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Headmaster Styles


Anastasia Greene. Smart, pretty, blonde - the whole package.
Harry Styles. Intelligent, handsome, proper - the whole home run.
But when you put these two together, it's not pretty.
Ana is just looking for fun, and Harry just has things to do. Making Ana be the one in the way of getting his things done. And Harry has strict rules. If she breaks them, he gets angry.
And no one, wants to see Harry when he's angry.

Will Harry ever put his proper ways behind him and start to have fun while he's still 23 and young?
Will Ana ever put her hatred for Harry behind her and start to realize that he's all she's got?

What will it take to make these two realize that you have got to live life while you still have it?
Bently isn't where Ana wants to go, and she definitely doesn't want to be ruled by Headmaster Styles.

But almost everything can change in a blink of an eye.

Soundtrack to Headmaster Styles:

A Love Like War - All Time Low Feat. Vic Fuentes
Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart - Ariana Grande
Kiss Me Slowly - Parachute
Thistle & Weeds - Mumford and Sons
Bad - Wale
Everything Changes - Staind
Chains - Nick Jonas
I Can't Make You Love Me - Adele
Outside - Ellie Goulding
Love Is A Battlefield - Pat Benetar
Superpower - Beyonce Feat. Frank Ocean
Earned It - The Weeknd

2015 © All rights reserved to xXKaleighStyles57Xx


Anastasia Greene

Anastasia Greene

**(17) Smart, pretty, and blonde; always looking for fun; wanting to run free and live her life to the absolute fullest; never expected to feel the way she does.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

**(23) Intelligent, handsome, and proper; needs time alone; doesn't need anyone to get in his way, yet that's what he gets when she comes around; doesn't expect to fall in love.



I think the Google things is fixed now! Has she tried it?
Probably not, it has been a good 4 months lol
I miss this story :-(

JustBloo. JustBloo.

Guys, Kaleigh is unable to log into her account through Gmail on the site; hence why she hasn't been able to update any of her stories. I just thought I'd let you all know since I made an author's note about it in the story we were collaborating on together.

Looking forward to the next update !!! xx

ElsMayberry ElsMayberry

Still crying....shit....I hate crying....
I want to just grab him in my arms amd hug the crap outta him damn it!!!

And the fact that I was listening to Limit To Your Love by James Blake only made it hurt that fuckin more

JustBloo. JustBloo.

I think I just had a heart attack...:0
Omg!....but I luv this luv <3

skyfall skyfall