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Don't feel stupid if you don't like what everyone else pretends to love.
Because you are beautiful, and you don't have to pretend anymore.
If you don't like where you are now, make a wish and I guarantee it will come true.
And if your world is filled with darkness, that wouldn't matter.
Because you can't be a star if there isn't any darkness to let you glow.
Be who you are because if you be anyone else,
You wouldn't shine as much as you would when you show your real smile.
Dream so hard that you're nothing but a Wonderlight.
Because that's what you are to me. xoxx
My best friend - Savanna and Niall
My heart - strawberries.
My darling - AbyKay562
My love - Directioner-stagram
My soul - Telichia DLR
My insanity - icedtea.
My dreams - XOMalina TomlinsonXO
My world - EMMAg_13
My life - Harry Styles.
I started writing in August 2014, and I hope that you enjoy my books as much as I do writing them. They are what I spend most of my time concentrating on.
If you need to talk, just message me. I promise, I'll be here for you!
I love reading books, and sometimes I don't know what to read. So if you recommend your stories, or any others, just message me and I will gladly read them and give you my feedback. Because you deserve it!
All of you are beautiful. I'm serious.
Don't ever let anyone tell you any different.
All my love goes to my Wonderlights. L٥ﻻﻉ√٥υ F٥г'ﻉ√ﻉг. -Kaleigh. xx


Headmaster Styles

Headmaster Styles

R Romance Drama Teen

"Make me your infinite and I'll be here forever. Trust me, I'll take care of you."


9.8 89 Votes
†♡Free Manips♡†

†♡Free Manips♡†

PG Drama Drabble

If you would like a manip, click here <3


Life Of The Party

Life Of The Party

R Romance Drama Teen

"I live for the nights that I can't remember, with the people that I can't forget." -Drake.


10.0 3 Votes
Call It a Dare

Call It a Dare

NC-17 Romance Drama Teen

A night of drinking and boredom leads a dangerous gang of gents to kidnap a menagerie of girls.


10.0 25 Votes