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They Don't Know About Us


Justice Neloms only agreed to go to Nashville with her best friend so she could shop. She doubted they would catch a glimpse of One Direction, who were scheduled to perform in the city, but two hours of aimlessly walking around prove to be beneficial. Now Justice has made a new friend, the one and only Harry Styles. Read as their friendship progresses and they go through trials.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

The curly haired member of One Direction that takes a liking to Justice.

Justice Neloms

Justice Neloms

The ordinary girl who falls head over heels in love with Harry.


  1. Chapter 1


  2. Chapter 2


  3. Chapter 3

    Let's Be Friends

  4. Chapter 4

    Talking to You

  5. Chapter 5

    An Invitation From A Friend

  6. Chapter 6

    Welcome to the City Of Lights

  7. Chapter 7

    The First Kiss

  8. Chapter 8

    Tell Em That It's My Birthday

  9. Chapter 9

    Fans, Celebs, and Twitter

  10. Chapter 10

    Hello Jarry

  11. Chapter 11

    You Have To Meet

  12. Chapter 12

    Round 1

  13. Chapter 13

    Consider This A Warning

  14. Chapter 14

    I Told You So

  15. Chapter 15

    First Step

  16. Chapter 16


  17. Chapter 17

    Big Boy Meets Small Town

  18. Chapter 18

    First Date

  19. Chapter 19

    Double Date

  20. Chapter 20

    Selena Gomez

  21. Chapter 21

    Girls Night Out

  22. Chapter 22

    Those Three Words

  23. Chapter 23

    Considering Forever

  24. Chapter 24


  25. Chapter 25

    Wanting Forever

  26. Chapter 26

    1D Day

  27. Chapter 27

    Getting Approval

  28. Chapter 28

    One Step Closer

  29. Chapter 29

    The Plan


Soo good.! Update.!! :D

I love how you put a black female as the female heroine. So different and I've always hoped someone would come up with something like this.

Miss Direction Miss Direction


Your Welcome

hazzas gurl hazzas gurl

@hazzas gurl
Thank you! I appreciate the read.

Omg I just started reading this...(and im only on chap.5 but whateves.) And im already in love like ONLY IF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO YOU LIKE JUST OOMMMMGGG!!!
anyways your a great writer and just keep doing what your doing. :D

hazzas gurl hazzas gurl