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Jenna's POV

"Promise you won't get mad?" He said. He was scaring me a little.

"I promise" I said a little unsure.

"This isn't like an empty promise just so I tell you and then you freak out, right?" He said. I knew where this was going. He slept with someone. It has to be right? I mean, the talk Zayn had with me, I'm sure he has 'needs' that I can't fulfill and so he goes on cheating on me. I just have to be mature about it, and handle it like an adult, that's all.

"Oh my god Harry, did you sleep with someone?!" I freaked out. Mature right? No.

"No…" He said, in his tired voice. And he laughed a little. So I guess it can't be worse than that.

"Ok, so I won't freak out then." I said, and took his shirt off so I can massage him on bare skin.

"I said something that I am regretting right now…" He said. I didn't say anything because I wanted him to finish first. But he didn't continue. The silence was killing me…along with my curiosity.

"And what would that be?" I asked, but he didn't answer me. He fell asleep. Seriously?!

I gave him a kiss on the neck, and put the cover over him, then went to shower. I did my everyday routine in the bathroom and then took my pill when I got out. I wanted to be quiet so Harry doesn't wake up, but instead I tripped over the suitcase and fell. He got startled and started to laugh at me. I quickly got up and put my panties and bra on, and as I was putting a shirt over my head, Harry came from behind and took it off of me.

"You don't need that" He said, and started to kiss me. Everywhere. Face, neck, shoulders, but I stopped him.

"I'm cold" I said, and escaped from his arms. I then put a sweater with kitties and black leggings on.

"You look good in everything." He said, and pulled me close. He continued to kiss me. Somebody knocked on the door, so I pulled away.

It was Naomi at the door.

"Chap chap, Jen. We have to go!" She said, and went inside. "Oh, good morning." She said to Harry. He greeted her as well.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"To sign a bunch of stuff. Nothing interesting really, you can come if you want to?" Naomi answered him.

"That's ok. I really need to get some rest." He politely declined. Then turned to me "We'll talk later?" He said and smiled.

"Looking forward to it" I said and he laughed. After few minutes me and Naomi went out. It was a really snowy day so the traffic was awful.

Harry's POV

She left and I laid on the bed so I can sleep. But I couldn't fall asleep. Only one thing was on my mind, and that was talking to Jen. She said she wouldn't get mad, but still…I know how she can get. Time to try and fix it…like that will happen…

Jenna's POV

Me and Naomi went to the office with Ben. He was happy to represent his sister and Stella, one of the judges from the audition, was now my manager. All four of us went for lunch so they would explain how this will work, and what to expect. Ben's fiancée came along too. SHe wasn't all that crazy, like Naomi said, but they didn't fight because Naomi was too excited to pick fights with her.

"So, we will be in contact everyday." Finally finished Stella.

"But I still don't get it. You live here, and I live in London" I said. It was not clear to me. "What if we have to have meetings or something?" I asked.

"Well then we will fly you to California." She said.

"Wait what? California? Why?" I was still confused.

"Well that's where I live. But don't worry, our company will pay for everything. You just have to sit the plane ride, ok?" She said. It was actually pretty exciting. I have never been to CA.

"What city?" I asked and she started to laugh.

"Los Angeles." She said. Well, that sealed the deal. Now I can't wait to have a 'meeting'.

After lunch I got back to the hotel, because everyone was leaving today, except me.

When I came back to my room, no one was there except a little note

'We are at the pool


I changed into my swimming suit and went down to the pool. They were all there.

"Hellooo" I sang, and jumped in Harry's lap, because he was sitting on the poolside chair.

"So, you are staying?" Asked Danielle.

"Yup. Few extra days, two, three max." I said.

"Oh, I wish I could stay…" Said Lucy.

"Why don't you? We have a place to sleep…" I said, offering.

"No it's not that. I have to visit my grandma and stay with her few days before school starts." She said and then added "Speaking of school - UGH!" We started to laugh. Then Leena came out of the water.

