broke up with you, but me and her are not dating for real. Just publicity." He explained.

"But what if she really likes you ?" I asked.

"That won't matter, because I don't like her. I love you, remember?" He said, and laughed. I chuckled .

"Yeah but still. You will be playing with her feelings…that's mean" I said

"No, I made myself clear when I told her. It's not real and I only see her as a friend." He said, and looked at me smiling. How can I not smile? So I did.

And after that, we arrived in front of my house.

"I'll call you tonight, k?" He said to me, and I nodded then gave him a quick peck on the lips and then went inside, and saw him from the window as he drove off. I just realize how much has changed...


Everything has changed - Taylor Swift (Feat. Ed Sheerad)

Ok, so if you guys want to suggest song/book/movie titles, go right ahead. They are always appreciated. And do you guys want me to write about what's going on with the Niall-Leena-Lucy-Naomi love story? Like from their point of view and what not, just say so.


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