"Oh, I want to stay…not." SHe said sarcastically.

"Why?" I said and laughed.

"Ugh, I had a fight with Stephanie." She said and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, no. What for? She is such an amazing person!" Said Liam sarcastically and me and him started to laugh.

"Yeah, well she used to be." Leena said and laughed with us.

"What about Tammy? Is SHE normal?" I asked and we continued to laugh.

"Yeah but, I can't see Tammy without seeing Stephanie. And I don't want to see Stephanie so I can't see Tammy. It's simple." She said.

"Does anyone else want's to stay?" I asked. "I have three bedrooms plus a guest room." I said, inviting anyone.

"I wouldn't mind." Said Niall. I smiled at him, but Leena went into the water without saying anything.

"Ok, anyone else?" They all had things to do, so they couldn't stay, which was a bummer, but I understand.

After that, Harry and I went upstairs, so he can finnish packing.

"Why aren't you staying?" I asked him curiously, while he packed.

"It's complicated…" He said.

"Why? What's so complicated?" I asked. I really wanted to know what was going on.

"Ok look. Here's the deal" He said. His hands went through his hand, and he was nervous. I didn't have to be a mind reader so I could see that. "I accidentally…" He emphasized the 'accidentally'. "Agreed…in…" He was speaking really slow. He speaks slow, but this was like…REALLY slow.

"Harry…I won't get angry, I promised." I said and putted my hand on his. That gave him the courage so he continued.

"I agreed to date…Taylor…" He said, and immediately looked down.

"YOU WHAT?!" I exclaimed. He raised his head, and helplessly looked into my eyes. I wasn't keeping my promise. "Sorry…" I apologized "You what?" Then changed my tone into something more human-like.

"It's not for real…" He said "It will be fake. It's for publicity" He said, and looked down again.

"Why…why…why why would why would you agree to something like that?" I said, not being able to clear my head, and speak like a normal person.

"I don't know. She said it would be great publicity, and…I didn't think it through…" He said.

"So let me guess…you were DRUNK?" I said. He nodded.

"I know that's no excuse-" He said, reading my mind and I cut him off

"Damn right, that's no excuse!" Then we sat there, quiet. Nobody said anything for few minutes. "So…" I wanted to start to talk, but I was angry, even though I didn't show him, because I promised.

"It didn't occur to me that we…we would have to 'break up' in a way…so I can 'be' with Taylor" He said. What, so he just FORGOT that he has a girlfriend when the offer was on the table?! Was that it?!

"Can't you back out!?" I asked. I mean, why couldn't he.

"I tried…all day. But they kept on talking about publicity, and the album just blew up…" He said.

"So, you WANT to do this?" I said. I mean…I would like to be reasonable about it…but how can I?!

"I don't WANT to. I just…think it would be good for the album. And not just mine, but Taylor's too…" I sat there, didn't say anything. Thinking. I mean, I do want what's best for him, and this might be good, but still…

"Ok" I finally said.

"'Ok' meaning what?" He asked unsure.

"Ok meaning I will go with this…publicity stunt thing." I said, and looked down. I didn't want to, but I kept thinking that he is right.

"Really?" He asked. I nodded, and he pulled me in for a tight hug. I buried my head in his neck and closed my eyes. I don't know why, I just wanted to hug him there, always, forever. It was paradise for me.

"So, that's why you can't stay?" I asked him and he nodded after we pulled away from the hug.

"And…we have to fake 'break up' as soon as possible." He said, and looked down. I now knew this was hard from him too.

"But we'll still be together though, right?" I asked. I wasn't too sure about this…

"Yeah. Just not for the public." He said, and smiled at me.

"Who can I tell about us?" I asked. I hope I CAN tell someone.

"The guys will know, and El and Danielle I suppose. And Leena, and Lucy…even Naomi…but that's it, ok?" He said. I nodded, because those are the only people around me, so I wouldn't mind.

Then, Harry tweeted

'The end.'

And I tweeted

'Moving on.'

So it didn't seem to obvious. After we wrote that, we stayed and watched the replies which was fun. But Harry didn't see it as fun.

"I'm lying to them" He said.

"Come on…cheer up…" I said and kissed his cheek. He just smiled and put his phone away.

"You might get hate…" He said, worried.

"Don't worry Harry. I am a big girl, I can handle it." I said and he smiled. He got a phone call, I don't know who it was. I think someone from management and he confirmed that he is going along with this.

"Okay, yeah. See you in London." He said and hung up. "It's official. " He said.

"So…how long will this be?" I asked, thinking I should've asked earlier.

"Month…two" He said.

"Oh…" I didn't want to sound disappointed, and it was this weird 'Oh' that was neither good nor bad. Someone was knocking. We wanted to have a proper dinner at a restaurant, but everyone was too lazy, so we went to Danielle's and Liam's room because it was the biggest, and ordered room service. There, we announced our fake break up, and the reason.

"It's stupid" Said Lucy. Everyone was trying to be supportive, so when she said that, little laughs were escaping from their mouths. "What…it's just my opinion." She said and then tried to be supportive as well "But, I guess it's good in some way."

After that, at around 11, we all went to our rooms, to finish packing.

"You finished?" He asked me. I was closing my suitcase.

"Yup." I said, and got into the bed and rested my head on his chest.

"I'm sorry we have to go through this…"He said.

"It's ok." I said, and he smiled. Then, someone knocked on the door. I went to open it, because Harry had no intention on moving.

"Oh, hey Zayn" I greeted him.

"Hey, um, can I stay too? Niall doesn't want to be the only guy who stayed…" He said to me,

"Yeah, totally. The more, the merrier " I said, and he thanked me, and left. "Yay, I have someone to hang out with!" I said, and jumped in the bed, accidentally putting my knee in Harry's stomach and he started laughing from the pain. "Sorry!" I started to apologize, and started to kiss his stomach.

"Don't do that" He said, and laughed.

"Sorry" I said, and laid on his chest again. He played with my hand, but we fell asleep.


"Wake up, baby" He said to me, giving me a morning kiss. He had already showered. I got up, and went to shower too. I came out, and quickly put on the clothes that I put on the side last night.

We went down with our suitcases, and slowly everyone did. We had our goodbye kiss in the room, so no one sees is in the lobby, and I didn't go to the airport.

"You sure you don't want to stay?" I asked Leena.

"Mhm, positive" She said, and looked at Niall and then turned back to me.

We said goodbye, and went in a different car, that will take us to my old house. The house wasn't as big as the one in London, but it was ok.

"Make yourself at home." I said as we got in. "Niall and Naomi, you guys can take my mom's and Rob's bedroom. Up the stairs, down the hall, third door on your right." I said and they went upstairs, as I went to the kitchen.

"What about me?" Said Zayn.

"We can sleep in my room. My bed is big enough." I said. I actually didn't feel uncomfortable to sleep with him. And he felt the same way.

After we ate breakfast, we sat in my old living room and watched cartoons. Naomi and Niall fell asleep really quickly.

"So, how will this work with you and Harry?" He asked me.

"I have no idea…guess we will like secretly be in a relationship or something…"

We then logged on twitter, and surprisingly I didn't have that much hate. People were mostly asking why and #JerryGetBackTogether was trending, which was actually really nice. But I couldn't reply. Then I saw some pictures of that night and Harry was talking to Taylor. And people were saying that she is the reason why we broke up. And that Harry cheated on me with her…

I laid back, on the couch, and drifted to sleep with the sound of Bugs Bunny ringing in my head.


Time - Chase & Status


When are you goin to update?!
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Moooorrrreeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: im a little obsessed!!!!!€€€
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I am reading this at 4 in the morning I really need to sleep.... But I just can't its so good!
When you read 35 chapters of this in one day, 23 days is a long time to wait for the next one...
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